Thursday, July 28, 2011

E HERO main deck

I don't really feel like posting the deck list now, as this format isn't really good for HEROs, the main decks are all bunch of cards that generate their own advantage, HEROs like Gadgets and other stuns decks rely on the 1 for 1s that generates plus 1s in the long run to win the duels.

But facing samurai that generates too much advantage going first, agents that are plus ones themselves, doppel junk which are a joke of a deck, DW that never dies ... The deck has clearly seen better days. Waiting for the banned list to hit those deck, in the TCG, whenever a new banned list starts, GB dominates, here, its HEROs. :)

Anyways, my deck isn't really what you would call a stable build or so, I try to make it fun and do a lot of cool shits. Hence I play things that people don't for card advantage and consistency. And the people who wanna test my deck usually loses, cause its a deck that is build to match my play style perfectly (fine tuning!), so, I doubt it will do netdeckers any good. Another reason I love this deck is that I'm sorta in yugi-mode playing this deck, cause I can usually call out cards before I draw them. Ask Team Arco, they see me do this alot of times, I just randomly calls a card, and I draw into it. Its weird, I know. :)

monsters (12):

1 E HERO Airman
3 E HERO Neos Allius
2 E HERO Ocean
1 E HERO Forestman
1 E HERO The Heat
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 Snowman Eater

spells (19):
3 Miracle Fusion
2 Polymerization
1 Super Polymerization
1 Fusion Gate
1 Parallel World Fusion
1 Masked Change
3 Gemini Spark
3 E Emergency Call
1 Monster Reborn
1 Giant Trunade
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
traps (9):

2 Dimension Prison
2 Bottomless Traphole
1 HERO Blast
1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Solemn Waring

WOAH!? Unbalanced? Theres a ton of cards that doesn't work half of the time, and the amount of searchers are too low for a 12 monster deck. Yes, absolutely. But I play this deck just fine and I usually doesn't pull dead unless going against Shi-En, Quaser or Krystia(to an extent).

This deck can run just fine, as long as you know what to play, and don't just fuse for big monsters when ever you have the chance, I rarely fuse into anything, and when I do, its usually when I'm trying to go for game or trying to turn the tides around.

Like most HERO decks, the cards in the deck are meant to be 1 for 1s that could be plus 1s after a while.
Masked Change serves as a 1 for 1 most of the time, gaining tons of pluses when use right and consistently end games for me.

Parallel World is a cool card in itself. Summoning Earth and winning with it that turn is the coolest thing a guy can do.

The biggest question most of you will have is : Why Polymerization?

My answer: Why no Polymerization?
3 cards for a monster which may be destroyed is basically putting yourself into a -2 situation. I know that pretty well.

But there is just so much for reasoning in the game, and for life as well. I don't really have a reason why these are in here, but I just don't feel like I'm playing E HERO without Polymerizations in the deck. Hey, what ever that works for me right?
I guess thats all, the other cards are pretty standard, tell me what you think.

Not talking bout the banned list, cause I already did, earlier this month.

BTW, thanks for the Parallel World. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

E HERO Extra deck

Picking 15 cards for my HERO extra is tough job. I really hate Konami giving me so many cards yet no place to put them. I fought my way through mobs of people to get a playset of Escuridao, yet I'm not even trying to play 3 (although, his not worth playing 3 ... now).

Counting in Chimeratech and Draco-Equites, makes only 13 HEROs in the extra. Why don't I side them instead? Cause I don't even have place in my side for the META, why would I waste 2 more on Extra deck cards. Thats my theory anyways.

My extra deck now look kinda like this :

3 E HERO Absolute ZERO

I was thinking of playing 2, but after some thinking, its staying at 3. I don't Fuse much although I play a ton of Fusion Related cards in my deck. But when ever I do, its always spamming ZERO and Shining. 3 may be overkill, but I just like this card at 3 very very much, its a HERO thing. :)

3 E HERO The Shining

Obviously, this is the one HERO you MUST play 3 of. If your HERO deck doesn't have Syncros(Debris HERO), then this is one card you wanna max out. No explanation needed on why this card is Max, its just the way it has to be.

1 E HERO Nova Master

Its just there cause it needs to be.

1 E HERO The GREAT Tornado

Same goes for this guy. This guy is a one way out to Quaser in case you forgot.

1 E HERO Gaia

As above.

1 E HERO Escuridao

I do not actually run any DARK in my deck. But Shi-En is one of the deck's biggest problem ... what the heck, it just needs to be played.


I love this card. I will try to summon this card if I wanna go for game, its not bout the effect and usefulness, its just cool, and thats what E HERO should be.

