Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miracle Fusion

This WAS part 2 of my previous post that went missing for some reason. Try to remember this off my head, so don't be surprise I miss something, then again, how would you know?

My part 2 strays away from Super Poly completely and state how Miracle Fusion will be getting better and better.

Miracle Fusion has always been E HEROs ace card. Since Cybernetic Revolution and will be for as long as HERO is around.

This week end, E HERO Escuridão (can someone tell me how you read it?) will be hitting the book stores. People are hyping about it alot. And it looks like Super Polymerization will be a God of a card. It sure looks like it ... but no.

A card's worth isn't how it looks. Its what it can do. And what it can do is this : Put Miracle Fusion in a DANGEROUS spot for the banned list.

GX is officially history, there is nothing backing Miracle Fusion up anymore, and giving it more support isn't helping it in this case.

This HERO is one I've been always wanting to get but at the same time, wish never to appear. I don't want my precious Miracle Fusion on the limited list.

Miracle Fusion is the E HERO equivalent of Black Whirlwind and Gateway of the Six.

So, is E HERO's single most powerful spell gonna get hit? Finally?

NO. Its not, at least not now.


1. What good dark monster fits into E HERO without already being in there. Gorz and Spirit Reaper (in Debris HERO) are the only ones I think (if you take D HERO Zero variants, which I hate, out of the equation).

And even with the ability to fuse them, is it gonna change anything? Not really. His gonna go for Shining anyway, giving him another option isn't that important.

2. People will try to fit 3 Super Poly Main deck. And people will put their attention on those. Banned Super Poly, I couldn't care less, well, aside from the cash I used to bought them.

Back to Super Poly.

Decks that play the card, HERO beat and HERO Fusion. Thats it, Debris HERO don't play them, unless tech.

These 2 decks will enjoy THE last E HERO and Super Poly. The others ... not really.

But running SP in 3s will kill you. Why? HERO beat plays 15 traps, you think they wanna ditch any of them? HERO Fusion doesn't gain advantage all that much, ditching more hands can be bad.

Conclusion : Super Polymerization is an amazing card, but it only truly shows its worth against 1 deck, E HERO. Yes, its a Mirror Match card. Unless you don't run any extra deck and then the card can be a great side deck.

The only instance where maining 3 Super Poly isn't a dumb move is a HERO mirror (maybe scraps and Doppel too, but you get my point), and those are rare in Malaysia.

Thanks for reading this long ass rant!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Super Polymerization

Last Saturday, I noticed a lot people are hyping bout this card mainly due to the fact that Esclidao is coming out this weekend.

So, with THE Dark HERO, Super Polymerization can turn anything into something along with a HERO.

Its not negate-able, which makes it better, and Quaser lost its timing for summoning Shooting. Shi-En will Cry and so will ALL other monsters.

Making this the single MOST powerful spell in the game ... NOT!!

You might be surprise hearing this from me, but, I'm hear to say this. Super Polymerization was never a great card, and it will never be.

Here are some facts, you may or may not agree with me, but I say this be "quite" true.

1. Card Advantage. Maintaining card advantage is how we usually win games, aside from a few decks, all the other decks win by gaining more advantage and depleting your opponent's resources (OTK decks skip the second step).

Super Polymerization (SP for Short) doesn't gain you advantage. First of all, SP is almost always a minus 1. 1 card from your hand, SP, a HERO. Getting rid of your opponent's monsters, and getting you a bigger HERO. The only time where you make this at least a 1 for 1, is when you get rid of a Syncro, an Exceed or when you are in a HERO mirror match.

True, getting rid of your opponent's card at the right time is good, but thats about the only reason people play this card. And even with Esclidao out, that won't change. Lets say your going against Samurai, he has Shi-En out and attacks you, you play SP, get yourself Esclidao, Great? Not quite, as your opponent has tons of backrow, and when your opponent has Shi-En out, chances are that he had draw some cards with United or Gateway.

What other dark decks are out there? BF ... That just makes even less sense. Junk Doppel? Well, SP already kill the deck now, Esclidao is just icing on the cake.

What I'm trying to say is HEROs never need SP to win games for them. Its a powerful asset, but it will never be their main weapon.

2. The META game. This is important. I'm sorry but it is. More and more decks set 4 at once, HEROs are no different. But HEROs generates pluses, so we have SP to utilize those pluses. But running too many SP will kill you. From my experience, you will mostly only play 1 SP per duel, and that'll be enough for game, drawing 2 or 3 is just bad. And since HEROs run Pot of Duality, why bother running 3 SPs?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

28th May Gamers Arena Tourney

One of the qualifiers for World's qualifiers (if that makes sense). The scene was a lot more packed than 2 weeks ago.

