Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quickdraw Syncron based deck Ver.01

I have no clue what to name this deck, maybe you guys can look at the deck list and help me classify this deck?

monster (25):

3 Quickdraw Syncron
2 Junk Syncron
1 Unknown Syncron
2 Chaos Sorcerer
1 Level Eater
1 Mystic Tomato
1 Sangan
1 Spirit Reaper
3 Ryko Lightlord Hunter
1 Skelengel
1 Cyber Dragon
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
2 Card Trooper
1 Lonefire Blossom
1 Dandelion
1 Spore
1 Glow-Up Bulb
1 Debris Dragon

spell (11):

1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Pot of Avarice
1 One-for-One
1 Mind Control
1 Charge of the Light Brigade
1 Foolish Burial
1 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Book of Moon
1 Enemy Controller

trap (4):

2 Call of the Haunted
2 Limit Rebirth


1 Formula Syncron
1 Armory Arm
1 T.G Hyper Librarian
2 Junk Warrior
1 AOJ Catastor (I wanted to play Android to increase the light monster count, but there are Agents)
1 Brionac, Ice Barrier Dragon
1 Drill Warrior
1 Turbo Warrior
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Nitro Warrior
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Trishula, Ice Barrier Dragon
1 Shooting Quaser Dragon

The only real problem I have with this deck is the limited extra deck space, which is present in every Syncron based deck build.

The only card in my main I'm thinking to drop would be one of the Chaos Sorcerers, but I have no idea what card would be good in its place.

I was thinking of Doppel Warrior, but I'm trying to make a syncron deck without the use of that broken bastard. Then again, with Tourguide introduced, Doppel is no better than Dark Armed Dragon, incredibly powerful when it comes into play, but only IF it comes into play.

So far, the only deck in the OCG that can take this deck out easily would be ... Agents.

Which lead me to think if I should main Effect Veiler. But the card is no use against DW and BF(which apparently is still pretty hot here, for unknown reasons). Lightlord is too inconsistent and too easily to side against to be bothered.

And the fact that the only good target for Veiler would be Earth and Venus.

Obviously, the spot would go to Maxx C once its released to the OCG, but its still 2 long weeks before that.

I think I'll discuss bout that later on, any of you who has suggestions please comment below.

On side note, I'm building this deck that features Dimension Alchemist and Banisher of the Radiance. Its suppose to be a pseudo-Counter Fairy deck, but I haven't decide whether to go with that yet.

I'll be playing Divine Punishment, Zeradias and of cause, Sanctuary in the Sky.

The real motive behind this deck's design is, to kill Agent in game 2. With the tons of Fairys I have in the deck, Tribe Shocking Virus is very very alive against the Agents. The banish part of Virus's effect also helps set up for Alchemist and other related cards.

I have not make a side deck for the deck yet, since the main deck is barely done. But it WILL have 3 Tribe Shocking Virus in it.

Thats all for today and Happy Independence day to all Malaysians and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims.


The deck is currently 9-0, but no Agent Fairys in sight yet.

Was met with a Faultroll Loop for my entire field and hand. The dude has Faultoll, Gottoms and Scrap up on the field. I have a Drill banished. The next turn, I topped One for One, Drill took back Dande, which I discard to summon Spore, Tune Spore to a Token to form Formula. Spore came back and tune for Librarian, Level Eater took 1 level off Drill, and I summon Shooting Quaser Dragon. To tops things off, I pulled BLS from Formula. Which basically hit for game. He showed me he had Starlight Road and Mirror Force set. Basically took down a freaking massive wall with 1 timely drawn One for One.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Agent Angel Dominating

Well, can't say I'm surprise. It IS the deck that won World Championship 2011. Its an SD to top that. And worst/best of all, its not touched by the banned list, nor its trap heavy enough for Heavy Storm to make a difference.

Normally, I would not care about what deck is dominating as such as no matter what the deck is, I could usually take it out with E HERO cause HEROs are pro and most people here in Malaysia only knows how HERO beat (which I dont take as an E HERO deck) is played. I mean, I play Poly and they are almost always stunned.

And I'm always like "What!? You don't watch the anime?"

But Agent Angel being the top does sorta hurt HEROs. I'm sorry to say that, Agents have always been my HEROs biggest problem in tourneys. Its not that I can't beat it at all, but the odds of winning is against me. Cause my deck focuses on taking out my opponent's shit one by one, then finishing them off with big fusions and Rai-Oh. The two bosses from that deck sorta beats generates 2 much advantage.

BUT, thats not that big of an issue. The biggest issue would be side boarding. For me, I find Agent Angel incredibly hard to side board against. The only cards I can think of and ARE really good would be 2 Mind Crush, a Dustshoot(which I mained) and 2 Veilers.

