Monday, May 31, 2010

BETA stage almost over!!!

Good news!! My FTK deck is finally getting stable, I basically can preform FTK now unless my opening hand SUCK to the max. AND I only need to Table Shuffle about once every 2~3 duels !!

Really wanna test it out at a tourney or something (locals or anything!! I don't mind).

Today, my new semester starts so expect less post from now on (but I should be able to post something once every few days).

Rainbow Neos is godly. OMG!! Why didn't I ever consider him in my deck before!? While not as versatile as my ZERO deck, it packs a punch ... A 4500 PUNCH!!

3x Paradox Fusion + Solemn Judgment together with HERO Blast ... pure ownage unless ... well, your hand suck.

Tips for building Rainbow Neos :

1. Pack A HELL LOAD of s/t removal.
2. Pack a lot of negation cards.
3. 3x PRISMA!!
4. Anything that can help you get Rainbow Neos in ... 1 turn?

Seriously, Rainbow Neos is VERY powerful this format !! And with ZERO, Shining and Tornado to back him up, I don't see a reason it not being a power house.

Only trick you need to master before you can pwn with Rainbow Neos, how to make Rainbow Dragon//Rainbow Dark NOT a dead draw at crucial times!! Which I'm still working on.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

30th May Kepong Tourney Report

Well, decided to enter 40 minutes before the tourney at 12 noon, drives there in 30 minutes (from Klang to Kepong is a rather short journey, 45 KM +- ... ), to find out that we are not starting on time ...

Build my side deck there when I realize that I forgotten some cards back home ...

Deck used : Flamvell Cat

1st match vs DD deck

he was late as he went to the mens.

1st duel - forgotten how I win.
2nd duel - forgotten how I lose.
3rd duel - review 1st duel.


1 - 0

2nd match vs DD Monarch

he was eating when the match starts, so another wait.

1st duel - Airbellum rape his hand.
2nd duel - Caius rapes my Syncro monster.
3rd duel - 3 Airbellum in my starting hand. Luckily, my opponents starting hand was worst.


2 -0

3rd match - BF - Zack // Zhen Pei

1st duel - misplay, I didn't know Snowman Eater only targets FACE UP.
2nd duel - Airbellum hand rape action and Caius FTW.
3rd duel - He syncro for Arms Wing and pushed for game after he Icarus my Concentrated Light.


2 - 1

4th match - BF - a friend

1st duel - stupid Sap Kao Fung was very noisy beside me and my opponent figure out that my face down was a BTH.
2nd duel - same case as duel 1, but this time, I was setting Spy, when he was like, "NO!! You can't do that. If he summons .... you cannot destroy him ... ". Get the point? And he flipped up my BTH for no reasons ...

XX, regardless of the stupid reasons, my opponent was good so the results shouldn't be too different even if Sap Kau Fung shuts up.

2 - 2

5th match - Monarch - Team Arcobeleno member

1st duel - was really tired so I played very seriously as I just wanna go home then (as there is no way I'm getting into top4 with X -2. Forgotten the details of the duel.
2nd duel - didn't side anything as I don't feel like it. Dark Armed pushed for game.


3 - 2

ranking ... no clue as it wasn't reviewed, nor is it important. Man, scrubbed again.

Basically, I feel that my Flamvell Cat can have a good duel with almost any deck in the meta. BF, well, just say that I don't have the sides against it ...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Main or not Main D D Crow ? That is the question.

For the World's Qualifier, the format is stupid, single elimination, meaning ... luck based format. So, obviously, the deck you really don't wanna face is ... FTK based decks.

The most obvious and dangerous one right now ... is Frogs (with Mass Driver). So, do you wanna main that DD Crow and at least have a chance of screwing your opponent's shit out or just waste your first turn and hope you get your crow in the remaining duels ... ?

This is a tough call, as if you don't go against Frogs ... that DD Crow is one hell of trash ... cause obviously the format is gonna be RULED by BF.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Card Advantages

Well, surprise surprise!! This is your once in a life time opportunity to see me with this topic.

Well, I have played YGO for the past 7~8 years and this subject never really cross my mind once. I really learn this the hard way on how important card advantage really is in this game. Heck, this coming from someone who rather use polymerization instead of Fusion Gate just because its cooler sounds stupid.