According to Soliel's post, I should have more insights on the environment and stuff. So I walked around the packed shop and check out the meta. I see a couple of Samurais and Junk Doppel // Debris Doppel, which is of no surprise.

Quite a few kids there (by kids I mean those under 17), and a few faces a never seen before, well, I'm not that active in Gamers Arena this year, so I guess thats natural.

A lot of people looking for monster exceeds, especially Tyrus (or whatever way you wanna spell his name), and Forbidden Chalice (I wonder why, since Lance is more versatile this format).

Traded my SR Seven Tools for a ME Mirror Force and 10 bucks, which for me isn't that good of a move, cause now I have no seven tools at all, but that Mirror Force is tempting.

A day before yesterday, after work, I made my side deck to take on the META I saw 2 weeks ago, namely, Samurai, Karakuri, BF, Machina variants and Plant Variants. Which I face only Karakuri, just shows how wide open the current metagame is.

So, I played Sabers again, since its doing very very good, but I still haven't get my 3rd Pot from Nick yet, so I played 2 with Giant Trunade.

match 1 vs Ricky (Team Arco) - Gladial Beast

Easily one of my worst match ups. Cause my build actually needs my opponent to attack me to start doing its work, and that just put me in a worse situation. Without Boggard in OCG, I have nothing to top Laquari, aside from that tech Cyber Dragon I main.

duel 1 : Oppression is a bitch, it stalled the game with Pashuul for what can be said, 6 turns. But my opponent played Trap Stun and blew them off with a main phase 2 Gyzarus, I thought I'm suppose to do that with Hyunlei? I have 2 Faultrolls stuck in my hand since mid game, nothing I can do bout that.

duel 2 : I sided in 2 copies of Swallow Flip (which were intended for the Karakuri match ups), they can kill every tagged Gb aside from a Laquari, and I'm not afraid of Laquari. The other side deck cards that went in were the other Cyber Dragon and 2 Gozen Matches. I drew Swallow Flip and Gozen early, but my opponent have 5 back rows but none of them works. Fullhelm just punches his way through all of the 8000 points of life.

duel 3 : I misplayed this game, my opponent starts by searching his deck for Equeste, summoning it along with 2 face downs. I should have predicted Icarus, but I didn't. I special a Cyber Dragon, it got BTH'ed, but I had another Cyber. I summon Airbellum, thinking to sinc for Stardust, but D Prison and the fact that I may score a card off my opponent's hand is too much for me to give up on. I attacked and hit by Icarus. I have 2 Trap Stuns on my hand, and it goes down hill from there. This shows a false read who really cost one his game.

0 - 1

Match 2 vs A guy which I think is a newbie - Angel Ceremony (Perfect Herald in TCG)

duel 1 : I started the duel and apply pressure on the dude. Asking him for chains after my every move, that sorta made him panicked. Airbellum just keeps attacking for card after card.

duel 2 : I set 3 and Emmers, but he had Decree. He didn't have his Herald out and attack my Emmers with Manju, when I wanna search, his reveals Orange Light, but trying to pull myself out of the pinch, I asked him whether the move is legal since it was in damage step (I did not cheat here, I didn't give him false rulings or anything) and asked him if I could asked the judge if the move was possible. He quickly took his cards back and told me to carry on. I summon Airbellum next turn and attack his hand, I declared activation of Airbellum's effect, he didn't chain Orange Light and I discarded it off his hand since he didn't shuffle his hand after he put the card back and I know exactly which one was it (which isn't cheating). Hyunlei blew his Decree and I have Oppression, Judgment and Light Imprisoning Mirror at the back.

The dude should have been more confident bout his move and all. Shows that applying pressure really can win you games. I wouldn't have been able to do shit if he negated my Emmersblade.

1 - 1

Match 3 - Teng Sam - Karakuri

Finally a match up that I want to face. GB and Angel variants are my decks worst match up, but this, is one of my better ones.

duel 1 : I drew my 2 tech Compulsory Evacuation Devices and Trap Stun, together with RoTA and Emmers. What makes it better is that I start the duel. I set 3 of traps and Emmers. He summons Strategist, plays Machine Dupe to get out 2 more, pay 1000 for Instant Fusion, which got him his Machine Dinosaur thing, but obviously I compulse it. He sets 3, I do a Trap Stun, Hyunlei and proceed to win this one effortlessly.

duel 2 : I sided in MVP Swallow Flip and Chain Disappearance. He starts but no Bureido out but a face down monster and 2 S/T. I set Emmers, set Judgment, Call of Haunted, Swallow Flip and Book of Moon. Holding Airbellum. He flipped his face down Strategies, pays 1000 for Instant, and sync for Bureido. I play Swallow Flip which flips a Judgment to try to negate (after reading the card text), but flipping Judgment means no Seven Tools, so I flip my own Judgment and negated it. He passes after a Dark Hole. I summoned Airbellum, he checked his life and plays Warning(after asking for my hand count, which was 1), his life is now 1500. I flipped Call.

