Saturday, January 30, 2010

ネオス :“俺 参上”

Hello world. Since I'm quite free this morning I came up with not 1 but 2 decklist that I hope I can build soon. The key card of both decks are not available YET!! But it would be release in next month's Vjump as the promo. Yes you guessed it, the card I'm talking about is E HERO Neos Knight!!

I was thinking of a decklist that would be fun and semi-competitive but couldn't made up my mind which is the better of the 2, so I just post them up to show you guys what I had in mind.

Thoughts on Neos Knight :

This guy is one mean card. And I'm not just talking about being a great E HERO, to me, this guy is on par or even surpass Absolute Zero as THE most powerful E HERO. How can that be? It doesn't have the destructive power build-in Zero. Here is my point :

1. Its Neos + any Warrior, meaning any E HERO, making it on par with Zero and the other Nature based HEROs in fusion user-friendly.

2. Its a Neos fusion, meaning it have excess to all those Neos cards!! BEAT THAT!!

3. It can end games FAST.... and Honest-able. ZERO and Shining have to leave the field to gain advantage, he just wins the game for you...

4. Played together with the Nature based HEROs, especially The Shining and see this card does wonders!!

5. I can go on but those are the main points...


Lets waste no more time and proceed to the first decklist...


monster (17):
3x E HERO Neos
3x E HERO Prisma
1x E HERO Stratos
3x Black Luster Soldier
3x King of the Swamps
3x The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion
1x Morphing Jar

Spell (19):
3x Polymerization
3x Miracle Fusion
3x Fusion Sage
2x Dragon's Mirror
2x Fusion Recovery
1x Future Fusion
3x E Emergency Call
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

trap (4):
1x HERO Blast
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra (15):
3x E HERO Neos Knight
3x E HERO Absolute Zero
2x E HERO Gaia
1x E HERO The Great Tornado
3x Dragon Master Knight

This deck focuses on Neos Knight AND Dragon Master Knight. Black Luster Solider is an awesome Fusion Material as it can be fused with to become the 2 mentioned AND E HERO Gaia.

The Theme of this deck is to ... Summon Big Ass Boss Monsters out EVERY TURN. Simple and Nice!!

The truth is, I was thinking of building a Dragon Master Knight decklist when I had Prisma in and suddenly thought of Neos Knight. Which I proceed with scrapping the idea of the former decklist and proceed to where I am right now.

Of the 2, I guess Lam would prefer this because of Obvious Reasons. Anyone who likes Big Ass Monsters would like this build better!!

I give you a minute to process the data before we proceed to the next topic... I mean deck.


This Next deck is one of my most favorite list that I had came up with in a LONG LONG time. As you know, I absolutely loves fusion (screw you Syncro Summon!!), this deck can be said as Fusion Summon at its finest!!


monster (17):
3x E HERO Neos
2x Rainbow Dragon
3x E HERO Prisma
2x E HERO Necroshade
2x E HERO Forestman
1x E HERO Stratos
1x N Grandmole
3x King of the Swamps

spells (16):
3x Polymerization
3x Miracle Fusion
3x Fusion Recovery
1x Future Fusion
3x E Emergency Call
2x O Oversoul
1x Heavy Storm

trap (7):
2x Beckoning Light
2x HERO Signal
2x HERO Blast
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra (15):
3x E HERO Neos Knight
3x E HERO The Shining
2x E HERO Absolute Zero
1x E HERO Gaia
1x E HERO The GREAT Tornado
1x E HERO Divine Neos
1x E HERO Necroid Shaman
1x E HERO Terra Firma // The Freaking Earth
2x Rainbow Neos

I guess there is no need in explaining how this deck works. The theory of this deck is :

Neos = God

Summon every possible Neos Fusion (aside from the Contact Fusion ones) and have them do their job for you.

Fusion monsters that Neos can fuse into : Neos Knight, The Shining, Absolute Zero, Gaia, The Great Tornado, Rainbow Neos, Divine Neos, all those Neos Fusions. Truely, amazing.


I know, this is one long post. But since I did not post for a few days, I guess this is a good excuse!!

on a side note : There is a Highlander tournament next month AND the prizes are good (in Malaysian terms) AND there is NO BANNED LIST!! WOO HOO!! YATA-LOCK!!

This is gonna be fun!!


