Sunday, March 28, 2010

28th March 2010Tourney Report

Didn't expect to go to Sungei Wang today but since I was there, I entered the tourney. Sold Stardust and Goyo, made a ton and wasting half of it on 2 Great Tornado, overall, worth it.

Deck used : V NEOS

1st match : Magician // Spellcaster - some guy

1st duel : He Magical Dimension 3 times hitting ZERO twice and Shining once. I blew his field with ZERO and use NEOS to beat him.

2nd duel : Shining came out 1st turn by Fusion Gate. Nuff said.


1 - 0

2nd duel - Monarch - Lam

Again, I face Lam in a locals, happens every single time.

1st duel - Abzolute ZERO happened.

2nd duel - Forgotten the details but he beat me quite easily.

3rd duel - He has a face down and a Stardust out. I summon Shining, not wanting to waste any Miracle Fusions as I think the face down is Mirror Force. I attack, it was Magic Cylinder. OMG! Shining was over 4000, so you can guess what happened.


1 - 1

3rd match - Undead - another guy that I have never met before ...

1st duel - Summoned Neos over and over again.

2nd duel - Shining + Neos + Call of the Haunted FTW.

I never knew what deck he played even after 2 duels. Then he showed me Mezuki and Zombie Master. I was like : "Oo!". He said he couldn't pull any Zombies.


2 - 1

4th match - some deck ... seriously, I've forgotten ... - the guy that bought Goyo from me

Obviously I can't remember a thing about this match aside of "Sap Kou Fung" bitching beside me in duel 1. He was like : "Please don't bully him(me)... he runs an E HERO deck without Super Polymerization. WAHAHAHAHA!!". But I did have Super Poly, and I used it in one of the duels.


3 - 1

Ranking : 5th out of 17

Damn, not even a top 4 out of just 17 contestants ... I was really eager to duel Karl again in a rematch for last week in his Infernity (with 3 Trishugay) but the lost to Lam at round 2 just denied it.

Results :

1st place - Infernity - Carl
2nd place - Lightlord - ??? (its a familiar face but I never can really remember his name)
3rd place - Monarchs - Lam

Cookie//Joshua did show up, but he showed up too late for the tourney(in which he took a train here from Perak( I think... ) just to enter.

Prize : 1 x Tourney Pack - pulled crap.

Basically, 1st and 2nd place gets 2 tourney pack and the others get 1. A lame excuse of a prize, I know.

Pros :

- made money today (100 ++)
- got my 2 E HERO Great Tornado (thanks Karl for selling me for s good price)
- got Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon + a lot of good side deck cards (traded away all BF commons and rares(without Kalut) + Hell Kaiser Dragon)

Cons :
- not topping ( 1 place from it actually...)
- forgotten to sell some guy my set of Deep Sea Diva
- some beginner thinks I'm a beginner as I play NEOS
- traded or lost my 3rd Royal Oppression....

I was planning to watch KL Drift 2 with Lam today, but got side-tracked by YGO stuff ... so, yeah.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Its been a while since I did a decklist post. Since I'm lazy this past few weeks and not in the mood to use my brain.

Yesterday, I saw the post on G-Ray & Rauzes's blog, about the update of the effect of Miracle Syncro Fusion. Its awesome, but I'm not sure if I would ever try to put one in my HERO deck, but if its a Super Rare, I might reconsider.

We all know who E HERO Neos is. I mean, if you've been playing for at least a week, the cards you know, would be Blue Eyes .. and Neos. (DM doesn't come to my mind).

BUT, have any one of you notice that Neos is the single card that can fused with the most other fusion material (bad English I know).

Lets see, Neos can fuse with any HERO, and Neospacian, any Warrior, any Light, Wind, Water and Earth, any Dragon Syncro monster and more importantly, HIMSELF (into Neos Knight, God Neos, The Shining etc)!!

making him able to fuse with at least 80% of all know monster cards.

So, making a Neos deck without at least 1 Super Polymerization doesn't make freaking sense.