2 - 1

I didn't play match 4 cause I was supposed to play a friend and he already have 2 loses, so he let me win since I'm the one who has a chance to play in top 4.

But I saw myself in table 8 this round, which is weird since I won at table 7 last match. I asked Cookie and Heero about it, turns out Paul typed in the wrong result and the just correct it after this.

3 - 1

match 5 vs Agent Angel

My worst match up of them all, literally. This is the one deck that I have NEVER won.

1st duel : He starts with Valhala and gets a turn 1 Krystia out. Luckily I had Warrior Lady. But it cost me 2 Ladies just to take out Krystia since he summoned it back again. I was at the winning side for most of the game when I got his life to 400, his Agent in attack mode, me having Fullhelm and Pashuul on the field and MST set. Played MST to get rid of his last facedown. I played RoTA, but found no non-tuner Warrior (when I remembered I took out my 3rd Warrior Lady for Giant Rat, which didn't helped at all). Lost after he Exceeds for Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and boosted all his monsters.

2nd duel : I set Emmers with no backrow, monster hand. He did another turn 1 Krystia. I get rid of the Krystia with my Warrior Lady. But he stalled a long time bouncing monsters with Penguin Soldier (claiming it could bounce itself even if I attacked into it, which for unknown reasons I didn't asked for a judge). And won with the exact scenario as above.

I blame myself for not having an iPhone or iPad, cause I could just logged onto wikia and showed him the rulings. But I should have asked for a judge, which is my own fault.

Worst part, I wished my opponent the best of luck for top 4, he told me he already had 2 losses, and wont be able to get into top 4 anyway. I really should had ask him bout his results and offer him to let me win instead, since I only had 1 lost before this.

I test play Andrew's BF deck against Fishtank's Six Sam. Which further assures to myself that BF is the best deck in the game and will be for a while. Really wanna make a BF deck now since not many are playing it, but lack of cash for 2 Sirroco and a Vayu hurts. I'm starting to understand how Mr Bushido from Gundam 00 felt, I lost to the deck so many times that I eventually fell in LOVE with the deck.

I really do feel that BF is the ultimate form of Control deck at the moment and any one that plays control decks would love using it.

Things I learn yesterday :

1. Swallow Flip is good. It takes care of Karakuri, GB and Plant variants (Trishula, Black Rose and Junk Destroyer). Best of all, it has no cost and it is a rare that no one uses, thus, very very cheap.

2. I should have trusted myself and played 3 Warrior Ladies instead of taking one out. It was never a dead draw and always helped. The only situation when its not is when I'm winning, which wouldn't matter.

3. SHOULD had test play more against angels. They are my worst match ups, yet I almost didn't have a test play against them, my own fault for lack of practice against them. Lack of side deck cards aside from Mirror does makes it worst.

4. SR Seven Tools can be expensive. I traded/sold it yesterday for 40 bucks, yet people are fighting for it. Suggesting its worth more than that.

5. Soliel likes telling people to scoop. "Okay, draw xxx or ... OK! Scoop!!" and "Let me see ... Scoop!".

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Koaki Meiru Exceed 2.0

After much decision making on my part, I've decided to turn the deck from beat down based to just straight up Junk Doppel Hate.

So, I made the deck into something that specialize in taking out syncro spam or rather special summon spam decks. That includes, Junk Doppel (before my opponent gets out Quaser and his lot), Samurai (if my opponent doesn't have Magatama or other options) and espeacially Plant variants (which they can just die).

I've decided to play 2 monsters that I've never considered before now (well, maybe when they first came out, but thats not my point).

These 2 are both rares from ANPR and are unique even among Koaki Meiru. They activate their effect in a pattern that is different from all other Kaoki Meiru, returning the Iron Core from your hand to your top deck.

This really really slows you down, a lot, or so I thought. And being too small to fight, I've never see them as cards I would play.

