Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thoughts on Koaki Meiru

Looking for

2~3 more E HERO Prisma (TCG or Korean is okay, cause the Japanese version is too expensive)
2x E HERO Necro Darkman

3x Super Rare Miracle Fusion(or 2 Super and 1 Rare)
3x Super Rare Polimelisation
2~3 x Wrath of Neos (I don't wanna get them from Mr P, its expensive)

why ? Planning to build a NEOS deck, selling for BF, Gigaplant Gemini and Fortune Lady for the money, so if your interested and is somewhere near KL , please leave a comment.

Additionally, I am also looking for

1x Koaki Meiru Rooklord
1x Koaki Meiru Urknight
2x Shiba Warrior Taro

for my Koaki Meiru deck.

now that's done, we'll go into topic.

I've seen quite a few videos on YouTube and most YGO players around the world thinks that Koaki Meiru sucks. Am I the only one that doesn't? I mean, I like Koaki Meiru since before it came out, and it's the main reason I bought the RGBT box. Koaki Meiru has since been my top 3 decks, only behind my E HERO and Oppression BF(which I don't like cause its not MY deck).

Why people says that Koaki Meiru sucks :

1. Too dependent on Iron Core of Koaki Meiru

2. Need to maintain your hand number

3. Don't have any way to OTK or at least win fast

4. Monsters die in the end phase or you need to waste your draw for it

5. Most of the monsters are Super Rare

My answer to it :

1. Then don't use it. I've been running Coreless Koaki Meiru since ANPR and it has been very stable. How do you keep your monster from dying? Duh, there is a secondary effect where you show a type of card. You need to be selective and don't just put the card in just because its a Koaki Meiru monster. For example, Drago, people treat him as the most useful Koaki Meiru. Why ? His next to useless. The main reason for me to even thinking of using him is for the TCG exclusive Koaki Meiru Maximus but playing Maximus means using Cores, Fail(unless there are something that makes the Cores really worth in future sets).

2. Yes, there is no way around this. You need to maintain a steady hand in order to keep the Koaki Meiru alive. But what decks outside of OTKs get rid of their hand entirely? BF has Whirlwind to replenish their hand. LS has Garoth and needs them for Honest and Beckoning. GB... you even need to ask? In Koaki Meiru, you most of the time would have only 1 or maybe 2 monsters out on the field, so you only need 2 cards or sometimes 1 card to keep them out. With Crusader, is this really such a big task?

3. Duh. They are an AntiMeta archtype. Why would an AntiMETA go for OTK? They can apply beatdown, Lockdown, even Burn but why the hell you wanna do OTK with them. Maybe you should try doing OTK with Stall decks, that would work!

4. Keep the number of different types down. For example, I only have 3 types in my deck and that includes Powerhand which is a Machine that only needs to reveal a normal trap to stay alive. In an AntiMeta theme, of cause there will be plenty of normal traps. Another way is to include Tuners. That way your monster won't be wasted and you can also control your number of monsters. Tuners like Plague Spreader Zombie and Krebons works the best as you don't have to take care of them or waste a turn. But of cause use a Tuner that type is the same as some of your Koaki Meiru, as stated above, Shiba Warrior Taro with an effect that cannot be destroyed by battle and return to hand is an excellent choice considering your have alot of Beast Warrior in the deck.

5. Is that a bad thing? 1 thing I really like about my Koaki Meiru deck is how shiny it is. I really hope it doesn't get reprinted but I always will in Expert Edition, 6 or 7 maybe? Looking forward to a Ultra rare Valafar or Iron Core!!

I hope this really help Koaki Meiru get the respect they trully deserve. One thing about the deck is it doesn't have any AutoPilot (where as LS is so known for it). Its not a deck that can win you alot of games and its not a deck that is alot of fun to play with(because its slow), but it is a really good challenge to try building a good build and you'll always feel accomplish when you beat something tough with it.