Continuous Trap like Skill Drain and Light Imprisoning Mirror had never been that effective against them to start with. With Heavy and 3 Typhoon, it just got worst.

I'm still modding my side deck and thank god I'm having an almost-1-week public holiday.

And since Samurais are no longer a threat, I think I could take out the Shocking Viruses for more Angel hate.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ranking/Trishula Tourney Report

I build my deck at TB before the tourney cause a lot of Pokemon players are there for the pre-set release tourney for Black and White (not that you would care). Took out the cards that are only legal after September 1st (actually, it was just Heavy and Trunade).

After that, I notice that I had Dustshoot in my deck, which is suppose to be use next format. But since I don't wanna do any major changes to my deck, I didn't bother. My trap count is lower now, just 9 instead of the previous 11.

Deck used : E HERO.

Format was 3 rounds of Swiss and winner is decided by the highest pointer at the end of the match.

Only bout 10 people came cause Gamers Arena also held their Ranking Tourney today, while its both ranking tourney, you get to rank up faster winning there cause there are more high rankers of the 5D's and Zexal Rank (refer to stupid new ranking system for this). Where as I suspect most if not all the people at TB are DM ranks. Aside from the non-locals that is.

But while slower at ranking up, I think Trishula is very tempting.

1st match vs BF (unknown guy)

1st duel : He didn't really played any back row, which was to my surprise, but I was pushed back quite a few times by Arms Wing and a Kalut on Rai-Oh. But nevertheless, Miracle Fusion was making monsters too big for him to take down.

2nd duel : He made a mistake, summoning Ghibli back with Blizzard and then special a Bora. Then he tunes Ghibli with Blizzard for an Arms Wing (this is due to the misprint in Crow pack where Ghibli was printed as level 4). But I allowed it anyway, cause I have an Allius in Grave, a lone Stratos on field (after he Delta Crow from hand to hit my Bottomless and Mirror Force), Honest and Miracle Fusion in hand. He said sorry to me a couple of times and said he will go back to summoning another, but I said its okay and lets him continue (actually, I'm just saving my ass cause I really dont wanna see a Trishula). Won next turn with Miracle and Rai-Oh top decked.


2nd match vs Six Samurai (Wei Yann's Friend)

1st duel : I had a bad hand and was left at the defense (hardly). He summons Mizuho, Kizan, Kizan and a on field Grandmaster. He then searches his deck for Shinai with Signal. Summons it to the field. I have a face up Snowman, a Mirror Force and a MST, no help here cause my life was at 3200. BUT, he tributed his Shinai when there was no Samurai in the grave to pop my Snowman. And he declared an attack before clearing my field, which of cause got met with the Mirror Force. He took back the Kizan and set his last card down, which I played MST on (Dual Sword). From there it was smooth sailing cause I have Rai-Oh already in hand.

2nd duel : He started and end his turn with 2 Shi-En and a Kizan on the field and 1 card in hand. I have Tribe Shocking Virus in hand, but no HEROs. I topped an E Call. Playing it in case the dude doesn't negate it, but he did. Got raped next turn with another Kageki and Kagemusha into 3rd Shi-En. I have a set Mirror Force, but who cares.

3rd duel : I started and summon King Tiger Wanghu to the board, set Judgment, Warning and Skill Drain to the back (I'm thinking my opponent is pretty screwed). He has Kageki set, which I passed 2 turns later with a No 39 Hope with Allius and Airman. He would later review 2 of his 3 sets as Dojos, playing the set card Dual Sword, which I obviously negated with Warning. He the summons Kizan, summons another Kizan. He then asked tried to summon something with teh Dojos, but Wanghu just sits there. So he tries to attack it, but Hope blocked both attacks. He sets his last card to the back, but I have Judgment. I play Reborn, grab Ocean with Airman, summoning Virus, remove the Ocean to rid him of Kizans. Then proceed to attack for game.


3rd match vs Quickdraw Dandy Warrior (Wei Yann's other friend)

1st duel : I started with Dustshoot and Mirror Force set, grab Allius with Airman. He then showed me his hand of Tuning, Dandy, Debris, Sorcerer, Unknown Syncron and Trunade. Dandy was obviously picked. He played Tuning, grabbing Junk and mill a Sorcerer. Sets a monster. I summon Allius, overlay them into Gatchi Dragon. Attck for 2100. Rai-Oh hits the field next turn. Preventing him from doing anything big and won the game from there.

