Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last day for Syncro Cat

The deck we love and cherish for the past 3 years, since beginning of 2008 when X-Saber Airbellum came out in Syncro Awakening.

We see it from a random useless card, into a main piece of a deck, into a bloody OTK engine (at its prime), and Cat going downhill while the players tried anything they could to keep it competitive.

And now, the deck is OFFICIALLY dead, today being the last day before the death sentence.

For ALL Syncro Cat variant players(screw you XX-Saber, we know its because of you guys), go to a tourney today if there is, and play it to the finest, let it win its final tourney, this would be the best tribute to a once broken yet respected deck.

Sadly, its my mom's birthday, or I would definately join Karl Lim's Emo tourney. And yes, I have a reason to EMO, that being Cat being banned.

But I can't make it ...

Back here at home, I place my Rescue Cat(which I only have 1 copy of) in a pretty big picture frame, kinda like what Marik did with Ra.

My investment on the deck, was a success, it took me to my 1st top1 and 1st top8 single eliminations.

And come to think of it, even if Cat is banned, the other cards won't go to waste, with Extra Pack 3 coming out in just 2 to 3 weeks, that gives me a better reason to get a box or 2.

I mean, it used to be just for Koaki Meiru and Hamster, but now, X-sabers too.

Debris Cat is an awesome deck, tried it yesterday night alone, saw all the possibilities of syncro and OTK. Definitely a better deck than Flamvell Cat, problem is, I notice this too late ...

Guess till X-sabers receive the much longed boost (without Darksoul and Boggard Knight), my E HERO is gonna be my only main.

Thats it for today, finals in 2 weeks, gotta study!! Expect no decrease in post as I found out that blogging keeps me cool!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

29th August Team Tourney Result

Went to Lam's place and then Nick's place yesterday and try to build a deck for the 3 of us. Finally settling on them this morning.

Me - Flamvell Cat
Lam - Vanity Monarch
Nick - Perfect Herald

Our team leader is Nick, we arrived early and I saw the last Scar Red Nova sleeve in the shop being bought!!! NOO!!

Our team name : Noob-PWN-Us

And when the tourney starts, we are in 2nd part of round 1, then Paul told us to change the team name, cause its offensive.

Final team name : MAMAK

Went for lunch and Micheal join. He team name is MY team!! Which has a pretty funny reason behind the name (its in Cantonese, so I don't think I'll create the same effect trying to translate).

Went back to Gamer's Arena, Paul announce the groups,


... we were like ... Holy Shit!!

That team's like Micheal, Sung Lee and Ivan ... I mean, the Malaysian Champ and Rep!?

Match 1 : VS Ivan - BF

Before the match, someone told me something worst ... this is single, not swiss ...

Duel 1 : He open cause Micheal won the Janken, and he open his play with a DDV with my hand being 2 Ryko, 2 Flamvell Mage, Elefun and Hurricane. You see what happen do you.

Duel 2 : I open with Consecrated Light and we stalled for a very very long time. And sometime during that time, Lam and Nick lost ... so, basically, we lost there... Anyway, got hit by DDV AGAIN and it hurts!!

So, basically we scrubbed bad.

But its because of our pairing.

My side is anti-frog shit!! Lam has all the anti-BF shits. And Nick uses Herald ... SO, ideally, I SHOULD take on Micheal, Lam vs Ivan and Nick vs Sung Lee. But I doubt the chances are with us any how ...

Got a lot of cards and went home.

BTW, I have an extra Super Rare Stardust. Anyone wants it? Offer me!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Epic statement Against Troll

Saw this responds of some YugiTuber against some trolls yesterday(don't ask for the link, I was at my friends house).

He was showing some aggressive responses to trolls and showing a certain finger for a few seconds.

Then, he said something that I went LMAO!!

"FTOOT! You Trolls. You guys have no life, stop trolling and leave us alone(or something like that)!"

"If you guys don't shut up!! I'm gonna have Cyber End Dragon rTOOT your ass!! ... with his 3 heads!!"

"In case you don't know ... Cyber Dragon's back at 3, so don't think that won't happen ..."

I'm like : Shit dude!! Hahahaha!! Epic Quote is Epic!!