Well, although I have played YGO for a long time, I didn't start playing competitive until 2~3 years ago. And I don't understand card advantages till I guess what you could call ... last year.

Because I had my Gladial beast deck back then and everything was 1 for 1, so naturally I don't think this matters. And because I usually draw awesome hands when playing E HERO, I don't mind spamming. It was really until I played BF (believe it or not) that card advantage really became clear to me. After DDB was banned, BF became a deck that you would have to control your opponent to win the game, and by controlling, means making sure you have the card advantage. Playing BF, really made me re-learn the importance of playing with card advantages. This help me really much.

Till about a year ago, all my decks are highly aggressive, with minimum cards that slow me down and spamming was part of my plays. But I never win anything big. Now, my decks are considerably slower, BUT a lot more efficient and can counter plays easier (unless Trishula comes out and strips me of any remaining cards ... well, card advantage man!!).

I'm not an expert in top tier decks, so I won't use them as an example. But playing against them, really help you build up your skills and your understanding of card advantage. I know this is common knowledge, but we never know when a newbie is reading this!!

Different decks have different methods of saying their in the lead. 1 or 2 face downs for METAbeat isn't anything. But 1 or 2 facedowns and more than 3 hands for BF decks, means that you better be prepared for something. For GBs, handless isn't a thing to be afraid of, while you don't want that to happen often, GB really depends on Field advantage or rather, backrow advantage. For Flamvell Cats, you often see them with 1 facedown at each zone, BUT their hand is almost always at a steady 3 to 4 cards, when your facing cats, their advantage comes from YOUR play, summoning the wrong monster against them is a very dangerous move.

I never play or played against Infernity with Trishula, so I can't comment about this.

back to the deck I'm extremely familiar with : E HEROs!!

Advantage doesn't come in hand, its the field. When playing E HERO, you wanna make sure your opponent wastes as many cards as possible to take out your Fusions. Basically, just summons something big and make them wastes 2 to 3 cards just to take it out and you summon something else next turn.

In a way, E HERO (the way I play at least) focuses not on your card advantage but stripping your opponent's.

I just come into this understanding not so long ago, January I think, when I was playing against Karl Lim and his BF, I was super tense and really focus on how many cards he had left, field and hand (sometimes, even the grave). When I summon ZERO, he has to waste at least 2 cards just to take it down. While I lost that match, I really learned a lot that time, although my EGO doesn't allow me to turn my deck into something else!!

While people usually talk about 1 for 1s or 1 for 2s when they come into this topics, I don't care much about these trades. I understand that they are there for a reason, but I just don't like the idea of calculating that much, guess that why I never win anything BIG ...

OK!! That was a long wall of text ... but the thing I was trying to say ... type, was rather simple. Card Advantage, as I look at it, doesn't always comes from 1 for 1s or 1 for 2s. Every deck has its own way to gain its own advantage, while some focuses on taking their opponent's away. Again, like I always say, playstyle is important. You don't tell what a guy should do with his deck and what you shouldn't, you can give advice, but in the end its all up to him. While this seems off topic, I'm trying to say, everyone has their preferred way to get advantage, just because that way doesn't suits you, or even worst, doesn't suit the deck, doesn't mean that the player of that deck has to follow.

This card is the living proof that Card Advantage is something you must learn to win games. Trishula virtually strips your opponent off any remaining card advantage, it win games. Thats why ... ITS SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE!!


That ... was long!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

YGO 5D's 111 Review!!

Just finish watching and we a lot of familiar scenes. To name a few :

1. The Nazca lines!! Oh Yeah!! Earthbound!!

2. Bomber and his brother and sister (I was under the impression that he has dozens of siblings ... )

3. Earthbound God shape race track (the whale to be precise)

4. The weird couple thats associated with the Earthbound God sightings (the Afro and hippy, most probably misspelled ). I think they are in fact the main bad guys of 5D's .

5. Jack Crashing (this time, before he loses).

6. The most EPIC of them all, Jack Atlas being attack by Red Daemon's Dragon ... sorta ...

I like this episode overall, as it shows you that the Earthbound God Arc does exist and its not OUR imagination.

Jack being in the center stage and Yusei at the side lines as a side kick (which should be applied from the start to the end of the series) is always good.