2nd duel : I started with Airman into Allius, attacks into an obvious set Ryko. Set 2 Skill Drain which was met with Decree at the end of the turn. He sets another monster and ended. I summon the Allius, plays Spark, rid him of Decree, flipping a Skill Drain. Miracle for Shining and attacks into a Doppel. after several turns, he was left with 2 cards in hand, nothing on the field. I have a Rai-Oh and Shining, 2 Skill Drain(1 set), Transmigration Prophecy and Solemn Judgment set, Honest and Crow in hand. I really don't see how my opponent is gonna turn this around. He removes Lonefire for Spore and summons Warwolf. Sync to Black Rose and attack my Rai-Oh after I said I would not negate it, which was of cause met with the Honest. He plays Avarice next, and I chained Prophecy to it, getting Miracle Fusion back to my deck. He sets his last card. . I attack and he flips Call of the Haunted, which I had a DD Crow for it.


So, I got 1st place and my GR Trishula.

The TP pack was crap. but who cares, I got a Trishula for RM15, thats 5 bucks in USD. I'm happy bout it.

Last tourney for this format, although I'm not gonna miss it. WooHoo, 3rd time playing with E HERO for tourney this month(I think) and 3rd time getting 1st. Might sound a little arrogant in this post but I'm still hyped bout Trishula.

Got myself a copy of Ultimate Rare BLS for a reasonable price, but almost immediately sold it to Wei Yann (well, he booked it but needs to get his pay check first before he could pay for it).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nick is too Epic...

I'm sorry, but the dude made Vengeful Servant deadly ... I'm not sure if this deck/idea is new or not, but I've not seen this deck before, and he claimed he didn't net deck. So, I guess you could say this dude is actually to broken to quit.

So, the dude quit 2 months ago, but spends his time on duelnet making stupid decks that actually works (to a certain degree).

He and Lam made a Gagaga deck. Which focuses on summoning Tyrus with Gagaga and other monsters such as CyDra, Tricky and even Instant Fusion. Simple idea, but to make it consistent is a chore.

Nick thinks Gagaga as broken/good, whatever. Lam just think its cool (thats soooo Lam), but they kinda came up with the same concept that day.

Back to the rage-quit-thats-not-really-out-of-the-game aka Nick.

He build this Vengeful Servant deck, in case you don't know the card (which you shouldn't), its a equip spell from CRMS I believe. The effect is something as follow :

When the equip monster's control is switch, deal damage EQUAL to the original attack of the monster to the NEW controller.

Useless piece of shit? Sure, until I killed a dozen of decks today on duelnet.

The set 2 or less format we are heading now is absolutely great for this deck.

I'm not sure if you could see the picture, the 1st 3 cards in the deck are Vengeful Servants. And the whole deck is based around, giving your opponent Big monsters, take it back, swing damage, play Servant, give it back. Game 2 please.

Note, this is the deck concept but not HIS deck list, as I tried to remember as well as I could. I remember him playing 3 Swaps, but I just don't think it fits the flow of the deck all that well. But since the deck list is slightly different. And I think there is a monster that works well with Swap that I missed. I guess I'll have to update the decklist again soon.

I played a TG deck just now, the dude was like sync everything for Quaser, ends. I play Dark Hole, which he negates. I play Mind Control, taking the Quaser. Play 2 Vengeful Servants. End turn. Thats it. His Quaser back stabs him for 8000 damage.

Duality, Arms Hole and Fader/Scarecrow made this deck consistent. This is obviously an OTK, so these cards will help me gather my pieces for the kill.

Best kill of the day was something like:

He attacks me with Stardust. I special Gorz. He sets something. I equip Gorz with 2 Servants, Creature Swap, deals 5400 to my opponent. I discard Mite, taking Gorz, I took 5400 damage (100 left), end turn, he takes another 5400.

While extremely inconsistent in theory, this deck works quite well (I don't understand this at all).

This deck loves to see a JD. I don't contribute much to the field, and the more life he payed, the better. Early Solemn Judgments against this deck, you are almost always gonna die to it.

(The random Spell in between MSTs, is the the 3rd MST, DN wont let me play 3 at the moment, but the deck absolutely needs 3)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tour Guide, Fabled and DW. Broken

Made a Tour Guide DW deck that featured Fabled in them, and the deck is, by Asian Format standards, BROKEN.

Well, IF the TCG monster exceed rulings apply, it IS broken. Not really broke without it thou, nevertheless, GOOD.

The synergy, between tour guide, raven, broww and snow are amazing. I literally never open dead, even if I pull 3 Broww, 2 MST. 1 Tour Guide and thats a very broken hand.

I'm wondering whether I should play Grapha at 3. Yes, a DW build that makes me wanna take out a playset of Grapha. I don't know bout the majority of players, but I don't really care what a deck can do, but I almost always play a full set of the boss cards.

Playing Fabled in there means I can go for Envoy of Beginning as well.

