Sunday, October 31, 2010

31/10/10 Tourney Report

deck use : E HERO Fusion

1st match vs Curan Lockdown Burn?

1st duel : Table 1!! I open first and summon Airman and get my Allius. Then I fuse Airman with an Ocean in my hand and set D Prison. He starts with a Magician's Valkyria and 3 back rows. Then he activates Hidden Spellcaster Village. At this point, my hand has a Allius, Miracle Fusion and Gemini Spark. I summon Rai-Oh and tried to attack, he flipped Gravity Bind. Next turn, he summons Kuran and 2 more back rows. I drew and summon Forestman to thin my deck for an Ocean. He slowly burns me and set more monsters and fill up all 11 of his slots. I finally drew into Ocean, summon it and ended. He ended and I took the damage, I summon Airman and he discard Effect Veiler. My life was running VERY low, to my last effort, I flipped Snowman Eater to destroy ZERO and go all out. He then Solemn's it.

2nd duel : I drew RaiOh and summon it and set a Warning. He summons Valkyria which I Warnings, and he sets 1 and activates Massager of Piece. I summon Ocean and keeping my Airman for next turn. He summons some spellcaster and activates the field. I summon Airman, took out his Massanger, and attack. Then he could only set monsters until I beat him up.

3rd duel : He starts with 4 backrow, a spell caster and Village. I can do nothing in responds as I have no monsters nor traps in my hand. Drew Airman next turn ... but he flipped Screen of Red ...



Never expected this deck coming. Nothing in my side works, really need to have a couple of Dust Tornados in here.

2nd match vs Gemini

1st duel : I start with Airman and gets Allius. He opens with Burden and have his Dark Valkyria attack me. I set Forestman and ended with a set D Prison. He summons the 1900 warrior and attacks into my wall. I grab Poly, summon ZERO and Allius, attacks with ZERO which he Karma-Cut me?(Why? I'm losing a monster and he loses 2 monster and a card at hand, Phoenix Gearfried). He then top decks Monster Reborn, and targets his Gearfried, attacks and I use Gemini Spark ... EPIC. Miracle Fusion next turn.

2nd duel : I sided in 2 Compulse and 2 CyDra, which I drew immediately. He starts with the exact same move. I Sp CyDra and he flips BTH for some reason (he has Burden...). I set Snowman and ended. He attacked into it then summon the 1900 warrior. I just stall out a few turns and then fuse into 2 Shining, and 2 ZERO with him a clear field. But he has Fader. He tops a Dark Hole, but I get Airman and Allius back to hand. I use the Gate to summon my last ZERO and Shining and go for game.



3rd match vs Machina Gadget

1st duel - he starts with ramming a DD Warrior Lady into my Stratos, I let it cause I have Parallel World in my hand. Then he sets 2 backrow in which he lost his Mirror Force to my MST. I summon RaiOH and got BTH (Perfect!!). He thens summons Gearframe gets a Fortress and ditch his gadget and fortress to summon it, attack for damage and equip GearFrame to Fortress. I summons Ocean and activates Super Poly into Gaia. Attacks and his in top deck mode and he pulled a Force out of his ass. I then summons Allius and Spark it drew Mirror Force and set. He drew Force AGAIN, but I have Mirror FORCE this time. I summons Forestman and Parallel to Shining for game ... BUT I miscalculated and he has 200 left. He pulled a Gadget and attacks my Forest ... MEH ...

2nd duel : He starts with 3 backrow and summons Gearframe, I Veiler it. I then summon Airman which he Veiler it, LOL! So, I ram Airman into Gearframe and set 3 to mimic his move but lost Solemn Judgment to MST at the end phase. He then tops a Fortress//Force and sends both for his Fortress which I have a BTH. I summon Allius which he tried to BTH but I have Spark. He thens Yugi'ed into Swords of Revealling Light. I set a card and ended. He tops Force AGAIN. I Top CyDra!! And Fortress Dragon dealed with his remaining life.



4th match vs Infernity

1st duel : He starts with ramming Archfiend into my Airman and sets 4 to the back. I MST a random 1 and hit his One-For-One. I set Snowman. His other Archfiend attacks into it. I set Forest and BTH. He summons Mirage, and sarc for his 2 Archfiend ... BTH!! He searches for Infernity Force and set it. I summons Allius which attacks and he used D Prison, I use Spark on his Force, but he chained it to destroy Forestman and I can't draw ...(I forgot)... He just set a few cards. Then I use Hurricane, which he chain 2 Forces to my Allius and ZERO, which I chained a Spark to his backrow and drew 1. I fuse into another ZERO, deal 2500 damage, Forest another 1000, his 1900 left I use Super Poly.

2nd duel : He starts with an Archfiend and a backrow. I summon Airman, grabs Allius and traded it off. Set Mirror Force//D Prison and his ended with Inferno, sending the remaining things into the grave. He sets all of his cards and summons Mirage, targeting his Archfiend and Necromancer, I chained a DD Crow to his Archfiend. His Necromancer came out and he summons his Beetle and 2 more. Sync into Catastor but was met with Mirror Force//D Prison. I summons Allius, he chains Torrential, but I had Spark and blew his last card away. He tops into a Necromancer, gets his Beetle, apparently doesn't syncs due to my facedown or something(BTH BTW, good call). I use Miracle into ZERO, get pass his monsters and attack for game.



the next 2 matches were crucial, win both and I'm in top8, lose 1 and I'm out.

5th match vs Lightsworn

1st duel : I started with 2 Super Poly in my hand. I don't have traps but I do have Airman. I grab Allius and traded the Airman with a Ryko. He sets another monster. I summon Allius but attacks into Dandelion!? He then summons Debris but I chain Super Poly into Tornado before Black Rose could blow my field. I lost it somehow but was able to pull Raioh next turn. He uses Foolish to get Wolf, which at that point, I must negate the sp summon. Then Judgment came out ... my next draw was Spark, but I have nothing left.