While the quote is stupid, like this one I saw on Pojo :

"I'm sure Lady Gaga plays all sorts of card games. After all nothing can beat her poker face."

Kudo's to the one who wrote this!!

ANYWAY, I'm guessing Cyber Dragon decks, I mean PURE Cyber Dragon decks, not the Jinzo or Machina shits, may be seeing some plays, winning ... I don't think so ... I mean not that often, but in play, hell ya!!

I mean, 1 Inferno Reckless Summon to your Cyber Proto Dragon = 3 CyDras from your deck and maybe a Zwei from your Grave.

Whats next? Power Bond ?

Or maybe the classic? Chimeratech OTK?

With Elthanin to clear the field? but we have no Storm now ... but we have 3 Black Rose now!! I thought you say PURE!! I did not!! ... oh wait!! I did ... whatever!!

What ever the deck, I need to get myself another Vjump Cyber Dragon!!

I mean, what more do Cyber Dragon decks need?

They have their own floater(while not being that useful in some cases), in the form of Cyber Larva.

Their own draw engine, Cyber Valley.

9 copies of the main card ... possibly.

Cyber Elthanin, the bloody Dark Hole that says Fak you to Stardust!!

And of cause, the endless ways to OTK!! The main concept of the deck!!

Let me try building one!!

Monsters (19):

3x Cyber Dragon
3x Cyber Dragon Zwei
3x Cyber Larva
3x Cyber Valley
2x Cyber Elthanin
2x Proto Cyber Dragon
2x Honest
1x Light - Hex Sealed Fusion

Spells (19):

3x Power Bond
2x Gold Sarcophagus
3x D.D.R
2x Inferno Reckless Summon
1x Limit Remover
1x Machine Duplication
1x Future Fusion
1x Overload Fusion
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Monster Reborn
1x Pot of Avarice
1x One-For-One
1x Giant Turnade

Traps (2):

1x Solemn Judgment
1x Call of the Haunted

Side (15):

2x Consecrated Light
2x D.D Crow
2x Mystic Space Typhoon
2x Trap Stun
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Skill Drain
2x Macro Cosmos
1x Starlight Road

Extra (15):

2x Cyber End Dragon
2x Cyber Twin Dragon
2x Chimera Tech OverDragon
2x Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon
1x Stardust Dragon

What do you think?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Internet is Your POWA!!

The 5D's crew apparently doesn't have the money to subscribe to an internet provider ... or they had been cancelled (as Bruno once used it).

or maybe Jack's just has a Ego too big to even look up on Thor's effect ... I mean, Dragan summons it every duel right?

And what?

Everyone is like, OMG!! The card really exist!!

Please ... they ARE world famous ...


This Sunday's team tourney ... is free ...

Wait!? Did I just say free? As in Free of charge.

Backed by a hard ... or soft copy.. YES!!

But it'll be limited to 8 teams ... of 3. And uses the Asian format. What makes it worst, the entire team shares a Banned List.

Your not hearing me wrong. If player A has Heavy, then, the other 2 ain't having 1.

This makes deck building harder, which kinda makes things more interesting.

Playing with limited resources is gonna be fun.


Hearing too much rants on how stupid the next format's gonna be ...

OMG!! Dark Hole!! Monster Reborn!!

The banned list is stupid!!

The next format is gonna be stupidly chaotic!!

While I do agree the banned list isn't the best banned list ever (not even close), it does make things a lot more fun (for us OCG anyways).

I don't know bout the TCG side (no offense), here, its gonna be 1 hell of a ride.

Anyone realize that most OCG players prefer the format to be fast than slow? Fast format such as the next one, is what differentiate good and not-so-good players. I mean, its all about can you be faster or can you slow your opponent down, its more fun that way.

Remember when DDB was at 3? Sure, the game ends too fast, but it was fun right (hell yeah, inside us a a little sadist that likes to torture our opponent!!).

Proof that we would love the next format?

People are SPAMMING 3 ~ 5 Trishula's a turn!! Need another reason?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thanks to DS and Baha again!!

Just watch their duel over Youtube.

Morphing 1 kill + Illusion Summoner = Pure EPIC win.

Took their concept and added a little of my own twist.