1 V HERO Trinity

Seriously, I kill with this card ... a lot. If your opponent is summons a bunch of monsters in one turn, Fuse into this and its GG. I did this to Andrew last week, he summons Kageki, specials Kizan, set 3 facedown. I play Trunade, which he allows. Summon Airman, grab random HERO, play Poly and get this dude out. 5000+5000-1800-200 = 8000. :) Math is good.

1 M HERO Vapour

I play a copy of Masked Change just cause I feel the card extremely fun. Gokka is good, but I couldn't find any space and I don't really summon him.

1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

I'm thinking of taking this card out of the deck, since Machina ain't that big of a problem for me, and Karakuri are almost dead here. But thats a story for another day.

1 Surging Dragon Knight Draco-Equites

Shooting Quaser and Scrap Dragon are both annoying bitches. Super Poly shuts them down, and make use of them in the process.

I really wanna take Chimera out for Hope, but I don't really summon Hope much either. Not sure what to do bout this, but oh well.

My side deck is kinda weird, or staple-ish, depending on where you are from and whats your meta.

2 King Tiger Wanghu

I hate Doppel Plants. I really do. This helps in Agent match ups as well, believe it or not. The only way for them to get to this is Hyperion, thats IF they can get it out with the traps and spells HEROs are playing.

1 Thunder King Rai-Oh

Syncro summoning and other stuffs are annoying, plus Whirlwind BF, Agents and TG aren't so dead right now. This guy was MVP and still is right now.

2 Tribe-Shocking Virus

Six Samurai hate. Why this over Jogen or Penguin? This is actually a beatstick, unlike the other 2. Plus the removing from play may help with Parallel World Fusion. I actually tried siding this against Agent, cause I side in Skill Drain. He played Decree and Kristia to lock me down, I drew into this with Honest at hand (which is exactly why I play this, stupid I know, but what the heck)

1 Cyber Dragon

Just cause its CyDra. I can't think of another reason not to play it. Thats stupid ... I know.

2 DD Crow

There are too many decks relying on the grave right now. Its good to play these birds.

2 Super Polymerization

If this isn't sided, then you can bet its mained. I don't see anyone in their right mind not playing these. Well, I did actually, and he had a good reason to back it up ... what ever.

2 Skill Drain

This card isn't as good as it used to be, cause Exceed summoning and Grapha makes this a joke, but siding this against the right deck can be devastating.

2 Dust Tornado

I hate decks that run Field spell, so I destroy them.

1 Transmigration Prophecy

This is a card thats suddently gaining popularity over at OCGland. I can see why. This is always in my Saber main deck cause how good it is. And with DW rising as a top deck, this card can waste their Lightning, get rid of Grapha, and recycle my Miracle Fusions (or Fusion monsters in case I need them). All and all, best time to use the card ever.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good bye Rauzes Duel Marathon!

Today was suppose to be Rauzes' last visit to GA ... for YGO anyway, he still plays Battle Spirit, so I suppose we are still gonna see him regularly.

Anyway, Rauzes is the one playing Kuriboh Monarch (with the EPIC Airman mat), while Karl Lim was playing DW with a hell load of proxies, so much that I don't really know what the hell is he doing.

The shaking of the camera is due to me and SST trying to maintain a good angle to the duel, but reach our human limits, thus passing my phone to each other every few minutes. Mind the trash talk. This wasn't the best duel videos ever.

I also have another video with Rauzes, but its on my friend's phone. Worst time for a feature match ever, I played him in HERO mirror for a match, which was epic, and he said 1 last game, and I decide to film it. But I end up pulling crap, making the only HERO mirror vid from GA ... a pretty one sided match. :(


Other things that caught my attention were :

Not the Burei and Bureido, who cares, look at the other side of the field, and the guy with the epic win/fail deck won.

This is a different guy from the picture above, there are actually 4 guys playing decks that mained that Heart of the Underdog card

Vorse Raider + Mage Power + 5 S/T after Trunade = WIN. "Screw you Laquari, I'm bigger!"


Ryko and HEROs with a hell load of S/T, yeah, something only Rauzes will do. Airman mat is sexy thou ... no homo.

EPIC fail of the day : Me not taking my 3 Illuminator from Cookie, cause I misheard him, somehow ...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Team tourney stuff

The title was a lie. I ain't gonna talk about it.

Didn't have much updates because I have not bought a single pack pf Shockwave and thus have nothing new to show and tell. But I did manage to get a deal with Cookie for 3 Illuminators cheap, thanks dude.

In case your wondering why I need those cards, its because I'm trying to make a Skill Drain Ultimate Offering Galaxy Eyes Barboros Beatdown-and-sorta-stun Gadget deck.

WTF? I know.