While not being able to do what plants did this format(summoning a bunch of monsters in 1 turn), its good under the new list, or at least how my results shown me.

No deck list yet as I'm still pretty much just testing this concept. I know someone might have already said this somewhere, but to me this is something big, and worth posting.

BTW, ranking tourney next week at TB will be a prized one. The winner gets ... GR Trishula

I guess I need to take my Oppression and Trunade out of the box one last time before the format ends eh?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

TG Addiction

I was building this deck the whole week, and it's pretty fun to play and does it's job ... but now that Heavy's back, its sorta ... well, not as good.

monster (20):

3 XX-saber Darksoul
3 XX-saber Boggard Knight
2 XX-saber Faultroll
2 XX-saber Fullhelm Knight
1 XX-saber Emmersblade
1 XX-saber Regigura
1 X-saber Airbellum
2 T.G Striker
2 T.G Warwolf
1 T.G Rush Rhino
2 Effect Veiler

spell (10):

3 Pot of Duality
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
3 MST (Was playing 2 MST and 1 My Body)
1 Reinforcement of the Army

trap (10):

2 Gottom's Emergency Call
2 Call of the Haunted
2 Horn of Phantom Beast
1 Trap Dustshoot
1 Mind Crush
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Dark Bribe (was playing 2 Trap Stuns, but well, Storm is back)

I kinda made this deck to sweep back rows. Striker and any level 4 Saber is a Hyunlei. And I'm sorta addicted to what Horn of the Phantom Beast can do.

The deck basically aims at taking out the backrow, then take out the hand. Like what Sabers were build to do.

But banned list sorta makes clearing backrow irrelevant cause people wont set as much.

Clearing the hand is good and all, but I guess people will be maining Veilers from now.

Oppression and Stun were a big part of the deck and did won me a couple of games, I guess thats gone now. Bribe ... I have no clue whether that works or not, but it can help for the push for game I guess.

Was playing Mirror Force and Torrential, but I figure I should focus on taking out my opponent faster than protecting myself, since 1 JD can basically screw me over. The 2 Calls are new in here, I didn't have any Call in my original build, but I guess it can help.

I don't really know what the deck can do now, seeing the set 4 format is over. Guess I need to test the deck out first.

Give me some feedbacks.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nice List ...

MST at 3, Heavy at 1, BLS at 1, Oppression gone ... Wut?

With the new list,

they seriously hits Junk Doppel (the plant part of it anyways, the Asian version is mostly unharmed aside from Formula Syncron).

Samurais got shot in the face. Shi-En and Signal at 1 means the deck is not as dead as I thought.

A lot of randoms.

Icarus at 3?! OMG!? What is wrong!? Why is konami helping BF? This can't be happening!! I must be dreaming!! Finally Konami decides that they hit BF too much.

With D Draw at 2 ... I see it coming to 3 next list!

I like this list very much ... especially 3 MST. But Oppression banned, I don't understand. But with 4 staples in the deck to destroy it, its not gonna do much.

Heavy Storm out on the loose basically means TG as a deck may have just met its end. It is a deck that focus on setting 4 backrows. Same goes for GK, 3 MST and the deck just suddently became so less scary.

Judgment at 3, Heavy at 1, BLS at 1, Necro at 2 and Oppression banned. Guess we have a contender for top deck in the form of an old deck.

Great news overall, its gonna be one mad format coming September, with the deck that spams the most hit, and decks that set a lot no longer safe.

Heat Wave Rabbit deck

I build this for fun on Duelnet yesterday. Me, Fishtank and Sharmir are teaming up for the team tourney next month, and we decided that player A will be fodder, which I wanted to be, and the other 2 doesn't allow.

So, we decide to duel it off. I played it against Fishtank, which I took beating at 1st until I cleared the field with Mirror Force and proceed to win with Heat Wave and vanilla monsters.

BUT, since I won, I couldn't be fodder, so I challenge Sharmir since he was the boss, and told him I'll be A if I won a match.

I won game 1 hands down because Tengu is a beast (lit.). Loss game 2, his 2100 Laquari attacks my Vorse Raider, I flip Horn, he flips horn, I flip another horn, he flips 7-tools. His advantage was then too large for me to win. 3rd duel starts with me summoning Andal, setting Chariot and Bottomless, holding Rabbit. He ends with 2 sets, which I so conveniently drew Trunade.

Later, I tested my deck out with SST, which proves the concept of the deck surprisingly broken. But some tweaks still need to be made. I'm not sure if anyone posted decklist online yet, if anyone have links to Bunny Heat Wave deck, please link it in the comments below.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

TB Ranking Tourney

So, they cancelled the Formula Syncron cause there was only 8 players.