2nd duel : I started with 2 Warning and Airman. I grab Allius. He MSTs one Warning, set Ryko. I attack but lost the other. Summons Allius and sets something. He sets a monster. I set Snowman and attacks into Dandelion. He then Black Rose my field and did something. I Miracle into ZERO and beat his monster. He keeps on setting until I pulled Gate and fuse ZERO for another ZERO.

3rd duel : I started with DD Crow, Effect Veiler, Solemn Judgment, D Prison, BTH and Super Poly ... Sets the 3 activate able traps but lost Solemn to MST. He sets a monster. I drew no monsters. My D Prison got ryko'ed but BTH gets off something. His Jain beat me twice then I pulled Airman!! I summons Airman use Super Poly and ditch Allius I just grab for a Shining and Miracle Fusion into Tornado. Dealed with his remaining monsters//tokens. He summons Dandelion, his Already faced up somehow not dead Ryko and Glow Up Buld into Brionac. I have 2 fusion monsters but no back row, my life 2300!! He asked for priority and ditch his 2 remaining hands at once. I smirked and ditch Effect Veiler!! He was left with 2 tokens, a Brionac with no effect, no hands and no backrow. I drew into Reborn and holding Crow!! I attack his token and Brionac!! Ended!! He draws, I wanted to chain Crow to his draw, but I saw 5 different Lightsworns in there ... I was slightly ... NO!! VERY Scared!! He top deck Judgment Farking Dragon!!



Basically that just says : Your not going into the finals ...

6th match vs GB

1st duel : I wasn't in good mood. I wanted to set Snowman BUT set RaiOh in accident. He then activates Ancient Forest, flipping my RaiOH, which we were both surprised. He turn his Murmillo to defense. I summon Allius, he tries to BTH, but I use Spark on his Forest. RaiOh died to ... Mirror Force//D Prison. I set 1 (bait), he then flip his facedown Hoplomus, attacked and Bestiari jumped out, then Gyzarus for no real reason. I use Miracle for ZERO, attacks his Gyzarus. D Prison!! .. oh well. He draws and sets 2 to his back. I Reborns his Gyzarus and blew them off!! Then Airman searches for something and attacks. He surrenders after drawing.

2nd duel : I pull no monsters but 2 Gates, 2 Sparks and 2 Miracle Fusion ... What!? He starts and sets 1 and 3. I drew E Call which he Solemned!! Is he a psychic? He thens Test Tiger a GB for 2 more, the Heraklinos came out. I drew Super Poly ...

3rd duel : I drew Chivalry, BTH, Airman, Miracle, Spark and RaiOh. I was like ... your dead ... your dead. Sets Chivalry, BTH and Airman for Allius. He sets a monster and a few back. I summon Allius, which he Torrential and he lost a backrow(chariot) to Spark. He then summons a GB, directed and gets Equeste, targeting his Chariot but I have Chivalry (at this point he argued with me that we are already in main phase 2 and something on some champion told him that. I called the judge, Joshua, Paul, Michael and Fei Hung came and says : yes! You CAN!!). He bribes it and set his Chariot. I have a Miracle in hand with him having a GB and a facedown(chariot). I ZERO him and ended. He sets another monster. I summon Ocean and sets BTH. Attacks and deal some damage. He tops Proving Ground, gets Laquari but I BTH. He gave up.



ranking : 15. Zzz!!

Overall ... a bad bad day. And I have to take a bus home(which the driver decided to go get some petrol AND thinks its a good idea to have a smoke break there, seriously, that guy was smoking at a PETROL STATION!!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Atmosphere is a Psycho. deck

Basically I have been tuning this deck the whole afternoon and bringing in weirder and weirder ideas.

If you think the deck list I posted yesterday was crazy. You ARE NOT PREPARED for what you are going to see.

The amount of idiotic idea I made this afternoon was ... a lot ... no better word for it, and yes, I blame my education for that as well.

I'll go into the deck 1st and try to explain later on.

monster (35):

2x The Atmosphere
3x Machina Fortress
3x Machina Force
3x Machina Gearframe
3x Jinzo
3x Cyber Dragon
1x Card Trooper
2x Genex Controller
2x Ally Genex BIRDMAN
2x Genex Undine
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
2x Super Nimble Mega Hamster
1x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Treeborn Frog

spell (5):

1x Allure of Darkness
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Cold Wave
1x Scapegoat

I word I have for this deck : Insane!!

The Atmosphere may seem out of place BUT I get more kills off him then other monsters (including the Proxy Kurokishian)

How do you play this?

Build your grave for a few turns then explodes!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Atmosphere is awesome. deck

Meet my new best friend, The Atmosphere!!

Minus the crap and lets get into the deck list!!

monster (35):

2x The Atmosphere
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
2x Jinzo
2x Chaos Sorcerer
3x Cyber Dragon
3x Dimension Alchemist
3x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
3x Super Nimble Mega Hamster
3x Battle Fader
3x BF - Shura of the Blue Flame
2x BF - Mistrall of the Silver Shield
1x BF - Gale of the Whirlwind
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x Spore
1x Sangan

spell (5):

1x Cold Wave
1x Charge of the Light Brigade
1x Monster Reborn
1x Mind Control
1x Allure of Darkness


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Machina Gadget

The deck that reign supreme(before Frogs became top) last format in Malaysia or maybe ... KL!

The deck didn't had anything robbed from them.

BUT this deck has been MIA since the start of the format in Gamers Arena.


I mean, aside from that noob-of-a-kid that runs it with Machine Emperor, no one runs the damn deck.

I guess the spirit of Machina in KL died the moment Cookie sold his deck ...

Contrary to believes, X-sabers never took off after Extra Pack 3. I guess the lack of Cat and Darksoul really is defining.

The only ones I saw running the deck is Kelvin and me (while Lam and Nick did plan to play it, but meh ... they give up I think).

Another deck that seemed to completely disappear from the format here is Infernity, but this I can see why. Your paying that enormous amount of money for an already not broken deck which got his Gun 1/3'ed.

While I see a few Scraps here and there, it is still another one of those deck that has enormous potential, but just didn't took off. Saw Fei Hung and Michael playing, and thats it.

