Saturday, November 26, 2011

Till Next format

I've decided since last weekend that my main deck for the remaining of the format would be Junk Doppel.

Finally bought my Quasar today (although I felt extremely bad for my wallet) and test play agansit Fishtank with TG agents.

It did very well. Very Very well if I may add.

I took down Shooting Quasar (he proxied it) and proceed to win without Maxx C or other cards that may generate my loss of advantage.

I seriously need a big official tourney right now, I guess theres still Malaysian Open at the end of the year.

Back to typing my report, bye for now.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Imperial Iron Wall

Fishtank told me a few days ago this card was in Sam's deck (Darkworld) the day he won Top Shop Qualifiers. In case you guys haven't heard, the man beat a tourney infested with Agents with Darkworld (in most case, an inferior deck).

Mad skillz? Ya, no doubt the man has serious skills, and I come to respect that. But I think that Iron Wall made a lot of difference.

I was thinking the other day, what good does Iron Wall do in Dark World. Gate is useless now, thus cutting the deck from its major draw and search and just about everything engine.

BUT, after some thinking, it doesn't work that way. First, Gate is searchable, and chances are, your gonna have Gate out way before you drew Iron Wall. So, better put, Gate is there to search for your main anti meta cards. Its more of a draw power than an engine if you play it this way. Even without its primary effect, Gate still has the boost 300 effect. Which makes DW monsters incredibly big.

Thats not all. What do we side in against DW, the usual would be Bottomless and Prison (if they're not mained already). We also see a lot Kycoo and D.D Crow, and in some extreme cases, Debunk. Sorry to say but Iron Wall kills all of these, rendering most of their side useless. MST at 3? Gate and Iron Wall makes 6 targets.

Why is it good against Agent? Hyperion. Hyperion's annoying constant come-out-of-no-where-and-kill-you is what keeps Agent topping in OCG. This stops Hyperion from even coming out, same goes for Luster Soldier. With just 3 cards sided in, you see your opponent's main strategies broken, his side deck useless, and your boss just never dies anymore.

Gachi is nothing in the eyes of Grapha, Orange Light is just pathetic to the Dark World Army. Espeacilly Grapha. (Note, I'm not Grapha, as he would say something like "I, Grapha blablabla of the Darkworld, will ..." )

All and all, I still don't think DW is the top deck of OCG. Its a good deck, no doubt, but no.1? No way, not now at least.

While I see it have a better matchup against Agents, it dies to most of the other tier 1. Unless you can be certain you would see at least 60% Agents, I won't feel safe playing them.

Iron Wall is an interesting side, people just don't see it coming, but I see it as a side for Dark Worlds against Agents only.

On side note, Inzecters are getting pretty popular in Japan it seems, gotta get my hands on one of those soon. Regardless of how bad they look.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


One of the new archtypes that came out in Order of Chaos (anyone notice its set unit is ORCS), well, not really, the ONLY new archtype that came out in ORCS. Ninja, Photon, WInd-Ups and Evol are all archtypes we seen earlier.

In OCGland, the deck is doing very very well. Topping a few tourney already as we speak.

I have not tested on the deck yet so I can't give much comment, but from first glance, the deck's concept looks good. The reason I'm not playing it is that I'm not a fan of their art.

This is a list I found from someone who top something like our Top Shop Rep for 2012 I think.

monster (18):

3 Inzecter Hornet
3 Inzecter Damsel
3 Inzecter Centipede
2 Inzecter Gilamantis
1 Inzecter Ameise
2 Summoner Monk
1 Sangan
1 Armageddon Knight
1 Genez Ally Birdman
1 Dark Armed Dragon

spell (11):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Foolish Burial
1 Book of Moon

trap (11)

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Call of the Haunted
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Trap Dustshoot
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Scrap Iron Scare Crow
1 Seven Tools of the Bandit

And in the extra deck, there is no Exabeetle.

Well, I'll find time to build this deck on DN or maybe even real life if its THAT good and test it for myself.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Shop report

I've stayed up extremely late yesterday night try to build and test a build of Sabers that doesn't lose out to Agents and Laggia completely. Finally build a good side for both these decks at bout 3 am and went to sleep.