On a side note, anyone up for Ancient Egyption Language course cause Ra is coming out in 3 weeks time!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fortune Lady ~ N.O.S(40)

I wrote about my Fortune Lady built a few post ago. I never post a complete decklist cause I don't have the necessary cards for the entire deck, right now, I still don't have Fortune Lady Fiery(sad I know), but I have been test playing it with proxies and it does very well, as long as your opponent isn't the sort of deck that clears the field as its nothing. Its not a very fast deck and it needs a turn or 2 to set up the play.

As most FL builds runs Future Vision, my version don't partially cause I want to be different and mostly due to the fact that I can't afford it. Unlike most FL decks that don't run Fortune Future, it is in fact my deck's key card.

why NOS ? cause I feel Turbo just doesn't express how fast this deck really is.

so I'll cut the crap and get started with the deck.

monsters (19):

3x FL Lighty
3x FL Darky
3x FL Watery
2x FL Fiery
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Armed Dragon
3x Apprentice Magician
2x Junk Syncron

spells (17):

3x Fortune Future
2x Allure of Darkness
3x Arcane Barrier (I just love this card so much)
3x Magical Dimension
2x Pot of Avarice
1x One-for-One
1x Monster Gate
1x Heavy Storm
1x Swords of Revealing Light

traps (4):

3x Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter
1x Torrential Tribute


2x Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter
2x Fortune Slip

does the same effect most of the time.

key cards :

Fortune Lady Lighty & Darky

needless to explain the heart of every FL decks. Swarm so freaking fast its not even funny. You wanna get Lighty out ASAP and search for Darky. Then repeat the whole process.

Chaos Sorcerer

Helps remove FL from play, most of the time Lighty and Darky for Future Fortune to work, get rid of potential threats ie Judgment Dragoon, Stardust and Armor wing. You know how good this card is.

Fortune Future

It lets you fill your grave for Dark Armed AND lets you draw 2. Best draw card ever. Since there is Pot of Avarice you won't run out of options and DAD and Chaos Sorcerer just keeps getting back into the deck. Allure also helps abit here and your opponent might always Bottomless your Darky. When dueling against Undead Syncro or Lightsworn, side in Soul Release and this card works magic!!


ditches dead cards or that extra monster needed for Pot of Avarice or DAD, and summons Lighty fast.

Inter-Dimensional Matter Transporter

Staple in all FL decks. Saves your monsters if someone wants to Black Rose your field.


I think since SD16, all the Spellcaster related deck I build revolves around drawing. I guess I just love Arcane Barrier very much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Worst set in YGO?

come on, I know everyone has a set that he/she hates, don't give me the "I love everything in YGO" crap. I really want to know the most hated set and why. I could do a pole but that means I have to type out just about every set in the game. So, please just write in the comments(preferred) or chat box.

For myself, the set I hated most is CyberDark Impact, as I see nothing in the entire set worth pulling, I only bought 3 packs of this set....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Asian Qualifiers

arrived 0830 in the morning and start trading with people I don't know and made some new friends. Khye and his bro came and we talk about siding cards. The tour ney is 60% Lightsworn(not really a surprise) and a noticeable number of GB.

deck run : Oppression BF

at 1100 the tourney started , I got table 2. My first opponent... Lightsworn!!

1st duel :

Open with Shura , Oppression , Book of Moon x2 , Blast and Icarus. Oppression saved my assed by negating his Lumina. Soul Released his LS and attack for game with Goyo and Armor Wing.

2nd duel :

Opened with bad hands but luckily a Light Imprisoning Mirror. Turned the tides, and a perfect duel.


after that is a very long break. Found out some of the countrys best duelist lost in the first round. Really shocked. Talked with Shawn and Khye and waited till 1330.

2nd match, what do you know, my opponent is Lightsworn again...

1st duel

he starts and summons up to 2 Wolf, 1 Lumina and 1 Garoth and passed. I set Oppression and Mirror Force and have Shura attack his Lumina, he Necro Guardna it. Having a Kalut at hand, I wasn't really confident. He Stormed my back row and tribute for Celestia, easy win for LS.