Last week, I had thought of bringing my V-Neos deck to the tourney, but since Korean Cards can't be used (since my 3x Prisma is Korean), it can't be helped.

Hi-V Neos (40) :

monster (18):

3x E HERO Neos
3x E HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Necrodarkman / Necroshade
1x E HERO Voltech
1x E HERO Stratos
2x Honest
2x Snowman Eater (which I don't have)
2x Debris Dragon
1x Morphing Jar

spell (18):

3x E - Emergency Call
3x O - Oversoul
3x Miracle Fusion
2x Super Polymerization
2x Fusion Gate
2x Parallel World Fusion
1x Miracle Syncro Fusion
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Heavy Storm

trap (4):

2x Royal Decree
2x Starlight Road (TCG of cause but I don't have it yet...)

extra (15):

2x E HERO Absolute ZERO
2x E HERO The GREAT Tornado
2x E HERO Neos Knight
1x E HERO Gaia
1x E HERO Darkbright
1x Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Gungier, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (which I don't have)

side (15):

2x D.D Crow
2x Burden of the Mighty
2x Prohibition
1x Parallel World Fusion
1x Super Polymerization
1x Nobleman of Crossout
2x Light Imprisoning Mirror
2x Threatening Roar
2x Dust Tornado

So, as you can see, I really can't wait for the Duelist Revolution. And for my PP12 pack to come in.


On a side note, Berserk Death Dragon is really an awesome card. Seen it in action a few weeks ago in a video on NicoNico Douga.

Its awesome in a Barboros-Hime deck, especially when you also have Starlight Road and stuff!!


IF, I'm saying IF the Unicorn becomes a new form of Top deck or so, we might wanna side this guy in our sides.
Really liked this guy since a long time ago, decent card! Really badass art work!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The new love of this set! While many don't think of it as more than a beat stick that is moderately easy to summon. This card can be a new love in an E HERO extra deck or side.

Why ?

Situation A :

Player A : I summon TRISHUGAY ! And I have Stardust and Goyo on My field! You cannot stop me. WAHAHAHAHA!

Player B / Judai Cosplayer / Me : Reverse Card Open ! Cho YUUGOH ! I target Trishugay and my random E HERO.

Player A : Want to summon Zero? I don't care I have Stardust and Goyo is bigger than Any E HERO. WAHAHAHA.

Player B / Judai Cosplayer / Me : YUUGOH Summon ! Surging Dragon Knight Dragoquites!!

Player A : ... ooh...

Situation B :

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : The Shining Attack! Destroy Stardust / BUSTER !!

Player C : Nevermind! I still have Stardust ! You cannot DIRECT ME!!!

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : CHO YUUGOH Activate !!

Player C : OMG !!

Situation C :

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : Yuugoh Activate.

Player D : Ceh ! If its not Shining than ZERO lor. If not maybe Tornado. No originality...

Summons Dragoquites. *inserts blank face on opponent*

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : Shut up!


So, I was thinking, can Miracle Syncro Fusion be use in a E HERO deck? Maybe but my ideals and Ego says NO!

Then what Fun deck can be played around this card?

SDYS Yusei Structure deck volume 1 . In stores on XX/XX/20XX!!

or maybe ...

Junk and Debris in the Advent of the Surging Dragon-Knight!!

*inserts decklist here*


The new OP for 5D's starting episode 104 would be "BELIEVE IN NEXUS".

So ... GX manga , Kamen Rider Themed HEROs and now 5D's anime, they want us to believe in Ultraman Nexus?

Actually Nexus is Latin for Connection and Center, ALL HAIL WIKIPEDIA!!

And in the Final Episode of Ultraman Nexus , the main character said this before Henshin "Kizuna... NEXUS". Making it properly fit into the Kizuna-themed anime or YGO 5D's.

But for some spooky reasons, when I tried to type the word "Nexus", I always mistype it into NEUX ... OMG!! A COW IS HAUNTING ME!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tourney Report - 21st March 2010

How long was it since my last tourney report?