Updated wants :

8+ Dark Armed Dragon (Gold Rare)
Any number of Ultra rare Red Eyes Black Dragon
2x Miracle Fusion (Super Rare)
1x Book of Moon (Gold Rare)
1x Skill Drain (Gold Rare)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 day after getting GS02...

After I packed all my GS02 cards, I found out I now have a total of 9 Fissure, 6 Lightning Vortex, 5 Call of the Haunted, 4 Book of Moon, 10 Sakuretsu Armor, 4 Morphing Jar and 7 Solemn Judgment in my staple pile (meaning not including those in my decks). This basically means I have more than enough cards for another deck or 2. Only thing that I lack are extra sleeves and deck box space....

Btw, found this !!

Since my Gadgets are free of duty and are growing molds, I feel like making them as soon as I get all the cards and more importantly sleeves!!


monsters (13)
3x Green Gadget
3x Red Gadget
3x Yellow Gadget
3x Des Lacooda
1x Morphing Jar

spells (9):
3x Book of Moon
2x Fissure
2x Lightning Vortex
2x Kaiser Colosseum

traps (20):
3x Sakuretsu Armor//Dimension Prison
3x Raigeki Break
3x Traphole
1x Mirror Force
3x Royal Oppression
3x Divine Wrath
3x Dark Bribe
1x Solemn Judgment

well, this may seem okay in my point of view but the fact that I still lack Mirror Force in most of my decks and having sold all my Dark Bribes really is starting to be a problem.... (shouldn't had sold them.... DANG!!)


1 thing I really like from GS02 is the Gold Dark Armed, and I'm now trying to collect it. Its official!! Dark Armed just became my 3rd most favorite Dragon in YGO, trialling behind Red Eyes and Blue Eyes Ultimate(which for some reason I don't have any copy of...)!!


Since I had a playset of Gold Breaker the Magical Warrior, its obvious for me to build either a Magician or a AntiMETA deck. Being the ignorant guy I am, I chose the OBVIOUS CHOICE of trying to build a Dark Magician deck(expensive)!! But then I found out that I don't have any copy of Ultra Rare Dark Magician.... which is a problem (YES!! COMMON WON'T DO!! WHY? YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR ACE AS A COMMON, CAN YOU?). That what took me so long to build a NEOS deck, cause I don't have the Ultra ones until recently....


monsters (19):
3x Dark Magician (hands on hat, bloodly cross hand pose and 10th anniversary)
2x Dark Magician Girl (LE5 extremely expensive version and 10th anniversary)
3x Breaker the Magical Warrior (Gold)
3x Skilled Dark Magician (Super rare)
3x Magician's Valkyria (Gold or LE5)
2x E HERO Prisma (like I have extra Prisma.... I need more Prisma!!)
2x Chaos Sorcerer
1x Dark Armed Dragon (Gold)

spells (13):
3x Magical Dimension
2x Dark Magic Attack
2x Dark Magic Curtain
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystic Space Typhoon

traps (10):
3x Magician's Circle
1x Magic Cylinder (Gold)
1x Mirror Force (Mr Y's favorite trap)
1x Call of the Haunted(Gold)
3x Birthright
1x Solemn Judgment

Extra :
1x Dark Paladin (which I have none!!)

As you could probably see, this is a very idiotic deck. Trying to use this against any Control based deck is suicide. Comparing this to the semi-competitive Gadget build above is a joke. But if you ask me which would I prefer to build now, I would say THIS. But thats just because I'm ME!!


That's it for today, I guess my next post would be Friday night or in the weekends.

Take a guess what deck is this card meant to deal with? GB Hunter's best friend!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

GS02 Pulls!!!

Finally I opened my box of GSo2. Here are the pulls :

Gold Rares :

2x Fissure
2x Giant Turnade
1x Book of Moon
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Skill Drain
2x Solemn Judgment
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Sakuretsu Armor
1x AOJ Catastor
1x Morphing Jar
1x Spirit Reaper
3x Breaker the Magical Warrior (Wow!!)
2x Dark Armed Dragon (Why not 3?!)
1x BARBOROS!!!!! OMG!!!

For reasons unknown, I didn't get any Gold for JD, Mobius, Exile and Brain.... Don't really know why... For more awkward things, I only got 2 JD out of the box. I guess LL's boss is really scared of me (the torture of FIRE and CUTTING)

After that, me and Khye (with Lam's agreement) opened his box. And he got a GOLD BARBOROS as well!! Khye was like : "WHAT!! AWESOME LUCK MAN". And Lam(the Prophet) on the phone was like : "...Yeah... I know 8864 would come to me, I got this feeling ..... bla, bla, bla ... so that is why he sure would chose me as his master one..." something like that!!

