Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Bye, Goyo Guardian ... AND NEVER COME BACK PLEASE!!

Its been 2 years a few months and of cause a few days since it's release on 19th April of 2008. This broken piece of kabuki performer finally gets jailed.

Lack of topic here obviously...

On side note, Sin World can be use to search for ... well, Sin World, I just found out this afternoon, how stupid of me.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

SIn Rainbow Dragon

While this had been in my mind since last year. Having a playset now means I can finally play my Rainbow Neos deck to its full potential. Whats better is that Skill Drain is unlimited, allowing me to play this over-sized beat stick without caring about his negative effect.

While most are trying to find a new way to OTK with the new Psychics, I like to keep things old school and improve my deck instead.

monster (19):

3 E HERO Neos
3 E HERO Captain Gold
2 E HERO Prisma
1 E HERO Airman
3 Rainbow Dragon
3 Sin Rainbow Dragon
3 King of the Swamps
1 Freed the Brave Wanderer

spell (17):

3 Miracle Fusion
3 Polymerization
2 Parallel World Fusion
2 Skyscrapper
2 E Emergency Call
1 Reinforcements of the Army
1 Fusion Recovery
1 Future Fusion
1 Monster Reborn
1 Giant Turnade

trap (6):

3 Skill Drain
2 HERO Blast
1 Starlight Road

Of cause, this deck doesn't do very well against decks that run tons of traps. So, for the side, I should be playing 3 Trap Stuns and double MST. The side deck for this deck doesn't exist as this deck is never meant for tourney uses.

Prisma isn't as important in this deck as you guys might think. The only purpose for the card is dumping Neos so I can blow something up with HERO Blast and fusing it.

Freed is here mainly just for the fact that I may need some synergy for Parallel World Fusion.

I know you can't summon Rainbow Neos with Parallel World Fusion, but you can always summon the Shining instead.

While Rainbow Neos may loose his amazing effect under Skill Drain, he is still a 4500 beatstick.

I wanted to run Pathfinder and Neos Space instead of Skyscrapper and Gold, but being an E HERO gives Gold more synergy. But Neos Space does makes Rainbow Neos a 5000 colossal giant, and Pathfinder doesn't die without his field out (and being a 1800 beats himself). We'll see bout that later.

Did I mention how amazing Skill Drain really is? And how many decks it stops in its tracks. What if you run into Barboros? I have Sin Rainbow, what makes you think I care.

I might wanna have Bribes and Judgment in here, but I just can't find space. May need some tuning from here.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cause Someone Ask this.

Recently, I have been lack of things to blog about. Mainly due to school and stuff. And partly due to the fact that I've yet to find a company to do my internship with (next Sem). What ever!

Just looked at my chat box and I found this post : yo guys i need some ideas to screw over a different dimension deck other than imperial iron wall.

While I don't know whether this is a request for a post or something else. And is this directed to me .. I don't really care, as this gives me something to post.

DD deck have always been a pain for a lot of decks in the game (cause most decks that are playable interact with the grave in some way). Personally, there are only 2 good ways to deal with the deck, a lot of removal and back row hate, and bloody outspeed your opponent.

For aggro decks like Samurai and maybe TG (cause I fail to find any good example in the current META), they will most probably just get their combo going and ignore the DD cards. This is their way of dealing with EVERYTHING really.

For more control based decks, you probably will go for 1-for-1 destruction and back row hates. BFs are the best examples as they have their mighty Icarus Attack. Having more backrow hate like Dust Tornado (and if you are THAT good, Malevolent Catastrophe) might not be such a bad idea this coming format. As Cold Wave is banned, the setting game would be twice as fierce. If your meta is full with decrees, then Double Cyclone might help (not a fan of Twister).

But to really deal with DD decks, its all about your side deck. Having a few cards that could take care of it is key, and I for 1 thinks that Imperial Iron Wall is a bad side for the deck. How bout playing Return from a Different Dimension instead, taking advantage of your opponent's strategy is 10 times better than stopping them.

From what I know about DD decks, they play Macro Cosmos and Banisher of the Radiance (unless my understandings are wrong). Taking out their main cards means trouble for them, so they will surely have 1 or 2 Starlight Roads in their deck. So, main those Warnings as it gets rid of the 3 of those cards (Macro summons Helios, so it can be negated, don't quote me please).