2nd duel

Light Imprisoning and he can do nothing

3rd duel

Open with 2x Black Whirlwind, 2x Book of Moon , Bottomless and Solemn. Set BoM, Bottomless and Solemn. He used Lyla and hit BoM. I draw, Whirlwind. Ended. and basically that lasted till the end of the duel 12 turns later with me pulling 0 monsters.... An awesome defeat I know.


so, I only lasted 2 rounds, quite down as I lost because of luck, but then again, this format is really luck based. Left after that as my Grandma's birthday is today also. Khye won the 2nd round, against his brother. Traded and lefft at 1500.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Revival of Cyber End Dragon (42)

monster (21):

2x Cyber Eltanin
1x Cyber Dragon
3x Cyber Valley
3x Cyber Dragon Zwei
3x Proto-Cyber Dragon
3x Lord British
3x Shining Angel
3x Honest

spells (15):

3x Power Bond
2x Evolution Burst
2x D.D.R
2x Light of Redemption
1x Gold Sarcophagus
1x Limit Removal
1x Overload Fusion
1x Giant Turbade
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

traps (6):

1x Return from a Different Dimension
2x Rainbow Life
2x Beckoning Light
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra :

2x Cyber End Dragon
3x Cyber-Twin Dragon
1x Chimera Tech Over Dragon
3x Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon

Side :

1x Cybernetic Hidden Technology
3x DNA Surgery


Strategy is simple , summon Cyber Dragons and beat the crap out of anything in your way. DNA Surgery creates Fortress Dragon like its nothing, side it because its more fun to run Cyber End.

Key cards :

Cyber Dragon Zwei:

Your search able Cyber Dragon, since it is treated as Cyber Dragon on the field(most of the time) and in the grave. This card leads to easy summoning of Cyber Twin Dragon, and sometimes even Cyber End. Not to mention the Chimera Techs. Its a beat stick on its on and with Honest in hand, this is one beast your opponent wants to use Bottomless on.

Power Bond :

Your all time favorite card to summon Cyber End. Words just can't express how powerful this card is. An instant OTK if you combine this with Cyber Eltanin.

Redemption of Light :

Since this cards removes from play A LOT , with Eltanin, Valley, Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon and Overload Fusion (not to mention Gold Sarcophagus), and there are always Bottomless Trap Hole and DD Crow on your opponent side. Pay a mere 800 to bring back your Cyber Dragon or Valleys.

Rainbow Life :

Power Bond is a risky card to use. Combine this with the summoning of Cyber End, you get a free 4000 +. This card can also prevent OTKs. Dumping a card may also power up Eltanin by a little too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Random Update#3

Found this in a China/Taiwan YGO forum, apparently, this is a rumor of what is being covered in the next V-Jump issue.

sorry for those who can't read Japanese :

ラーOCG化 (Ra being made into OCG)

The only thing that interest me is obviously the bold one.


and another thing is this :

WJの付属は映画に出るカード (meh...)

Why am I not translating, cause I'm afraid that I may make translation mistake...

Best quote I heard this week :

LS doesn't let you play it. It chews your limbs off if you do. Do what IT tells you to do, not what YOU want it to do. That's the thing with LS. That's why I quit playing it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Update#2

Met Khye and another friend at Sg Wang today, I was there for 2 hours before anyone showed up thanks to the rain and jam. Bought a 5 pack combo of ABPF for RM35 and got mostly crap and the holo was Priest of the Sun(which Lam wanted and I forgot, ending with it sold to Khye at the end of the day). I tested out my Fortune Lady (without Firery and Future Vision), its sort of a draw deck where you gain a hell of hand advantage, and score a 6-1 against a Gemini/Dual deck, awesome record I know, I never knew this deck was so good.