But, that was a mistake. Cause, while being SMALL and SLOW, they have very powerful effects, Tornado is a build in Special Hurricane (a very old card), and Hydro Barrier is a Skill Drain for none Koaki Meiru.

Trying to make this as antimeta-ish as possible, I tagged in a few antimeta favorites. Namely King Tiger Wanghu.

Lets move on to the deck, which I could proudly say, I proudly present!

monster (18):

3 Koaki Meiru Urknight
3 Koaki Meiru Boulder
3 Koaki Meiru Tornado
2 Koaki Meiru Hydro Barrier
1 Koaki Meiru Crusader
3 king Tiger Wanghu
1 BF Sirocco the Dawn
1 BF Gale the Whirlwind
1 Sangan

spell (11):

3 Iron Core of Koaki Meiru
2 Pot of Duality
2 Forbidden Lance
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Book of Moon
1 Monster Reborn

trap (11):

3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Icarus Attack
2 Solemn Warning
3 Iron Core Luster
1 Solemn Judgment

Maybe taking out Book of Moon for a Burden of Mighty? Cause this deck does have problem taking out Stardust and Burden does help the deck combined with Wanghu for the classic antimeta playstyle. Not sure thou.

Why the weird monster line up? I play the BFs just cause I wanna play Icarus Attack. Gale is antimeta in nature and Sirocco is a natural beatstick.

Problem with the deck is that you sorta CAN'T do anything before you get Iron Core to your hand, so I am still thinking how to put the 3rd Pot of Dualities in here.

Once you get Iron Core, you will have full access in just about everything.

Wanghu is wanghu. Its in here cause I don't want to let samurai or doppel to set up early. Its useless after they do their tricks thou. Well, no antimeta deck can take on a 1st turn Shi-En with 4 facedowns without a godlike hand, same goes to Quaser.

Side the Lances out for Chalice for plant and monarch match ups, cause you really dont want their monsters to do their tricks. And Stardust to negate Tornado.

Side in Gigantes for Samurai, BF or Gladial Beast? Maybe?

You can always go like,

1. Summon Urknight, reveal Core, Tornado
2. Return Core to top deck, blow your field, attack for 3500
3. "Place these 2 monsters into the Exceeds Network, Exceeds Summon, Enter the Fray, NO39. Aspiring Emperor Hope."
4. Set Luster so you would have a free Jugdment next turn (or now if you so happens to have 2 Iron Core).

Just so you notice, Hydro Barrier + Gale or Sangan or his clone = No17 Revise Dragon or Gurensaurus.

The deck concept is simplicity, no long and complicated combo, just playstyles that has been around since the dawn of games, and will still be here until eventual Armageddon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Skill Drain Insect Beat

Since its been ages since anyone really saw an insect deck, and cause I wanna try something new for a change.

I have no access to Duelnet .. AT ALL, so I didn't test this deck out, but it seems okay on paper (or computer screen, which ever you prefer).

monster (19):

3 Chainsaw Insect
3 Jirai Gumo
3 Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior
2 Howling Insect
2 Fire Ant Ascator
2 4 Star Ladybug of Doom
2 Thunder King Rai - Oh
2 Cyber Dragon

spell (9):

3 Forbidden Chalice
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
2 Verdant Sanctuary
1 Book of Moon
1 Dark Hole

trap (12):

3 Skill Drain
3 Dimension Prison
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Debunk
1 Royal Oppression
1 Solemn Judgment

I have no clue how this deck does, and I'm not so sure I'm in the mood of finding out!

Hope I get to go for tourney tomorrow, a week of work is KILLING me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

500th Post Guys!!

Woo Hoo!! It took a long time, but I'm finally here.

Sorry for a few days offline, Internship sucks, it made me hate doing what I used to liked, must be the rules and long working hours and shit, 10 hours a day, you gotta be kidding me.

On TCG side :

The changing of the game terms. Nicely done. Its about time, giving actual "names" to effects and gameplay mechanics we see since the dawn of games.

1. Remove from Play --> Banish

I agree with a fellow blogger here. MTG?

2. Is remove from the field --> Leaves the field

Easier to understand overall, since the old term will lead to some fools with no clue about ruling to go crazy, on lets say duelnet? Its now shorter, easier to understand and saves some ink ... for those of you who prints card effect on paper.

3. During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the ATK of this card, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent --> Piercing

I guessed Cyberdark Horn was a card from 2011 then. It had piercing on it. This saves a lot of ink, a lot of them. Notice how long the old text used to be, and see how short it is now. Good for report writing.

4. Hero --> HERO

I guess Konami has been reading to my blog then. And maybe because HEROs are always written in CAPLOCKS in OCG, but I guess the former is the better reason. :)

I could not see HOW this would affect OCG ... at all.