Fellow bloggers, I present you with :

Cyber End 1 Kill :

monster (16):

1x Morphing Jar
3x AD Changer
2x Summoner of Illusions
3x Treeborn Frog
3x Swap Frog
1x Ronintoadin
1x Fishborg Gunner
1x Glow Up Bulb
1x Sangan

spell (24):

3x Into the Void
3x Upstart Goblin
3x Book of Eclipse
3x Shallow Grave
3x Card Destruction
2x Book of Taiyou
1x Hand Destruction
1x Foolish Burial
1x Burial from a Different Dimension//Miracle Dig
1x Magical Stone Excavation
1x Magical Mallet
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Hurricane//Giant Turnade
1x Limit Remover

extra :

3x Cyber End Dragon
3x Gaia Drake
3x Formula Syncron

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Which is better next format!?

With the banned list announce and Heavy Storm banned, we now lack a universal backrow clearer. MST is at 2 but it still doesn't take out multiple cards at once (one can say Starlight Road may be set, but...).

Lets take 2 cards that we are EXTREMELY familiar with from previous formats.

Dust Tornado and Trap Stun

I bet we all know what these cards do, both are good but which is better for next format?

Lets take a look at subject A, Dust Tornado.

Dust tornado is a card that have been around since the beginning days of the game. Its effect and affect on the deck is simple, an extra MST. While having the ability to set an extra card, this part of the effect isn't frequently used. The only decks that might utilize this part of the effect to the fullest are only trap based decks.

With MST now at 2, is this card going back to the common pile ... I'm afraid NO. Yes, to many, MST is the more superior card of the 2, mainly because of the spell and trap difference. But with Heavy Storm gone, we need as much S/T removal as we can get and most of the cards out there (in the form of S/T) are useless(under normal circumstances).

Dust Tornado is one of the few good ones. Its a 1 for 1, so it can't be Starlight'ed. AND you won't wanna waste your Solemn on it.

In previous formats, Dust Tornado serves as the , "During your end phase I chain!!" card of choice along with MST. Without Heavy Storm, some players might just set too many cards at once, and this card can get rid of 1 of them, chances are that the one you get rid of is the RIGHT one, cause without Heavy Storm, there won't be a need for a decoy S/T right ? Or so they thought ...

Now, we move on to subject B, Trap Stun.

Unlike Dust Tornado, Trap Stun is a relatively new card, introduced a year and a little more ago in RGBT. And unlike its fellow subject, it doesn't DESTROY anything, but it can render some cards USELESS.

Unlike Dust Tornado which is basically a card that you can use for your defense AND get rid of 1 card to help you push for game. Trap Stun has always been a card that you wanna save for game, just like Heavy Storm.

The ability to shut down ANY trap in 1 turn is very powerful indeed this format cause 2 things.

1. Black Rose is at 3
2. Solemn is at 1

If your opponent thinks that his safe behind the wall of backrow and Starlight Road ... his wrong if you have this.

While we don't usually think much of this card than a Cold Wave for traps, there is something more to this card than his Broken Spell counterpart, you CAN set traps (and you can't activate it anyway). While I'm going off topic where we speak, 1 of the best things of this stereotypical card is that it allows you to do things as usual (sorta) and stops your opponent from destroying you, and that pesky Dust Tornado that he might have set last turn.

So, which is the better card ...

Seriously, I wanna say Dust Tornado but my other self says Trap Dustshoot.

Why? I'm saying this on the variety of decks that could run these card. Dust Tornado CAN be run in ANY deck that wants more S/T destruction. Any control based deck welcomes this card if they have a empty space.

Trap Stun doesn't go well in non Attacking based decks(while most decks in the current format are attacking based deck if not FTK).

Even if not in the main board, Dust Tornado can be consider a semi Side deck staple while Trap Stun doesn't have this honor.

Dust Tornado is chainable ANYTIME, while Trap Stun is usually wasted if your opponent MST it.

No mistake that decks like GB and BF would prefer Trap Stun but they will always have Dust Tornado in the side board for other match ups.

Easier said, Dust Tornado is a much more commonly played card while Trap Stun depends on the deck type.

Hope that was useful (which probably isn't)!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Minor updates

Really wanna create a Youtube channel and upload duels like Cowman does.

Whose with me?

And more importantly, who has a video cam?

And another important note is ... would I get killed if I suddenly take out a cam and record the duel ?