No list yet, as I don't have Galaxy Eyes, but I WILL post them when I get them. The basic concept of the deck is to play like Offering Gadgets, get your Illuminators out, draw like your mad, summon Galaxy Eyes and attacks Tyrus and laugh at him. Magical Planter and Advance Draw helps :)

What about if I draw into Gadgets and forced to play Skill Drain fast ... I haven't really put my thoughts into that ... I'm sorry.

Speaking of Galazy Eyes, I know tribute 2 and summon a very big dragon in 1 turn isn't really powerful anymore, but is it really that bad a card? its cool, I KNOW that.

Trying to play it in my Red Eyes deck ... once I start building it ... once I get my 3rd Darkness Metal, which I plan to get as soon as I get my second copy ... come to think of it, its about time I get my 1st copy of it ... Oops.

But playing Galaxy Eyes in that deck, is just pure fun, since it CAN be normal summon like the boss cards from SD. And it can get rid of floaters.

Played Evoldo-Dar-Kaiser deck last weekend. I find it ... normal ... at best. I think you need DT cards to make that deck worth running ... I think. Since there is no update on that deck on any blog what so ever. Come to think of it, why hasn't anyone build a Mainspring deck. I myself, too lazy for that.

New ninja cards from Zexal, nice. I KNEW Silver Ninja wasn't just for show. Now we are getting an entire subarchtype, nice. A monster Exceed? Even better. A dude that carries a Katana around and starts chopping wood in a freakin dojo on top of a mountain in the middle of no where? Can't get better than this.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon's latest anime appearance (finally), is awesome. We haven't seen him AND Blue Eyes (outside of card and Sin form) for a while now, 6 and a half years to be exact. Neos and Flamewingman being Legendary monsters, along with other GX era monsters like CyDra and StealthUnion (meh) ... is Konami's way of neglecting Syncro. Really, I was surprise to see Neos but no Stardust.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Offering Gadget ver 1.0

I've started playing Offering Gadget seeing how relatively inexpensive its cards are. The Gadget set is a joke, illuminator is a rm20 card etc. While not having access to Disigma and the other broken monster exceeds from DT. This deck works very very well. Best of all, it doesn't need to play staples (you can, and should, but don't 100% have to).

Let this be quick cause I'm going to work any moment now (my friend's fetching me, and I'm not sure when he'll be here, worst time for a blog post ever :) )

monster (15):

3 Green Gadget
3 Red Gadget
3 Yellow Gadget
2 Breaker the Magical Warrior
2 Banisher of the Radiance
1 DD Warrior
1 Neospacian Grandmole

spell (13):

3 Fragment of Greed (LOL)
2 Smashing Ground
2 Creature Swap
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Forbidden Lance
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon

trap (13):

3 Ultimate Offering (Duh! OFFERING Gadget)
3 Dimension Prison
2 Dust Tornado
2 Bottomless Traphole
1 Mirror Force
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Royal Oppression

Tell me what you think, the extra isn't quite done, but I've only played Illuminator and Hope, and there is still tons of space!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rauzes's is quitting ... Again ...

Every volcanic eruption has its sign way before the main event, and his quitting is no different.

I've knew this for a few months now, since he doesn't really appear at locals at all, less than 10 times this whole year, and when he does, he doesn't really looked as energetic as he was last year.

Last year, me and Lam would have to take turns playing him at Wendy's till late night, with both of us exhausted and him wanting for more.

But the few times I played him this year were like 5 duels and he walks off, and such.

He doesn't go through binders like he used to as well.

All and all, I'm not surprised he quit, his gonna quit sooner or later.

Not to be rude or stuff. We are gonna miss him in YGO, but hey. YGO is just a part of life, and we can always meet for other stuff. For people not around here, this might be goodbye for one of the most important characters in YGO blogging.

I'm meeting him this Saturday one last time as duelist (after that, we'll just be meeting as friends). And I really want his last days of dueling be his best memories of this game. The game is but an entertainment, but the friends you get from the game, are the ones you should cherish, no amount of podium is worth that much.

Coming from someone who never top any big tourneys, is cheesy, I know, bare with me people.

Good bye my friend. And yeah, good job on the Soliel=G-ray=Rauzes thing. You don't know how hard it is for me to keep it to myself (and our dueling community). And over the 1.5 years of your 2nd blog's life span. I've always wanted to just say this out loud to the blogging community, but the impact won't be as big isn't it.

Thanks dude, once again for the community.


Btw, the reasons I've not blogging as much last week, is due to my laptop getting destroyed by water, and its now in the shops. My old PC is stupid, and typing is a chore. I'm not sure when my laptop is gonna come back, but I wont be posting much before that.