Zombie Plant Syncro won YCS .. Atlanta I believe. Surprised when I saw the man's 1st feature, mainly his deck, not surprised he won the whole thing. Good deck is good. And awesome tech is Godlike.

OCG side :

Did anything really happened?

Just got back from the so called work thing most people do, tired as f:)k, no more from me today.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


So, for some reason, I can't get one Duelnet, cause it keeps showing me this white page and wants me to refresh and stuff, got bored and go get myself lunch at a local Chinese food stall.

Anyway, I saw this awesome BF decklist on Irish Duelist (and along that awesome Keepers), it top some event, but I don't know what event it is, and I don't really think its important.

Build that BF deck on Duelnet yesterday night, real difference with the one I had was the 2 Lance and 2 7 Tools, but these 4 cards made all the difference.

The deck was awesome, made me think how the hell I beat BF at locals when this deck is still so freaking awesome. I know how it loses to Samurai, cause it can't really break through a REAL Shi-En lock without godlike hands, but its still very very awesome.

In the 10 games or so, I experience no dead-draws, everything works very very well, and 2 guys A.S.S'ed me cause shi-en got run over by Shura and Sirocco.

I can't do shit at the moment, cause I'm stuck at home and bloody Duelnet is letting me down. So, I can't continue testing that BF deck and express how good it really is.

And the Keepers/Gladial deck, is awesome. Although I say you'll fail badly if you try to netdeck it and play it at locals.


Oh yeah, I also did a bit of an update to my sabers list from the post before. Cause I find Forbidden Lance EXTREMELY powerful (in theory and in a BF deck anyways), I've decided to put 2 of them into the deck, but still can't find cards that I might take out thou, work in progress.

Took out Sangan for a Darksoul because Mike and others are trying so hard to convince me how good the little dude with an oversized scythe is.

Well, its a saber, and it searches, so it does have his uses. But I lost 2 games because his attack is too low, where as I could take out that Rai-Oh in defence with Sangan, and Kageki in another match, and would have won right there (the dude has 200 life left). But not much to complain aside from the lack of field presence overall.

And I think I'm being playing him wrong thou, the only times Darksoul was used was revive by Faultroll and released for Gottom's effect. And get another saber in the end turn for hand advantage. Which may or may not matter since my opponent has nothing left anyway.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm sorry But I've owned Darksouls more than anything else

The more I play Duelnet, the less I understand why Darksoul and Boggard are gonna broke sabers.

I don't play them and for the last couple of days, I beat EVERY single sabers I met (with sabers).

Maybe its because of my random techs? I'm not sure. Maybe you guys can give me a clue.

I tried fitting in Darksouls and Boggard, it just doesn't work, although 2 Darksoul and no Boggard still worked thou, but its not THAT much better. 3 and any number just makes the deck incredibly unbalance.

monster (17):

3 XX-saber Fullhelmknight
3 XX-saber Emmersblade
2 XX-saber Faultroll
2 X-saber Airbellum
1 X-saber Pashuul
1 XX-saber Garsem (the dude win me more duels than any other saber, mostly because no one knows what it does)
3 DD Warrior Lady (easily MVP)
1 Sangan
1 Cyber Dragon

spell (9):

3 Pot of Duality
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
1 Reinforcements of the Army

trap (14):

2 Gottom's Emergency Call
2 Trap Stun
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Royal Oppression
1 Transmigration Prophecy (won me games a lot)

I don't know, is this deck good? Or not? Cause it seems to only work when I'm playing it, or because others playing it doesn't think like I do?

If you don't try to figure out a way to get rid of every card on your opponent's hand if you get the chance, your not playing it right, thats my conclusion. Sac that Gottom's if you have to, that how I win most of my games.

That said, this deck has a bad match up against any Plant based deck (plant syncro or Junk Doppel) cause they can just turn the field around with 1 card and their advantage almost never fades.

Tengu is another problem as I waste alot of resource just trying to take it out, but I could care less since its not gonna be in OCG till end of next year.

Lost to fish twice, but both times to Armory Colossal OTK, which is illegal now in OCG, so I don't see a need to mod my deck to face it. And if he did anything but that (both times), he won't have won, cause I have Emmers and DD Warrior Lady, both times. But since its mixed rulings, there is nothing much I can argue about.