Dragunity is gone too ... Arkylus ...

Surprisingly, I see the number of GBs and Lightlord INCREASING. I mean, the cards we have to deal with them increase, but why?

Weird things are happening at Gamers Arena ... Weird things ...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I can see it now

a very crowded Gamers Arena this Sunday ...

well, this is a reply to Andrew's post in case y'all don't know.

If I'm going (50/50 cause its a Sunday), I wanna face Michael again ASAP!! ... not really ASAP, but I wanna duel him!! Me and Draco Equites WANTS REVENGE!!

Since Andrew brought this up.

Cause this is a trap heavy format, AntiMETA's going to win?

YES and NO!

Cause a duel is like flipping a coin, 50% would be META another 30% would be Antimeta, the last 20% goes to scrubbers with bad decks and E HERO players(which in turns is also a scrubber).

Card that would be VERY important in this tourney!!

No, not Road. Not Duality.

Its Royal Decree!!

Its true!! Who ever has a deck that can fully play around this card and is fast will be taking the win. This does not include noobs with good decks.

I accidentally build a quite stable X-saber deck maining 3 Decrees. It works very well, only problem I have with it is that it needs 3 Duality's to work well ... Oh!

My X-saber currently is undergoing a VERY VERY weird construction, look around the web and you won't find a build quite similar!!

Working ... not really ... I mean, not as good as the Decree build at least.

Duelist I wanna duel if I happen to participate :

Michael, Alex and of cause Fei Hung!!

People I really don't wanna face :

Nick, my team mate cause I hate his Naturia ... A LOT ...

Deck list for my X-saber Decree build :

monster (20):

3x XX-saber Faultroll
3x XX-saber Emmersblade
3x XX-saber Fulhelmknight
2x XX-saber Regigura
2x X-saber Airbellum
2x X-saber Pashuul
2x Gravekeeper's Spy
2x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1x Super Nimble Mega Hamster

spell (15):

3x Pot of Duality (I tried using Upstart as a replacement ... not working as well)
3x Book of Moon
2x Enemy Controller
1x My Body as a Shield
1x Mind Control
1x Cold Wave
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x One for One

trap (5):

3x Royal Decree
2x Gottom's Emergency Call

side (15):

2x Banisher of the Radiance
2x DD Crow
1x Effect Veiler
2x Mystic Space Typhoon
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Chivalry
1x 7 Tools of the Bandit
1x Starlight Road
1x Solemn Warning
1x Mind Crush//Trap Dustshoot

extra (15):

2x XX-Saber Gottoms
2x XX-Saber Hyunlei
1x X-Saber Urbellum
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac, Ice Barrier Dragon
1x Goyo Guardian
1x AOJ Catastor
1x Magical Android
1x Armory Arm

Unless I get triple Duality (which I could since I sold my Rainbow Neos deck for rm300...), this decklist won't be played AT ALL.

The proxy duels are fun thou.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Frozen Fitzgerald

Let me start by introducing just how good a card this is.

Dark Tuner + 1 Beast non-tuner? How bout we rephrase that as Junk Syncron + Ryko?

Awesome card is awesome, 2500 for a Junk Syncron free summon is good.

And its effect is not half bad, not awesome nor broken but good!!

I can see people playing decks like JnD or just about any deck that uses Syncron and Ryko as the engine using him at 1.

He helps fill the grave too. 1 more Dark for DAD or Chaos Sorc?

How bout Dandelion?

Spore and Glow-up Bulb are nice too!

Jet Black Zumwalt is another very good card.

With Dark Bug, this card can be summon easily, problem I have with it is that Insect ain't really that popular in the game right now ... EXCEPT LEVEL EATER!!

Syncron deck's 2 new best friends?

Monday, October 25, 2010


As titled, this is a reply to the post on Accel Scrubbing.

Am I the only one who thinks that Holy Light//Consecrated Light is a total waste of time, afford and side deck space?

I mean, in a Infernity or TeleDAD heavy format, yes, I get this.

BUT, now, its not, at least not here(hence this may only be viable here in KL).

The only Dark deck that is ruling the competitive scene is BF//Blackwings.

Yes, Light slows them down, but stopping them dead in their tracks? Far from it.

Like the author said in his post, to fully play this thing, Royal Decree and My Body is sided in as well, I get that point, BUT I don't have that space and I need my traps.

So, the conclusion is, IF your traps can do you the job, stick with them.

I sold mine last weekend to support this point!!

What if Infernity or another Dark deck becomes Top meta next?

Don't count on it, cause to me, Earth is the new Dark.

And being the player we all know Konami is, they would be boosting them more now, not that I have complains for it.

Lets see. Since DREV, we got 2 very powerful archtype, Scrap and Karakuri(okay, its not as powerful as Scrap but ... its good and a few more GOOD cards will broke this deck), both which are Earth!!

SO, my point IS!! Don't waste your money on that Light Ball that looks like a lone testicle. I mean, rm40 for that piece of shit? Selling 2 may earn me the money for a Pot of Duality(the most epic OVER PRICED card of them all!!)

I'm just saying.

If you wanna take down BF, Chivalry is a better AND cheaper option that give you outs to GB, X-Sabers and Perfect Declarer(before Decree comes out), at least to me it is. And it doesn't look like a lone testicle!!

Again, I'm just saying.

My opinion on the I think overhyped ... not really, but over priced card!!

New deck IDEA!!

This is going to be an extremely short post!!

I dreamed of this idea yesterday night (seriously!!).

Dark Sigmorg + The Atmosphere + Unicorn Beacon

That is my deck idea, still can't get a good deck running yet!!

As I don't have Dark Sigmorg, Icarus Attack and Pot of Duali... NOOOOO!!! WHY!!! WHY DA FAK I SOLD THEM OFFFFF SOOOO CHEAPPPPPP!!

Lets continue ...

... err .. OH!! Thats it for now!! Nothing else up my head!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

23/10/10 Tourney Report!!