Bomer's brother, Max runs a pretty interesting deck. While I don't think locking down a Power deck is useful, I can see those cards in FTK decks (the bird thing anyway ... ).

First time we see a riding duel with one of the duelist not riding himself (excluding Godwin who was ... just standing there).

Fire Daemon Ghost//Retarded-Kid guy is kinda cool but he looks like Meramon (if you know what I'm talking about).

Spoiler for episode 112. Jack dueling Fire Emo Kid(using stone tablets). Are we going to see Jack preforming Accel Syncro into Scarlet Nova Dragon?

If it so, we can confirm one FACT, you do not need to achieve the speed of ... some very fast speed to perform Accel Syncro. OR maybe Jack Atlas can reach that speed ON FOOT!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still can't pass the BETA testing stage

well, continuing from where I left out yesterday. I mention about me building a FTK deck revolving around AD Changer and Kuraz. Well, sadly, I still can't get the perfect build, 1 or 2 more techs I guess. But it has come to a phase that once I draw Morphing Jar (either in the first 5 cards or Kuraz it out, without Arms Hole), its a sure FTK from there.

Getting the cards needed from Rankiba's shop, mostly this Friday. Just hope that they don't kill me for using an FTK deck in a locals ... I think I'll most probably be cursed ... by 1 guy at least.


Problem faced :

1. Deck can't work without table shuffling.

2. Chances of FTK is just about 50% ... thats not good ...

3. Solar Recharge is a Double Edge Sword ... Charge of the Light Brigade ... A Bigger one ...


Cyber Larva in Final Countdown deck !!

It thins the deck while taking no damage!! Its EXCELLENT!! ... on paper. In reality, I rather summon Cyber Valley or Des Lacooda. Another reason being that I don't have extra spaces for it.

The more I play my Final Countdown deck, the more I feel that Zero Guardna is useless. Why is this ?


lastly, why isn't there any activities over at Lam's forum lately ...

Monday, May 24, 2010

All Thanks to BAHA!!

Made a somewhat quite stable FTK deck after watching Baha's Morphing Jar OTK deck video at Youtube.

The AD Changer really is an amazing engine to my Kuraz Blade FTK deck.

I was trying Neospacian's which proof to be fast but not consistent. The Morhing Jar + AD Changer on IS.

Will post the list when it passes BETA testing!!


Don't have any idea what deck I'm gonna build after this one!!

Imato + Jinzo is very good!! It would be better if I have Birdman, but as you know they are EXPENSIVE (currently Rm60!!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sin Prizepool Tourney Sungei Wang 23rd May Report

Overall, I did pretty bad at this tourney. There was about 20 participants.

Deck used : E HERO (as I still lack 1 Dark Panther before I can use my Neko deck)

1st match - Machiner Monarch - Uncle Micheal

He was 15 minutes late, but I play him anyway since his a friend.

1st duel - Pretty much stale mate with me having Fusion Gate on the field and Ocean and Allius at hand while he has Caius and a facedown. I already have Stratos BTHed on turn 1, so the only thing (unless he has D Prison) that could lead Shining into outgame was the other BTH. So, I summoned Shining and got BTHed. The duel goes from there. If I summoned Zero, it would be a safer option.

I didn't even see any Machiner's being played, so I sided in anti-Monarch cards.

2nd duel - Machiner's Fortress jump out. I was like ...


0 - 1

2nd match - Yubel - a friend

1st duel - I did a very bold move, flipping Morphing Jar on my turn, and deal some damage. He drop Montage Dragon with 2 Yubel's 3rd form.

2nd duel - Same mistake again but this time he couldn't finish me off (leaving me at 1900). Summoning Montage Dragon took too much of his advantage and I pushed from there.

3rd duel - He summoned Montage again he attacks ZERO while my life is 2500, I flipped Skill Drain ...


1 - 1

So, I basically need to win the following matches to even have a chance of getting into the top 4.

3rd match - BF (just my luck)

1st duel - He misplayed as he forgotten about ZERO's effect, while I misplayed by Sacrificing Zero for The Earth's effect while he had Starlight Road (which I saw earlier when he flipped the wrong card). Drew all spell hands from there.

2nd duel - I start first and controlled the duel.

3rd duel - He starts first and controlled the duel.


1 - 2

so, basically I aint getting into top 4 now...