I'm not dead or losing the interest in the game in case your wondering. Rauzes' quitting isn't a trend or a disease, its not contagious. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photon Shockwave is GOOD

My laptop was forced ti be sent for repairs due to some stupid circumstances at my office this Monday, so I apologize for the very lack of post this week. I blame my employee's not responding to my complains on the air-conditioning, leaking and such.

GENF was , aside from a few cards (namely the monster exceeds), a bad set.

The new set, PHOTON SHOCKWAVE however, was far from being bad. Actually, its the best set, in my opinion, from the whole series 7 so far.

Some of the cards that i think being real good are, not going into the new archtypes, as I'm not sure what they can do as a whole:

1. Elec King Cobra

A 1000 attacker that could direct attack your opponent, and to tops things off, you get to search your deck for an Elec monster and add it to your hand if this card successfully direct attacks. With the amount of seacrhers Elec have, the deck really has a chance of being tier 1.5~2. Tier 1 is out of the question of cause, but who knows. All and all, this is one good inclusion to the archtype and good to see a syncro based archtype being supported now.

2. Silver Ninja

The ninjas have always been a cool, fun but bad deck. This card makes the deck a little more playable, although I still don't see them good. But taking the deck aside, and the fact that you need to be flipped to play its effect, its actually a good card, espeacially if you could tribute a ninja that you used the flip effect, and if your opponent attacks into him (which cause him to be flip), you get to set as many ninja from your grave or hand as you please. Pretty nice stuff we got here.

May build a ninja deck if i got the extra cash.

3. Tribe - Electrocuting Virus

Infecting Virus's less broken counterpart. SO they finally release something to really fit the role Infecting Virus had, good job. BUT aside from Mirror Matches, I don't see this card really gonna anything ... but that the point.

This is a build in anti-mirror-match weapon. Mainly for decks that play a single type of monsters, ie, Samurai, BF and even HERO. All and all, a card you NEED to get a playset of, just in case.

4. Big Vanity Silhouette

Rush Recklessly just suddenly become useless, like how Trap Hole did when BTH came in. Its just bigger, simple and nice. Although I don't know what deck currently needs the 1000 boost, a card like this is good to have.

5. Extra-Gate

Now we have a really big card. This is really big, I mean, really really BIG! ... no ... its not. Unless the rulling states that you choose what card to remove, which it doesn't. This card would be not useful ... against the wrong deck.

Targeting syncros, so they won't wreck your day? maybe, but aside from naming level 12, getting rid of Quaser, its not helping. So what deck really benefits from this card? Machine decks, namely getting rid of Fortress Dragon (against an opponent that doesn't syncro).

Its good against dragons, naming 12, getting rid of FGD (which is played at 1) so Future Fusion is useless. But thats all I can think of.

Unless the rulling says that you choose the cards remove, then this would be really big.

6. TriWight-Zone

A NR from the set. This is one TERRIFYING card. Choosing 3 level 2 or lower vanillas from your grave and special summoning them might not seems scary, but in the right decks, this itself is a winner. And from its name, Wight (or skull servant in TCG) decks will be one of these decks.

But thats not all, far from it. As we do have Rescue Rabbit (from the same set ). Suddently, this card just became sorta scary isn't it? White Elephant's Gift? OJAMAs? See where am I going folks? But I'm no expert in these decks, so I dare not say this would be game breaking, but good? YES, easily.

7. Temporary Truce

This is a winner. This is THE best card from the set, and being a common, even better. Well, not really the best card, but from a Final Countdown and Exodia player, this is a godsend!

The text is simple. Each player draws 1, and till my opponent's end phase, we both take no damage.

Exodia players are gonna love this card. Its another draw card to our arsenal, and as a bonus, we won't get kill next turn if we don't do Exodia.

When Konami said they hate FTKs, Exodia is obviously one they don't include in the hate list. To Final Countdown, this is just a card that lets you draw for free and not waste a card next turn. Drawing into 3 just makes you a god, its a free +1 for the deck.

8. Holy Armor - Mirror Mail

LOL on the Miror Force pun, but this is an interesting card indeed. While playing this blindly makes it a -1. Playing it right, and we have a great card for fun decks.

9. Ruler's Penetrating Gaze

MVP of the set, easily, for quite a few decks. With a level 7 or higher Normal monster on the field. Its a Solemn Judgment, no shit, its not a part of Judgment, it IS Judgment. Decks that can play this card easily ... I can't think of thou ... Maybe Dragons with Blue Eyes, Duals (as the picture suggest) ... thats it. But with these many new Normal monster support, its not hard to imagine a new deck rising from this set. Thunder-End Dragon and his friends, say Hi.

