Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye 2009, a look at the past year!!

while, thats my title, this has nothing to do with me talking about what happen to me or the YGO community in the year 2009. I look forward to 2010 as the YGO movie is coming out and Sin Red Eyes is also coming out. 4 more sets as usual and 2 new structure decks. What's better in 2010 is the Premium Pack 12, making the next year a good one for YGO, wish my school life would be good as well!!

I was planning to do something special for today as this would be my last post this year, but my friends some to visit this whole afternoon and my family is going out for the celebration, meaning I really have no time to post (my dad may come in my room any time and I'll just press the "Publish Post" button, so don't feel surprise if this post is not complete)!!

Ending this year differently from others(I expect other bloggers giving speeches), I'm gonna do something that is the essence of YGO blogs. Sharing YGO tips like I always do!!

From my visit to Singapore I notice something that may be basic knowledge to many but is a whole new experiance to me. I was dueling Neuxcharge and got completely owned!! This is mostly due to deck match ups (but I do confest that he is a better duelist than I am), which could easily countered by siding, problem is that I don't have a side deck.

As manyof you may know, I run E HEROs, which are one of the most aggressive deck types out in the OCG, while lacking special winning condition and powerful effects like Judgment Dragoon, E HERO win by using their brute force. And the worst paring ever would be against control decks, such as Gadgets!!

So, after a few days of thinking and sleeping, I came out with a very E HERO like side deck that CAN quite a few problems in the META today.

3x E HERO Voltech

This card is a must in all E HERO side deck if not mained. With D-Eatos and other outgame decks in the game today, this is one card that can really turn the tides. E HEROs most powerful fusion card, the Miracle Fusion also adds to this card's usefulness. While this card lacks attack, E HERO decks have an important esset in the name of Skyscrapper, that will boost this card's attack to overcome just about any lv4 monster.

2x Super Polymerization

While not as versatile as Miracle Fusion is, this card can Win you games. Side this against Lightlord, Monarch Variants and even Oppression decks or decks with excess to HEROs. This card is often overlook because of its cost, but many did not notice that this card's real shine is in its effect that cannot be negated! "I activate my Royal Oppression!! Oh Wait!! I can't!!"

2x De-Fusion

This card like Super Polymerization is a killer. Send Zero back and destroy the field. This card can be use for offense, defense, destruction and recycle. Side this in against decks that also run fusion monsters or decks that targets alot, other HERO decks, Gladiator Beast and Cyber Dragon Zwei decks are one of the best example!!

2x Threatening Roar

one thing E HERO lacks is defense. It has almost no way to counter OTKs, so this card buys you a turn. And one thing every E HERO user knows, 1 turn is enough to turn the tides using an E HERO deck.

3x Skill Drain

Crazy? Well, the concept of E HERO basically runs on idiocity!! Most E HEROs are very big, but they lack absolute destructive effects, aside from ZERO, but his effect don't activate on the field so no bother. In normal E HERO decks, the thing you need aren't powerful effects, but speed and brute force, so Skill Drain just takes a little bit of speed and force out of your monsters but shields them from a lot more things.

3x ?

well, the others are just personal choices. Anything can be added depending on your build. Personally I side 2 Soul Release in any side decks because of the way the game nowadays resolves on the Grave so much. The last one is most of the time, Mind Crush, because I tend to have awesome luck guessing cards!!

Gotta Go!! Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back from Singapore

well, I reach KL 10:30 yesterday at Subang Airport last night, was too tired to post any thing so I do it now!!

many things happened last week at Singapore, I'll just list them out!!

1. Met Neuxcharge, Fireowner, Angryboy, Baha, Rauzes(surprise!) among others (sorry I can't really remember everyone!!

2. Got some great cards free and bought alot more for a very good price. I stated to Rauzes : "I like this country already!"

3. Bought 3 packs of Hidden Arsenals, and got Mist Wurm and 2 Thunder Bird

4. Got 2 more Prisma, 2 Red Eyes Wyvern and 2 more Shiba Warrior Taro!! Another P5 Red Eyes as well, Thanks Fireowner!!

5. Still have 35$ in my wallet, I regret not using them up!!

6. Got cheated(not really, but that just makes me felt better) by an Indian shop keeper at the train station (they sell cards!!), and bad pulls of a pack of Yugi DP at the same shop!!