Khye arrived and we started looking at each other's binder, thats when he spotted Priest of the Sun. My other friend was wanting to get Quila the Moon Shadow Dragon from him, but he only has one copy, so too bad. After the trades, we dueled. I used my E HERO while he used his Lightlord, apparently, the fact that Singapore's Asian Qualifier winner was a Lightlord deck made him wanting to play LL in the qualifier. After I dueled him with E HERO for a few duel, I used my BF as I was wondering of this deck can really take on LL. Well, without a side deck, BF really had to fight hard, we duel a match it was 1-2. Ironically, my E HERO did 4-0 when dueling his LL, although he pulled crap in 2 duels. Sad that I can't run it!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Random Update#1

Guess what. You'll never believe this but ... I haven't pull any ABPF packs yet!! I know you'll be like : "What!! Is this guy crazy?" Partially ... yes. Reason for not getting any pack now is that nothing in the set really interest me, and the one card that does , Core Chimail Urknight, is probably one cheap card to get. Going to Sungei Wang tomorrow to register for the Asian Qualifiers(maybe buying a box of ABPF on Lam's behave), hopefully meeting Khye there and get some Urknights.

1 random thing. Shining in E HERO deck ... ROCKS!! I don't know how many times it got hit by Mirror Force and Torrential, but I don't care, in fact there are times that I'm like, please be a Torrential!! Shining also solves the problem of running out of Zero's .

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Shining Destiny ~ ZERO version (40)

1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Caius the Shadow Monarch
2x E HERO Prisma
2x E HERO Ocean
1x E HERO Stratos
1x E HERO Forestman
2x D HERO Bloo-D
1x D HERO Dogma
2x D HERO Malicious
1x D HERO Diamond Dude
1x D HERO Dasher
1x Armageddon Knight
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Plague Spreader Zombie

2x Miracle Fusion
2x Polymerization
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x The Warrior Returning Alive
3x Destiny Draw
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Scape Goat
1x Future Fusion

1x Hero Signal
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Return from the Dark Dimension
1x Call of the Haunted

2x E HERO Absolute Zero
1x E HERO The Shining
1x Dragoon D End

Just something I came up with running the EDo system. Khye was the one who showed me the concept of the deck earlier today.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Anti-X-Ta (40)

3x DD Warrior Lady
3x DD Warrior
3x DD Assailant
3x Breaker the Magical Warrior
3x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Bf - Gale of the Hurricane

3x Shrink
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Brain Control

3x Royal Oppression
3x Raigeki Break
2x Sakuretsu Armor (poor)/ Dimension Prison (rich)
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Threatening Roar
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Dustshoot
2x Divine Wrath
1x Solemn Judgment

3x Trap Eater
3x Twister
3x Light Imprisoning Mirror
3x Macro Cosmos
3x Magic Drain

Enjoy ...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dawn Control V3 (42)

3x BF - Sirocco the Dawn
3x BF- Shura the Blue Flame
3x BF - Kalut the Moon Shadow
3x BF- Blast the Black Spear
2x BF - Vayu the Bancho
1x BF - Gale the Hurricane
3x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
1x Caius the Shadow Monarch

3x Black Whirlwind
2x Allure of Darkness
2x Shrink
1x Foolish Burial
1x Brain Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystic Space Typhoon

3x Royal Oppression
3x Icarus Attack
1x Delta-Crow Anti-Reverse
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Solemn Judgement

2x D.D Crow (vs LL,Grave BF and Undead)
2x BF - Blizzard of the Far North (vs LL,Grave BF)
2x Delta-Crow Anti-Reverse (vs AntiMeta)
3x Light Imprisoning Mirror (vs LL)
3x Threatening Roar (vs any deck with high OTK chances)
3x Dark Bribe (vs any deck that has excess to alot of annoying spells and traps)

2x BF - Arms Wing
2x BF - Armor Wing
1x BF - Lone Silver Wing
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Collosal Fighter
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Goyo Guardian
1x C.Dragon (for economically challenged)/ Bronaic Ice Boundary Dragon(for rich kid)
3x Magical Android

Best MGS Animal !?

Its been about a month since the release of the MGS Animals or Fiend Roar Deity Beast, I've not played it or seen it real life but the effects I brought is not something I can afford to not pay attention to.