4th match - Yusei deck with 2 Starlight Road

1st duel - He tried to Call of the Haunted Stardust that was summoned with Road .

2nd duel - He destiny draw into Junk Syncron and syncro for Destroyer, I flipped BTH.


2 - 2

5th match - Lightsworn - another friend

1st duel - can't do anything without siding.

2nd duel - Skill Drain FTW.

3rd duel - I fusion SPAM into Shining and ZERO. He tries to NUKE me with JD, I flipped Skill Drain. He attacks Shining, HONEST!!


3 -2

so basically screwed up this tourney. Out of 20, I placed 10th ... my worst ranking of the year.

pros of this tourney :

1. the Sam Chai effect, when me and Zack are waiting for our opponents at game 1, Paul suddently called Sam's name and all of us on the 1st row of tables gave a freaking hilarious expression.

2. Rainbow Neos beat Infernity. This is truly a remarkable fleet.

3. Getting cards for cheap.

4. A lot of funny duel moments.

5. Saw a VWXYZ deck that works!! But the guy faced 2 BFs and a Machina ...

6. Final Countdown is cool. Keep on reminding your opponent about the turns are even cooler!!

7. Paul's best judging Theory, when some guy ask for the judge for some impossible move, he said : Pay Rm200 to the judge, this card cannot be negated. In this case, Solemn CAN negate the effect of an ALREADY face-up something. We agreed to this theory completely.

cons :

1. The ranking ...

2. Mr KC's attitude to me the whole day!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Herald of Perfection in TOP8!? AWESOME!!

I just read the Satellite News at about the duels. It seems that Machina Gadget won, but what really surprises me is that Herald made it to the top 8's. That's really awesome as all of you should know that the Herald deck isn't really an aggressive deck AND needs a lot of skills to play it right.

Also, I just found out that there is actually a story line for the DT series. Thanks to Neuxcharge.

It seems that for every series is like an episode and the archtypes that are gone from the series means THEY ARE DEAD.

If I didn't get things wrong. The summary should be something like this :

1. Worms invade the planet and the natives X-sabers, Mist Valley and Flamvell made an alliance to fend them off. Ice Barriers (the EMO people) chose to mind their own business (since maybe Bronaic escape from the seal).

2. Worms army came in and over powered the natives. To counter them, they created the AOJ. Which fended them off. The war grew fierce and it was an arms-race. The natives also created Genex to further support the AOJ.

3. The natives finally lost the war but the other natives aka Natural came into the fight. The Magoushin finally awakens and put the war into a stale-mate. At this point or another, the Juraks awakens from their slumber (hey, they ARE dinosaurs...).

4. Decessive Arms was created and it pushed the battles into the favors of the natives along with the inclusion of Dragunity into their army (which relates to the now DEAD Mist Valley). Neo-Flamvell appears for God-knows-what reasons.

5. Magoushin decides that the world would be theirs and decides to kill off the other natives to claim it (NO WONDER THEY ARE LIGHT). And the war continues with the further improvement of GENEX and AOJ. But it wasn't powerful enough, as Magoushins are GODS.

6. Destruction happen again and the EMO peoples (aka Ice Barriers) couldn't take it anymore. To ensure their victory, they made a bad move, to unleash their most powerful Sealed Beast, Trishula(I was waiting for this).

7. The war ended and Trishula destroyed what they called civilization.

8. Vayrons are Gods. And the story of Advent of Vayrons hasn't been reviewed YET.

Of cause, these are just what I know of. If any of you know the complete story, please include a link in the comments!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Tourney

So there would be another Sin Prizepool tourney over at Sungei Wang's this Sunday. The organizer is Karl Lim, link is here. So be sure to go if you are interested. Apparently I'm writing this out at my blog without his knowing.... Oh well. It should be a 5 round Swiss and then Single Elimination for the top 4.

I don't know whether I would participate in this but I have to go there to return some cards to Rankiba or Ah Gan anyway. By the way, anyone can hook me up with 3 copies of Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (OCG of cause). Apparently, I'm out.

Nothing much to update as I was busy yesterday and the day before with my Gundam X and Turn-A marathon.

But I do find that when building a Rescue Cat deck, AKB is still my best choice yet. While its no where near as good as it was. I proof me quite consistent.