Would MrP kick me out?

Just thought of this cause some guy trolled me over Youtube and I just happen to delete EVERYTHING!!

Can't let Foreigners think that the only place in SEA where YGO is active is Singapore!!


Quickdraw Dandy Warrior - Next format's Boss

With nothing it runs got hit (aside from Heavy Storm and Brain Control, but they get Monster Reborn in return and -1 Royal Oppression to fear) they are gonna be a very powerful force, especially since Super Nimble Mega Hamster is gonna be in the OCG soon!!

Now, Let me get into the list!!

Official (hey, its on Shriek, meaning real Vjump) September 2010 banned list!!

Banned :

My Rescue Cat!! NOOO!!

- well, I see this coming, I blame the TCG ... But broken card is broken, nuff said!!


- Me love this!! -1 broken deck in the META is always good.

Brain Control

- I love this VERY VERY much, now I can summon Big E HEROs without fear of a stupid top deck.

Heavy Storm

- Wut? Thats random ... I mean, this is one of those cards you won't wanna banned. You want people to set 5 randomly? "Black Rose is at 3!!" Yeah, can he get out of I had like what? 5 back rows? Seriously Konami, I think this is a bad move!!

Limit :

Monster Reborn and Black Hole :

- MB : Yo dudes, I'm back again!! How long have I been gone ? 1 year? Wow!! Check this out I brought back with me a friend whose gone for like what? 6 years?

BH : Yo man!! Its good to be back!!

Any other cards : Holy TUUUT!!

2 super broken cards brought back? We lost Heavy Storm so ... less likely to OTK?

No comments on the others but :

Royal Oppression
Black Whirlwind
Infernity Gun
Za Trishula (well, its down to 1 as it should be and he still has that presence in the extra, so, yeah!)

Semi :

MST at 2?

- With Storm out, I guess we'll need it!! But feels weird.

Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder
Snipe Hunter
Chaos Sorcerer

These I have no comment...

Unlimited :

Black Rose Dragon

- Reason why I think Quickdraw is gonna own the next format...

Cyber Dragon

- Its good to have him back at 3, Kaiser Ryo deck revives from the grave along with Cyber End Dragon!!

Machina is so getting screw now!!

Goblin Zombie
Treeborn Frog
United We Stand
Royal Decree

No comments ...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AntiMETA//STUN builds? Maybe? Possibly?

Hey!! It's been like what? 3 days since I last posted anything. Really gotten lazy this past few weeks or rather less lazy as my exams are coming up.

This is one of the worst weeks of this semester as I have 3 test this week. Zzz. Yesterday's test was a total waste of time, does the lecturer know we are collage students or does she think that we are pre-school?

Anyway, back to topic!!

Seems like Frog FTK won the world championship 2010. I thought that BF was gonna win a second time in a row, guess no one can do that eh.

Dato Tan dropped out of Top8 while having same points as 4 other top8's, hmmm. But very good effort considering his the one running the MOST underrated deck. I mean, he seriously used Gigavise, I thought he would use another deck.

The man made Malaysia (or at least Malaysian duelist) proud!!

The most recent YCS had AntiMETA as its top deck and what a surprise. I mean, antiMETA//Stun winning? Thats unheard of in such a big scale tourney.

Thought of building an AntiMETA now. Don't have the cards but I don't think these cards are that hard to get.

And since the format will be shifting soon, playing with AntiMETA//Stun cards are the safest if you wanna play seriously now.

monster (20):

3x Thunder King Rai-Oh
3x Doomcaliber Knight
3x Banisher of the Radiance
3x King Tiger Wanghu
3x X-Saber Airbellum
3x DD Warrior Lady
2x Cyber Dragon

spell (8):

3x Burden of the Mighty
2x Smashing Ground
1x Mystic Space Typhoon
1x Giant Turnade
1x Brain Control

trap (14):

2x Royal Oppression
2x Raigeki Break
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Dimension Prison
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Mind Crush
1x Dark Bribe
1x Solemn Judgment

Looks ok to me, but I think that I lack defense from spell and trap destruction. Will see how things go.

Have to sign off early as I'm quite busy at the moment!!

Tell me what you think bout the deck?