Congrats for Lam for scoring his first Top 4 (although not getting any Sin, he got 2 packs of Korean PP). And a very warm applause to Cookie (Joshua) who won the whole thing with his Machiner and walk home with his Sin Red Eyes, which makes him on my KILL LIST (next to Mike).

Today's tourney was a very big one, with 34 turn-ups! Very good for a non-official tourney in Malaysia.

Deck played : ZERO Gate !

1st Match : Yusei deck - Newbie

1st duel : Rape him with ZERO.

2nd duel : He pulled out Stardust and attack my Booked ZERO. Luckily, I have Parallel World Fusion at hand!


1 - 0

2nd Match - Stardust / BUSTER

1st duel - Fusion Gate into Shining and it stayed there the whole game.

2nd duel : Stardust / Buster is out. I have Super Polymerization set and Airman on the field. Perfect? Problem is that I don't have Tornado ... Lost when he summoned his second /Buster.

3rd duel : The exact same thing as duel 1. This time, with the help of Burden of the Mighty!!


2 - 0

3rd Match - BF - Karl

1st and 2nd duel : Trading blows and exchanging hits! A very good match (the best one I had in a long long time).

3rd duel : Can't really focus anymore as I was really tired from the 2 duels (30 minutes + ) and I was playing a lot more careful than usual (my brain hurts!!). Can't say the hand was bad but I couldn't play it to its full potential.

Good Match Karl!!


2 -1

Went for a break, and have some drinks at the cafe next door. Lam had a 3-0 while both me and Soliel have 2-1's. I was half joking about dueling him next, while no one really hear me and I shut up.

4th Match - Light Dark Anti-Meta Beat ? - Soliel (what luck!!)

1st duel - Trapdust Shoot my Ocean while I don't have anymore HEROs left.

2nd duel - He had no monsters since mid-game.

3rd duel - I sided Burden of the Mighty. He didn't expect that and sided out Spell and Trap destruction.


3 - 1

5th Match - Lightlord - a friend which I can't remember his name ... at the moment

1st duel - I totally forgotten about the presence of Honest and ram Ocean with Skyscraper into Lyla. Big miss play.

After the loss, I found out something ... I don't have anything in my side against Lightlord. While this normally doesn't proof a problem, the deck I'm using was a attacking based deck. And they ... well, are big ...

So, I decided to side in SUPER FUSION ! Believing Ha-Oh JUDAI is with me!

2nd duel - I set Woodsman with no back rows. His turn, Charge, Recharge, Recharge, JD x2 and Lumina . Me : ... oh!


3 - 2

Hate to admit it but I under-estimated Lightlord and didn't even bother creating a side against them. Cost me a chance to get into top 4 ...

My side contains 50% things against Infernity, problem is I never faced one the entire day...

Ranking : 8th out of 34.

Would be good if its a top 8 instead of 4.

But oh well! Good day!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1 Day Before Sin Red Eyes TourneY!

YO, people, its me again, Malaysia's most SOHAI YGO blogger. With ZERO HOUR (no pun) less than 15 hours away, I have yet decided on what deck I wanna use tomorrow morning.

Normally, I wouldn't care but SIN RED EYES is calling for me!!

Should I play safe or try to catch people by surprise.

I really wonder how the META game would be as I have not entered any tourney since this format started. Hmm.

With BF and Infernity running around, I guess playing Stall Burn is Suicidal.... I think.

I really can't think straight right now as I lack caffeine (out of Coffee!!), I (at the moment) believe UNICORNs EXIST!! CAUSE THEY CAN FLY !!

I think you see the problem.

Thank god the game tomorrow is Swiss!! Or I may stay up all night before coming up with a side-deck!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi again! This is Malaysia's Craziest YGO blogger! Haven't really been posting a lot lately and really shouldn't be right now as I have a test tomorrow 9 a.m.