And for anyone waiting for the new SD (I know I'm exited!), I find that the new field spell ... kinda MEH... Well, it is a good card, no doubt there. But is it gonna affect how Dragons are played ... only time will tell.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Build this deck this afternoon before I head to my grandma's house and finished it there (I brought my staples and binder with me of cause). 1 word: I build this deck 1 day too late.

It was suppose to be a all-monster-deck but I decided to have 3-1 ratio of monsters to spells. Quite balanced I think but would be better with Birdman(Duh!) and Kurokishian.

Still modding this deck and may be able to complete it before next week(which I may go to a tourney .... maybe).

Forgotten to get the Dekoichi and Treeborn from Ah Gan and Rankiba yesterday.

3-2-1 Ratio (40):


3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Jinzo
3x Jinzo Returner
3x Gravekeeper's Spy
1x Gravekeeper's Decendent
2x D HERO Malicious
1x Armageddon Knight
1x Dark Grepher
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Creator
1x Gorz, Emissary of Darkness
1x Krebons
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
2x Cyber Dragon
2x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2x Dimension Alchemist


1x Allure of Darkness
1x Emergency Teleport
1x Foolish Burial
1x Future Fusion
1x Overload Fusion
1x Heavy Storm
2x Pot of Avarice
2x D.D.R

With the 3 Birdman, this deck would be a beast. Without it, its just some random stray cat.

See what I can do in the mean time.


Before I forgot, I mistaken the date for the Kepong tourney (Dandelion one) I posted. It should be on the 29th, but there would be a tourney on that day, just no Dandelion.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th Kepong tourney result!!

Today, I went to the Kepong locals for the first time. First impression : needs Air-conditioning.

It was a prize pool system. And about 20 people participated.

Deck used : Flamvell Cats (which I began to LOVE quite much)

1st match : VS Dark Syncro - some Kepong guy

1st duel - Controlled with Snowman Eater and also Flamvell.

2nd duel - Almost got myself with Oppression (although it did me good). 3 darks in the grave, DAD in my hand. I draw, HEAVY STORM!!


1 - 0

2nd match - Anti-META - a friend with I so inconveniently forgotten his name.

1st duel - Rai-oh and Burden of the Mighty got me.

2nd duel - Snowman Eater FTW.

3rd duel - Snowman Eater did his job again and again and finally, again.


2 - 0

3rd match - BF - Carl Lim

- for those of you who don't know this, me and Carl has a history of almost always meeting in the 3rd match and then always ending with victory in his hands.

1st duel - Quite a good hand, until he activated Dustshoot at the start of my first turn, reviewing my 2 Bottomless and he send my Snowman Eater back...

2nd duel - Snowman Eater and Flamvell controlled the duel and my 2 Airbellum knock out cards from his hand slowly.

3rd duel - Open with Black Panther, Cold Wave, MST, Mind Crush and Mirror Force. Okay? I set both traps, and he Dust Tornado-ed Mind Crush and summons Stardust ...

XOX - still can't break the curse ...

2 - 1

4th match - Magician Lock-down - I don't know this guy

1st duel - Snowman Eater again.

2nd duel - He had 2 Crusader of Endymion out and beat the crap of my Airbellums(which I pulled 1st turn). Change the tide by drawing Dog and Sync into Stardust. BRAIN CONTROL!!

3rd duel - Black Panther copied his Grave Keeper's Decendent and blow his 2 back rows. DAD comes out and stayed there for the game.


3 - 1

So, basically, there was 5 "3 -1"s and only 3 can get into the top 4. So, basically who ever wins this round is in.

5th match - GB - the Indian guy which had ONLY played GB for 3 years!!

1st duel - He starts, and obviously build up a freaking wall of backrows.

2nd duel - I start and took in with me by siding in anti-GB sides.

3rd duel - I pulled Oppression 1st turn set it and keep on destroying his GB as he has Forest out and MUST tag or die. The game was at stale mate for at least 10 turns with neither of us can do anything. He Icarus-ed Oppression and my faced down Book of Moon. And I was still barely able to keep a lead. Pulled Cat, and activated it, he was like "FU*K !!" and I found out the only things in my deck was 2 Ryko, trying to be a good sport, I special summoned them and deal 400, cutting him to 1100. He summons Laquari and starts to have the edge again. I set Snowman Eater. He used a 2nd Forest but got his Laquari blown up. Summons Equeste (me at 800 and Snowman Eater in Attack due to Forest) and rams into Snowman, I try to chain it to Book but he Solemn-ed it.