Basically having 2 copies of MST, Warning, BTH and a couple of other removal cards and DD decks are nothing to be afraid of.

Unless your playing Lightlord or Plant Syncro, then you REALLY need those removal.

I have a test tomorrow, so no long post today. Signing out!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bored thus Gotta blog!!

Currently at my friend's house after this BORING party I just attended.

News on the priority ruling change reached me this afternoon, wanting to post about it but lack the chance until now.

My thoughts on this ruling : Mixed.

Yes, this makes the game more simple and some overpowered cards can't generate pluses that easily (eg, Judgment Dragoon). But, it also some what takes a bit of skill away from the game. Like setting multiples and stuff. For instance, you could have 5 sets and your opponent drop JD, you can potentially get rid of JD, but his still taking 4 cards way from you. Now, set 5 and just get rid of JD 1-for-1 without it blowing you up. This may be good as it will be less broken plays but mind games wise ... not really.

Well, that was my personal opinion on that matter. But do I hate this ruling ? No, not a bit actually, as I find it stupid that priority is always generating pluses and confusing players (to an extent).

Like most bloggers stated, with this new ruling implemented, Bottomless TrapHole just raise into value AGAIN. While it was a staple until not so long ago, Solemn Warning put it obsolete, but with this ruling, it WILL become good again, to the facf that people will think twice before playing Warning in their deck, cause it now only stops 3 things better than BTH : Monarchs (and Co), Gorz (and his buddies) and Stardust.

Control wise, you might still need your Warnings, but for your average deck, I doubt that the duelist wanna waste 2000 for a mere summon that BTH could potentially gets the job done better.

On a side note, I feel that this ruling is gonna help E HERO players.

Cause the deck doesn't have any monsters that can activate priority (Airman's effect isn't affected just in case you wanna know). And with the rising in players dropping Warning for BTH again, Gemini Spark is gonna be gaining advantages. Not to mention BTH deals with a lot of threats for the deck (for mine, Chaos Sorcerer and Brionac).

All and all, E HERO is gonna be extremely powerful this season. At least I think so. BTW, Exceed monsters can't be use as syncro material monsters, that means nothing to fusion!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A good Lv6 Substitute?

With the banning of Goyo Guardian, we Asia format players are screaming for a viable substitute.

That lone Brionac won't do you good most of the time when you need brute force.

So, for us, Asian players, some official choices include :

1. Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth

While lacking of an effect, he makes up with his attack ... well sorta. For a Lv6 Syncro, 2600 isn't really that bad, problem was that Goyo was bigger and had a broken effect. With Goyo gone, Gaia is the biggest Lv6 beater you got.

2. Iron Chain Dragon

With a decent 2500 attack and for the fact that his a dragon, this guy was a staple in Dandy decks until they dropped Ryko completely. But with so many cards getting limited to 1 at the moment, this dude's effect may come in handy (sometimes). Imagine dropping that lone Gateway or Kalut of the top of the deck.

3. Splendid Rose

At least this card is a generic syncro. Splendid Rose has only 2200 attack and can only activate his//her effect when you have plants. So, you should only play this when you play Glow Up and Spore. While that sucks, this card can potentially deal 3300 points of damage in 1 turn, that together with the fact that Warnings are run so much, this card can be use to push for game. (sometimes)

Sadly, those may be the only options you have for that empty Lv6 spot Guardian once so firmly sat.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Samurai and Exceed Summon

The new Samurai Counter Gathering Combo Making Game Winning card is better than I thought. It easily comes into the 2 empty spots that were used to be Gateways.

I open with something like this A LOT just now :

Shien's Dojo, RoTA equivalent, another random Samurai. This is basically makes a Shi En.

Encounter this random situation this afternoon, Nick spammed the field into 5 monsters and attack into Marshmallon. And he lost because he decked-out about 10 turns later. Without synchro summoning into something, the guy have no way of beating my Marshmallon (pulled Dark Hole when I had Bribe). Funny thing is he had 2 Gateways up.

Lam took a look and was like, why not just Exceed into Aspiring Emperor Hope ... We were like ... Oh!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hmmm ... Banned List hurts!!