7. Got Sin Blue Eyes!!

8. Did not enter the Starlight Road tourney!! YES!!... NOOOOO!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Coward? As long as it gets the job done!! (40)

Its been a long time since I posted so many post in a single day (or this may be considered in another day as its 11:55 as I'm typing).

lets not waste time as I need to get up in the morning to go to Singapore. Well, this is by far the worst deck I thought of. If you would be unfortunate enough to duel it, it'll be the most boring duel in your life. I can only think of a few decks that could really shut this thing down. 1 is Stardust / BUSTER and the other is Jinzo, or any deck that has access to Royal Decree. For those who don't, your MST would create your only chance of attack, use it!!

monster (15):

1x Exodia the Forbidden One
1x Right Leg of the Forbidden One
1x Left Leg of the Forbidden One
1x Right Hand of the Forbidden One
1x Left Hand of the Forbidden One
3x Cyber Larva
3x Winged Kuriboh
3x Battle Fader
1x Sangan

spells (7):

3x Upstart Goblin
2x The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh
2x Gold Sarcophagus

traps (18):

3x Waboku
3x Threatening Roar
3x Thunder of the Ruler
3x Rainbow Life
3x Negate Attack
2x Jar of Greed
1x Gravity Bind

Side :

3x Cyber Valley
3x Final Countdown
1x Heavy Storm
1x MST
3x Twister
3x Frozen Spirit
1x Wall of Revealing Light

Any comments? a Card Destruction or Mind Crush and you can just scoope? YES!!

Frontline Toolbox!! (40)

I have never build a Machine based deck before my whole life, but since I had a copy of the new Machiner's Command deck, which I may get another one for Cyber Valley and Dimensional Prison, I really wanna try building one.

First of, since we have Gadget in this deck and they seem to be the better Machine Archetype, I guess I'll try building a deck out of these 3 idiots. But for me, Machines are based on ramming into your opponent HARD, not stalling for time like most people build Gadgets around, antiMETA basically.

Therefore, I would really love cards that boost attack points of the Machines, Limit Remover would be the best but this card proved too powerful to be allowed more than 1, which is such a pain. So, since Gadgets are Earth, I guess Gaia Power would do. And since we have Gadgets, which are Lv 4, Earth type Machines, Scrap Recycler would be great in the deck. And since we have cards that constantly increases the attack points, Machiner's Frontline would be awesome in here.

Man, ideas are popping out, I need to type the deck list out before it gets cold!!

monster (20):

3x Green Gadget
3x Red Gedget
3x Yellow Gadget
3x Scrap Recycler
3x Ancient Gear Knight
3x Ancient Gear Soldier
1x Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera
1x Cyber Dragon

spell (16):

3x Gaia Power
3x Machiner's Frontline
3x Solidarity
2x Lightning Vortex
2x Pot of Avarice
1x Ancient Gear Drill
1x Limit Remover
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

traps (4):

2x Ultimate Offering
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Dark Bribe

key cards :

Green , Re and Yellow Gadgets

Constant flow of monsters and help prevent dead draws. Your only OTK method in the deck.

Ancient Gear Knight

Beat stick, allows you to search for just about anything if destroyed when Machiner's Frontline is played.

Gaia Power

+500 for almost all of your monsters. Allow you to search for another copy of the monster being destroyed.

Machiner's Frontline

Your Black Whirlwind of the deck. If you have more than 1 out, you can swarm easily!!

Ultimate Offering

Your main OTK card. This and the Gadgets made into the finals of a World Championship years ago!!


while is this deck call Frontline Toolbox!! :

Frontline is easily from Machiner's Frontline

Toolbox basically in YGO terms, a deck that searches a lot; while that is part of the reason, I thought of the word cause the Gadgets are gears and I have some amount of gears in my tool box!!