Well, seems like the 7th series is gonna open with one hell of a set. Accel Syncro and Syncro Fusion Monsters. Normally, when you introduce something NEW of this MAGNITUDE. You do them separately, but seems like Konami is so kind of giving them both in one set instead of 2, we should be HAPPY about this!! NOT!! Damn you Konami, this is a trap since obviously we still ONLY have 5 Ultras, your gonna make the Syncro Fusion Monsters as the Supers ! This cannot be accepted, unless they wanna increase the number of Ultras in this new series!!!??? But that would also lead to a problem as we only have 3 (including Ulti) Ultra in a box, therefore decreasing the chance of getting something good.

Lets stop the crap for a while (if possible), and take a look at the Syncro Fusion Monsters. Truth is that this is not an official term for them as they do not belong to a new Archtype nor do they have a new ruling on them. Syncro Fusion Monsters (fan-made names obviously) are Fusion monsters that has a Syncro monster (of some type) as one of its fusio material while having another monster of that type as the other material.

Well, at least thats what have been shown anyway.

The supports are cool but I doubt it would see much plays. We see the orange dude from Polymerization is actually a monster (according to Wikia, his Summoned Skull ... BUSTED!).

I guess Kazuki-Sensei must have foresee the future(now) back in 1997 when he drawn Polymerization, therefore including that monster in its artwork!! I see!! It all makes sense now!!

Miracle Syncro Fusion is lame however... talking bout no creativity ...

NOW, Ladies (if any) and Gents (presumably everyone here), I give you ACCEL SYNCRO !

Terui : *ACCEL*HEN---SHIN!!

Oops! Wrong Show!

If you wanna know whats Accel Syncro, please take a look at 5D's episode ... something ... Well, its a few months ago, where Team Unicorn was first introduced, where Yusei was dueling that Gorz Cosplayer.

The concept is simple, to preform Accel Syncro Summon, you would just have to floor your pedal, hit high into the 400s KM/H zone, then push your NOS button, that would allow you to be as fast as the speed of Light and Lap your opponent. And you completed your process!!

The above duel mechanics are done by TRAINED-Professionals, do not try this on the highway, cause you might get a ticket or ... you won't die, but you would be sent to the Shadow Realm.

Remind me to get a new car before the Duelist Revolution comes out!!

Of cause, you would know about the actual in-game ruling of Accel Syncro, and therefore, I don't wanna talk about it. *tries to cheat my way through as the rulings are too hard to understand*


BTW, I build an INFERNITY deck !! GASPs!! OMG !! *insert terrified scream here* ... one under budget. Basically, one without Daemon (I use beast instead) and of cause, TRISHULA *epic echo thunder effect*.

For such a budget build, it work out pretty well. Its fairly consistent(as I run out of staples, I run quite a few ... well, not so good cards)


Basically, this is what YGO sets introduced to the game, very briefly(simplified stupefied).

Series 1 : Duh! The game itself.

Series 2 : Effect Monsters Rulez.

Series 3 : THEME DECKS!

Series 4 : The concept of "Special Summon > Normal Summon + Equip Spells + Other Things"

Series 5 : OVERPOWERED decks!! Why was this series introduced anyway?

Series 6 : Duh ! Syncro Monsters and the principle of JACK ATLAS.

Series 7 : We would have to see ...


This was an idiotic post! I thank you for your time!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Alive! And here's my opinion on the Malaysian March Format

Sorry for the absence for the whole week. I have test the whole of next week and one this Saturday and most of my assignment and report's deal date is coming up ... you get the picture!

Last Saturday, went to Sungei Wang to meet Lam and some friends. I had class that day, so I was late for locals that usually starts at 2:30. I was quite surprise that there wasn't a locals last weekend... NOT! Knowing how the shop owners are quite lazy, I am not really surprise with the lack of locals. But I did duel with quite a few peoples there. But the top players weren't there so, basically couldn't test the full extent of my decks.

The March format has officially started last week and many people are "predicting" the top decks. BF , Infernity , random OTKs (frogs) , GB and Monarchs are the obvious picks. But is it the same everywhere? Well, this is what happening in Malaysia, at least.

Note that these are mostly personal opinions, and no Top Players are there to proof me otherwise.