Very happy with my pulls, and lucky didn't got JD but a 2nd DAD instead!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


monsters (10):

3x Battle Fader
3x Zero Guardna
3x Cyber Valley
1x Morphing Jar

spells (9):

3x Wave-Motion Cannon
3x Nightmare Steel Cage
1x Swords of Revealing Light
2x Emergency Provisions

traps (23):

3x Threatening Roar
3x Waboku
3x Good Goblin House Keeping
3x Accumulated Fortune
3x Just Desserts
3x Secret Barrel
2x Chain Detonation
1x Cease Fire
1x Magic Cylinder
1x Return From A Different Dimension

Extra :

3x Stardust Dragon

Side :

3x Twister
2x Book of Eclipse
1x MST
3x Dimension Fissure
3x Starlight Road (OMG!! Expensive)
3x Macro Cosmos

A standard stall burn deck that I just made a couple of days ago. I don't have the side deck OBVIOUSLY!! And I'm lacking a few cards. Still, I really wanna try this out at locals, maybe this Weekend? I haven't went to any tourneys since 2 months ago, so, I'm getting a little rusty!!

This deck's prototype defeated all(well, those that he used anyway...) of Lam's deck except his Blue Eyes deck, I'm not gonna tell you why. I just wanna say that Burn decks that doesn't include Lava Golem are gonna cry going against that deck...


GS02 Complete list , but I'm not sure of the card number sequence. Credits to a forum of trust worthy CHINESE!!

月書 洗腦 小落雷 颶風 地割 

傭兵 冰帝 魔導戰士 手抹壺 小強 AOJ 裁龍 戰龍

魔法筒 技撥 墓呼 神宣 炸裝

黑魔導女武神 神獸王 (NR)

Translated :

monsters :

Exile Force, Mobius the Frost Monarch, Breaker, Morphing Jar, Spirit Reaper,AOJ Catastor, Judgment Dragoon, Dark Armed Dragon

Spell :

Book of Moon, Brain Control, Lightning Vortex, Hurricane//Giant Turnade, Fissure

Traps :

Magic Cylinder, Skill Drain, Call of the Haunted, Solemn Judgment, Sakuretsu Armor(why? at least Wide Spread Ruin...)

NR :

Magician's Valkyria, God beast King 8864


Thats all, the first 10 cards are awesome, but the later 10, was... meh... WHY!! WHY AIN'T THERE TREEBORN FROG OR MEZUKI!! WHERE IS PRISMA!! NO!!

EDIT : Now I know who is 小強, its Spirit Reaper!! Take a guess why!! You would freaking say SWT!!


Why did Konami put ABSOLUTE CRAP in the second half of GS02 ? Because JACK ATLAS canceled his order on the GS02 box.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last day of Holiday for me!!

Tomorrow, my life return to normal as my University starts its new semester after a Long Long break. Expect less post for week days.

Last Friday, me and Lam went to our usual card shop and got some cards. I got ripped badly, although I don't really care.

2 Nitro Warrior (Ultra) + 1 Dark Lord Zerato + 1 Junk Archer for 3 common Just Deserts and 1 Jinzo Returner....


Well, those cards are just lying in my album anyway and I don't wanna pay so its just fair for me. I know, thats just for making me feel better.

Get to know Mr P, Sg Wang Gamers Arena manager, a bit better as we chat about combos and how he gonna have more tournaments and new tourney style from now on, its great to see improvement. He is a friendly guy if you know him better.

Went to Atria for getting cheap cards and bought 3 Krebons for 50 Cents each!! WAH WAH WAH!! And not to mention the owner treats NR as Commons!! WA HA HA HA!! Check out the NRs we got that day.

Nothing much today, but I guess I'll update once I complete my "F U!! ATTACK LA PLEASE" Burn deck!!

and one thing I notice is that my mouse suddenly became very light after a few days of using Lam's PSP!!

Barboros = 8864 !! Guess Why!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WBX ~ DoubleCore-Beat-XTREME(40)

This is my attempt to build an AntiMETA deck that suits my personality, playing with Koaki Meiru's!!