Random Update#9

Tomorrow I'll be going to Singapore for a visit and I'll be there till next Monday. I realy want to go to places that YGO players gather, but I'm an idiot in terms of asking, putting pieces of info together and most importantly public transport. Lam would be with me but I don't know if he'll stay that long, and I don't think he wanna go to the Singapore locals(at least that's what he said), claiming that food is more important on trips(yeah, the last 4 trips to Singapore have been all about food right?)

cards that I wish to get from Singapore would be :

2x Shibe Warrior Taro
1x Koa'ki Meiru Rooklord
2x D HERO Malicious
3x Parallel World Fusion and E HERO the GREAT Tornado (as I heard Singapore gets their cards before Malaysia does)
3x Super Polymelization

Any Ultra rare E HERO cards
Any Ultra or Ultimate Red Eyes Black Dragon

If Lam really does go home on Saturday, I would really need the helps from Singapore YGO players!! So, who ever volunteer to help please say so, as I repeat again, I am an idiot in terms of public transport!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Update#8

In a few hours (more like an hour and a half), me and Lam would be going to a new locals to play there for the first. Well, not exactly new. Lam has bought cards from that particular shop since 15 years ago!! 15!! Its not YGO then, but you get the picture how old this shop is.

The other day, me, Lam and my aunt went to this old shopping mall for lunch, where Lam said that there is a card shop there. Interested, we go there to take a look, guess what. It was closed. Apparently, they don't open during Monday's . But Lam said they sell singles as he saw them while buying binder pages for me a while back. A friend of ours went there a couple of days ago and told us they held tourneys every Sunday.

I'm really interested in meeting new people there(if there are any) and do some trades.

Oh, for those of you who don't know (I doubt it), Judgment Dragoon is being reprinted in Gold Series 2010 in Gold Rare ... and COMMON!! Stay tune for a video update of me burning these hopeless dragons(no puns)!! I'm pretty excited on the Book of Moon and Solemn Judgment reprints though, could use a few Gold Rare ones. According to Mike, there is a rumor stating that Gorz and Caius are also being release. Personally, I would prefer Mezuki and Prisma being mass release. They did said popular cards right?

Seriously Konami, if you wanna make LS affordable, reprint Lyla and Celestia, not Judgment "Freakin" Dragoon. I should probably state that 1 Lyla or Celestia = 2.5 Judgment Dragoon in OCG.

Oh ya! Another card I seriously hope they reprint is Red Eyes Wyvern!! I really need this bad boy in my Red Eyes Deck (aka my second main deck right now)!! Its not completed yet because I don't have 3x PG Red Eye!! NO!! (aparently, my EGO won't allow me to use Red Eyes from another set for my deck, this is the same problem faced by Lam, as he won't build his Blue Eyes deck until he has both a LB Blue Eyes and a EX Blue Eyes)

P.S I'll be going to Singapore starting next Wednesday, so expect little to no post!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

World of True Sin (42)

Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon just got release a few days ago and ... I don't have one... Dang!! Well, doesn't matter, I don't have a Blue Eyes anyway .... Dang!! Well, there is always Sin Red Eyes and I have quite a few Red Eyes myself, only 1 problem, I don't live in Japan .... DANG!! @*>!#$

well, the Sin Archetype is :

1. Very Weird
2. Very Cool (Huh?)
3. JiBaku-Shin (Earthbound God / Self-Destruction God) wannabe

so, the biggest problem is with the field. Since all of them are Dark monsters, so Mystic Plasma Zone anyone ... I guess NO. Why? Come on! We can't have such cool cards using a mere common field spell. The field must be HOLO!!

bla bla bla ...

before further a due, lets take a look at what I call, an idiot's version of a Sin Blue Eyes deck!!

monster (21):

3x Blue Eyes White Dragon
3x Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon
3x Clear Vise Dragon
1x Dark Armed Dragon
2x Chaos Sorcerer
2x The Dark Creator
3x Dimensional Alchemist
2x The Herald of Creation
1x PlagueSpreader Zombie

spells (19):

3x Clear World
3x Trade-In
3x D.D.R
3x Hidden Armory
2x Pot of Avarice
2x Terra Forming
1x Dragon's Mirror
1x Foolish Burial
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

traps (2):

1x Return from a Different Dimension
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra :
... you know.... the standard + a few mods...

key cards :

Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon

Your coolest Dragon in the deck. This card can be special summoned Extremely fast!! A 3000 beater that has Blue Eyes in its name can't be bad!!