Gladial Beast :

When a formats becomes slow, many would think that they would be the next top deck. Well, I like to say that they are like Syncro Cat, a relic of the past. Even with the banned list not hurting them, there are just not as powerful as before, as the cards that are release can easily beat them. I dueled a standard GB build the other day, and I test quite a few different decks against it. The results are :

Koaki Meiru : 5-2
Stall BURN : 4 - 1 or 2
Gadget Monarchs : 3 - 0
Shocker Emperor - 2 - 0

You can see the results are quite clear. Of cause, this was a standard built, no D Eatos elements nor Lockdown. So, I say, unless GB have some sort of other elements, it just can't win anymore (of cause, the skill of the duelist matters most)

Lightlord Variant :

This is just like last format where people can't accept the fact that AKB was dead. Obviously, there are a bunch of dead man/woman walking. I did not duel a Lightlord that day, but saw it got rape by a GB(the same guy I duel with). So, I guess you can see where am I going.

HERO variants :

Quite surprising as I saw someone other than me running E HEROs (something that is a fact for the past 3 years). E HEROs are somewhat popular with kids. As I saw 2 (beginners I think) playing them, but one of them got rape by a Stardust/BUSTER deck (evil man) and the other was bullied by me (Stall Burn) and some guy (Undead lock). At 5 pm or so, another E HERO user appeared, this one was obviously a lot better than beginners, but run a mix HERO deck. So, I duel him HERO vs HERO.

1st duel : X

God hand with a Stratos but it was shit because he wasn't here. I basically got rape out there by ZERO.

2nd duel : O

Both of us used 3 Shinings and Zeros in the duel. But I had Fifth Hope!

3rd duel : O

Shining Flare Wingman FTW. Skyscraper + SFW > Neos Knight.

End of the day, I gave this awesome quote : Skyscraper is HEROs best field. これはヒーローの最高の戦え舞台!(hope I didn't spell anything wrong).

Monarch variant :

This is a deck that obviously gain power this format. Lam, me and couple of others now having a few Monarchs variants at hand is solid proof. With 2 CyDra, 2 Treeborn and new supports like Battle Fader. This and the fact that most of its other opponents got hit pretty bad.

I have not faced a lot of Monarchs to make a conclusion but its obvious that they are going to be at least a hell of a fight.

BF :

This is the top deck of the format. While losing a 2nd Allure and a 3rd Black Whirlwind, he lost his toughest opponent, Lightlord. New cards, Breeze and BF Treasure are proving to be great techs into the deck. While fan favorite Icarus Attack still proves a VERY BIG threat to many decks.

Guys, if you wanna win, while not having top level skills, this would be the obvious choice.

Infernity :

The rumored most "ImBa" deck of the format. The OMG I'm Gonna OTK you now deck. Is nowhere to be seen... What this ain't right, ain't it suppose to be VERY powerful. But this is the fact, not many can afford 3 Daemons and 3 Trishula.

Well, the Tourney on 21st March will be a great chance to see whether this deck is popular or not!

Others :

I can't think of more deck right now, so I'll call this a day. Machiners are Powerful! But can they be considered top tier ? Will have to see !


The above wall of text is my personal opinion and how I see things IN MALAYSIA, more specifically, Gamer's Arena Sungei Wang ( Saturday ).

Please give progressive comments and such.


BTW, has anyone got the new Duelist ID, its suppose to be card (I mean, real card, not cardboard card...). Looks cool but those this means the old rankings would be cleared?

And will Mr P use this as an excuse to halt locals till May, when the new ID officially starts working?

Again, lets wait and see.


Still have no idea what deck I wanna use for the March tourney . Since promos AREN'T forbidden ! WOO HOO ! I have no idea what I'm gonna use and hoping no one can afford Trishula. I do think that the 2nd one is irrelevant thou as Mr K and Mr J clearly have playsets.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dragunity Knight Trident!

I wanna see Trishula and your opponent Cry!!


And what is wrong with the TCG for renaming the Demon Roar God as Fabled and their beast as "The Fabled"...

Seriously, if you don't believe me, go check out the wikia.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thinking Back...