In most AntiMETA builds, Royal Oppression usually plays a more important role. Skill Drains just stay in the side lines. This is what I don't understand. Royal Oppression builds never won anything BIG, while Skill Drain based builds, Barboros Drain and Plant-Drain had won numerous times. This may be in the fact that, while Royal Oppression is a very good defensive card, Skill Drain is all around both a defensive and an OFFENSIVE card.

While most people would side in the Light or Dark Imprisoning Mirrors in their side deck, a simple Skill Drain playset is both more Powerful and cut down spaces, which your side deck needs... or maybe thats just me.

The latest member of the Koaki Meiru Archtype, the Urknight, that came in Absolute Powerforce a while back is a true BEAST. At 2000 attack, it can take down virtually any 4 star monster with little effort. But its real value are in its effect.

By revealling, YES REVEALLING NOT DISCARDING an Iron Core of Koaki Meiru in your hand, you get to special summon another 4 star or lower Koaki Meiru from your deck aside from itself.

How is that game breaking? as if a free special summon not game breaking? and mind you that most of the lv4 Koaki Meiru have Xtremely high attacks for their Lv. But more Koaki Meiru on the field means more maintanence cost? Well, Crusader can easily be considered as costless and Power Arms just need to reveal a normal trap, so.... discarding THAT core you just revealed maybe?

in case you haven't notice, yes the name of the deck is another KR reference...

monster (16):

3x Beast King Barboros
3x Koaki Meiru Urknight
2x Koaki Meiru Crusader
3x Koaki Meiru Power Arms
1x Koaki Meiru Boulder
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x BF - Gale of the Whirlwind
1x The Tricky (OMG!! Expensive shit)// Vice Dragon (still expensive...)

spells (9):

3x Iron Core of Koaki Meiru
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Lightning Vortex
1x Cold Wave
1x Giant Turnade

traps (15):

3x Raigeki Break
3x Dimension Prison
2x Bottomless Traphole
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
3x Skill Drain
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Dark Bribe

considering this is a Koaki Meiru build, I dare to say this is quite a solid build. Lets take a look at the Side, you will most probably scared the shit out your opponent.

3x Guardian Eatos
3x Thunder King Raioh
3x Trap Eater
3x Dimension Fissure
3x Macro Cosmos

Lame idea? Never gonna work? Maybe. But Asian Championship was won by Malaysia AND Lightsworn // Lightlord...


Basic gameplay : This is ANTIMETA, how else can it play? Although Urknight can bring the speed up a little.


Key Cards :

Beast King Barboros

Explanations? U really need them?

Koaki Meiru Urknight ~ "I am the almighty Archangel that had descend upon these lands..."

Swarm (a little), freaking beatstick, Koaki Meiru, Beast Warrior, "I got a freaking cool sword!!"!! How can any card be better!! ... unless your Neos!!

Iron Core of Koaki Meiru

Discard Forder and just help the swarm basically. Or maybe you can set one and hope your opponent MST or Storm it!!


Why did I say Neos is cooler?

May I present, the POTD-JP001 NEOS

OMG!! TELL ME WHAT IS COOLER THAN THIS!!! (if you read Air Gear you would find this familiar...)

any suggestions?

Whats the Point!?

闇 ・★8
自分がカードの効果によってダメージを受ける場合、代わりにこのカードに黒羽カウンターを1つ置く。このカードの攻撃力は、このカードに乗っている黒羽カ ウンターの数×700ポイントダウンする。1ターンに1度、このカードに乗っている黒羽カウンターを全て取り除く事で、相手フィールド上に表側表示で存在 するモンスター1体の攻撃力を黒羽カウンターの数×700ポイントダウンし、ダウンした数値分のダメージを相手ライフに与える。

ATK/2800 DEF/1600

Found this on a forum and boy am I disappointed.

So, after all this while, Crow's new ace is something to go against with Burn? Is Dark Dive Bomber still around or maybe this is a hint (hmmm...)?

It has quite decent effect but whats the point? No burn is top Tier CURRENTLY... does this means Konami would include some burn cards in The Shining Darkness?

But personally I like this card better now. Why? As a fan of the original YGO, you would like cards that normally do nothing but can really be crucial in some random situation. Guess this is one of the cards that is made recently. Of the 5 Dragons, this and Eternal Sunshine has the most random but fun effects.

Yes!! Its not a BF support!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Its Over All Ready!?

According to a few blogs, Malaysia had won the Asian Championship. Proud to be a Malaysian!! Yeah! SatuMalaysia!! ... not really, its not like it was a group effort or anything, it was just the guy who did it was good.