10. Radiance of Darkness

Interesting card. As Mike suggested, GK and DW are good decks to play this. His right, but his missed 1 thing, BF. This card, for BF is a great card for the plant match ups (going 1st turn of cause). It has power and is easily played.

BUT, I personally don't think much of this card. Its dead if you don't set it 1st turn, drawing it after the initial summon is useless. But I'm not one thats good at judging cards, so I don't further provide comments.

11. Tyrant's Desperation

As all the tyrant cards before it, its good, but not many will play it. Its effect is devastating, both players cant normal or speical summon, making Flip Summon the only way to attack. But its activation requires 2 normal monsters ... troublesome? We have Rabbit.

Rescue rabbit solves us of this problem. And not to mention the other rabbits from this set. Flip monster decks suddenly become worthy again. Guess its time to MAIN them Noblemans.

While there are other very good cards from the set, they're not really my cup of tea. :)

These are just the cards that I will be aiming for, together with the ones I mentioned before. Tell me what you think, and what cards you guys think is good, and I missed.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Banned List predictions!

Its still too early for this, I know, but we are gonna start posting about this sooner or later. By the end of the month maybe?

But its hard to nail anything at the moment.

I see a lot of cards I think its gonna get hit, but I can't think of any way to hit those cards right. Its gonna be no effect at all to the deck's brokeness, or straight out kills the deck. But knowing Konami, thats what they do best, hitting the problem too hard or not hard enough ... at all.

Hey, they hit BF with every list since its introduction, guess what, they are still here, and topping.

Some cards that I think will be hit by the list includes :

banned :

... sorry, I can't think of anything that really needs to go right now. Seriously, no one card is overly broken.

You might argue that Future Fusion is dangerous at the moment. I agree, but killing Future Fusion directly kills Disaster Dragons and all other REDMD decks. Jinzo decks got killed as well. And we are aiming at Escuridao's 1 card FTK, but thats just gonna make the deck, a none FTK, but weaker ... no ...

Besides, there are better ways to kill that FTK.

limited :

TG Librarian and Formula Syncrons are the cards that made Shooting Quaser a broken card. They will be hit by the banned list, no doubt there. But is limiting them the best solution Konami can provide.

We all know Formula will NOT be banned, just because Shooting Star Dragon is Yusei's ace card, and it needs Formula. And by itself, its good, but not broke. More than one thou, its a different story. No one plays more than 2 of these, except some dedicated deck list.

Librarian is a card that is super hard to judge. I would just throw this guy into the banned zone just because how overly powerful this card can be. You might argue that this card isn't really that powerful alone, but if you look at Asian Format, Junk Doppel is a deck that CAN top without this card. The point I;m making now may not have much sense in it, but I'm trying to say, this card is too dangerous even at one. The deck that host it is powerful even without its MVP, with it, its just broken.

But banning it is another issue. I'm not surprise if this card would get banned, but banning it also causes problems to other syncro decks thats not a Quaser deck. I really don't know where this card should be. Give him a yellow card? Or just kick him out of the field?

Another card that I think is gonna get limited (or at least semi-limited) is Double Edge Sword Technique (or what ever the name). Samurai's Gottom's E Call kills too much this format. Its the Icarus Attack of the deck, only much more deadly. If a Samurai player plays this against you, you will either be in a very bad position if not dead already. You CAN argue that with the amount of Warnings, Seven Tools and Trap Stun we play now, this card is hard to play, but being the card we will be forced to play our negation cards on, is already good enough proof that its broken.

Aside from these, I really can't think of anything I wanna hit this hard. Maybe Lonefire to 1? But thats not gonna affect Junk Doppel a lot but its gonna hurt other plant builds.

semi :

Vayu is a card that I think its gonna be semi'ed. Just because so many are playing Grave BF at the moment, and Konami always brainlessly hit something even if the deck isn't really broken anymore. The sheer amount of BF decks still topping will attract Konami to it, and the only member of the deck to even have a chance to be hit by the list are Vayu and Sirocco. But between the two, Vayu is the one more important (Grave BF).

While we never had this done before. I actually think SD bosses, Machina Fortress and Master Hyperion has a good chance of getting into this spot on the list. Just cause the decks they are being piloted are doing very well in the OCG.

Universally-wise, I wish Reborn Tengu getting semi-limited, that card is just pure bullshit. Its basically TCG's Jace the Mind Sculptor. It got release and took the format for itself (or themselves).

Cards that may or may not be limited :

Pot of Duality and Six Samurai United. Both are good cards that see plays in top lever events (in the current format, the latter see a lot more plays than the former). If nothing got hit, these will be good candidates.

For TCG players, I know you just got your Pots reprinted in SR, congrats, but I think they might hit this to 2 if they don't have more to hit (unlikely thou).