Basically, my Sabers can't do shit without 3 Books, 3 Warnings and that Cold Wave. Either gonna turn it into a pure Anti META build or make it a secondary.

Since my Syncro Spam deck can easily be my primary deck ( as it does not depend on Librarian as much as I thought), if I can get myself a Formula or two.

Need more play testing first before any decisions can be made, will post again tomorrow night hope fully.

Man, Extreme Victory sure is a boring set, its been release for a week now and we don't see a lot of post regarding how good the decks are ...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Banned List Rant!!

So, it's finally out, after about 3 days of waiting (well, not as much as when I waited for GS03 news, but meh).

I'm not showing you guys the list here, you can go look it up somewhere else, but since I'm most probably gonna highlight EVERY single card on the list, I guess you could say that I have it up.

Lets get started, as I have class in about 30 minutes (in the study room currently, "studying").

The banned :

The 1 thing we all think about when looking at a list, what got banned?

Cold Wave and Mass Driver.

These 2 caused two much kill for this game, the latter specifically. I wasn't expecting either of them to get hit, cause both weren't really doing much by the end of the format, but killing gay cards are always good, kudo for the guys who did the banned list.

The last card that got banned was Goyo Guardian. Why is this again? The card is good, too good perhaps but not banned worthy right. I mean, its a generic staple in any deck with access to syncros, but is it a card you guys would really be scared of?

But this hit me as I was looking at the list. Exceed summons. From what we have right now, Exceed really are just syncro with a different name and color scheme. So, they have to slow syncro down to boost Exceed, or at least that is the only reason I can think of.

Limited to 1:

Kalut and Honest, but really, is this necessary? I mean, Kalut to 1 may not be enough to kill BF and Honest to 1 does shit to Lightlords (Light Beat and Agents maybe) but isn't this a bit of an overkill? No further comments for these.

Dandelion is a card we knew would get hit, it should had happened last year at September.

Gateway of the Six, Bravo Konami, Bravo. I was a bit worried that it might not get hit cause TCG just got to play with the new Sams, but it was hit anyway. While some say this isn't enough, anymore would kill the deck, now they balanced it (like Infernities, I hope).

Book of Moon to 1 is something I would not have predicted. I mean, yes, it was over played for a few formats now, but to 1? Well, better find some cards to replace it with, since I hate that card anyway.

Thats all for Limited, now to the semis,

Icarus and Warning to 2, saw this coming.

Debris and Krystia should be limited, but hitting them is decent enough.

Trooper to 2 would be fun, and make Lightlord variants a bit better. Syncron decks would also be happy for this (somehow).

The others, Reaper, Tribute (OCG wise), Megamorph and Overload are random ...

Are they trying to boost Machines? I mean, Trooper and Overload, with 3 Cybers on the loose? Not to mention Karakuri Machina is awesome.

No longer on the list .

Skill Drain. This IS GOOD!! I love this at 3, and for the moment, no further comments.

Chaos Sorcerer to 3 might be more dangerous than they think. Trooper to 2 already boost Lightlord in someway, and that Honest they lost can be easily replaced by 1 of these guys. Kudos to team Rose Bud for pointing this out.

The others are irrelevant for our (and by our, I mean Asian) format. Either not allowed or totally unusable. Just in case you wanna know, they are : Demise, Dewloren, Snipe Hunter, Sarc and Ultimate Offering. Or are they?

Signing out, Class!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TG deck testing.

Played my friend's TG deck this afternoon, mixed feelings!!

Test played against Dragunity which it beat, Infernity which it did 50-50 and Samurai which it 2-0'ed ... but against BF it was 2-0'ed.

First and current impression of the deck is that its very consistent, but like most decks of this type, its hard to get out of dead situations as there are no big plays you can do with no set up.

After an hour or so playing that deck, I decided to get myself 2 copies of both TG Striker and Werewolf. As both of them are cards that really made TG such a powerful deck (at least the build my friend made).

Put those 4 cards into my Syncro Spam deck and it was a huge success!!

Nothing else I wanna talk about but Junk Berserker being awesome!

3 out of the top 4 are Six Samurais in YCS, so we should (or at least I think so) be getting a banned list targeted specifically at them.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sorry for Being DEAD for a week!!

Chinese New Year hasn't quite ended yet, did A LOT of visiting after school hours, came home SUPER late = too DEAD for blogging!!

