Sunday, May 26, 2013

WCQ SEED Qualifier TB Tourney Report

Today was the last leg of the seed qualifiers for TB. Me and Kyde went there to get the seeding because not having a seed means you'll be ditching out money for a booster box to participate in WCQ. Since this was one of the last qualifiers is KL, the turn up rate was way higher than usual. I played War Gods / Bujin.

Match 1 : VS Firefist (4 axis)

Duel 1 : I won the die role and summons Yamato, he can't do shit once Yamato gets on the field.

Duel 2 : I open with Rai-Oh and Safe Zone, they stood on the field the whole game.


Match 2 : VS Hieratic (Kyde)

Duel 1 : He played Reckless Greed but was not able to kill me, I summon Susanoo, he scoope since he can't draw for the next two turns.

Duel 2 : He starts with Nebthet and Atum (which was veilered). I set 2 Mirror Forces and a Judgment. He special a Su, hits a Mirror Force. His second Atum was Solemn'ed. He makes Ancient Sacred Wyvern, Gaia Dragoon and Nebthet to walk over my Yamato but was surprised by my second Mirror Force (which he believed was a bluff).


Match 3 : VS Mono-Mermails (Rex)

Duel 1 : His deck doesn't play Abyss Spheres but 3 copies of Decrees, those lock my traps real hard. He played the equip spells too to negate my spell so I couldn't get rid of the Decree.

Duel 2 : He played Light Imprisoning Mirror which was very effective but I was able to come back using Gem Knight Pearl with Safe Zone to kill all of his monsters and proceed to beat down.

Duel 3 : He opens with 1 set, I have MST in hand. I was still under the impression of the card being Sphere, thus setting 3 and ended. He passes the next turn and I had Yamato attack him directly which he responded with Malevolent Catastrophe. It went down hill from there since I lost 3 back roll and stuck with a useless MST in hand.


Match 4 : VS Six Samurai

Duel 1 : My opponent doesn't seem to know how War Gods work and made stupid mistakes like attacking into Yamato with Shi-En.

When I was shuffling my opponent's deck, I found out that he had more cards in it then there was in game 1. He tried to say that his deck had 49 cards, but I've confirmed with him that his deck had 40 when I was shuffling his deck in game 1. He show me a 15 card side deck but some of the cards were sleeved and some were not. Judge rule a game loss to him  and I won the match.

Top 4 : VS Incarnate Dragons / Dragon Rulers (Weiyann)

Duel 1 : I was able to hold on my own for quite some time but lost when he played cards to force his own LaDD to negate them so that he could make Big Eye.

Duel 2 : I open 2 Habakiri, which was bad, but Iron Wall stop him from doing anything. I was able to make Susanoo next turn and won from there.

Duel 3 : This game was intense, I walk over LaDD and he summoned Lava Golemn with its effect. I had Habakirir and Safe Zone in defense and have his own Golem wear him down. It all came down to a top deck Tenki to make Susanoo, and attacked over his Tidal leaving him with 800 life and Golem burnt them away next turn.

Finals : VS Mono-Mermails (Rex) - Revenge match

Duel 1 : I open Yamato and he didn't open very well and I was able to set up and beat him down.

Duel 2 : He had Big Eye, Pike and a Yamato he stoled in attack. I top Reborn, summon a War God and special another, making Susanoo. I grab Habakiri to my hand, walk over his 2 level 4s with Susanoo and 2 Habakiri to win the match.

So, I won the seed qualifiers with War Gods. Safe Zone was an MVP today as expected. I didn't have 3 Vanity's Emptiness with me which hurt during my game against Dragon Rulers. Overall, my current build proved to be quite consistent and I'm liking it thus far.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Irrelevant Side Deck Options

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for the past week, I was caught up with a lot of PS3 action and there wasn't much happening in YGO anyway. Today, I really wanna talk about some misconception regarding how you play against War Gods and stuff. From the get go, we all know that the War Gods aren't gonna be meta determining because it just lacks the firepower and consistency shown by Prophecies and Incarnate Dragons. However, if you rule them out as irrelevant, its gonna come back stinging your ass, although I doubt anyone would even try playing the deck since its not winning much. Still, some extra knowledge can't be bad.

Now, when I go around asking what cards you would side in against War Gods, most answered "Imperial Iron Wall, Soul Drain or Macro Cosmos". True, these cards stop Murakumo and Hetsuka from going off, but in reality, the only one that really slows the deck down would be Macro Cosmos. I doubt many would realize this, but the only important War Gods are Yamato and Habakiri (the Honest), Macro stops all Honest, making it a big pain in the ass. Thats why if you start the game by going first, send Murakumo into the grave first to destroy any Macro set up.

Why wouldn't Soul Drain and Iron Wall do anything? Simple, cause I side into 3 Soul Drains myself. Hetsuka may seem extremely good at first glance, but who in their right mind would target a War God? The only cards that targets right now are Compulsory Evacuation Device (which doesn't really hurt), Fire Fist Bear (somewhat relevant but you run a very trap heavy deck) and the 2 Rank 7s in Incarnate Dragons (Dragosacc would just crash into you wasting your Habakiri). As the current format stands, I strongly believes that good ol' Forbidden Lance is a much relevant card to be played in 3s. 

Murakumo is not much different. The only good target it has are Ophion and thats about it. It might be good against some non-Tier 1s. But it really does nothing against the Big 2. My current build only plays 2 copies of each "grave trap" and focuses more on the beat down element of the deck. 

Also, hand traps are pretty much useless against the deck in case you've not notice.

If you really wanna side against War Gods, just side in Bottomless, Torrential, Mirror Force and other non-targeting traps, they do their very well. If Yamato doesn't hit the field, the deck can't really do anything big. 

In reality, you're most likely not gonna meet any War Gods if your playing in a larger event, but please keep in mind what I've said just in case.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update May 2013

I'm sorry for not updating for a week or two, I'm having my final exam now, final paper for my Bachelor's Degree is on Monday, so wish me luck. Today's update won't be much on YGO, I wasn't doing much since I'm having my exams. I just wanna confirm that I'll be heading to the US this August, I've finally receive my confirmation of admittance from University of North Texas, Denton. Orientation will be on the 16th of August and I expect myself to be there a week earlier to kinda settle down a bit.

So yeah, this coming WCQ will be my last OCG event, hopefully I'll still be playing YGO when I finish my Masters Degree. Expect lesser OCG stuff come August. 

Sorry for posting something that has nothing to do with YGO, and hopefully I pass my final paper! Thats it for now, I'll be continuing my battle with the books.