BUT, the one that will most DEFINITELY go to 2 is Dewloren.

He should have never came back out to 3 in the first place. This was the mistake Konami made. This card is basically just an OTK or FTK engine, nothing more to it. It has to be done.

And sending Dewloren back to 2, kills a lot of FTKs and preventing new FTKs (of this pattern) from coming out. But best of all, all the other cards in their respective FTK decks (Future Fusion specifically) won't have to be killed, and other decks won't have to suffer.

Card that I know won't be hit although many say they would :

Super Polymerization - This card will not be hit, this list, the next and so on. "With Escuridao, you can fuse EVERYTHING!!!" ... But is the deck winning more? Wait ... is it winning at all?

The only HERO variant still topping OCG events at (reported) tourneys is Debris HERO, and they don't even play Super Polymerization. So, guys. The card is good. But its not winning, its not topping, and its not getting hit. (Unless Konami just wanna boost Exceeds and decides to hurt Syncro and Fusion)

And killing the ONLY card that could take out Shooting Quaser EFFECTIVELY ... isn't a good move.

I can't think of more right now, should have kept a list with me. I blame the papers that fill my brain with ALL MAJOR roads in and out of the capital being closed for the week ends.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No10 White Knight Illuminator

This is one of the cards that make me wanna get this set, although I don't see anything else worth ... aside from Galaxy-Eyes, cause its cool.

Illuminator will be big in Offering Gadgets, no doubt there, its what Hope hopes to be, but will never be. Apart of being slightly smaller than Hope, the only opposing monsters that makes this difference worth mentioning are Monarchs, but they will blow your Ultimate Offering anyways, so it doesn't really matter.

Definitely a card worth getting a playset of.

Ultimate Offering, a Gadget and 4000 life will get you a field of 3 Illuminator, 1 Hope/Roach and 3 extra cards in hand. Playing them with cards like Pot of Duality and Grandmole (in Gadget Stun you usually have them), and we already have a killer.

All and all, Offering is gonna be more and more played thanks to the Gadget's searching and these broken ass Monster Exceeds.

The other card that I want to have a few copies of from this set will be Evolkaiser Ragia. The broken assed Dragon that needs Dinosaurs as Exceed materials.

While people will try to build the Evoldo and Evoldar deck from this set, I don't really feel like it. This is not to say the deck isn't good. I don't know, cause I'm really not one that is good at judging new archtypes. But its safe to say that I'm not interested in them.

And the deck I'm gonna play this card in is, Gadget Stun. What?

Usually in Gadget stun, I play King Tiger, Grandmole, Gale, Banisher AND Hydrogeddon. You may not agree, but I love Hydrogeddon with Burden of the Mighty.

Banisher, Mole and Gale also lets me gain access to rank 3's, so I guess Gadget Stun would become more powerful with more generic Exceeds coming into the picture. I might even main a playset of Snowman Eater just to play Blackray Lancer, cause its cool.

So, my Photon Shockwave to get list would be :

3 No 10 Illuminator
2 Evolkaiser Ragia
3 Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Monday, July 4, 2011

Chaos Fusion HERO

Its been a while since I last post a HERO deck up here, mainly cause its been national seasons and I've not been making any non-official decks. But National season 2011 has come to an end, although there are still tag duel Asian championship and Malaysian finals at the end of the year, its over for most of everyone.

So, welcome back promos!!

I've been building this deck since last weekend, after I got home from the tag duel tourney, its still under constructions, but lets see what you guys have to say.

Its a deck that I say, take Fusion to a whole new level ... of fun. Not competitiveness, as there are tons of dead draws in the deck, although I can work it out somehow. Definitely not a deck you wanna bring to high level events.

Monsters (20):

2 E HERO Neos
2 E HERO Prisma
1 E HERO Heat
1 E HERO Airman
1 E HERO Voltech
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Cyber Valley
2 Jinzo
2 Jinzo Returner
2 Snowman Eater
2 Rainbow Dark Dragon
1 Chaos Sorcerer

Spell (16):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Fusion Gate
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Overload Fusion
1 Future Fusion
2 Parallel World Fusion
1 Giant Trunade
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

Trap (4):

2 Chain Material
2 Paradox Fusion

extra (15):

3 Blaze Fenix
1 E HERO Absolute Zero
2 E HERO The Shining
2 E HERO Escuridao
1 E HERO Great Tornado
1 E HERO Nova Master
2 Rainbow Neos
1 Chimeratech Over Dragon
1 Cyber Twin Dragon
1 Empty Sea Space Serpent Lavaiel

Building this deck lets me hate the 15 card extra even more, and I've already hated it for 3 years now.