Extreme Victory (officially) reaches the stores tomorrow, and I'm Planning ... not to get a box ...

The set is good, don't get me wrong, but if you don't wanna be playing TG, I see no point (aside from people who wants every single card in the game at their disposal and sellers).

I wanna point out some cards that I felt that is good enough to make my "To Get List" , note that these are mostly (ALL) based on my own opinion and not from a 3rd party based source.

1. Unknown Syncron

Searcable by Tuning, this little ball is a Cyber Dragon in disguise. Although like Glow Up and Spore, its effect can only be activated once per duel. This card can be a good tribute folder and of cause syncro summoning with Fluff Tokens or anything of that caliber. This is one of the new cards that would make a good addition to my Syncro Spam deck. Since we are always lacking in a good level 1 tuner (side from Spore and Glow). Will test it out 1st before I make any further comments.

2. Necro Defender

I don't know why, but while his effect seems very balanced and shit. I find this card extremely capable of performing an OTK. The moment this card's effect is confirmed, I immediately thought of Ultimate Tyranno, I'm still figuring how this card works itself into an OTK though, will post it if I find a way.

3. TG Werewolf

While I usually don't think cards from a certain archtype as a card to get if your not into that deck, this 1 is a good exclusion. Werewolf gets special summon from hand, when you have a monster with lv 4 or lower special summoned. This is extremely good in a syncro based deck and specifically Debris Dande, however, this all depends on do you have the space to put this dude in.

4. Honorable Retiree of the Six Samurai

Again, this is one of those cards that would be good in not only his own deck, but also a normal syncro based deck, and this dude can be also be treated as a Cyber Dragon that can't be bottomless. Nothing much other than that.

5. Change Toad

While this card won't do any good outside of a frog deck, I think this is going into my to get list. Why? This is gonna boost Frogs up a bit again (not to the level of brokeness Substitoad made). I don't know exactly how much this card would boost Frog Monarchs, but according to the lone frog survivor SST, this is going to make Frog Monarchs viable again (in his hands I suppose).

6. Call Resonator

Its a RoTA for the resonators, a cool card overall. Nothing much than that, but this makes the Resonators actually a working archtype. May be playing them once I get a play set of everything. This and the Red Daemon's support card may just make a Jack ATLAS deck a good fun deck to play, please release a Jack Atlas sleeve!!

7. The Six's School of Dual Wielding

This is one card that shouldn't be underestimated. While I can't really see how many copies you should play, this is a card that WILL win you games. Returning 2 cards your opponent control to their hand is awesome, notice it says CARD not monsters. Its activation cost is a JOKE, having a Samurai out? Shi En maybe? OR IS IT ? This could be tricky to do as you can only activate this when you control ONLY 1 monster and that being a Samurai. Best play I can thick of is summon Kageki, Special Kagemusha, sync for Shi En, flip this card and spam for game with Gate.

8. Assaulting the Weak Point

The only foil card I'm getting. This card is good as it negates monster effects that activates in the grave and hand AND remove it from play. Hand being Honest, Kalut, Fader and Veiler for some more popular ones. Graveyard wise, Plague, Vayu, Spore, Glow Up and Dandelion to name some. By the way, Stardust activates in the grave as well!! Definitely a good card, not in the current format thou, but getting a play set to prepare for upcoming formats.

These are the cards in my "To Get List". Signing off!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

As Requested by Nick!

For some reason, he asked me to send him the decklist of my Rainbow Neos or just post it up my blog, since I'm lack of topic right now, I'll have the list post up here right now.

monster (18):

3 E HERO Neos
3 E HERO Prisma
2 E HERO Necroshade // Necro Darkman
1 E HERO Stratos // Airman
3 Rainbow Dragon
3 King of the Swamp
2 Honest
1 Morphing Jar

spell (16):

3 Polymerization
3 Miracle Fusion
3 E Emergency Call
2 Mystic Space Typhoon // Cyclone
2 Wrath of Neos
1 Giant Turnade // Hurricane
1 Monster Reborn
1 Fusion Recovery

trap (6):

3 Reckless Greed
1 HERO Blast
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Solemn Judgment

So this is my decklist, see you all later.

Oh Ya!! Happy Lunar New Year!! Don't drink and drive.