When we see the name MGS Animal, we think of that three-headed-puppy/mad-dog. But no! I don't think thats the best MGS Animal around. Its one of the other that people don't play that grab my attention!

Meet MGS Beast Ganashia.

Why is this card good? It has the same effect as the dog apart that it is not a Tuner, yet it has Atk boosting effect which turns him to a 1800. Only down side is that it is remove from play when it leaves the field, but who the heck would Call of the Haunted it? And removing from play may also help if you have Dimension Alchemist, the TCG top-tech-card-what-so-ever. Lets just say its very good on its own and it can make wonders with the right combos, but not OTKs like the dog does.

Another reason why this card is good is that ... ITS AN ELEPHANT FOR GOD's SAKE!! How can an elephant not be good. And his face clearly showed that the guy's a gansta!!

When they build this card, they clearly have a Malaysian or some one who knows Malay designing it, as its image is what I picture an elephant. Best of all(sorry for those who don't understand Malay), his name , Ganashia.

Ganashia = Ganas + Shia = Ganas sia!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


with the Asian Qualifiers under 3 weeks time, the atmosphere is starting to get serious... not really, I doubt it would even get serious on the tourney, but oh well.

Heard that Singapore is going to allowed Gorz , Gold Sarc and TKR. I sincerely hope that this is not the issue in Malaysia. Why? I would rather not have the chance to use Gorz that to face it whole dueling against JD and Vayu. TKR really would screw me up, especially when searching is so important in Dawn Control. Gold Sarc... they already have Reinforcements of Light, you want it to be Reinforcement of JD? Obviously, Lightlord is going to be the biggest portion of the pie in this tourney.

From my experience and mostly from guesses, this tourney would be concord by 5 main deck types. Needless to say, LS, GB variants and BF variants would be the top choices. But it is also not surprising for Light BEAT or Light Undead BEAT or just abound any other effective antiMETA to be see in the dozens. The last piece of the pie would be the "lain-lain" group or something else group.

since people are just so familiar with LS, GB and BF. I'm not gonna talk about them. Instead I'm gonna talk about, no, not the antiMETA , as I suck with it. I'm gonna talk about the "Lain-lain" group, which reminds me of filling in forms when you are about to fill in the column of your race.

Possible GOOD "lain-lain" decks :

1. J&D variant - we know why. Many people reads You-Know-Who's blog and it is a great deck. It can beat virtually any of the above decks in the right hands and the right sides(which is very difficult and most good players in Malaysia would run the more famed decks instead of a concept)

pros - Easy tuning , low chances of dead-drawing , have an answer to virtually anything in the META , there are 2 mascot instead of 1.

cons - lacks absolute power (not the freakin' booster pack) , not easy to manipulate , 1 siding mistake and you are gone...

2. Monarchs variants - a stable deck type, slow, but stable

pros - do I really need to write this? simple + sweet + a big 2400 on the field + no Gorz to bully them = good!! that and the fact that aside from the 10 staples, you have virtually the whole deck to mod.

cons - one and only weakness - THEY ARE FREAKIN' SLOW!!!

3. Gemini Plants - curse you Neux for uploading this to Youtube!!

pros - fast , monsters come out for free , a simple and sweet OTK and a dozen of cards that works well with plants + 4 Solemns instead of 1!!

cons - luck dependent (to some extent), aside from that, I really don't think it has any other major weakness...

4. truly original never seen before 1 of a kind deck - how am I suppose to describe it?

pros - It has the "element of surprise" , no one would know how to side against it perfectly(which you could always side out) , emotional pressure to your opponent (like when Shawn 1st duel Rauzes in J&D)

cons - It normally doesn't do as well as planned....

well, considering Malaysians are a bunch of A-holes, I would expect the percentages of the "lain-lain" group decks lower than 5%. Well, if we don't consider kids with 40 random cards or a SD with a few added cards as in this category, then I think my assuption would be correct.