Clear Vise Dragon

Because you have Clear World, just have him for the sake of that. JK! This guy is a great LV 8 DARK dragon that can deal A LOT of damage to your opponent, although that leaves him open next turn, but 1 hit is normally enough. He can prevent himself from being destroyed by your opponent's spell and trap too. You normally wanna get him into the grave to fuel Dark Creator or Dark Armed.

Clear World

Of all the field spells why clear world? Cause its an Ultra Rare Field Spell. No seriously, that's my reason for the card. You run Light and Dark monsters only and they suffer least. You most probably won't swarm so its not a big problem for you, but its a BIG BIG problem for your opponent!!


11 targets!! Speeds up the deck a lot. You really don't want Blue Eyes and Clear Vise in your hand. And you can only have 1 SIn out at a time!!


Look at the number of cards that removes stuff. 3x Sin , 2xChaos Sorcerer, 1x DAD, 2x Dark Creator, 1x Dragon's Mirror and 3x Dimensional Alchemist.


Basic Strategy

Summon a VERY VERY BIG beatstick and let it do the rest!! Simple. Really, that's it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fusion > Syncro

I can foresee a Dogfight at the comment with me + some E HERO fan against the world, but I'm gonna write this anyway.

With the release of Parallel World Fusion, E HERO just got another toy to play with, not to mention another member in the form of The GREAT Tornado.

Let us take a look at Parallel World Fusion :

Return remove from play fusion material monsters you control to the deck/graveyard listed on an "E HERO" fusion monster and special summon that Fusion monster from the Extra Deck (this special summon is treated as a Fusion Summon). During the turn this card is activated, you cannot conduct a special summon.

yes, there is an unconfirmed info on this, as some site states graveyard while others states deck. I haven't seen the original card yet so bear with me!!

Why is this card so powerful?

If its just send to the grave, it means you can have a free summon while placing some cards such as NecroDarkman, Bolt Hedgehog or Treeborn Frog back into the grave. It helps you replenish your grave while summoning a big monster. If its back to the deck... well, Deep Sea Diva, Malicious, Airman and not to mention the E HERO fusion monsters(ZERO, Shining, Gaia and GREAT Tornado). You will think "Are they really limited to 3?"

This is just part of my point, I don't think many of you would notice but, E HERO (the mascot of Fusion Monsters) just gain access to a previously untouched area, the remove from play zone.

Let of take a look at Syncro monsters, they can preform a syncro summon on :

1. The field
2. The graveyard, although Vayu is the only tuner that can do that currently
3. The hand, partially in E Boy's case

so, technically, 3 areas.

Where as for fusion monster/E HERO :

1. The field
2. The Hand
3. The Graveyard
4. The deck (Future Fusion and Chain Material)
5. The Remove from play zone
6. Your opponent's field, thanks to Super Polymerization

6 bloody areas that they can perform fusion summon.

You could say that you need a specific card to fusion summon, as you need Polymerization, where as you can syncro summon with just about anything. Yes, you are right!! Compare to Syncro summoning, which is easily splashable into any deck, Fusion summon can only be perform in a certain deck. We can say that Syncro summon is an easy way to summon big powerful monsters that is available to everyone, while Fusion summon is a way to summon big powerful monsters for a selected few. No denial here....

So, basically that just make Syncro summon a Honda Civic, easily affordable if you have a steady income and you don't need to take care of it that much and you can let anyone drive it. Fusion summon is an Aston Martin DB9, not available to every one and you need to be careful when driving it or you'll die. Not a car you wanna let your girl friend or you mum bring to the shopping complex.

That is MY philosophy on the subject!!

Next we take a look at another thing, we Chinese players like to call this "" or spirit in direct translation. ... OK... thats a very bad translation. But it basically means coolness or something like that, can't really describe this as my descriptions are bad. Its those cards that let you basically start humming BGMs when you are about to draw your card, mainly when you really need them or you'll lose. For example, your opponent has Dark Armed on the field, and you have a Kaiser Seahorse. You draw, take a peek, Blue Eyes!!

E HERO has a ton of cards that fall into this category, and unlike most of the cards in this category, the E HERO ones really do works. Cards like Miracle Fusion, Super Polimerization, De-Fusion, Parallel World Fusion and Neos all fall under this category. Sadly, the new E HERO fusions don't!!