I played E HERO cause Lam wants to use my TG Gadgets.

3 Rounds of Swiss, as usual.

Results : 1st.

I'm too lazy to post, and I mostly played against people I know. The 8 players are me, Lam, Cookie, Andrew, Zack, Daniel and 2 guys I have no idea who they are(they play 40 card decks, one of them play a copy of Sin World and Sin Truth).

Friday, August 12, 2011


These guys are being so big of a trend now. Its like you could build any ANTI meta deck and have about 10 slots for their cards, and your very good to go.

Currently, I have 2 decks that plays TG, TG Gadget and TG Syncro. The latter is basically Doppel Junk with Striker and Warwolf to increase my syncro spam, but this deck will most likely die on September 1st due to most of its key cards getting hit by banned list.

Not that it matters anyway, I picked up Doppel Junk as soon as it was release, when everyone was hyping on Samurai. People were telling me its just a poor man's Dandylion. That may be true, but hey, poor people are strong.

Enough of that, lets talk about my other TG deck. Unlike normal TG Gadget, I run it differently. As most TG gadgets are just Offering Gadgets with TG in them, mine is basically Skill Drain Gadget with Gadget in them. Well, no Skill Drain thou, but its play style is more antimeta-ish. I prefer decks like this cause it doesn't require you to pull good to start your plays.

We all know what made TG such great antimeta pieces, TG1-EM1 and Horn of the Phantom Beast. Pitch-Black Warwolf is another card that is so great in antimeta, that I'm surprise no one played it. I played with Mirage Dragon (which has the same effect) for years, and I know just how good this card can be. Although I missed out the fact that he could get the boost from Horn till last weekend's YCS.

My deck currently looks somewhat like this, and I plan to take this to TB tomorrow for the ranking tourney, where as an additional prize, Daniel made us play for Formula, which might get killed, but who cares, chances are against it.

I would really like to top with different decks, since I topped last week with E HERO, it would be boring to play the same deck again.

monster (15):

3 TG Rush Rhino
2 TG Warwolf
2 TG Striker
2 Pitch Black Warwolf
2 Green Gadget
2 Red Gadget
2 Yellow Gadget

spell (10)

3 Pot of Duality
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Book of Moon
1 Enemy Controller
1 Mind Control

trap (15):

3 Horn of the Phantom Beast
2 TG1-EM1
2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Dust Tornado
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force
1 Bottomless Traphole

side (15):

3 Beast King Barboros
1 Pitch-Black Warwolf
1 Green Gadget
1 Red Gadget
1 Yellow Gadget
3 Skill Drain
3 Ultimate Offering
1 Royal Oppression
1 Dust Tornado

I think you know what I'm doing with the side deck here. Basically the side deck can change this deck into Skill Drain TG, Offering Gadget or just go plain with Antimeta Gadget.

I kinda like how this is working out.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chaos Numbers

So, unlike Buster Mode introduced in the 3rd pack of 5D's, I actually think this is good (anime effect wise).

Hope Ray is an instant summon, just overlaying Hope together with its Overlay unit and you get to summon a 2500 monster that can pump itself up by detaching one of its overlay unit. It gains 500 for each of the units detach, meaning it can go to 4000 (Hope + 2 Overlay units), plus for each unit detach, you can also decrease the opposing monster's attack by 1000.

Hope Ray is basically THE biggest beatstick in yugioh, nothing under 7000 can take it out. LOL.

But thats just the anime effect.

Banned list is in the corner, any post about combos and facts, deck might just end up wasting afford by next week.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

6th August TB monthly Tourney report

I haven't done one of these in a while, I went to TB early today(getting leave from company) with Lam and our friend Hong(not a blogger).

I went there just cause I don't feel like working and my friend at intern needs to go on a date, so he can't fetch me home today. Hence, I took the better option to go to TB with Lam, and sell my DW deck there, for Rm190(with Tyrus, bad deal? What ever).

Not really interested in the tourney as only the 1st and 2nd place gets prizes aside from TP. 1st gets Librarian (wow, how bout doing this earlier in the format?) and 2nd gets a SR Monster Reborn (for a card with commons and URs, its a stupid rarity). But since my 2 mates, SST and Fishtank are joining. I feel like I'll waste my time not playing.

Play my HERO deck, cause I'm not in the mood to play, just in the mood to take something home. (LOL)

Match starts at 12.30 I guess. But thats not important.

1st match vs Debris Dandy

1st duel : I have Rai-Oh out and he fails to stop me killing his Stardust. And beat him to death.

2nd duel : I have Super Poly and BTH set. Summon Airman, but was met with double MST at the end phase. He did the usual stuff to get a whole field of syncro and won.