I've nothing more to say, but this deck is not completed. But my internship boss is an asshole, and wants me to stay back for an extra hour after work to help a senior manager with the project for 2 weeks. It'll take some time, as while I do have time to make decks at night (as I don't have to read any thing for school), but I can't think right. :P

Thats it for now, but expect me to bring this half ass deck to Toysbar this weekend for some testing. And I hope I can have a tourney report to review to you guys as well.

Note that Toysbar is the place I go to relax and play some casual games where Gamers Arena is the shop I go for serious tourneys only. Heck, its been months or maybe years now since I played at GA outside of tourneys. I usually just walk around(after I scrub) looking for trades and stuff, then go home.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Team tourney TB was a success

Attracted 2 teams from GA, Team Bird - Joshua, Wei Yann and Michael, and Team NoLife - Zack, Andrew and TengSam. Along with 2 groups of Arco.

I was very late and everyone had to wait for me to start that day, but people are trading and playing, so they didn't mind I guess.

Match starts at 2. Format was 1 duel-swiss. No side decking and stuff.

My team, was me, SST and Fishtank. But someone name us team A ... just cause we were the 1st team to register.

I'll try to get some pictures from the organizers to upload.

Anyways, 3 rounds of swiss.

1st match vs Team Bird

SST(leader) vs Michael(supposed leader)
me vs Wei Yann (actual leader)
Fishtank vs Joshua

I played HERO, I start with Duality, fetching Allius. Setting 2 MST, a Spark and a Warning, summoning Allius and pass. Wei Yann plays Trunade. Ditch Eater for Quickdraw, sync for Junk. Plays Tuning for another Quickdraw, ditching Dandy and get Eater back, sync for Road. Specials Unknown from deck, Eater comes back for Formula. Road was now 6 (after Eater again), Junk was now 4. Sync 3 for Quaser. I have 1 card in my hand that he didn't know, so I tried to fake a Honest. He drops Sorcerer. GG.

In Quaser deck, Trunade win games.

OXO - SST and Fishtank both won.

1 - 0

2nd Match vs Team Rex

This was Bryan's team. Members are him, Crowser and another guy that I know but never knew his name.

I played the guy I knew but didn't, he was playing DW. He starts with a Dealings. ditching Broww for extra cards. Setting 3 and a monster facedown. I summon Airman, getting Ocean, set all but Ocean and Forest in my hand. Attack, but it was Beiige. He drew and played Destruction, getting both Goldd and Sillva out. Attack into my Mirror Force, he plays Gate and got Grapha out somehow. Ended with 2 cards in hand on his side. I play Trunade, he chains Judgment. With 1 card set on his field, I flip Miracle, going for Gaia with Ocean and Forest. Flip Reborn, get Airman back, break his last set (Mirror or Prison, I forgot). And attack for 4000 damage.

OOO - All of us won.

3rd match vs Team Nolife

I paired down with Andrew using Grave BF. I threw my dice and scores a 2. I told him, this is MY dice and his gonna threw a 1, and he did. I started with Poly and Warning set, Rai-Oh up front. He gets Armageddon out, ditch Zephyros, and tries to summon Zephyros back. I thought about it for a while, and Warning it (telegraphing Icarus). He sets 2. I have Rai-Oh and Heat attack and sets Mask Change. He summons Sirocco, flips Delta-Crow, I chain Mask Change to get myself Gokka (with 2300 attack), he attacks Rai-Oh. I drew and attacks his Sirocco. He summons Armageddon, ditch Vayu, and goes for Arms Wing, which kamikazed with Gokka. I summon Airman and got Allius out, killing his Armageddon Knight. He summons Sirroco and kills my Airman, playing Pot to get a Compulse. I have Allius and Miracle in hand, with no Ocean in grave, I can't summon Zero to trade off his Sirocco, and everything else is bad. I topped another Miracle, playing it to form Tornado, half his Sirocco, he plays Compulse. I summon Allius, he has no response. I played the last Miracle to get Shining and attack for the win.

XOO or OOX - one of us lost, but I'm not sure who.

We were excited as shit, cause it WAS 3 rounds of Swiss and those with the highest points win. Being the only 3 wins in the tournament, we were so sure the SDs are ours.

BUT, due to the fact that there was no side decking, the tourney ended in less than an hour. So the organizer decide to go for TOP 4 (with 8 teams ... right). The 3 of us instantly went EMO, as we know our wins with Team Bird and Nolife were super hard, and we broke our brains just trying to stay in.

Top 4 vs Team Bird

I paired up with Michael this time, and he plays Agent, easily my worst match up. Cause HERO doesn't really do much against them Agents.