Why no Syncro monster is considered? Everyone can summon them. You summon Stardust, your opponent does the same, the kid at a few tables away does the same, the dude with the hair shaped like a crab does that in the anime every day.... you get what I mean.... A HEM!! YOU DO!!

lets make this simple. You would hear people saying "Wow, I wish I could drive that car one day. ITS SO COOOOOOL!!" whenever a DB9 passed by. But when a Proton (Stardust) passed by... you won't even notice it. Why? 90% of the cars we see are Proton builds, you could change the manufacturer to the ones you see the most everyday and you should understand.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Rants on PP12 + WInged Dragon of Ra

After 2 years, we finally get a new Premium Pack. I was looking at Shriek's OCG site and saw it just now. Not really interested by the first few cards and was staring to get disappointed until it hit me that these are all manga cards. Then I saw E HERO The GREAT Tornado!! I was like "HELL YEAH!! I"M FREAK'n GETTING THIS PACK" ... until I see the next card... Parallel World Fusion. The card that I wish for since I saw it in the manga about 3 years ago. You really can't describe my face if you saw it. I think I sat there blank for at least 2 minutes!!

How good can that be. A PP with a very powerful E HERO fusion and a card that is way cooler than Super Polymelisation (I love Super Poly for your info). Man!! The Koyou Tamashi is boiling inside of me!!

Then, I was like "good job Konami!! You finally give what me...ahem, US YGO PLAYER wants!!" And I saw Ra's picture. Its still in Black and White but it looks very cool. I feel impressed with Kazuki's drawing although he had not been drawing since YGO finished 5 and a half years ago. Then I look at the effect....

WARNING!! The below scenario is filled with untranslatable text, please suffer with us!!

Me : "Now, lets take a look at its effect, hope they didn't Nerf God Phoenix or the OTK thing. Lets see, "This card cannot be ...Special ... Summon....?""


Me : "What? What! WHAT!!! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE (in Marik's famous sadistic tone, AKA the thing he say in almost every MAD his in, and just before he got punch in the gut by Obelisk)"

Me : "WTF is this!! How the hell am I gonna Monster Reborn it back and freakin' OTK my opponent!! ... oh wait, Monster Reborn is banned... not important!! How the hell is this card gonna OTK like this!!"

For those who read the manga or watch the original series, you'll know that the term ONE TURN KILL was created by Kazuki to describe how powerful Ra is. Meaning OTK was created by RA himself, with Monster Reborn's help. How can the Godfather of OTK can't OTK.

Ra without the ability to special summon is like a Chinese guy that don't eat rice, an Indian that is White, a Malay guy that eats Pork..., a certain card shop owner in Sg Wang not selling things expensive and a certain guy from Penang not eating a crap load of food. IT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED!!

I really wish this is not confirm!!

Random Update#7

Sorry for almost no update for the past week, I was staying at Lam's house and I just can't get into the mood (no wonder he doesn't post often). I bought a SD18, for some reason I don't even plan to use it. I have next to no idea why I bought it, I think its for the sake of Cyber Valley and Inferno Reckless Summon. Dimension Prison ... I have Sakuretsu Armor!!

Met with Mike for the second time last Friday, sadly Khye could not join us or it would be like a Malaysian YGO blogger gathering!!

Good things that happened that day :

1. Get my Playset of Trago, Shocker, Ducker and Dimension Alchemist
2. Finally get myself a collection of Chaos cards
3. Finally get rid of my DCK, almost all of my FL and BF!!

Bad things that happened :

1. Bought SD18 for no reason apparently, SHIT I WASTED MONEY!!
2. Mike won't trade his Red Eyes to me!!
3. I'm using Gadget...

For the past week with access to a PSP and TF4, I think I build more than 20 decks that I tested with LightLord, most of them have a 50% chance of victory, so I think I'll post the fun ones when I have the mood. BTW, the Destiny Board deck down below is one of them.

Nothing till tonight I guess, maybe I'll make some deck this afternoon and it might be a good one, who knows.

Looking for :

2x Chain Strike
2x Cyber Valley
2x Hand Destruction
Xx Worm Links

Thursday, December 10, 2009

D.E.A.T.H ~ Death (40)

before reading, you should know that "FINAL" sounds very stupid so the Spirit Massage cards are in their ORIGINAL names.