Don't really wanna crap cause you guys don't wanna see those. Sold my 2 Consecrated Light for rm75, 3 Neos Allius for rm40 and 2 Rekindling for rm40. Made money basically, cause I really don't want those cards (maybe except Allius) anymore.

Deck used : E HERO Fusion aka BF Killer (you'll get this later)

1st match vs AntiMETA

1st duel : Stratos 1st turn and gate into Shining (this happens alot so I just type Situation A from now on). Slowly wastes his cards and game.

2nd duel : Gaia is awesome!! I want 1!!



2nd match vs BF

1st duel : Situation A, hit him till 900 with Allius at hand, he has nothing, but he top decked Reborn and special Goyo...

2nd duel : Chivalry and BTH FTW.

3rd duel : Situation A, fusion gate OTK him.



3rd match vs Gigavis

1st duel : Situation A, but he Turnade every thing and go for his OTK.

2nd duel : Slowly wastes his cards and forces him into top deck mode.

3rd duel : Set Super Poly and Solemn with Situation A. He Turnade, I should have Solemned, but I didn't, he OTK me with his loop.



4th match vs BF (I never get to ask his name but we know each other for quite some time)

1st duel : Situation A, BTH and Rai-Oh.

2nd duel : Icarus my Gate and Stratos, I have no back row...

3rd duel : Chivalry his Kalut when Shura tries to attack Allius. Then Spark his set. Gate OTK him.



5th match vs BF

1st duel : Opening hand, 2x E Call, Solemn, 2x Miracle Fusion, Spark ... Epic hand.

2nd duel : Chivalry his Kalut twice.



At this point, I beat Wong Fei Hong in time of passing up the results and score a place in top 4.

Top 4 today was me, Sean, Michael and Zack. Finally, no Fei Hong for a long time says someone...

Top 4 vs BF - Sean

1st duel : Situation A and that waste him too much to come back.

2nd duel : We both have nothing till both of us have 3~4 sets. Obviously, I lose out to BF in this condition.

3rd duel : Situation A and then Miracle for total wasting his hand.

P.S I draw Stratos 1st turn every duel, even when he suffered my deck alot!! Its true he can't be beaten!!

Before the finals, me and Michael have a little discussion, we decided to split but both of us wants the Yusei 3 and not the Crow (the prize was 1 of each), BUT to make sure I at least got something, I say, why don't we decide who takes the Yusei 3 in the match and the loser takes Crow. He agrees to it by the condition of the winner also get the prize for the 2nd place.

Finals vs Scrap - Michael

1st duel : Bloody noisy!! He Syncro Spam, can't kill me and I Fusion Spam and can't kill him. He top decks Chimera and Scrap Dragon my face-downed ZERO. I have no hands to Gate him next turn, and I was out of Miracle and HEROs in my deck at that point. BUT, I found out afterwards that my 3rd Shining wasn't used yet, unlike what people said ... should have checked 1st.

2nd duel : Opened with 2 Gate ... can't be good...


Placing : 2nd

So, I took the Crow pack, THEN, Micheal suddently said this : "How bout you throw in another 20 bucks and we switch boxes". In my brain, rm35(rm20+registration) for a box of Yusei 3 is a VERY VERY good deal. So, I pay him the 20 and take the box.

Pulled 2 Veiler and 1 Road ... Zzz, 1 more Road would be good.

Sold, Big One Warrior x2 + Justice Bringer for rm30. So, basically I got the other cards for rm5 ... YES!!

Pros : Got most of my revenges (only target lefts are Micheal, Zack and Karl Lim), Beating a butt load of BF hence earning the bloody BF Killer name, Top a tourney with REAL prizes, making money$.

Cons : Tried my luck with a 5 pack DREV, got Trident as the Holo and no Warning ... , Not winning Michael.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Infernity!! Topping!!

Using Infernity and topping a tourney may not seem that difficult(if your good), but topping in an Asian Format ...

Not happening ...

Not even if your Yugi .... ok, maybe if your Yugi, but I guess your not.

Why ?

The whole deck is Asian format legal? Its one of the few decks that can work perfectly without any promos? And their won't be any promos to stop you, why can't they win?

Yes, their main deck doesn't have promos, but their extra is a different story.

Was playing TF5 last weekend and I found out how important Hundred-Eyed Dragon is to the deck.

I almost always summon him twice per game and end the game.

Its like :

Mirage -> Necromancer + Daemon -> Gun -> Hundred-Eyed->activate Gun, get another Hundred-Eyed, search for Force->Remove Necromancer, get Daemon, search for something->top that card with Plague->Bronaic->Daemon comes back and ditch last card->game

Thats what happening almost every single time.

I can't imagine Infernity topping without Hundred-Eyed, seriously, I can't.

I mean, its not like you can't win, but against top tier decks, its gonna be very tough, and winning against them to the top ... even tougher.

The other card is almost obvious, we can't use Trishula-sama.

The soul of Infernity last format. Not able to play this card = -10 or more plays.

I rephrase my point again, its not like Infernity without these 2 is a bad deck, no, its still an awesome deck. BUT, the difference in having and not having these cards ... is obvious.

Till tonight then!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Koyo Hibiki, I am Legend

From now on, when ever I wanna post a deck list, I'll have that deck down below the labels, why I wasn't doing this till now ... no clue ...

For those of you who follow the GX manga (best YGO manga ever, dueling wise), we all know that Judai got his deck, his AIBO and his passion for dueling form Koyo Hibiki, the legendary Pro Duelist and 3 times World Champ playing E HERO.

This actually makes more sense than simply just getting his AIBO from a grown//buff-up AIBO. And their history is so much more interesting.

So, since I don't have school today(Hell Yeah!! Weds and Fris OFF is COOL!!), I stayed up till 2 am last night building my own version of Koyo-san's deck. While that Super Polymerization in my E HERO deck wins games every time I draws into it. Taking it out, they fight evenly(somewhat).

Some argue that Koyo never play Miracle Fusion, I'm like, how the hell the guys suppose to win WC 3 times with E HERO without Miracle? Its like Lightlord//lightsworn without Judgment Dragoon. And since we don't have MOST of his card in the OCG, Miracle Fusion will have to do.