I loss the dice and open Rai-Oh, Airman, Ocean, Heat, Allius and Mirror Force ... I play 12 monsters in my deck and I pulled 5? He starts with Venus, getting Gantetsu out, pumping his Venus to 2000. I drew Forest. I summon Airman, to get myself another Allius (just to thin my deck for spells). He pays 500 for his last Shine Ball, summons Earth, gets Venus, Sync for Armory Arm. Removes an Agent for Hyperion, destroy my backrow with it. Play Miracle Descend, and go for game.

Nothing I could do with that, although Rai-Oh may be some help going 1st. I look over to SST, telling him I loss. Looking at his field. He has Swap Frog and Creature Swap at hand, Ronin on field, and his opponent has Quaser out ...

XXO - Fishtank beat Joshua, but that doesn't really matter does it.

Fighting for 3rd place was even worst, the 3 of us obviously wasn't in the mood right now, and didn't play right. And our opponents started and open very big.

I paired with Zack, he open 2 United and have Shi-En out with 5 back rows. I have 2 Dualities, 2 E Call, Airman and Mirror Force ...

But that doesn't really matter as only the 1st place gets a prize, the others are all losers.

Team Bird lost to Team Rex, so Home 1, Away 0.

Later that day. Joshua or Zack or the organizers decided that since there are 6 teams and in each booster box, we get 6 foils. Each team should get 1 foil. Which is reasonable/ fair. So they sort out the foils.

But Team Rex, our Team, and 2 other teams got nothing. Team Bird got an Elec Chimera and a Draco-Equites.

So, the 6 packs that the organizers have have the SRs (which are obviously the main points of the pack). They open the 6 packs and there was a Pot of Duality. And some of the players gone all EMO, which was quite a show actually.

Overall, the tourney was good and attracted a good amount of good players, but the sudden change in rules and the no side decking stuff was frustrating.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Dark world ver 2.0

So, its been a busy week for me. My project at the company is being rushed and I'm awfully exhausted most of the time, and can't think of anything to post.

Well, there would be this little team tourney tomorrow in celebration of Toysbar's relocation. And winner team gets 3 SD21. Which I hope I could trade for a YSD06 instead.

Me, SST and Fishtank will be a team, so I guess I can say I have pretty strong teammates. I'm not that worried bout the teams local to TB (no offense), as their team are basically 3 guys that doesn't have a team and decide to play together. Me and the 2 Arco know each other's play style, decks and strengths very well. Thus, we would have better team coordination and stuff (if that matters).

The only problem between us and the prize is Cookie ... Cause his playing for some reason (and not being a judge), and who knows who his teammates will be?

ANYWAYS, back to my main point.

This is the most consistent build I made so far, as I hate spam or die decks quite a lot.

monster (18):

3 Grapha
3 Snow
2 Sillva
1 Goldd
3 Broww
2 Brron
2 Beiige
1 Scar
1 Morphing Jar

spell (17):

3 Gate of DW
3 DW Dealings
2 DW Lightning
3 Pot of Duality (just cause I have them)
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Card Destruction
1 Giant Trunade

trap (5):

2 Deck Devastation Virus
2 Skill Drain
1 Return from Different Dimension

Pot makes this deck consistent, it really does. You make say that you loss the ability to go all out turn 1, but I've never gone all out turn 1 before, cause my luck almost always sucks.

Brron is good, reason not many play them is Raven is just better. But Raven is expensive as shit and its a goddamn promo.

Trunade is good, too many are siding in Shadow Imprisoning Mirror for the DW match ups. DW Lightning does nothing to it. Your opponent can chain it and nothing goes off. Or you hit another card, and he chains it and your DW you discard was wasted.

Beiige is good cause it acts like a smaller Goldd/Sillva, but it can be summon without releasing, and its a 1900 under Gate, taking down the Rai-Oh in Kamikaze style if you need to.

Scar is in here just in case you really pull awesome and need something to fill the grave for fodder. I open triple Gate alot, I don't know why.

Overall, I really ... HATE this deck. I really wanna sell it now for Sabers in September. Reason being its too straight forward. It has no tricks up it's sleeve, and winning is almost identical every time.

In a word, to me, this deck is boring. I don't care how consistent or how broken this can be, but its boring. You don't do anything but dumping Snow, get Gate, dump Grapha, blow shit up, and summon Grapha, then proceed to loop your opponent to death (if he doesn't do anything to you).

That being said, I think I'll still stick with this deck for the mean time as my sabers are now full of proxies for Darksoul and Boggard. I'm still working on a heavily antimeta version of the deck. Its hard but I hope I can do it.


Just found out that Joshua's team is him, Michael and Wei Yann.

Good for us since SST needs that revenge kill from Wei Yann. And I want that revenge kill from Michael.