When I started playing 7 years ago, back in 2003 or 2002(End of...), a very powerful combo is to summon Lord of Dragon and activate Flute of Summoning Dragons to special summon up to 2 Blue Eyes. Unless I have Mirror Force, that would have been GAME.

When was the last time you saw this happening. Well, I have not seen this in 6 years or so. Since the beginning of the Chaos Era, this combo would be too inconsistent and does not win you games. You need to remember that, before Chaos Emperor Dragon, people are fighting monster with monster and Equip spells such as United We Stand and Mage Power were everywhere. The most common monster with effects to destroy other monsters are Man Eater Bug and Old Vindictive Mage. 1900 beaters were beast back then, so summon 2 Blue Eyes at once would be godly. Until someone came into the game and destroys just about everything with a mere 1000, and YATA-locked you.

Lord of Dragons and Flute of Summoning Dragons are really Relics to YGO's past. Like most cards from the 1st and 2nd series of the packs, have become too bad for todays standards. Imagine 7 years ago, if someone told you about a monster that just pops out of no where as long as you have 3 DARKs in your grave and could blow your cards out by removing them. Or a deck that summons so fast and having their own RoTA and a new type of monsters similar to Fusion. You would be like, stop day dreaming, that won't happen. Guess what, yesterday's dream is today's META game.

When we think of cards from the early history of the game, we would think that they are either too useless to be use in any game, or too powerful to be release from the banned list. I really wonder how the hell we played in that time. But come to think of it, there wasn't such a thing as OTK. Summoning 2 to 3 big Machine monsters using Ultimate Offering and play Limit Remover on them was one of the only OTK methods, but it takes 6 cards in hand and a turn or 2 just to set it up, as compare to today's BAHA's FROG STD or yesterday's YATA-lock.

Well, why am I writing such a long post, what was my main point again ... Oh ya! how things were and how can we do to make things feel a bit retro again. Well, I guess you could say that no way things would be that way again. Whats past is past, this is the future, a time where Obelisk is just another monster and Summon Skull is a relic that is placed in the retro pact of your binder.

A game back then usually last ... I dunno, on average 10 to 15 turns maybe. Now, the only decks that take it that long are control decks. We used to feel safe with a 1900 beater on our side of the field and having about 3000+ life, knowing unless your opponent has Monster Reborn or Chance of Heart, you would have your next draw. Now, I won't even feel safe even if I had a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and 8000 life at my disposal unless I have a face down or a Battle Fader at hand. Dealing 2000 damage a turn without an empty feel on your opponent side would be task before, but I see deck doing over 10000 damage now with high consistency.

Take a look at this :


3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
3x Tyrant Dragon
3x E HERO Prisma
3x Lord of Dragons
2x Herald of Reincarnation
2x Phantom of Chaos
1x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Morphing Jar

3x Trade-In
3x Flute of Summoning Dragons
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Future Fusion
1x Dragon's Mirror
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x Cold Wave
1x MST

2x Bottomless Traphole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Beckoning Light
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Dark Bribe

Lets say if I had this deck during 2003, I would win the World Championship, but now... This is just another deck that tries to be at least Tier 2. Thats just solid proof how different a game we are in now as compare to back then.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Malaysian YGO forum

Lam and I discussed this a few months back and we did not made any progress since not many were interested and those who are can't offer much help (I think). And for the fact that me and Lam have absolutely no idea how to make and more importantly manage a forum, we put the "project" at halt.

So, a few minutes ago, he told me about this topic again. So, after much discussion(10 minutes), we decided (temporary) to name our forum a name that is Malaysian yet YGO at the same time.

No, its not gonna be MYO, or Malaysian YGO Online as it sounds like an Online Game more than a forum.

We are gonna call it *insertdrumroll*


OMG! How more localize can YGO be? Its YGO with a Malaysian twist! Our (at least us) favorite late night hang out spot!

Comments and criticisms please!

Anyone who has the interest and knowledge to this forum is highly welcome! PM me or Lam for more detail!

Found this extremely cool Pic!