While most of his monsters are just normal monsters in the manga(or having different effects), in the OCG, they are real beasts. I mean, Airman, Ocean, ZERO, Shining, etc... all these are HIS cards.

Let us begin, for those of you who wanna see him duel, go get a copy of GX volume 2, and as a bonus, you get a Rai-Oh!!

E HERO, Koyo Hibiki ver. (40):

monster (15):

1x E HERO Stratos//Airman
2x E HERO Ocean
2x E HERO Woodman//Forestman
2x E HERO The Heat
2x E HERO Voltech
1x E HERO Ice Edge
2x E HERO Flash (I proxy this cause well ... I'm broke)
2x King of the Swamps (yeah ... I know ...)
1x Winged Kuriboh

spell (17):

3x E Emergency Call (he played ROTA, 3 would be ... not allowed)
3x Miracle Fusion
3x Polymerization
3x PARALLEL WORLD FUSION (his ace card or something)
2x Mystic Space Typhoon (he does play this)
1x Nobleman of Extermination (again, he does play this)
1x Future Fusion (To boost synergy)
1x Sky Scrapper (He did said he likes the card)

trap (8):

2x HERO Signal (its a beast in here)
2x Threatening Roar ( Cause HERO Barrier just suck)
1x Mirror Force (cause every other pro in the manga plays it)
1x Solemn Judgment (just because)
2x Paradox Fusion (no comment)

extra (15):

3x E HERO Absolute ZERO
3x E HERO The Shining
3x E HERO Nova Master (proxy until his out)
2x E HERO Gaia (yeah...I don't have this)
2x E HERO The Great Tornado
1x E HERO Inferno//Flameblast
1x E HERO TERRA FIRMA//THE EARTH (rule : you can only play 1)

I left out some cards like the plant E HEROs and the useless The Earth supports. Cause those would make this deck bad ...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow!! TCG dudes, stop complaining ...

Anyone remember Structure deck Marik? Yes, the one from 2004. It's not bad of a deck I guess... got a couple of good staples ... but thats really IT...

Everyone knows the TCG is finally getting it. But they get it PUMPED UP.


2x Grave Keeper's Spy
2x Necro Valley
1x Grave Keeper's Decedent
1x Grave Keeper's Visionary
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Metal Reflect Slime


If we got this in OCG, it gonna get out of stock real quick ...

Monday, October 18, 2010

D.D.M - Different Dimension Master

An really old card from CRV!!

Why did I just brought back an antique from the beginnings of the GX era to our current mid-late 5D's era.

Cause its ... playable!!

I was looking through Lam's monster pile yesterday and found this card while I was looking for Giant Kozaki ...

Look at it for a while (level, attribute, type ...) and all sorts of way to play this card flew into my mind.

I was thinking of DDM + Plague Spreader = POP 2 cards + Plague back in grave.

Until I notice this card has no Level restriction on the cards he can special summon.

And being a Light, makes him a powerful play in decks with Dark Armed and especially Chaos Sorcerer, sometimes even Dark Creator.

Only problem being his a Level 5, if he was 100 attack lower, he can be ABUSE using Chaos End Master ...

So, Soul Exchange maybe ? Why not ? ... Why yes ...

My DDM deck at the moment!!

monster (26):

3x D.D.M - Different Dimension Master
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
2x Chaos Sorcerer
2x D-HERO Malicious
2x Grave Keeper's Spy
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
3x Dimension Alchemist
3x Cyber Dragon
3x Cyber Valley
2x Effect Veiler
1x Glow Up Bulb

spell (14):

3x Miracle Syncro Fusion
1x One-For-One
1x Foolish Burial
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Dark Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Mind Control
1x Giant Turnade
2x Mystic Space Typhoon
2x D.D.R

Let me know what you guys think!



Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Hero Beat!!

Its been a while since my last post, I'm terribly sorry cause its my final week of holiday so I can't think of anything to post. My usual number of post would return next week as school starts. 1 more tourney for me before school starts!! Must capture a Top4 and challenge Wong Fei Hung to a rematch!!

With Nova Master about to be release, my interest in my other HERO deck(aside from my main deck) has been reignited. Mind you I have 3 HERO decks, but mostly people only see 1 of it(my main of cause) the other 2 is less played, 1 of it is so secret only Lam has seen it, not even team member Nick seen this deck!

BUT!! As for now, that deck is HISTORY!!

Took it apart and build it into another HERO Beat deck.

Some of the cards ... a not so small amount of cards in here are PROXIES!!

monster (17):

2x E HERO Sparkman
2x E HERO Prisma
2x E HERO Wild Heart//Wildman
2x E HERO Blade Edge//Edgeman
2x E HERO Necro Shade//Necro Darkman
1x E HERO Stratos//Airman
3x King of the Swamps
3x Cyber Dragon

spell (14):

3x E Emergency Call
3x Polymerization
3x Miracle Fusion
1x Future Fusion
1x Fusion Recovery
1x Fusion Gate
1x Monster Reborn
1x Giant Turnade

trap (9):

2x Trap Stun
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Paradox Fusion
1x Call of the Haunted

extra (15):

2x E HERO Shining Flare Wingman
1x E HERO Dark Bright//Dark Brightman
1x E HERO Plasma Vice//Plasma Viceman
1x E HERO Wild Edge//Wild Jaggyman
1x E HERO Wild Wingman
1x E HERO Necroid Shaman
2x E HERO Absolute ZERO
2x E HERO The Shining
1x E HERO Gaia
1x Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon
1x Cyber Twin Dragon
1x Cyber End Dragon

A brief History!! This is what my main HERO deck looks like 2 years ago before Absolute ZERO came out (- Prisma)!! Brings back memories!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

His back in the deck !!

After what I call, a year and a few months, E HERO Wildman is finally being main in my HERO beat again. Mind you, HERO beat, not my E HERO Fusion which I played a few days ago at Sungei Wang.

Why ?

Cause this format is stupidly trap orientated, and I can Super Polymerization without risking BTH.