When people think of alternate wins, they think of Exodia decks and Final Countdown. Destiny Board isn't really many people's cup of tea as it is:

1. Easily destroyed
2. Slow
3. Easily disrupted by your own cards

I am currently building this deck on TF4 and it proofs quite good. The average win against BF is about 50%. Which is awesome as considering BF have 3 Icarus Attack and excess to Syncro Monsters like Bronaic, Mist Wurm and Black Rose.

Before this gets old, lets take a look at the deck!!

monster (12):

3x Worm Links
3x Cyber Valley
3x Black Cat of Ill Omen
1x Sangan
1x Marshmallon

spell (8):

2x Lightning Vortex
2x Gold Sarcophagus
1x Spirit Massage "E"
1x Spirit Massage "A"
1x Spirit Massage "T"
1x Spirit Massage "H"

trap (20):

3x Destiny Board
3x Threatening Roar
3x Waboku
3x Thunder of Ruler
2x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1x Return from a Different Dimension
1x Transmigration Prophecy
3x Dark Bribe
1x Solemn Judgment

Key Cards :

Worm Links

Speeds up your deck very very much. This deck basically stalls for Victory and since there are so many cards to stop the Battle Phase, this card is a + .... I don't really know how to count for this one. It lets you get through your deck fast and to your Destiny Board. Since this deck tends to have a lot of Dead Draw (the Spirit Massage), and you really want to get the stall cards out. 90% of the victories come from playing this card early in the duel.

Cyber Valley

End the Battle Phase, draw 1 and recycling cards!! How good can this card be. Get the Spirit Massage backs to your deck if some one Heavy Storm or MST Destiny Board. This card is never a dead draw in this deck.

Threatening Roar , Waboku and Thunder of Ruler

No Battle, No Damage, No Destroy, you stay alive.

Destiny Board

Your only win condition (unless your opponent mill himself/herself out). Can combo with Cyber Valley, as Valley sends Spirit Massage to your top deck, this card helps you get pass that and not waste your draw. Nothing more really...


I bet no one is expecting a Destiny Board deck. This deck is really fun and I really want to build this thing real life. Since the only expensive cards are the 3 Worm Links, this shouldn't be a problem for my financial capabilities.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Random Update#6

Sorry for not updating in like forever. I'm not dead (thank goodness)!! But I really missed alot of things I planned, for example, I was planning to make a duel video and a video introducing my locals and stuff on Saturday (which was my Birthday). End up, Lam said that he was too lazy to drive there. So, plan failed epically.

Yesterday, me and Lam build 2 decks, 1 is a Cyber Dragon Zwei deck. But not the average type you see around. My build was focusing on summoning Cyber End Dragon using Powerbond. Because there is a lot of cards he dont have(its not my deck, its Lam's), for example he has only 1 Light Hex and 2 PowerBonds, the deck is really unstable. The other deck we build (actually HE build) is a Savior deck that focuses on summoning Daemon or Stardust.

Got a hell load of Ang Pao on my Birthday, planning to buy a deck or at least some packs today or tomorrow. Can't really make up my mind on what I wanna get!!

And HELL YA!! The SD18 comes with more good cards!! For Example, there is Cyber Valley, Blast Sphere, Time Machine, Inferno Reckless Summon, Prohibition, Dimension Prison, Cease Fire!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Worst Pack Ever + RandamUpdate#5

The pole I put up a week ago has officially closed and the winner is *drum role*


Congratulations!! Hell Kaiser Ryo as this is basically your set!!

on a side note, I really don't like the fact that NO ONE chose Phantom Darkness (the only card I like in there is Cho Henshin... oops, I mean Super Polymerization)!! although it's expected!!

And for you who seen the new Weekly Jump promo, you should be excited as me. No, not The Sky Dragon of Osiris, but something better. I classic been remade. And what card deserve to be call a classic more than the Blue Eyes White Dragon.

In 10 days time, we'll get the new :

Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon

Sin 青眼の白龍 闇 ☆8 ドラゴン 3000/2500

why are they an awful lot of xx in the card text .... well, just take a look at the scan....

and for those who have the chance to go watch the movie, you'll receive!!