9am this morning, went to take a bus to town. On the bus, I found a major flaw in my plan, it basically means I'm gonna lose round 1 most of the time and I must win both the following rounds, and my plan didn't include my opponent siding against me.

I really need more time to prepare as finals is near.

I end up building a Chaos Version Doppel Plants (without doppel warrior) on the bus, and getting the few cards I lack from Fishtank once we're there.

Test play against him for 1 (yes ONE) duel, and the flow seems good. So I just throw a side deck together for every possible deck and went for tourney.

Not the best thing one can do, and DON'T do it in your tourney, you'll regret it.

The format for day 1 was Single Eli to top32 and 5 rounds of swiss to top 12.

Single Elimination : VS some guy that Andrew told me is a pro - Darkworld

1st duel : I pull MST, Reborn, Heavy, Goat, Junk Syncron, One for One. Sets Goat and MST and ends. He plays Lightning, target MST and Grapha hits Goat, which I chains. He sets 2. I drew a monster, play Storm. One for One for Glow UP, go for Formula, again into Android, I summon Junk Syncron, summon Stardust and then Shooting Star. I play Reborn on his Grapha, not using Shooting's effect cause I only have 6 Tuners in my deck (which 2 was in the grave already), attacks for 6000. He hangs in with Book of Moon next turn, but was finish a turn later.

2nd duel : He baited my Heavy Storm and lock me down with Skill Drain, he was down to 800 at this point, and I have Chaos Sorcerer out, he then pulls a Sin Cyber End and a Grapha. I manage to hang a few turns but his Gozen Match backed with Judgment and Skill Drain was too much.

3rd duel : I forgot what happen in the early parts of the game, but at one point, I have MST and Mirror Force/torrential Tribute set and Android face up. He plays Cheerful Coffin, ditching 2 Grapha and a Silva (his hand is now at one), he targets my 2 backrows, I chain MST to Gate and drop a DD Crow on Silva. I pulled Kycoo next turn to basically rape his set up.


So, both me and Fishtank wins and went into Swiss.

1st match vs Some guy I used to lose to which I never knew his name - Agent Angel

1st duel : I set a Ryko, he goes for Gachi and I killed Venus. He sets an ass load of backrow. I was hit by Dustshoot next and my Mirror Force was MST'ed. He wins a few turn later with Earth, Venus poking for damage.

2nd duel : I sided in Decree although he got rid of it early. His Hyperion took out my set Sangan, I took Junk. He attacks me and I drop Tragodia, he ends but I had MST. I target Glow Up with Trago and made Formula, drew into Reborn, gets Catastor back and summons Junk, attacks for damage and sync all the cards for Shooting Star. Won from there.

3rd duel : He starts and gets Valhalla, but summons Earth. I kill it with something and ended, I have Trago in hand. He specials Venus, go for Shine Ball, summon Earth, tune for Wyvern, summons Hyperion by removing the Venus in hand and showed me 4 Angels in grave. LOL. Got OTK'ed like a bitch.


2nd match vs Some guy who knew me - Agent Angel

1st duel : I pulled shit again and he starts doing his loop and kills me.

2nd duel : I somehow got Shooting Star out and won from there.

3rd duel : I open 2 Decree and Storm. I was like FML. Set Ryko and Decree. My opponent summons Earth which I Veiler'ed, it got killed by Ryko. And he sets 4 ... I gladly played Decree and blow those sons of bitches up with Storm next turn, setting Decree and attacks with Kycoo. Won from there.

XOO, by this point I was super tired from lack of sleep and how many Agents I'm fighting.

3rd match VS No clue who this is - WW BF

1st duel : I opened with 2 Leeching the Light ... thats when I notice I forgot to side it back out. Loss this duel easily.

2nd duel : I opened bad but topped Starlight Road, set a bunch of things to get hit by Icarus. After a few turn, I played Goat and summons Glow Up, tunes for Formula, and my opponent decides to play Icarus, I played the Road and go for Shooting Star. He nearly killed me but he stopped right off the mark cause he didn't knew and all out attack with Dark Armed and Gale would kill me (he played Book and Dark Armed), instead he left my token and attacked it with Gale, but I did have Trago. Made Black Rose and drop BLS for game.

3rd duel : I forgot to side out Dustshoot (his going first), and sets 3 when I topped deck Dustshoot, he has his own dustshoot and got rid of my good cards. Loss there.