Its not very stable from the looks of it thou.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rainbow Neos Beat

So, I've pushed my Rainbow Neos deck up the ladder once more. Its now faster than ever, but lost the ability to fuse into ZERO!! No!!

Why? I took out Miracle Fusion and King of the Swamps to make the deck a more Rainbow Neos focused deck!!

New card in the mix :

E HERO Neos Allius // Another Neos & Gemini//Dual Spark.

Something we are all familiar with!! These 2 bad boys are one of the cards that are quite popular some time ago when Dimension Eatos was a top deck.

While its a +0 in terms of card advantage (-1-1 + 1+1 = 0), it speeds through the deck and earn a place as a fan favorite. But, actually, I'm not a big fan of the card, but since it goes with the flow, I can't complain.

Book of Moon

While this card can be seen as a staple nowadays, I don't quite like it in my deck as it slows me down. Yes, it still does, but keeping Rainbow Neos up on the field is top priority. And this card also saves me from random Brain Controls. It hurts as hell since Rainbow Neos is a 4500 and I most probably won't be getting it back.

Fusion Sage

Why not King of the Swamp? Personal preferences, if I get King of the Swamps, I may hesitate to ditch it and may lead to dead draws next turn. This ... I won't! But still, you can argue that King of the Swamps is more versatile.

Fusion Recovery

Since I would probably end up with Polymerization and Rainbow in the grave, I may need it. Its sometimes a dead draw, but in other timings, I need it!

main deck list :

monster (18):

3x E HERO Neos
3x E HERO Another Neos
3x E HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Necro Darkman//Necroshade
1x E HERO Airman//Stratos
2x Rainbow Dragon
2x Rainbow Dark Dragon
1x Morphing Jar

spell (17):

3x Polymerization
3x Fusion Sage
3x E Emergency Call
2x Dual Spark//Gemini Spark
2x Book of Moon
1x Future Fusion
1x Fusion Recovery
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

trap (5):

3x HERO Blast
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Call of the Haunted

The why no's?

Honest - Rainbow Neos needs no backup in terms of attack or rather, it slows the deck down!!

Miracle Fusion - While it adds much more plays to the deck, it kinda diverge it from its main purpose.

Some whys thats commonly ask!!

Why 2 Rainbow and 2 Rainbow Darks instead of 3 Rainbow?

I was planning to use Dark Armed and Chaos Sorcerer when I initially plan for this deck, but I just can't find space. Then why not 3 Rainbow and 1 Rainbow Dark? Cause I don't have a 3rd Ultra rare Rainbow Dragon ... Thats really the only reason.

Aside from Rainbow Neos, how does this deck wins?

Pure beat down!! Neos is an awesome beat stick since you have Prisma to dump Necro Darkman into the grave in the 1st few turns. Another Neos, Airman and Prisma are all beat sticks!!

Doesn't the Rainbow Dragons sometimes becomes dead draws?

Of cause it does. The point of building a Rainbow Neos deck is to minimizing the chances of that happening. And that IS the challenging and fun part of a Rainbow Neos deck.

Now, we proceed to the side deck and extra deck:

side (15):

3x Consecrated Light
3x D.D Crow
1x Neospacian Grand Mole
3x Summon Limit
3x Crack//Crevice to a Different Dimension
2x Royal Decree

Extra :

3x Rainbow Neos
2x E HERO Neos Knight
1x E HERO The Great Tornado
1x E HERO Gaia(Which I don't have)
1x E HERO Divine Neos
5x Generic cards

I'm thinking of having Battle Fader or Extra Veiler in the deck but just can't seem to get the space for it.

Obviously, the decks that the side deck is build to counter are :

Frogs, BF, Infernity, Machina and Trap heavy decks (Countdown and AntiMeta)


The Machine Emperor cards are Good answer to the ever so troublesome Starlight Road!!

Grannel Infinity is awesome!! It makes Wisel look like an outdated joke. Why? ITS SEARCHABLE BY ZA SANGAN!!

And it can be a lot bigger and more broken, although 1 Book of Moon is all it takes to make it the old man he really is!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Herald of Perfection, my take on the deck

This deck seems to have completely died out here in Malaysia. Having bought 3 of them of Cookie, I'm planning to build 1 for myself in case Rescue Cat got banned.

At the "collecting cards for deck" phase currently, but would expect it to be done in 2 weeks time.