Next target on my to kill list :

Wong Fei Hong!! *inserts BGM here please*

Apparently, some guy who plays E HERO in the most recent YCS mained 3 of this guy. I test play against some of my own decks after reading the duel, and it works out very well, and his other tech, Burden of the Mighty, Nick's solution-to-everything card, is a very good choice!!

This is what I want to build in my last week of holidays before school restarts next Monday (I for once wish time flies, cause its BORING).

monster (18):

3x E HERO Neos Allius//Another Neos
3x E HERO Wildheart//Wildman
2x E HERO Prisma
1x E HERO Stratos//Airman
3x Hydrogeddon
2x Gemini Lancer
2x Cyber Dragon
2x Honest

spell (12):

3x Gemini Spark//Dual Spark
2x Burden of the Mighty
2x E Emergency Call
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Mystical Space Typhoon//Cyclone
1x Future Fusion

trap (12):

3x HERO Blast
2x Solemn Warning
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Skill Drain
1x Royal Oppression
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Trap Stun

Sg Wang people : Why are you trying to copy Wong Fei Hong ?

Me : No! My deck has been that way (-Solemn Warning) for the last 3 months. Aside from the Lancer and Wildman.


Really hope that Konami doesn't Farking comes up with a :

"E HERO + Dark monster" fusion.

If so, Miracle Fusion is gonna get limited.

And that basically KILLs E HERO...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

9/10/10 tourney report!!

Lam fetch me from my house (woah! now thats news!!) and me, him and Nick travelled to Sungei Wang in the bloody Vios.

Tourney starts very late 1330-ish.

Deck : Don't wanna play X sabers cause my homeboys wants some action.

so, I played my E HERO.

No, this is not Hero Beat or Light beat or anything that has a close resemblance to Hero Beat aside from Allius and Stratos.

Its Hero Fusion!!

1st match vs Gemini Beat - Najib

I swear to god, thats my opponent 1st round. For those of you who have no idea who the fak is Najib, Google it!!

1st duel - He Pot of Duality and picked Gorz. I Hurricane his backrow, and pumped The Earth to over 9000 with Zero, Shining and Airman.

2nd duel - I set Snowman, one of his 1900 hit into it. Then I set Forestman, and he pretty much did the same thing. I grab Poly and go for the kill with a Stratos and a Miracle at hand.

2 -0


2nd match vs GB - Kamali(I think, sorry, I know the guy for years and still can't remember his name)

1st duel - He starts with Laquari and 4 sets. I have Stratos, Gate, Trap Stun and some irrelavent cards. Summoned Stratos, got Chariot. GG!!

2nd duel - After sided, I drew into 2 Miracle, 2 Fusion Gate and 2 Cyclone ... Da Fak?



3rd match vs Burn - Lokman

1st duel - I Hurricane his backrow and Spam my Poly, E Call and Miracle.

2nd duel - I use The Earth to Tribute Zero, destroying his Marshmallon and Fusion summon Shining FTW.



4th match vs Flamvell Syncro - Uncle

1st duel - I Super Poly his Stardust while his Scrap trys to blow the shit out of Zero.

2nd duel - Summon King of the Swamps and Super Poly with his Colossal Fighter into Neos Knight!! And Ocean FTW!!

2 -0


5th match vs X-saber - Kelvin

1st duel - I drew bad and set Forestman and Snowman to stall out. Which he slams into them. And when Stratos come into my hand, it over!!

2nd duel - Drew no Fusion cards, and my sided Skill Drain came out too late.

3rd duel - I start with E Call, Skill Drain, Fusion Gate, Trap Stun, BTH and Allius. AKA 80% win hand against X-sabers that is USEABLE in OCG. He slams his Regigura into my set Forestman for some reason...

2 -1


Got 5th!! Zzz!!

Kamali with 4 wins but losing at a later match gets the spot along wit Sun Shin Tat.

From the TP. I pulled Palamuro and Lam pulled Pashuul. We freaking shouted YES!! And bloody High Touch! And traded ...

Zack pulled a Pashuul as well and did what football players did after they scored a goal!!

Pretty much scrubbed.

A few things I wanna point is that, how many people would Ram into my set monsters. I mean, dude, if I set my monsters, its gonna be either Snowman or Forestman. Why would Bora, Airbellum or anything among those lines work.

And why everyone shows a surprised face when I freaking tell them I'm using E HERO, its not like I haven't did this before!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I posted this!!

Over at Lam's forum. I saw this guy who ask how he can start YGO, thus, I posted this :

We need to know are you a fan of the manga or anime, cause if you are, it will be a lot easier. If not, do you have past experience with TCG (MTG if possible), if no ALSO, this is going to be hard.

To make things simple, 1st, you should get in touch with your local community (or make 1 your self with 4 to 5 friends).

Get a starter deck//structure deck or just look at the beginners guide over at or equivalent.

Look up the basic rules of the game and play fun matches with each rules step by step (don't worry about upper class things like Priority, missing the timing and most importantly//confusingly cost for the 1st few matches until you get your basic mastered). Then, try understand priority and cost.

Missing the timing is something you would have to learn as your dueling career grow, its what I consider the hardest to teach and cannot be teach anywhere outside a duel. Not many outside judges and top players get this 100% right, they have the idea and is 80% right, but 100% is pro level, so don't think about this when you have only just start.

Decks : get a deck, anyone you like, if your just starting and want to just play for fun. The starter deck is a good option. Get a box or 2 of it and some packs of the upcoming Yusei pack 3 as well as a Stardust Dragon, together with the rules in your head, and you can go to your locals now.

Going to tourneys would really help a duelist improve. I mean, dueling against top players and top decks let you see how good players play 1st hand, you might not be able to win at 1st, but the experience is what you are paying for, not the prize, that comes after you have master the basics.

And another note is, don't listen to bullshits (very very few in OCG but tons in TCG) like, your deck sucks , get this deck or just netdeck(copy) this deck list I have here. Its your deck, if they have a problem with it, let it be THEIR problem. BUT this doesn't mean don't take any advice, just not the bullshits. Ask some nice players after a match (because how would they know your probelm without seeing it ...) how to mod it without making it too complicated (some players just makes deck that are too complicated for beginners I know).