XOX, sleep more the day before tourney, you need it. I also completely neglected BF and didn't have anything to side for it.

4th match VS someone I knew but forgotten - WWBF

1st duel : He tops DAD and won with it. We were joking too much so I don't remember much from this match.

2nd duel : Shooting Star rape him in the ass.

3rd duel : He attacks my Formula with Shura, I chain Mirror Force, he tribute it for Icarus, I played Starlight Road. And Shooting Star trolled him again.

XOO, Shooting Star is a Troll. Remember that.

5th match vs Robbert (or whatever his name was again, a local basically) - Agnet Angel

1st duel : I pulled Heavy, Dark Hole, Reborn, Dandy, Lonefire and BLS. I thought they were limited for a reason. But my opponent has Dustshoot (asian english, which he keeps stating) and got rid of Lonefire, his only card was Earth, so I set Dandy. He attacked Dandy and Token with Balls, and made Gachi. Set 2 and ends. I play Storm, he allows it, and Dark Hole, which he didn't cared, since he knew I had nothing. Hyperion came down and butt rape me.

2nd duel : I some how manage to make Shooting Star AGAIN. And won with it. Seriously, 60% of my wins  are from Shooting Star.

3rd duel : He pot of Duality into Dustshoot and gets Venus with Earth. He plays Dustshoot and I reviewed, MST, veiler, Maxx C, Sorcerer, Jian (yes, the Lightlord dude) and Mirror Force. He then forces me to play Mirror Force and attack for game with the 1000 and 1600 bastards. I could pull any monster from there. It was Decree, Dark Hole, Decree, Lonefire(which he had Orange light), Mind Control, Foolish (DD Crow'ed) and BLS which I can't summoned. And his 1000 dude attack me while I drew those.

XOX, well, a loss is a loss, at least it was someone who I know was good, not some random ass dude with a top tier deck. :)

Dropped out with me in 17th placed, if they didn't told me it would be top12 instead of 16 earlier in round 5, I would have killed someone.

Fishtank loss once in Swiss and got 3rd, so Toysbar is still in the tourney and is in there strong. I hope we get the GS04 box.

Decklist, although I scrub, I think this list is good for the format, just the side deck needs some bushings.

monster (20):

2 Junk Synchron
2 Effect Veiler
1 Glow Up Bulb
1 Spore
1 Dandelion
1 Lonefire Blossom
1 BLS - Envoy of Beginning
2 Chaos Sorcerer
2 Tragodia
1 Mystic Tomato (wasn't any help)
1 Sangan
2 Ryko Lightlord Doggie
1 Jain Lightlord Gay person (wasn't any help)
2 Maxx C (doesn't do shit in OCG, at least not with this much Agents)

spell (12):

1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 One For One
1 Pot of Avarice (never once played this)
1 Scapegoat (MVP of the day, easily)
1 Enemy Controller (not much help)
1 Book of Moon
1 Mind Control

trap (9):

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Warning
1 Trap Dustshoot (never pulled it once when I truly need it)
1 Starlight Road

Problem with the deck, I have too little Dark Monster in the deck, and I ahve the Chaos stuck in hand too much because of that, guess deck testing IS important.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Order of Chaos

This set should be rename Order of Inzector, Evol, Mainspring and Ninja. No one cares about Photon anyway so I won't mention it.

I don't think we have more than 15 generic cards in here but there are some very good ones for review.

1. Kuribolt

This kuriboh forces Laggia and his lot to negates its summon, if they don't wanna risk a rank 1 monster exceed. They added a "this card can't be use for syncro summon" on it, which is good, cause I see its stats very powerful in Junk Doppel.

2. Gogogo Giant

While basically being a card that supports the Gogogo archtype, this card is good in my opinion because its both a 2000 beater and a Rock monster. Some people still wanna play Dark Gaia for some reason, and need materials that aren't worthless.

3. ZeXal Weapon - Unicorn King Spear

As I mentioned, this card's effect isn't really that useful but its stats are good. But I can't find a use for it upon that.

4. Dark Blade, Head Soldier of the Dark World

This is THE card I want the most from this set. This is actually a retrained version of Dark Blade (if you remember, the very old vanilla 1800 beater that has 2 union dragons). And its a Warrior as oppose to a Fiend while being a Dark World monster.