Priority is a bitch, I lost once to Lightlord cause I have 2 BTH and a Mind Crush(testing) set, he has a Wolf on the field only, while I have Gottoms. He draws, I call Celestia, he shows me his hand, 2 Judgment Dragoons. In OCG, that wouldn't have matter, cause I have double BTH for the 2 Dragoons that can't call priority, but it wasn't OCG, and I forgot bout that completely and lost to the stupid "Priority Nuke-the-Field, BTH? I'm sorry, but you KNOW I have another 1 right". Not to bitch but not playing priority for 3 months really makes one forget about how weak BTH was back then.

VS samurais is all about who starts first (like there was a time that it wasn't). But I can still fight back if I start with DD Warrior Lady, and his lot. Cause this deck WAS originally build to take down Samurai since end of last year, and with the sides, I could say the only samurai I lost to was Fishtank's last weekend. Not something to brag about thou, since it doesn't do well against a lot of other decks, just that I'm too focus on samurai to care about them.

I find myself setting Fullhelm or Airbellum 1st turn a lot if I don't pull Emmers or DD, just cause I don't wanna let my opponent know what deck I'm playing, but it worked for me quite a lot, aside from the GB match ups.

All and all, Duelnet is good, although I'm starting to get bored with all those "you can't sac a facedown for Icarus" or "Catastor's effect will apply even if the opponent monster is facedown because bla bla bla", and the best of them reasonings "you can't chain E Call to Trap Stun cause it would negate it, cause Trap Stun will negate all traps even if its after it, unless its a counter".

Luckily, I have never got A.S.S'ed and would NOT look forward for 1.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today on Dueling Network

Or duelnet by DS.

Been killed by the following reasons :

1. Priority (espeacially Yaichi and Dark Armed)
2. Colossal Armory Loop
3. Tengu

Right, seems like my deck is built for OCG only.

Just an extremely short post. Back to Duelnet!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thunder End Dragon

Its a Rank 8 Dragon monster Exceed from the next booster Photon Shockwave, no pictures now, but I hope Konami don't fail us at the arts department.

This dragon can only be exceed summon by overlaying 2 Level 8 Normal monsters. And by removing one of his material from underneath , he can destroy all other monsters once per turn.

This card screams Blue Eyes White Dragon, doesn't he.

But, thats not just it. Cause, we get a new dragon to abuse this dragon with.

Meet Rabii-Dragon. No pictures yet, so we don't know how this guy would look like, I hope it doesn't looks like a rabbit.

Aside from that, this is a level 8 Light Dragon Normal Monster, with 2950 attack and 2900 defense.

Just a Blue Eyes wannabe? Maybe. But who cares, we now have 2 Level 8 normal Dragons we can abuse.

Dragon Abuse Deck in preparation, here is the sample which is completely off my head.

monster (12):

3 Blue Eyes White Dragon
3 Rabii- Dragon
3 White Stone of Legends
3 Dragunity Phalanx/Aklys (your choice)

spell (27):

3 Trade-In
3 Cards of Consonance
3 Advance Draw
3 White Elephant's Gift
3 Swing of Memories
2 Silent Doom
2 Dragon's Mirror
2 Dragon Ravine
2 Terra Forming
1 Monster Reborn
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade

trap (1):

1 Return from a Different Dimension

Just some random deck I thought off, since Thuner-End Blowing up the field and Dragon Mirror for FGD = 8000 damage.


Maybe find room for a Dux, since you might have dead hands, and sync to Scrap to blow a card (together with Ravine) then tribute it for Advance Draw might nett you something.


Nevermind what I just said up there!

Rabii-Dragon really looks like a god-damned rabbit.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

15th May World's Qualifier's Top16 Qualifier Thingy report

Went to Gamers Arena get my Pots (2 of them and borrowed 1 from Cookie) and joined the tourney.

The show up was small, 18 only as opposed to last weeks huge turn out (which luckily I did not go).

Deck used : Sabers

Cause I'm almost certain no one knows what this deck does and how to counter it. I tech it to the max too.

1st match vs Jun Pak - Machina Gadget

1st duel - Random saber stunts.
2nd duel - Pashuul became the only thing between me and his massive field, stalled for 5 turns until he had an answer.
3rd duel - He flipped my Cyber Dragon face down, I declair fusion with his 2 machines, we asked the head judge, which he approves and proceed to attack with a 3000 beats.

1 - 0

2nd match vs Fishtank - Samurai

1st duel - Hand blew my Pashuul and Emmers.
2nd duel - Trap Stun, Hyunlei and Faultroll.
3rd duel - He drops Shi-En and Yaichi on me, I have a Faultroll, a Pot, a MST, Mirror Force, Solemn and BTH.