3rd duel : I pull 5 monsters ... and SKILL DRAIN. The trap card alone won me the match as he couldn't do anything. His hand was full of Dandy, Debris, Junk and such. Cards that normally kill me if I don't have the continues trap. I eventually pull Fusion Gate and start spamming with it.


2nd Match vs Frog Monarch - SST

1st duel : I originally had him on the run but realize that our hand was 2 to 6 (with him leading), once he got rid of Rai-Oh, it was over.

2nd duel : He did his stunts and did Gatchi with Formula and Ronin. That stall the game for way too long. He took my Tornado with Creature Swap, and attacked me. I had Super Poly and fuse the 2 monsters for Shining. He destroyed them with me not having anything removed. The game once again was stalled, with me at 600 and him at 800. I have Heat and Shining out, Skill Drain face up. His turn came, he tribute his Treeborn for a Raiza, attack on Heat, which would deal 800 damage and win the game, but I play MST on my Skill Drain, raising Heat to 2000, taking only 400 damage, and Shining went up to 3800. Won next turn by attacking Raiza with Shining.

3rd duel : I start King Tiger, attacking to his Morphing Jar 2. Reset the field with an Ocean, without me losing half my deck (only a Spark). He didn't pull any frogs and Airman, Ocean, Allius beat him to death.


3rd match vs Infernity - Lam

1st duel : I played Solemn Judgment and Warning, which got my life to 2000. He Dark Hole my Rai-Oh and brought it back with Reborn. I top into E Call with Miracle and Spark in hand. LOLz!

2nd duel : I pull into DD Crow early and shut down his Mirage plays. From there it was pure beat down with HEROs.

4rd duel : I ditch DD Crow when he target Archfiend and Necro with Mirage, but it was an invalid move as he had cards in hand. Instead he went for Brionac with Zombie and Knight, which he then continue to use Mirage, which I still ditch Crow. His Brionac was killed by my Shining. He played Call, bringing the Dragon back, ditching his newly drawn card for it, but I have Skill Drain.


4th match vs Six Samurai - Fishtank

1st duel : I had Nova out, 3 Facedown, no HERO in grave and 1 card in hand. He go for Trishula, with a Grandmaster summon on field. I chain Super Poly, fusing his 2 monsters for Draco, which left him handless, monster-less, with 2 facedown. Me, handless, no HEROs in Grave, and 2 extremely big monsters on the field. He remove the bigger monster. Nova was met by Prison, but at that time, my field was huge and his life was running too low, with his last set card being a Gateway.

2nd duel : I have Rai-oh and Airman out and winning. He played Smoke Signal and play Light Imprisoning Mirror to negate Rai-Oh (which should be invalid as Rai-Oh's 1st effect is continuous, but we didn't realize that). He got Kageki, which summons Kagemusha, then Kizan came out to kill Rai-Oh, he goes for Shi-En. BUT, I already have Tribe Shocking Virus and an E HERO in hand since the beginning of the game. The 2 monsters attacked and went through, with him at 100. He draws and shows me United.

Before the match, we decided that this would be a 2-1 match no matter who own (which would later proof as an important decision).


Before the final match, we found out our organizer had the wrong idea in how the point accumulation works. Cause, he ruled, 1 point for losing a duel, 1.5 points for drawing and 2 points for winning it. But that lead to a very serious problem. As if you win 2 duels straight (2-0'ed your opponent), you would get 4 points, which is good. But if you lost 1-2, you get 2 points for the 1 win and 2 points for your 2 losses, so you still get 4 points...

So, by the end of the day, to get most points, you need to win 2-1, so you get 4 points for the 2 duels you win, and 1 point for the one you lost. A stupid mistake by the organizers indeed, and he realize this after the tourney when we told him.

But all my wins are 2-1 up till now, which place me and another Samurai player at the top.

Another problem with the tourney is that the matchings aren't match by points. Which I met with all the full win players (which is right), but the other guy played 2 guys with 1-X. And we are all surprise there is another 4 win in the tourney aside from me.

5th match vs Six Samurai - the other 4 win guy (cause I told the organizers that the remaining guys with the highest points should duel it out, and decide who takes Librarian)

1st duel : I have Rai-Oh out and stops his searches. He tries to clear my field which gone bad and end up with me with nothing on the field, and him with a facedown and 1 S/T. But I have 4 hands. I play Fusion Gate, summon Airman, grab Allius, fuse with all my hand for 2 Shining with 4100 attack, and attacks into him, which he reveals his set card being Magatama.

2nd duel : He summons Kizan and Kageki. I summon Ocean, killing Kageki, holding Fusion Gate, and debating whether to go for ZERO, but I felt he might have Dark Hole, so I end up setting Mirror Force. He plays MST , and he plays double Mizuho, Shinai and Grandmaster to clear me of my field and attack for the win.