The best part of this card, is of cause, its effect.

Once per turn, you can banish 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard and select 1 level 4 or above LIGHT monster your opponent controls. The selected card is treated as a equip card for this card. Also, if this card on the field would be destroyed, you can destroy a monster equipped to this card instead.

This card kills Agent, in the right deck. Being a 1800 beater to begin with helps a lot, and a Warrior means its better.

I should most probably get this before Saturday.

5. Trans Archfiend

This is a official (for Asian format) Fabled Raven that recycle those remove from play DW monsters. Many are saying this card is gonna make DW good here, but I really doubt so, thats my opinion thou.

6. Divine Dragon Apocalypse

Why the hell is a divine dragon named Apocalypse? Is he Ragnarok's long lost brother? Any how, this card can recycle Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and I can't think of anything else for it.

7. No 96 Black Mist

This is actually a really good card in my opinion. Agent Angel can play this if they don't wanna go Gachi, but I don't see the point. Well, we can make a deck based on it, not sure how that will do thou.

8. Creeping Darkness

Banish 2 DARK from the Graveyard. Add 1 DARK Level 4 monster from your deck to your hand.

Good effect and not a bad cost, but what deck runs that many DARK and could careless about Banishing 2?

9. Exceed Reborn

This isn't a bad card, but theres no good target in the game (official at least).

10. Royal Prison

I eat Junk Doppel for dinner is what should have been wrote on the card text.

Thats it for my VERY short review on the cards I think is gonna be good. Not to say this set is bad, but most of the cards are themed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Invoker and Zenmaio

I've been trying to fit Invoker into my X-saber deck but I don't see the point of doing that. Mainly cause there's no good target for its effect.

M.X- saber Invoker

Rank 3 1900/500

2 Level 3 Monster

Once per turn, you can detach 1 Exceed Material from this card, special summon 1 Level 4 EARTH Warrior or Beast-Warrior Type monster (from your deck) in face up Defense Position to your side of the field. Destroy that monster during the End Phase.

This card is no doubt good, but I don't think its good in sabers, at least not mine.

This card will be better if its :

1. Targets Level 4 or lower, instead of just level 4.

2. Target Beast type as well.

The only level 4 target in an X-saber deck would be Boggard Knight, which you want to normal summon, and special summoning it in defense does not do anything.

I was thinking of playing my old friend XX-saber Garsem, until I notice he is Beast instead of Beast-Warrior.

The only good use for this guy I can think of at the moment would be playing some sort of T.G Saber hybrid, but even then we don't play Rhino.

All and all, I think this card has potential but I just can't find a good target for its effect.

Wind-Up Zenmaio

Rank 5 2600/1900

2 Level 5 Monster

Once per turn, you can detach 1 exceed material from this card to target 1 set card on the field; destroy it.

I'm not an expert with Wind-Ups and I don't see any Wind-Ups anywhere near my locals so I'm not sure how good the deck is in summoning level 5s.

I'm having mix feelings about this card, seeing that it only destroys face-downs.

People are running BTH and Warning over Prison and Mirror Force, so I doubt you would hit any facedowns S/T with it. And the only monsters that we wanna hit would be Ryko and Spy.

2600 isn't bad but rank 5 means its not generic.

My conclusion with Duelist Box 2012 would be :

The sleeves are awesome and I want it badly; the mat is good seeing we don't have access to rubber mats often (unlike TCG). Those are the Pros.

Now the cons. Red isn't a good color for the box, I just don't feel comfortable with it; we get normal packs instead of special ones like Legendary Collection 2; cardboard deck box and stickers feel cheap; and we still haven't see anything from the pre-constructed deck, which is most likely filled with Zubaba Knight and his lot.

Neutral : 2 Promos which may or may not be good, well, they're not bad, just not good; we have a Secret Rare Hope, just in case you don't like Ultra and Super.

All that for Rm300 or slightly lower than 100 Usd isn't really bad, really, its not, considering we get rip off with products most of the time, but I myself won't get it if I'm not sharing.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good News

I'll be representing Toysbar for the Asia Top Shop Malaysian Qualifier (I'm not sure when, seriously, update me on that, I don't wanna miss this).