XOX - 3rd duel was a great one, for some reason most of my good duels ended with me losing.

3 - 2

so, out of 20, I placed 5~6-ish, why, the owner never told us our ranking aside from the top 4, and being 1 of the 2 "3 -2"s, I should be 5 or 6.

Results :

1st - Zack - BF
2nd - GB Indian - and of cause GB
3rd - I don't know this guy and did not see his duel, so naturally I don't know his deck
4th - Carl Lim - BF

For some reason, both 1st and 2nd placers did not take Red Eyes Darkness Metal which was the most expensive piece on the table. Maybe because of the fact that it might get reprinted?

According to rankiba(shop owner//partner of shop owner), next week there would also be a tourney, confirmed prizes would be Dandelion, the others are not comfirmed. This is on Saturday.

Next Sunday, Carl Lim organizes a prize pool tourney at Sungei Wang. The prizes are the same as last time (the Sin cards).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Do you know I have 3 dragons behind me?" Says Quickdraw Syncron


and to add to my joy!! I was stuck in this big jam for like 2 hours ... damn...

BUT! During the 2 hours of boredom, I try to think about deck ideas, which most of them are crap. But this one actually works to some degree (of cause, being someone who doesn't have alot of expensive cards, I proxy!!)
Quickdraw Twilight(40):

monster(35) :

3x Quickdraw Syncron
3x Wolf, Lightsworn Beast
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
3x Lyla, Lightsworn Magician
2x Celestia, Lightsworn Angel
1x Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
2x Judgment Dragoon
2x Caius, the Shadow Monarch
2x Debris Dragon
2x Dandelion
2x Mystic Tomato
2x Lonefire Blossom
1x Spore
1x Sangan
1x Card Trooper
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Necro Guardna


3x Solar Recharge
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Foolish Burial


3x Battle Fader
3x Dimension Alchemist
3x Flamvell Fire Dog
2x Flamvell Magical
2x Sky Scrouge Norleras
2x Phantom of Chaos


2x Drill Warrior
1x Nitro Warrior
1x Junk Archer
1x Junk Destroyer
10x Generic Syncros(and YES! Its Trishula-able)

The idea is very very simple, using the milling ability of Lightsworn to set up your grave for Quickdraw Syncron and Drill Warrior. And, you don't even need to be afraid of dumping your monsters cause, in case you haven't notice ... A lot of BOSS MONSTERS!!

Strategy varies from Judgment Dragoon SPAM to Drill Warrior recycle loops!!

Have fun guys!! For me!! Its 2 weeks of FREEDOM!! (heading to buy Wing MG and HI-V HG maybe tomorrow!!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Red-Eyed Dragon that Brings Chances!!

Well, I have an exam (Maths for Engineering) tomorrow and I find that posting and building decks in general, cools my head. Helps me relax as the two test last week help proof this.

Most of you know I have Red Eyes Fetish. And that I never have a Red Eyes Deck for :

1 : Red Eyes Darkness Metal is such an expensive card.
2 : I can never get the perfect build.
3 : I don't have any PG (Phantom God) Red Eyes.

Solution to problem :

1 : Rankiba's shop holds a weekly tourney and Red Eyes Darkness Metal is in the prize pool. So, if I can win 3 weeks in a roll... I have a playset!! Simple plan, Not-that-simple to achive.
2 : Well, one can always try ... my holidays are coming and I can test the deck as much as I want.
3 : The DL (Duelist Legacy) Parallel Ultra rares have to do the job in the mean time... STILL LOOKING FOR THEM THOU.

Really Really wish that SD19 comes with Red Eyes Darkness Metal, as that almost confirms that I would bring Red Eyes to the Worlds Qualification Tourney on 27th next month!!

This is still at testing phase (AKA alot of Proxy), and I don't know how this deck would look like when the new SD comes out!!