If I am not wrong we won the Asian Championship last year as well (or was it Singapore, no. Singapore won Worlds). Nevermind.

I was stunned when I heard that the winner was using Pure Lightsworn/Lightlord. Yes, PURE! means not Twilight, not Flamesworn, just plain and simple mill, mill, mill, Nuke, GG Lightsworn.

One very funny thing was.... I thought Asian Championship is at March... I came home late yesterday night and saw it on Alex's blog and I was like ... What?

But since I'm not a part of it, why would I care(and I was still rooting for Taiwan. Damn...)?


I am now facing a serious problem, while I only have 1 E HERO Stratos/Airman. I currently owns 3 HERO decks. "What? Seriously?"

And I also lack of another playset of Miracle Fusions... Shit!

As for now, my only complete HERO deck is my main, the Manga Judai HERO deck or people would just say ZERO deck for short. My other 2, my NEOS and Evil HERO(not Dark Gaia) are still lacking cards!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dai Shocker OTK (42)

This is basically one of my deck that I recently build. In his final post, Rauzes stated that most people would not show case their main deck as its the deck most important to them. Well, I'm here to prove to him that his ... ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! As this is not my Main deck but one of my secondary decks.

I know what are you thinking. Why the damn KR reference? I dunno. This is just what I do.

Well, I build this deck the day before I went to Singapore with the feeling that can be best describe with a quote I like very much.

"If this works! I'll Believe in God .... Oh yeah!! I believe in God now!! " ~ Garrod Ran , Gundam X episode 1.

I got this idea from one of Neuxcharge's earlier video. I never knew you can do this before I saw the video, guess I need to learn more about rulings.

opps!! Too much crap!! lets just go on to the deck!!

monster (23):

3x Jinzo // 改造人間 大ショッカー
3x Jinzo Returner
3x Tragodia
2x Caius The Shadow Monarch
2x Level Eater
2x D HERO Malicious
2x Mystic Tomato
2x Deep Sea Diva
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Cyber Dragon
1x Treeborn Frog

spells (13):

3x Pot of Avarice
2x Foolish Burial
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Future Fusion
1x Brain Control
1x Mind Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x MST

traps (6):

2x Bottomless Traphole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Raigeki Break
1x Solemn Judgment

Extra (15):

1x Chimeratech OverDragon
1x E HERO Absolute Zero
1x Mist Wurm
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Dark End Dragon
1x Red Daemon's Dragon
1x Collosole Fighter
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Bronaic the Dragon of Ice Barrier
1x C. Dragon
2x AOJ Catastor

Side :

3x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (Against almost anything in the META)
3x Breaker The Magical Warrior (Against AntiMETA and Dimension EATOS)
3x Prohibition (Against almost anything in the META)
3x Twister (Against AntiMETA and Dimension EATOS)
3x Dust Tornado (Against AntiMETA and Dimension EATOS)

why almost everything in the side deck are cards against Dimension EATOS ? If your asking, then you have not faced one right?

Playstyle :

This deck plays like a Monarch deck, but it runs Jinzo instead. Why Jinzo over normal Monarch? Because he is a classic and you will have the Force with you if you play him(*May the Force be with Us*) ... Nah, just kidding.

Its because Future Fusion + Jinzo Returner x3 + any monster above 800 attack = OTK.

Since its build like a Monarch deck, I suppose you guys have no problem understanding how the deck is played.

One thing is Future Fusion = 3 Jinzo + Deep Sea Diva and Plague = 3 Lv 8 syncro monsters. With Treeborn Frog, its almost certain an OTK due to Mist Wurm.

Key Cards :

Tragodia :

One of your 2 OTK supports. Tragodia can complete turn the tides of the duel if played right. A combo I usually use is to have Level Eater jump out of the grave then have Trag-kun copy Jinzo's level, then Syncro into Mist Wurm, Clearing the field. The same also can be used to summon Black Rose.

That and the ability to stop OTKs make Trag-kun a very important asset in the deck, it also speeds up the deck by dumping cards for Pot of Avarice.

Deep Sea Diva

Why waste your Jinzo when you can tune them into 2 Lv 8's? I personally prefer this over the Teleport engine cause you need to waste one extra space for E-Tele, and its a bot slower than this.

Dark Armed Dragon :

Needless to explain what he does. But with Jinzo out, there is virtually no way of stopping this beast. The OTK only needs 2 cards, him and Future Fusion. Why?