This afternoon, Alex (TB's bossman) pm'ed me and asking if I wanna represent TB and I told him I'm fine as long as I'm free. And I'm a rep now for that.

Guess me topping their tourney wasn't for waste.

Still a week (or at least a few days) till the tourney and this time I should have time to prepare for it.

Wish me luck guys, I'm aiming for at least top 8.

Random guy said this to me and makes sense "Yo GQ, you know why you top in non-official tourneys but scrub in official ones? Cause you only play with your non-official deck in the those tourneys ... Practice those official decks fool (okay, maybe he didn't say fool)"

That actually makes a lot of sense although the way he says it makes me wanna punch his face into the wall.

Good night (or morning, depending on where you are) for now.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Shi-En Saber deck

Last Saturday I added Elder of Six Samurai into my Saber deck since I thought I needed Shi-En's presence to maintain control without Brionac and Trishula. It end up doing very very well so I left it in there after re-building my deck this afternoon.

I now see why Agents play Elder, it wasn't just Shi-En. Of cause, Shi-En was the main reason people are playing it but there is more to it than just that.

1. This acts like a mini Tourguide for us OCG guys. We always have problem going to rank 3 cause there aren't many good level 3 that supports exceeds. Since there are tons of level 3 in Sabers, I can make Leviair or Revise Dragon easily (not as brainless as Tourguide, but still very easy); well, Special Elder, summon Venus; 2900 Revise is very good for me.

2. Shi-En is good, although this deck can't do a 1st turn Shi-En, its still very viable. Bottomless is useless against Shi-En and the cards use to make Shi-En are under 1500. My main point of playing Shi-En was that the chances of seeing Warning was 1/3 in team tourney, and thats IF my opponent can draw into it. But still, I rather they Solemn Shi-En than Emergency Call any day.

3. Another tech I come to love is Creature Swap, since thats how I plan to take out Krystia and Hyperion, by not taking them out. Just swap that dead Elder if you don't have Darksoul or Emmersblade.

After that tourney, I played a couple duels with a duelist from Melacca with Rabbit Laggia, note that this wasn't his tourney deck, so it has a full set of staples while I did not have Judgment, Dark Hole, Reborn and Mirror Force (although I've decided not to play Mirror Force now).

The results was something close to 50-50, all of my lost was to 1st turn Laggia backed with 3~4 back rows. Creature Swap was super fun, as it forces Raggia to negate it. My opponent also noted how annoying my Creature Swap was and Shi-En actually won me a few games.

I guess me buying Shi-En last weekend was not a fail investment, well, its just rm20 or 6~7 USD. I could care less.

Found out why I lost to Doppel yesterday, my deck was too defensive in nature and too dependent on combos. That and the simple fact that I totally did not took Junk Doppel into consideration when building my side deck.

I took out my Maxx C's for Snowman Eaters, which was a mistake as my deck doesn't really have a bad match up against BF and the Rabbit Raggia's can't go full force as they need a lot of staples (as mentioned by my opponent). I even have 2 copies of Malevolent Catastrophe in my side for Dimension Raggia and Keepers, but I've totally forgot about Starlight Road. Bad side boarding on my side, maybe because I wasn't playing competitively since school started.

Well, next weekend (or maybe this), we have another large tourney at Sungei Wang. I'll try to make it if my tome allows it.

Decklist for my Shi-En Saber or just X-saber featuring Shi-En.

monster (20):

3 XX-saber Darksoul
3 XX-saber Emmersblade
2 XX-saber Boggard Knight
2 XX-saber Fullhelm Knight
2 XX-saber Faultroll
2 X-saber Pashuul
1 X-saber Airbellum
1 XX-saber Regigura
2 Elder of the Six Samurai
2 Effect Veiler

spell (11):

2 Pot of Duality
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
2 Creature Swap
1 Mind Control
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Heavy Storm
1 Book of Moon

trap (10):

2 Gottom's Emergency Call
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Trap Dustshoot
1 Reinforce Truth

extra (15):

1 Trishula Ice Barrier Dragon
1 XX-saber Gottoms
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 X-saber Urbellum (Souza if non-Asian tourneys)
2 XX-saber Hyunlei
1 Brionac Ice Barrier Dragon
1 AOJ Catastor
1 Legendary Six Samurai Shi-En
1 Number 39 Aspiring Emperor Hope
1 Number 17 Revise Dragon
1 Leviair the Sea Dragon
1 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

Reason for me running Gantetsu with just 2 level 2 is :

1. I have Reborn, Mind Control and Creature Swap; and the meta is full of level 2s at the moment.

2. I have Maxx Cs in my side, and in desperate times, I may need it to stall for a few turns or for an extra boost.

3. Cause all I really need in my extra was those other 14 cards. I was debating between this and Chimera Fortress, but I don't really see a lot of machines running around as of late.