3x Red Eyes Black Dragon
3x Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3x Red Eyes Wyvern
3x Totem Dragon
2x Light and Darkness Dragon
2x Masked Dragon
2x Delta Fly
2x Debris Dragon
1x Dark Armed Dragon


1x D.D.R
1x Future Fusion
1x Foolish Burial
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x Burial from a Different Dimension
1x My Body as a Shield
1x Brain Control
1x Lightning Vortex


2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Dimension Prison
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Starlight Road (TCG)
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Birthright


3x Blue Eyes White Dragon (surprise surprise)
3x White Stone of Legend
3x Card of Consonance
3x Trade-In
2x Royal Decree
1x Return from a Different Dimension

1st duel your opponent takes on Red Eyes, if you see fire-power is needed, you switch it to Blue Eyes.

Why is this ? Cause I believe an old saying in YGO history :

The Blue-Eyed Dragon brings victory. The Red-Eyed Dragon brings possibility.

In today's term :

Blue Eyes can beat the shit out of anyone (that's true) and Red Eyes has a lot of potential (Dark, Dragon, Normal monster to name a few).

In terms of Potential to summon this Freak :


1 Question : How do you make a deck when you lack some cards?

A. Get all the cards whether you may or may not need, then make your perfect build.
B. Proxy and test duel, then get the cards.

In the comments!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm an ALIEN. I can't understand HUMAN because I play YGO

or at least thats what I heard from a friend. This shit went on the Guang Ming newspaper(some Chinese paper) last week (I think).

Some kid (15) went crazy and told his parents that he is not human. Parents went to some locals and blame the hobby(YGO of cause) for driving their son mad. Or something like that...

According to my friend, the whole Penang State YGO player is looking for this guy, and on YGO logic they will CHALLENGE HIM to a duel and the loser gets sent into the shadow realm.

So, basically this kid whose played YGO for 3 years gone stupid/retarded and some locals at Penang is no longer helding locals(or so I heard).

Penang Duelist, please fill me in as I don't have a clue of all this.


Explain to me again how playing YGO would make you think that your an ALIEN?


The above are mostly based on my imagination of the limited info I have!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm BACK!!

I officially scrap the idea of Jinzo Gadget due to the fact that I need cards and sleeves for my new best friend!! Quickdraw Syncron!!
Yes. You all know him pretty well right. I use to think him as an OK card, but seeing him in action really is a whole new different thing.

1. Consistency - For a monster that needs to ditch something to come out, this guy is freaking amazing in terms of consistency. So, far, he has never been a dead draw and almost always I can turn the tables around with him.

2. Effectiveness - Needless to say, this guy surpasses even the grand-daddy of all the syncron, Junk Syncron. Road Warrior suddenly become a very powerful card because of him.

3. EPICNESS - What can I say? He has a pistol!!

Now, I move on into my point. Basically this here is what I build. I haven't tested it out against the really hardcore decks yet (blame my exams...). Pointers please as usual!

Freeze!! I HAVE A GUN (40):

3x Quickdraw Syncron
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Mystic Tomato
3x Dimension Alchemy
2x Battle Fader
2x Level Eater//Level Stealer
2x Cyber Dragon
2x Dandelion (I don't have any, so proxies)
2x Lonefire Blossom
1x Spore
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Sangan
1x Card Gunner
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x Dark Armed Dragon


2x Pot of Avarice
2x Soul Exchange
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x Cold Wave
1x Brain Control
1x Foolish Burial
1x One-For-One

1x Call of the Haunted
1x Limit Rebirth
1x Return from a Different Dimension

Extra(15) : I haven't really figure out how all these cards fit. Please bear with me!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Count Down to May 2nd Tourney : 1 DAY!

As the title suggested, tomorrow will be a HUGE tourney (no where near SJ's 2500 of cause) for us Malaysians, and being a holiday today, you can imagine how big the response would be.

Before entering the main topic, sorry for the lack of post this week cause my modem is HIT by Lightning (maybe I did something to Zeus?) this monday, and I'm currently enjoying a cup of Green Tea Latte at Starbucks (reading... for my exams this Thursday...)

Personally, I have a competitive deck ready (2 in fact as my Jinzo Gadget deck I build this week proofs itself capable of matching Syncro Cat in Speed and consistency). I have all the side deck cards ready and being a holiday today means I can make final adjustments to my deck before the big day. Only problem is : I'm not going ...

Ha ha ha!! I guess all that effort I just wrote had gone to waste eh. Why ? As I said, I have my finals later this week and I don't wanna let this tourney mess this up.

BTW. This post here. Its EPIC.