Before buying a deck, ask some nice players whether you could borrow their deck and ask them to teach you how to work with it. After a few rounds, before you return it, ask them (while few would ever consider) to show you his//her deck list and if possible ask some questions on the selections of cards (like why Solemn Warning? Why Pot of Duality? Cards that have draw backs that you think might work negatively)

Thats my 2 pieces!!


Is it relevant?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Original post by me on Lam's Forum : Here!!

This is where a newbie and an experience player come different.

I'm not saying newbie as in :

no tourney winning, just start the game, having bad decks, etc.

Lets say you have the same deck ...

NO!! ITS not where you think I'm going!!

Even if a guy can 90% if not 95% utilize a deck, if he can't do what I'm going to state below, his still a newbie (not many can 100% play a deck to its full potential, see Sam vs random kid using BF)

But!! Unless the player is a NOOB!! mind you that newbie =/= NOOB!! NOOB is NOOB. Newbie is those who are doing well but their experience ain't enough for him to win anything big (outside of luck based ones).

Lets take BF for example, cause this a deck that we are ALL familiar with, so it makes things easier.

Neglect game 1 as I find it very luck influenced and UNLESS the skill level differs ALOT!! Its going to be close.

GAME 2 is where experience comes in. EVERY competitive player knows how important our side deck is to us. But not every one knows HOW our side deck helps us win. In theory, its helping your deck get the edge from a bad matchup, that, everyone knows. But most newbie forgot 1 very important thing. Your opponent has a side deck too.

Why do I think this is important ? To me, if you don't know how to side!! Your still learning. The end. Thats my point!!

Say a newbie using say ... Quickdraw against BF. He will side in : Consecrated Light, Trap Hole, AND if he is smart some hand destruction cards like the DD one (which works like MInd Crush aside from the fact that its a spell, its a good card against BF because It doesn't just get you to REMOVE monsters but also spells/traps but most importantly, info on your opponent's hand.)

He'll be thinking, thats a good side, agree? I admit, its not a bad side AT ALL, IF your opponent doesn't figure out what your are doing.

Side in 3 virus (or 2) and a couple of other cards like Chain Disappearance ... your screwed!!

Problem with Consecration Light is that, it doesn't STOPS BF, its just SLOWS them down. But if he had Sirocco set or basically just any BF ... your screwed. Cause of 2 cards!! Icarus Attack AND Deck Devastating Virus!!

See my point. BUT I do admit that those aren't the best sides for the BF player, but it does the job. Why isn't it the best side? Easy, cause I have little to no experience with BF this format? Thats why my side would be mediocre ... like I say, experience!!

Another point that differs Experience players and Newbies (we take noob out of the picture cause they are noob) IS :


I point out this point every time we come into this topic.

To me, 3 steps of making an already powerful deck into a tourney winning deck.

1. Understand the deck (play ALOT and try to find ALL of the combos)
2. Try EVERY possible matchups and side every time (not just you but also your opponent), look for errors!!
3. TECH CARDS. and then repeat the process until you find it comfortable!!

Noobs will fail at 1. Newbie would stop at 1 or jump to 3. Pros go over the 3 process over and over again, until they have their final build which may or may not be that different from the 1st build.

Lets say, if in BF, you have 2 card space left (unlikely, but lets say IF), what would you put into?

Lets say no promos, cause of the stupid ASIA format!!

2 Cards of BF or Pot of Duality so that you can dig into your deck faster.

I know these are good cards into the deck!! It helps the deck ALOT!! I know, but its too generic and OBVIOUS!!

I, I say that again, I and some players I see, would rather sacrifice speed, for a few more tricks up our sleeves (personal pref maybe?).

You could have 1 Nobleman of Crossout and 1 Deck Devastation Virus in here.

Why? Cause, you won't have the need to side it in the next duel. These 2 will never be dead against ANY deck currently, and would kill some deck just by having it (Dandy, Angel Ceremony(if played right), GB, BF Mirror)

While, newbie might wanna go safe and use the conventional way (nothing wrong), but if you look at top decks of big tourneys, it usually have 1 or 2 techs that wins games for them about 1/4 of the time.

Well, thats my 2 piece literally!!

Side deck skills and tech card choices!! The 2 things a newbie player MUST learn to be competitive!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The King

For YGO players, King = JACK ATLUS which somehow = Red Daemon's Dragon//Red Dragon Archfiend

While most players either go for Colossal Fighter, Scrap Dragon or maybe even Stardust Dragon when they have a level 8 worth of tuner and non-tuner, not many would bring out Red Daemon as his effect unlike Fighter and Stardust doesn't protects itself, or Scrap Dragon which sets up play. Some may even go for Mental Sphere Daemon//Thought Ruler Archfiend because it can't be targeted by spell/traps.

The only advantage of bringing out Red Daemon would be having a 3000 beat, which would come handy if your opponent brings out tokens, I'm afraid thats about it.

BUT!! As un-useful as he might be, many duelist, that are running generic syncros and not themed extra deck, would still have a copy of this dragon in it. Why? While he is situational, his good.

Lets see what deck this card is good against.

1. DandyWarrior//Quickdraw Dandy

- MY major problem with the deck is Ryko and the tokens, Red Daemon clears them for me. While you might say he may end up being blow up by Black Rose or Junk Destroyer ... doesn't that happen to everyone aside from Stardust?

2. Scrap

- Slowly BUT surely, Scrap is picking up steam and coming into the competitive scene and annoy the crap out of us. This card DESTROYS Scrap Goblin(the most annoying card outside the syncros) before it gets the loop going. And can take out Scrap Dragon and tie up with Scrap Twin Dragon. Stardust just ends up getting rape here, Colossal Fighter and Red Daemon can act as beats, but Red Daemon has his destruction effect, the only other good level 8 generic syncros which can work against Scarps are Scarp Dragon himself and Dark End Dragon (which for us SEA players ... )

But I'm afraid thats it, AND its really not that good a solution too...