Sin 真紅眼の黒竜 , the Sin Red Eyes Black Dragon !! Holy Shit, Shueisha, can we get the Red Eyes for Weekly instead....

This is good news for Lam and Neuxcharge as both of them are Blue Eyes fans, but I'm a Red Eyes Fan , and I don't live in Japan!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Killer Combo !! Handless!!

Just watch 5D's 87 and it really makes me wanna built an Infernity deck!! Only one problem, ITS HELLA EXPENSIVE. 3 Daemons would cost you a fortune, not to mention the Guardians and Destroyers, the Midget doesn't count.

I was thinking about this deck concept while having breakfast while watching 5D's, by the way, I had Char Siew rice for breakfast, so don't bother asking....

We all know Infernity is the worst deck in terms of keeping a hand advantage. But its one of the few decks that really have a very good support. Aside from Fortune Lady and this, the other Dark Signer Archtype really just isn't anything. But comparing INfernity to FL just makes FL a lot less apealling.

When playing Infernity, one thing we need to do is , obviously keep your hand at 0. And too many monsters just doesn't work as described in the Card Kingdom video. I figure the monster count should be around 13 if not lesser. And with Infernity Death Dragon coming out soon, its just reasonable to have a couple of tuners in the deck.

Ladies and Gents , may I present!!

100% Handless Infernity (40)

monsters (13):

3x Infernity Daemon
3x Infernity Necromancer
3x Infernity Guardian
2x Infernity Destroyer
1x Zombie Carrier // Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Armageddon Knight

spells (9):

3x A Feather of the Pheonix
3x Dark World Dealings
2x Foolish Burial
1x Giant Turnade
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

traps (18):

3x Infernity Force
3x Rope of Life
3x Raigeki Break
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Limit Reverse
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Mirror Force
2x Magic Jammer
1x Solemn Judgement

Extra :

3x Infernity Death Dragon (currently non-available)
1x Bronaic, Dragon of Ice Boundary

key cards :

Infernity Daemon

your main searcher and beater. Search out your Necromancers and Guardians, and even the Infernity Force. Speeds up the deck so much!!

Infernity Necromancer

Acts like Summoner Monk, summons anything from your grave depending on the situation. Infernity Death Dragon becomes a good target once it is release. It is mostly use to bring out Daemon.

Plague Spreader Zombie

Syncro summon and placing Infernity Daemon on the top of your deck for using its effect!!

A Feather of the Pheonix

Mostly for placing Infernity Daemon of the top deck but works with any card. This card can also allow you to ditch dead hands and get back your traps like Solemn and Call of the Haunted.

Dark World Dealings

Your Draw engine, its better than Allure in this deck because you don't really have alot of monsters in the deck and on top of that you won't want to remove them. Its better than Hand Destruction because its easier to use. Lets you pitch those dead cards as well.

Rope of Life

The card you want to use most. Ditch all your hand and bring back a +800 Infernity. How good is that. Bring back Infernity Daemon, you search and Daemon takes down Stardust. Infernity Destroyer takes down Judgement Dragoon and Dark Armed Dragon. Basically a win win condition for Infernity.

Limit Reverse

Bring back Necromancer and Plague Spreader Zombie.

Magic Jammer

Because you set a lot in this deck, Heavy Storm is a very big threat. This is here to take care of that and ditching some cards. Really underplayed card that would really help!!


Your best hand discarding agent!!


I don't have a PSP or a NDS so I can't test this deck out in the games and I don't have the money to make this deck real life. All of the above are only done on paper so don't be surprise if it doesn't work. Who ever has a PSP or NDS, I hope you could try making this deck and tell me the results.

If you have any comments please write it down. Ireally feel like an idiot beacuse no one ever leaves any comment on my decks!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look in the Sky!! Its a Penguin!! Its a Airship!! No!! Its a Random Fat Megaman Wannabe!!

15 minutes ago, I was watching this boring show that my family members seem to enjoy while having supper. I saw this villain look a bit like Bubbleman.... or maybe Batman as I think the two look alike. So, I came up with a revolutionary E HERO deck, one that plays Bubbleman as it's center piece.

Crazy ? Idiotic ? Never gonna work ? duh!! Its just a fun deck so don't even bother try pitching it against Top Tier decks, it ain't gonna work.

