Monday, July 2, 2012

I did not expect Wind-Ups to win WCQ

Its was a good meta call, but both the first and second place of the tourney playing Wind-Ups, a deck that most have already omitted out of the TCG big 3 months ago, was a huge surprise. Or maybe its because people not thinking that they are in the big 3 anymore that lead them to win the event.

No one in TCG main Maxx C's anymore, and also, because Veilers are bad against Dragons and mediocre at best against Rabbit; also, Inzektors are losing popularity there, people are cutting down on Veilers as well. Good meta call on bringing Wind-Up, cause without those handtraps, the deck is likely gonna take game 1.

Back to OCG, Top Shop tourney season started last weekend, and that is good to hear. Signing out now, very very busy with assignments and projects!

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