Krytia is the tricky one . I can't really find that card ... cheap. This shit actually cost a fortune!!

Really like the deck that was played in YCS last month. The one that runs Happy Lover!! God knows what the deck is called.

As everyone knows, this deck is all about locking down what ever your opponent might wanna throw at you and punching him back with DIVINE POWA!! ... I mean ... Fairy Powa ... thats gay...

Anyway, let us move on with the post shall we.

Main card of the deck is undoubtedly!!

Herald of Perfection

Amazing piece of blue shit!! Good stats for a blocker and an amazing effect that few monsters can match.

Searchable, and recyclable! Awesome in everyway, aside from the fact it looks stupid ...

and now for a surprise!!

Sky Scourge Enrise

Chaos Sorcerer's divine cousin? I mean, it has the same effect but its a chore to summon him. Why is this guy in here ... ? Well, if I can't summon him, I'll just ditch him.

You'll see in a moment!!

And now, for the deck!!

Awesome!! Mokey Mokey is in the deck!! deck!! (50):

monster (29):

3x Herald of Perfection
3x Manjyu of the Ten Thousand Hands
3x Senjyu of the Thousand Hands
3x Archlord Kristya
2x Sky Scourge Enrise
2x Herald of the Orange Light
2x Honest
1x Djinn Releaser of Rituals
1x Sangan
3x Happy Lover
3x Mokey Mokey
2x Petit Angel

spell (12):

1x Advance Ritual Art
1x Dawn of the Herald
3x Dark Factory of Mass Production
3x Preparation of Ritual
3x Pot of Avarice
1x Trade-In

trap (10):

2x Common Charity
2x Trap Stun
2x Royal Oppression
2x Beckoning Light
1x Return from a Different Dimension
1x Solemn Judgment

Tell me what you think?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Ideas!!

Just started reading Nurarihyon no Mago, its pretty interesting, but I don't really like the art style, its not "clean" enough. Story is straight forward, with some twist and turns, which is good in shonen. But for a manga based on Yokai, its not dark enough (at least til where I'm at right now, ep40, but in weekly manga tradition it would start getting considerably dark after reaching the 70+ episodes).

Hyakki Yakou or literally "Hundred Ghost Night Walk" is a really cool term AND its actually a card. Not a real card, but Misawa used it in the manga. Its effect is something like pay 1000 and special summons up to 5 Yokai from your grave. Awesome card is awesome.

Back to point, trying to build a Herald of Perfection deck since I have 3 copies lying around (if you want it, you can offer me for it). Thinking of using some different cards in it. I have the idea in my head now, but don't have some cards and the time to build it as I have 3 midterm test next week.

Went on Pojo and almost every banned list predictions has Rescue Cat at 0. Why ? Okay ... I know why, but why? I mean, am I the only one who doesn't go with the "ban Cat, problem solve!!" crap!?

On random note : Highschool of the Dead manga > Highschool of the Dead anime.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

08/08/10 Kepong Tourney report

This is a huge tourney!! Around 50 showed up and that includes almost ALL of the top players within KL (Sam and Alex even traveled from Singapore). Wasn't sure about entering as its really very far from my house and I hate KTM services, but since Cookie ask ... why not?

Merry Christmas!!

Random? LOL, Soliel suddenly said that to me and gave me a pack of PP12 . Thanks man!

Matches starts at 1 and I arrived at 12. Watch people dueled and ask a newbie to borrow me his deck cause I felt bored.

Tourney starts ON TIME!! OMG!?

Deck used : Flamvell Cats I used last week, no changes.

Match 1 vs Yusei deck - TAT NEWBIE I MENTIONED

1st duel - easy win with Airbellum.

2nd duel - Didn't table shuffle cause my opponent ain't pro, thought it was an easy win but I pulled trap hands. And no monsters came out. Lost!!

3rd duel - Easy win again with Cat.

OXO 1-0

Match 2 vs Flamvell Cats - Uncle

1st duel -He has bad hands I think.

2nd duel - I figured out what he side and sided against it.

OO 2-0

Match 3 - Frog OTK - Uncle Micheal

He was like : I want my revenge from last week when we sat down. And he change his build from Monarch to OTK because of that he said!!