I'll explain how this deck came into mind in a second. Now, we take a look at this deck.

BUBBLE - MAN!! (this is suppose to sound like SUPER-MAN!! or BATMAN!!):

monsters (13):

3x E HERO Bubbleman
3x E HERO Prisma
2x E HERO Edgeman
2x E HERO Ocean
1x E HERO Stratos
1x E HERO Forestman
1x Morphing Pot // E HERO Necro Darkman

spells (17):

2x Bubble Shuffle
2x Bubble Shot
2x Bubble Illusion
3x E Emergency Call
3x Miracle Fusion
2x Polymerization
1x Hope of Fifth
1x The Warrior Returning Alive
1x Heavy Storm

traps (10):

3x Hero Signal
3x Raigeki Break
3x Rope of Life
1x A Hero Emerges (俺!参上!)

Extra :

3x E HERO Absolute ZERO
3x E HERO The Shining
3x E HERO Gaia
3x E HERO The Earth
1x E HERO BladeEgde
1x E HERO Dark Bright (or Necro Shaman , but Dark Bright is a Holo)
1x E HERO Steam Healer (same as above)

Key Cards :

E HERO Bubbleman//Penguin//Megaman Wannabe//Random Fat Guy with Glasses

as an E HERO player, I know how good this card really is. With some control cards, this card would just become a +2 for free. For example, if you send your fusions ramming into your opponent, that may leave you empty, then this card instantly becomes a +2. With E Call, this card becomes a Top deck favorite. 1 thing all E HERO fusion based deck have in common is that it take up a lot of your hand. So, this card is one that you'll really need.

E HERO Prisma

do I really need to ? Basically it just becomes Bubbleman and lets you activate the conditional cards. Send Heroes into the grave for Miracle Fusion while being a beat stick.

Bubble Shuffle
Main card of the deck. Change your opponent monster into defense and summon something big to beat the crap out of it. Looks very good on paper!!

Bubble Shot

Make Bubbleman a 1600. Can help you get pass some small fry, but its here mainly because its a Bubbleman card.

Bubble Illusion

Lets your activate a trap from hand. That's it!! (he looks like Penguin from Batman in that costume)

Rope of Life

Get rid of your hand while reviving your monster and make it a +800. Honest and Kalut is just not so scary any more. Edgeman just became a 3400 and Prisma can ram into Stardust. Lets you get your Bubbleman and Airman for further advantage!!


I know this is a STUPID deck. But I think it can be a very fun one (and a very expensive one). This concept was actually though of when I just started playing E HERO but I never really went pass that. Now with a very much larger card pool, this deck could really be a fairy good fun deck!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Update#4

Infernity Death Dragon

インフェルニティ・デス・ドラゴン 闇 ☆8 シンクロ・ドラゴン 3000/2400

Translated by your's truly, read at your own risk!!

Tuner + 1 or more non-tuner Monster

When you have 0 card at hand, once per turn, you can destroy a monster on your opponent side of the field and inflict damage equal to hald the Attack points of the monster. This card cannot attack the turn it uses this effect.

Personally, for Gold Series 2010. I would really want Dark Armed Dragon to be in it. Why? A Boss level monster must be at least Holo. And Dark Armed look very nice in Gold Rare.

Was browsing some Taiwan YGO forum, most of them said that about 80% chance that Gold Sarcophagus would be reprinted while others say Barboros might be reprinted. We'll know in a month's time I guess ... No WAIT!! The next V Jump is released on 18th of December, I bet we'll know by then!!

I came up with a concept of a competitive Fiend deck, will post it as soon as I make a good list out of it and it is suppose to be an AntiMETA deck.


One more thing!! Who the hell made this!! Its ridiculous!!

and for once I envy the TCG SD18 as they are reprinting Time Machine, Cyber Valley and Blast Sphere (not to mention The Big Saturn .... not important thou). Really wish the OCG deck also includes them although Blast Sphere and Valley would really be weird in there. Time Machine thou would fit very well. And we DO have about 30 slots left, so it's still possible.

Comfirmed reprints are : Dimension Prison , Hand Destruction , Inferno Reckless Summon

have 2 more good reprints and this deck would be GREAT!!