1 - 1

I got a bye for round 3 cause my opponent decided to go home (probably due to 2 loss).

2 - 1

4th match vs Whirldwind BF

The dude was told me before the duel he knows nothing bout sabers and he will ask me for the effects of the cards.

1st duel - I declair Syncro, he lets it pass, and when I look into my extra deck, he ask me if there is any level 6 Saber, I explained to him Hyunlei's effect, then he suddenly ask for a replay. He backed me up after that cause his backrow was good, but Pashuul saved me from Trishula and Shura. I stalled long enough for Faultroll to come into play and turn the duel around.
2nd duel - He starts with Shura, grab Blizzard and 4 backrows. Got owned.
3rd duel - Hyunlei completely owns the dude, as he sets cards like Forbidden Lance and stuff (and even a Dark Hole once, cause he doesn't want his Mirror Force to get MST'ed, so much for that).

When I stood up, he was so upset(and screaming...) and was like telling his mates that he knew nothing about sabers, thats why he loss. I originally wanted to just say it to his face "I don't even have Boggard and Darksoul, and I still owned you" but Fishtank stopped me.

3 - 1

5th match vs Karakuri

1st duel - I have Veiler in hand for his Burei and it hits into Warrior Lady. Airbellum just keeps poking his life and hand off the board.
2nd duel - I backed him up again, and he pulled Karakuri Komachi "wateverthename" but I have Chain Disappearance. And I ended with Scrap, Gottoms up in front, Oppression(set) and Reborn in hand. He has no hand nor field, and he surrendered after looking at the top card.

4 - 1

So, top 4.

Top 4 vs Machina Gadget.

This is a not a duel but an amateur comedy act. We are literally trying to make the other laugh as opposed to Fishtank's serious duel at the other table.

And apparently, my opponent worships Karl Lim (since his dead for a certain reason and his soul would strengthen your card playing skills and allow you to pull off impossible fleats). Its actually a religion that offers annual sacrifice (in terms of Pot of Duality) to the divine being (Karl). Say his name 3 times before your every move (including draws) and you will succeed.

1st duel -My deck has 17 monsters, I pull 6. But lasted at least 15 turns before losing.
2nd duel -I sided for this match up, but my monster count is now 14. I start, I drew ... 6 monsters ... Apparently Karl Lim chanting really does work.

Result : Top 4

And the guy also proceed to beat Fishtank's 1st turn Shi-En and 3 backrows by SHOUTING Karl Lim every time before he draws or do just about anything.

So, remember, when you are in a dire situation, don't believe in the heart of the cards, just believe in Karl Lim.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Random stuffs

I've just went of Shriek for the 1st time in ... 2 weeks? And I think its official that BF has left the winners circle ... so sad.

So for the May tourneys, the winning decks are, roughly :

35~40% Junk Doppel
30~35% Six Samurai
10% Karakuri based stuffs
and others for others.

So, we do have a problem, see it? No? Really?

All 3 decks that are winning are Syncro based, hello, Yusei died(why else his not in the epilogue), 5D's is over, Its Exceed era now and no one is even playing with them.

Bad card design on Konami's part I guess.

I made this deck a few weeks (maybe months) ago, and I played tested with it a little and found this thing actually works?

monster (23):

3 Scrap Golem
2 Scrap Beast
2 Scrap Goblin
2 Super-Nimble Mega Hamster
2 Ryko Lightlord Hunter
3 Thor's Black Goat
3 Thor's White Goat
3 Thor's Horse
1 Morphing jar
2 Spell Striker

spell (14):

3 Scrap Storm
3 Scrapyard
1 Giant Turnade
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Mind Control
2 Creature Swap

trap (3):

3 Royal Decree

Just a fun deck I made from my pile of cards. No expensive stuffs here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sold my Librarian!!

Despite what I wrote in the previous post, I sold my Formula, my Librarians (both of them) and Ghost rare Shooting Star. And using that money, I funded my 3 copies of Duality, which isn't such a bad deal on my part.

Well, why did I do that?

Librarian and Formula are obvious targets for the banned list in September. And with EXP4 coming out around the same time, Sabers WILL get a power boost (AKA reaching TCG standards), and for reasons unknown to man, Pot of Duality will increase in price yet again, unless if its reprinted or so. But who cares, I get mine in a "trade", I don't care if the price drops, I spent $0(of my own) on them.

Met up with Team Arco this afternoon and did some dueling. Koaki Meiru with Hope!! Still sucks.