1st duel - He starts. End of story.

2nd duel - 10 cards sided, nothing came out. I drew once. Thats it.

XX 2-1

Match 4 - ??? - Ah Lim (my first opponent last week)

BYE!! Cause he was missing...


Match 5 - Frog Monarch - Wei Yan

1st duel - He has bad hands I think.

2nd duel - Raiza doesn't let me set my monsters at all.

3rd duel - Monk into Cat into 2 Airbellums into 3 cards left in his hand. He sets, I go for Brionac next turn and take the win.

OXO 4-1

Top 8!! Oh yeah!! 1st top 8 EVA.... Well, not really. But first time I didn't drop out from Swiss and got into single. I normally ended up 1 place from top 8.

6th match vs BF - Cursed Opponent No.2 aka Alex

1st duel - He starts, he wins.

2nd duel - In a dire situation, 2150 life to his 1200. He has 1 face down, 2 Whirlwind and an Oppression, a Blast face up with 2 Kalut at hand. Me? Sangan and Flamvell Mage with no hand. I was like Cold Wave Cold Wave. Draw!! Heavy Storm!! Why is this not an optimal choice, that card there is a Holo (Starlight Road?), but I have no choice!! I Storm it and got through, go for Black Rose and search for a Mage with Sangan.

3rd duel - Awesome hand until he Dustshoots me. Then it became too obvious . Dustshoot really kills this deck along with other hand destruction cards.


So, I still can't get my revenge on Alex!! No matter!! There is always next time!!

Top 8 in a tourney with lot of pros!! Felt good!! But revenge would be alot better!!


I love my deck!! Thats my moral of today's story!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best of YGO 5D's

Episode 121 has one of the best scenes in the series yet!! 3 in fact!!

1 . Crow doesn't lose because of some Fak up reasons. (ie, "poor guy, I have to let him win because of his mom and not activate Mirror Force" or "I have to act as a noob and let their guards down so my team can blast their door open!!!"). He deserves it!!

2. Black Feather Dragon gets punched by some random fat dude thats super hard to summon. Not to mention Dragon Capture Jar!!

3. Crow gets "Boo-ed"!!

Yes, my life has a meaning now!!


Really interested in Ritua!! They are fun from the looks of things.

They can search like mad and their Ritua Spell has a broken? effect!! a +1 if you ask me!!

Ceremonial Water Mirror of Ritua - Broken piece of crap!! For a fun deck!! Self Recycle + free Monster Reincarnation ... OMG!?

Eviritua Mind Ogress - Recycle when summons ... from graveyards ... not Your graveyard ... and up to 5 ... not half bad!!

Eviritua Soul Ogre - Bronaic wannabe ... but his 2800 so, basically your beat stick. But since the ritual spell lets you get a free Ritua ...

Ritua Abyss - Stratos ... but with a limit ...

Ritua Vanity - Your OTK pusher ? maybe ? Your opponent can't activate anything in response to your ritual summon!!

Ritua Marker - Manju God but from the grave instead of deck.

Ritua Chain - 1800 beat stick with a Pot of Duality like effect for Ritual cards!!

Ritua Erial - 1800 blocker with a flip sangan effect that doesn't have a limit!!

Shadow Ritua - 1 card Ritual tribute AND King of the Swamp for the ritual spell.

Meditation Technique of the Ceremonial Water Mirror - reveal the ritual spell and add 2 Ritua from grave to hand... we've seen a lot of cards like this ... will this be different ?


Ritua is easily the best archtype out of DT10 (me and Nick thinks so!!). Raid of the Inverz? How bout changing that name. At least for now, I show no concern to the Inverz, aside from the fact that they need some serious plastic surgery.

Interested in building a Ritua deck now!! Mike!! Hold on to the GB cards for a while!! My mind is currently too focus on the Ritua cards!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Brain Control + Rescue Cat

Those 2 sackers and a Heavy Storm or Giant Turnade = Your opponent most probably loses.

Last weekend, these 2 cards win me most games.

In this (almost over) format, hand control wins games for you.

This can be seen with Uncle Micheal maining at least 2 copies of Drastic Drop Off!! And the usual Dustshoot and Aoi in Frog Monarchs!!

Nothing more from me today!! Its tiring working with amateurs (course mates)