3rd duel : I have 3 facedowns, Airman and normal Poly to ZERO, he has Enishi on the field, he then summons Kageki and specials Kagemusha, going for Shi-En. Then plays Enishi's effect to bounce ZERO, I wasn't bothered with Magatama as he has 1 set and I have Solemn, turns out he doesn't have Magatama and Shi-En dies for nothing ... Later in the game where he is extremely low in life. He plays Double Edge and summons Kageki and Kagemusha (why no Shi-En ... I really don't know, maybe cause his life was lower than the samurai's attack?). I flip Skill Drain, and he syncros for Shi-En. Ramming into my Airman, but I flipped Prison, which he flipped Magatame (cause I mistakenly said Mirror Force), and Shi-En was killed. He has Magatama set, and set a monster. I summon Shocking Virus, Airman attacks into the monster which turns out to be Kageki, but my last set card was Super Poly, which summons Tornado and deals 4500 damage and wins the match.


The organizers are now brain storming to decide the placing, but I pointed out I'm the only one in the tourney with full wins, and I have 25 points under my belt, AND he specifically said no Top 4~8 bullshits before hand. Thus, they have no choice but to hand me Librarian, while SST and the other samurai guy fights for 2nd place and SR Reborn.

SST won that match and goes home with Reborn (which he claims to be the card he wanted).

So, I place 1st, and got a decent prize for it. And from the TP, I pulled Pashuul, which is worth RM40 or at least 35 here.

Nice day overall, and for once I feel great bout ditching work. :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Banned List prediction/wish list

Yes, I've already did this, but I had a few more cards I wanna talk about and add to the list (remember last time, I only had a few cards that I really wanna hit).

And since I don't wanna post this in the middle of the banned list post all other bloggers are doing, I kinda like being the 1st guy to do it, and the last guy as well. At least I hope I was the 1st on blogger and hopefully last too.

Lets start with the list 1st and I'll sorta explain why I place the cards as it is.

Thor'ed(Get it?) :

Giant Trunade
Glow Up Bulb
Hyper Librarian/Formula Syncron (preferably the latter)
Foolish Burial

Limited :

Pot of Avarice
Heavy Storm
Ultimate Offering
BF - Vayu the Bancho'
Hyper Librarian/Formula Syncron (the former please)
Shi-en's Smoke Signal
Dual Sword Welding Technique (if I remember the name correctly, the annoying double Reborn)
Treeborn Frog
Starlight Road!!!

Semi-Limited :

Agent of Bla Bla Bla Earth (the searcher dude/girl/whatever)
Master Hyperion
Reborn Tengu (shit needs to die)
Snow, Something of the Dark World
Pot of Duality (I don't think its worthy, but I sorta see it coming)
Book of Moon
Royal Oppression
Dewloren, you should stay there in the Ice Barrier

Released, your good to go :

maybe ... Magical Stone Excavation? Is Snipe Hunter at 3 already? If its not, then maybe. But thats about it.

Harsh list? Totally. Weird List? Yeah, sorta.

For the banned, I think most of us will agree on Trunade and the Librarian/Formula. Maybe not banning one of the 2 syncros, but they need to be hit, NOW.

Foolish and Glow Up Bulb, for a reason. These are broken cards right here. 10 combos in YGO that deals with special summoning, Foolish will be part of 9 of them. Bulb is just too good. Its not one of the weapons Junk Doppel can use, its the epicenter of everything. This and Formula are what made Quaser and plants broken, Librarian is but a mere catalyst. You can still go Quaser 1st turn and shit consistently without Librarian, although you get more pluses off that pedobear.

Banning Librarian may be good as future decks can't abuse it, but for now, Glow Up and Formula are the main killers, in all plant variants.

For the to'1s. Avarice, Shi-En's Signal and Dual Sword Welding had it coming.

Offering? Really? No, I don't think this card is worth sending back to 1, as it just got back to 3 not too long ago, but as Dewloren did when it came back to 3. The same deck that caused this card to go to 1 all those years ago, will be forcing it back in again. Its just a hypothesis.

Vayu and Treeborn? Why?

Treeborn, cause I agree with the author of Death Aspect, should be at 1, those who subbed to him, should have read this, and those of you who doesn't, please do right now.

Vayu, cause Konami just likes hitting BF in some way in every banned list. And cause Grave BF is running strong even today, its gonna be the likely candidate to get hit. Although I fail to see how this will kill BF. BF is an epic tale of a deck in the making, forcing the banned list onto itself over and over again, but keeps on standing back up on its own 2 feet and continue fighting. Hitting Vayu will just add to their already awesome resume.