I dueled Fishtank in his E HERO build, despite nothing went wrong on my part, I lost 5 rounds out of 5. Hope got attacked, got bounced, got destroyed and got Super Poly'ed.

But on the other hand, my Rainbow-Neos-Fenix-Burn-Chain-Material hybrid deck is doing great. I actually got Cyber End out, but it got MST'ed (Future Fusion).

Yeah, my final exams are over but I have internship starting 2 weeks later, damn ... So, I'll be enjoying my short sem break, so expect only bout 2 to 3 post next week. Also, this could be due to Pokemon BW is freakin' awesome!

Wish I can go to Gamers this weekend and play the Worlds Qualifier. But knowing my parents, most probably not. But What ever!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Koaki Meiru Exceed

Since I've finish revising for tomorrow's paper, I though I post this new list of mine. Made it late last night and I've not test play it at all.

monster (16):

3 Koaki Meiru Urknight
3 Koaki Meiru Crusader
3 Koaki Meiru Powerhand
2 Koaki Meiru Boulder
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
2 King Tiger Wanghu
1 Summoner Monk

spell (11):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Iron Core of Koaki Meiru
3 Burden of the Mighty
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

trap (13):

2 Trap Stun
2 Iron Core Luster
2 Dimension Prison
2 Bottomless Traphole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Royal Oppression

Let me explain bout the deck a bit. Its obviously an antimeta deck aimed at no specific target. I could change it to specific hate with the side board thou (but unfortunately this is not my tourney deck so I don't have one).

Urknight is the main monster of the deck cause he basically makes free exceeds. And with Burden out, summoning Crusader will nett you cards like crazy (or so I hope).

Powerhand is good in here cause it can get through huge ass walls and its good against Ryko and Spy. There may be other targets as well, but I can't recall at the moment.

Trap line up are generic aside from the lone Luster. Why not run more? Same reason why Grave BF don't run more than 1 Delta Crow (if they run it at all), it only hits facedowns and would only be good if you start first, but its always good to have.

I have Burden in here cause this deck have problem getting rid of big syncro monsters if I don't have my traps. So, I threw Wanghu in just to have a Wanghu lock up and Powerhand gets rid of the face downs for me.

Proxies the 3 Dualities for the moment since I have my play set confirmed.

No Royal Decree hate in here cause my opponent won't be any better situations themselves if they lock their own traps(if Wanghu and RaiOh are out). But side the 2 MST just because I don't know how true is this theory.

Tell me what you think? Innovative or completely stupid?

Better get the Inverse Roaches before it got sold out again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

TG Hyper Librarian

Its the new Dark Dive Bomber.

We are aware of this since it came out (end of last year I think), but his getting a bit out of hands.

I've not look into this card(or any other promo) for the last few months, partly due to my studies, and mostly due to the fact that we were too busy preparing for Asian and soon, Worlds.

But since Shooting Quaser was printed, this dude, basically gone crazy.

From a magazine card that we bought for RM15, we expected it to reach the 30s, hence, Lam bought 11 copies. But no, it kept rising. From what I heard, this card can be sold for RM80, thats more than 5 times it's cost. Normally, I would sell the copies I'm holding off to gain this massive profit before it drops in price, but this time, I'm not even thinking of it. Thats just how good this card is.

Over the few days of not writing any blog post, I look around for some decklist and videos concerning the deck, and came to conclusion that, any deck that could do 5 and 2 syncros, is gonna own.

While it alone has not made that much of an impact over here at Malaysia like the broken cards of the past did, I imagine it has something to do with it being a promo.

Seriously, this card is SOOOO getting hit by the September banned list, limited to 1, says I.


On a side note, I was busy yesterday night and this morning taking out my Koaki Meiru deck from the bottom of my YGO drawer (ya, I still play this deck), cause my next paper would be on Monday, which left me not in the mood for books the whole of yesterday.

Koaki Meiru Urknight is broke now. Well, not to the fact that its competitive, but its a LOT better than it used to be. Why? Inverse Roach and Aspiring Emperor Hope.

What it used to do was summoning another 2000 beat to hit your opponent hard, but that meant you would have to maintain both, which was a chore. Now? Summoning another 2000 beats, hit your opponent hard and overlay them to exceed summon Inverse Roach, which locks your opponent up while not wasting your hand.

As simple and basic this seems, it adds a lot of synergy to the as I play tested it against imaginary opponent no.1 a few moments ago. But still got kicked in the ass, the face and every part you can think of by Junk Doppel aka Librarian Whore.

But, the deck is FAR from complete as its still heavily unbalanced and I need some good traps in here.

Thats it for now, going back to study mode!!