Well, let us take a look at a GENERIC extra deck.

1x Trishula (OCG)//Mist Wurm (TCG) - FOR DA RICH!!
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac
1x Goyo Guardian
1x AOJ Catastor
1x Arms Aid // Armory Arm

9 spaces taken (8 for us common people).

We really DO have space for him. So, thats why we end up having Red Daemon in here so it might save our butt when Stardust can't.

Decklist for Red Daemon centered deck!!

monster (22):

3x Cyber Dragon
3x Junk Syncron (epic collaboration)
2x D HERO Mallicious//Diabolic Guy
2x Mystic Tomato//Killer Tomato
2x Chaos Sorcerer
2x Dandylion
2x Lonefire Blossom
1x Glow Up Bulb
1x Spore
1x Plague Spreader Zombie//Zombie Carrier
1x Sangan
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Majestic Dragon//Savior Dragon

spell (9):

1x Super Solar Nutrient
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Foolish Burial
1x One-for-One
1x Giant Turnade
1x Mystic Space Typhoon//Cyclone
1x Monster Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1x Mark of the Rose

trap (9):

2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Solemn Warning
2x Trap Stun
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Solemn Judgment

extra (15):

1x Trishula//Mist Wurm
1x Red Nova Dragon//Scar Red Nova Dragon
1x Shooting Star Dragon
1x Majestic Red Dragon//Savior Demon Dragon
1x Majestic Star Dragon//Savior Star Dragon
1x Red Dragon's Archfiend//Red Daemon's Dragon
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Brionac
1x Goyo Guardian
1x AOJ Catastor
1x Armory Arm//Arms Aid
1x Formula Syncron

side (15):

2x Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon
Thats it for today!!

And PLEASE be sure to fill in the POLL HERE ---->

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flamvell = Infernity!?

I swear to which ever God that I'm worshiping at this instant that when I dueled Lam's Flamvell deck this afternoon, I felt like I'm going against Infernity (Last format's), minus the 3 Trishulas which he has none of.

While there is no Launcher Loop, the Top deck ability and the annoyingness of the deck is exactly like when I dueled Sean last weekend!!

Pitting Lightlord//Lightsworn cards in the deck is a good idea and throw in Mega hanster ... better!! And damn that wall is big!!

Good job!! Looks like Lam finally have a non-META deck that could take on ANY meta deck!!

Side decking Styles!!

Isn't it obvious, side decking is all about taking out cards from your deck that you won't need and place in cards that you need for your current match ups, hence side decking.

From my experience, I find that they are 2 types of side decking. While they are maybe just player preference, I find this quite interesting.

Type A :

You take cards from your side deck that you KNOW you NEED in the current match and side it into your deck while removing cards that you can do without.

Type B :

You take out cards from your deck that you know you WON'T be needing and exchange them for cards that you MIGHT need in you current match.

You : " Sounds the same ? Isn't the result the same ? And most important of all ... what are you trying to tell us ? "

The end results may or may not be the same depending on styles. Lets take a look at an example.

Lets say your playing X-sabers (I'm familiar with the deck so I'll just use it so that I don't do some mistakes) and your opponent is playing Infernity.

Obvious sides are Shadow Imprisoning Mirror, maybe Saber Hole//Solemn Warning, Compulsory Evacuation Device and Maybe even DD Crow//Effect Veiler//Consecrated Light.

Lets say :

2x Shadow Imprisoning Mirror
2x Saber Hole//Solemn Warning
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x DD Crow// Effect Veiler//Consecrated Light

8 cards ... thats a lot ... but against Infernity, we need extra precautions.

For type A :

You be ... deciding on these 8 cards and then look at your deck for cards that you might not need. Cards like Mirror Force, 1 Emmersblade, Morphing Jar (I use my deck as an example, and this card is in it, so ... ), Dimension Prison and Trap Dustshoot. These are the ones that will go ... but what else ? You might take out a Faultroll or 2 and that Regigura cause the chances of you not playing your loop is higher. The 3rd Gottom's Emergency Call may also be remove since there is Trishula at your opponent's disposal.

You may end up losing a combo or 2 in order to not get kill. Losing your edge but guarantee that you are in a safer position assuming that your opponent doesn't figure out what you sided in.

For type B :

You'll first take out those 5 cards that is universally known as useless. And look more deeper into your deck 1st. You might wanna keep your Faultrolls cause you feel like it. But take out 1 Fullhelmknight and maybe the Rykos in the deck. The 8 cards is sided in.

Ended up with your main combo still in place but the chances of hitting it is lowered.

Basically the same ? And why are you so sure what type A and B would take out ?

Type A players tend to look for defense first. This is shown in the way they take out their side the second duel 1 ended. They wanna survive the next 2 rounds. And think of what they can do to gain more defense as defensive players would do such.

Type B are more offensive. They look at their deck first and look at what they can do WITHOUT and still able to pull off their moves. THEN, they look at their defense.

While these are estimation after looking at duels for so long, they may or may not be accurate//true.

So, take a look at your opponent after duel 1, is he looking through his deck 1st or his side. Then you could have a rough idea how aggressive a player your opponent is. And try to think like him and guess the sided outs and ins.

BUT, if your opponent is World Championship level players or Regional winners ... They know their deck inside out and most probably yours too ... so, they will side in the cards they KNOW will work and those that they KNOW won't work. So don't depend too much on what I wrote if your opponent is a top notch duelist.

YOU : "So, your saying that what you just wrote is useless if I'm a pro ... "

Me : "If your a PRO ... why the hell you need advice from me?"


Friday, October 1, 2010

Set Savior Dragon as Destiny Draw

Use a deck that can summon Stardust // Red Daemon fast and have Treeborn // Fader .

Let your opponent F'king almost kill you by removing your dragon with Inter-dimension Mass Transporter or just have Reborn on hand.

Leave Fader out or let Treeborn come back next turn!!


Your top deck glows and you draw Savior Dragon!!

Insert BGM!!

Summons your Savior and lose!!

Maybe a more serious post after this ...