Last but not least, and the one card most of you are WTF'ing about, Starlight Road.

Why the hell? Its not because I want Storm back, I put it here, thats just stupid. But its so more people play the card, and I think this card has the same effect as Storm, Mirror Force and Torrential, at 1. Having it at 3, people aren't even looking at it, but at 1, its good main deck material, thats just how people are. The mind games this card can give to the game, just by the fact that everyone will have 1 copy in their main deck, is giving me a fangasm. Some times, you don't hit a card cause its bad to the game, but making the game more fun with it hit. Like Oppression, no one care about it when it was at 3, but we would main 1 now if we have the space, I see Starlight Road as the equivalent to that, but unlike the continues trap, this card can make your opponent think twice before going for big plays, and playing big traps.

Any love for my suggestion? In the comments!

The semi limited are made of cards that are self-explanatory. Tengu is broke, we need to hit it, not being in OCG is a bad reason not to do something bout it.

Snow is fresh on the list cause I feel hitting this will make Dark World a less search and spam deck, while hitting Grapha means nothing if its not 1 or less. But I don't expect this to happen this banned list thou. As Konami thinks this deck is the answer to Keepers and Sabers.

Duality did nothing this format, but I have a gut feeling its gonna get hit to 2.

Book of Moon and Royal Oppression are cards that prevents spamming of big plays and putting them to 1 in a syncro spamming format was one of the stupidest things konami did, but no one bitched about that surprisingly. These are needed to make the game slower, and with Storm around, Oppression is almost equivalent to BTH.

Like I said, I have nothing for the unlimited. I don't specifically find anything worth taking out.

I really doubt Black Luster Soldier is coming out (it would be great if it does), but if I could have a banned card release back into the game (and not destroy the format), I would rather have DMoC(Dark Magician of Choas for those of you who just joined us).

The card is really good even with today's standards, but I don't think anyone will name it broke with the top tier cards right now. Its one card that spellcasters need to stray away from FTK (although this card may just be the center of an FTK ... again). What the heck ... its not gonna happen isn't it?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Graceful Charity

Anyone remembers this card? Draw 3 ditch 2?

I was having conversation with some guys last week online, and they were talking bout how Pot of Duality is the most broken search/deck filter card ever ... Obviously they haven't join this game before Graceful was banned.

They defended Pot was better by saying you don't have to discard anything ... which is true IF you are playing Antimeta-ish stun decks, and thats only true half of the time, or more specifically when you reveal 3 powerful traps. But they missed the point that you don't have to discard the cards from the 3 you drawn, I forgot to tell them that as well.

With that said, I really don't think Pot of Duality is gonna get hit by the banned list in anyway come Spetember. I don't know why many are thinking its gonna get to 2. Its only seen in decks that can't go spamming in 1 turn, if you wanna hit Agents, hit Earth and Krystia, its good enough. But since when Konami is so predictable.

Like many bloggers expected, I wish Heavy Storm to come out of prison and throw Trunade into it. I don't think Konami understands this thou. So if they do, its gonna be the first time they actually did something good for the game in a while. Their usual strategy of taking care of the meta is banning the most powerful themed cards so people stop bitching for a few months, and make new more broken shit so that you complain for the months to come before the banned list. I really do NOT hope that they banned Trunade but left Storm in banning, thats just gonna be stupid.

Note, this is not a banned list talk.

But, another thing I wannna talk about is TG Gadgets. This deck is amazingly consistent, even without Tengu, which would make it broken ? Then again, if we have Tengu, why would we bother playing Gadgets? Just go with TG Tengu and we have a championship winning deck thats cost less than half the price of BF.

This deck, as I tested, has an incredible match up against Dark World, providing they did not activate a Virus before hand, then your just sitting ducks. Drawing into any 2 TG and a Gadget automatically makes you Trishula, and Dark World is almost always dead with a timely summoned Trishula.

I did not have Dualities in my TG Gadgets, mainly because I need my only playset in Sabers. Another thing I'm missing is Wonder Magician. Which is still pretty expensive around here although no one plays them.

I play my deck like usual Gadget Stun, which consists of Breakers, Smashing, Controller and other shits like Compulse and Prison. That Oppression is too much work for maining sadly. Works for me as of now, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it though.

I'm planning to side another set of Gedgets and 3 Ultimate Offering to turn this into Offering Gedgets. Since Stun decks usually have a lot of room in their side, well, I haven't build a side board for this deck yet, so I guess this can wait till then.

Selling off my DW deck to a friend, cause I'm totally bored with that deck, and I like TG Gadgets better as of now.

Sorry for not posting last week end, I hurt my fingers (yes, fingerS!) last Friday night and it hurts typing.