MY team won !!

In case your wondering, no, I didn't win anything, MY team is Sung Lee, Michael and Ivan's team. Not surprising at all as most of us are betting on either this team or Sam's to win.

Left early but Cookie told me the results. The top 4 was like MY team and 3 random ass teams.

Epic fail report no.1 :

We found out that we don't have a single copy of Solemn Warning, Judgment, Bottomless, Dustshoot, Mirror Force, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Monster Reborn and Brionac in our decks. Cause we all assumed the other is using it.

I end up with a lot of traps just before the tourney, but can't fit Reborn, Dark Hole and Judgment into the deck.

Epic fail no.2 :

I should have read feng shui books during my free time, obviously our seats have bad chi. Why? 6 groups that sat on the row lost, all 6 groups. Bigger epic fail? We all know each other so we sat together.

Real report :

Raggia vs Agent XX
Karakuri vs Darkworld OO
X-saber vs Junk Dopple OXX

1st duel - This duel was about 30~35 minutes long, cause my opponent thinks a lot and for a very long time. Mark lost somewhere here and Jun Pak won. I did a Trishula loop and gain advantage for game.

2nd duel - I was trying to be an asshole cause I know we only have 10 minutes left. What I did? Trying to stall the game out. But, out of nowhere the judge told me we are not going to be timed cause its lunch time after this and stalling will only affect our own lunch time and not the entire tourney (Lol? WTF was that?) Didn't have enough big cards to push for damage while my opponent tops a BLS kills me with it, Trishula and Arcanite.

3rd duel - I open with DD Crow, Effect Veiler, Gottom's E Call, Starlight Road, Regigura and Nobleman ... WTF? (the guy beside me explained that since I was the only one left playing, the bad chi accumulated on me). My only chance was actually to play Starlight Road, but the card he played was Lyla. My turn, Faultroll. Got hit. Draw, Nobleman!? Almost dead. I need to draw into something and I drew into ... Effect Veiler ... (Guy next to me was like ... I told you so)

Aside from the luck, I wasn't confident at all during this tourney. Partly because we never practiced and we see Zack, Andrew and Cookie test play a lot.

Need to test play more next time, but it can't be helped cause school is hectic for me at the moment.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is IT!!

Going to Team Tourney in a bout an hour, just woke up and having my daily dos of coffee, its 6 in the morning on a Sunday.

I'm teaming up with Mark Lee and Jun Pak from Team Arco in case your wondering, our team name is ... Team Wizz 2. Cause Sunny's team is Wizz 1.

After much consideration, my team goes by,

Jun Pak (leader) - Machina Offering Gadget
Mark - Rabbit Raggia
me - Saber

To me this is a good set cause we have Aggro, Control and Combo in the team, as oppose to the initial, double control and a combo.

The main focus on my deck today would be Shi-En. I'm playing 2 copies of Elder for Shi-En or rank 3 exceeds.

Will update you guys later today. Stay Tune.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Deck Testing

Finally got some time to test the tourney decks for the upcoming team-tourney. I'm trying to build all 3 of our decks as we speak.

While I was testing with Sunny yesterday night, I accidentally build a pretty good Chaos BF build. It doesn't run Rai-Oh cause its Asian format (although I don't think it needs to), it doesn't run Sirocco either (cause I was actually trying to make a BF with just 1 Sirocco, I found out yesterday my teammate only has 1 copy).

Instead my deck runs 3 copies of Neos Allius, a Dimension Alchemist and an Honest for the light part. I tested it quite a lot yesterday and I only lose once (twice maybe, cause one of my win was from Sunny being ball-less).

I'm not sure if my teammate would want to play this build, as Sunny commented that this was a deck that was build for me, not my teammate.

Bye for now, school starts soon.