Future Fusion = 3 Jinzo Returner in the Grave and 3 Jinzo on the field = 7200 damage. That and DAD will give you a grand total of 10000 damage.

The only thing that can save your opponent are what? Battle Fader, Gorz and Trag-kun? Why the hell I don't run Gold Sarcophagus to increase the chances of OTK? well, Problem is that I don't have one.

Pot of Avarice :

Future Fusion is the only way to OTK in the deck, so drawing Cyber Dragon too early is no good for the duel. So, just sync into Black Rose or something to send Cyber Dragon back with this. Just don't draw into it again (I tend to do that...). This is also a great way to manipulate your grave for Dark Armed and Reuse your Trag-kun and Deep Sea Diva.

Future Fusion

Needless to say, your OTK card (I can't believe I just said that). If you already have Cyber Dragon in hand or on the field, you could always use it for summoning ZERO, but I personally rather wait for Pot of Avarice, but just in case the duel is getting ugly...

Mist Wurm

This is a very important card here as it increase your chances of OTK and may end up wasting your opponent's Solemn or something. With Treeborn and Level Eater, this card is very easy to summon, but it will leave a very deep impact on your opponent.


For Gs02, the one card I really wish to be in the set is none other than Dark Armed Dragon. Why? we can't have a boss class monster as a rare can we?

Friday, January 8, 2010


In December 2008, Lam made his 1st YGO blog which I followed and created this blog out of the fun of it. After a few post, I felt bored and felt lonely as no one was viewing then I stopped.

A few months later, in March last year, I was watching one of Neuxcharge's video where one of his link shown an URL to a YGO blog. That is the blog that we known as THE GAIJIN DUELIST.

With just about 20 post, Rauzes's blog really shined compare to the other OCG blogs (although there aren't many back then). Since then, I constantly viewed his blog from time to time, and I remembered one day, "Hey, Don't I have a blog myself?"

So, you could say that Rauzes was the one to inspire me to start blogging again. And it is due to this that I came to know many people in YGO. Before last year, I only know a handful of people (well), the others just come and go, not many can be considered as a FRIEND. I'm not exactly a guy you can call sociable. I don't make alot of friends in my school life. Thats why making friends with people all around the world was like something far fetch for me. But with this blog, I manage to meet people from all around SEA and even Rauzes himself, and the fact that someone from the States and UK to even heard of me, is a truely great experiance.

I really hate to see Rauzes go, but I do agree that life has to go on and his personal life is more important that his blog AND YGO itself.

For those of you who met me, you know I don't like to speak of Rauzes when we play, trade or just chat. I don't know if you know this, but I really talk bad things about him. Why can't I be friendly with him (not in person as he is *censored* when not in front of screen, and his attitude as *censored* is different from when he is Rauzes). I treat him as a yardstick I suppose.

In the OCG blogger's community, Rauzes and Baha stand on top where the rest of us fighting below to get close to them. I don't know about most of you guys, but I personally view Rauzes and Baha(to a lesser extend, not to be rude, but I just know Rauzes better compare to you) as rivals. So, if this is a Political Issue, he will be the freaking president and I would be the guy hiring an assassin.

Its hard to see The Gaijin Duelist go, but in another point of view, it would be one less fierce opponent. Well, the truth is that, I think Rauzes really infected a lot of people into blogging YGO, and him being there just motivates (a challenge to me) a lot of people into creating new deck ideas.

Last but not least, Rauzes states that he has end his turn. Passing the turn to his private life in the country of Japan. Unless he got OTKed! I hope he comes back some day with another blog and/or another alias!!

so, we shall wait till that day, we see a new blog with a familiar touch with its first post being

俺のターン! ドロー!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


monster (18):

3x Infernity Daemon
3x Infernity Necromancer
3x Infernity Beetle
2x Infernity Mirage
2x Infernity Revenger
2x D HERO Malicious
1x D HERO Fear Monger
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Dragon Ice

spells (13):

2x Infernity Gun
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Foolish Burial
2x Magic Stone Excavation
1x Miracle Fusion
1x Future Fusion
1x Heavy Storm

traps (9):

3x Infernity Reflector
3x Raigeki Break
2x Rope of Life
1x Call of the Haunted

Extra :

2x E HERO Absolute ZERO
2x Infernity Death Dragon

I know what you wanna say, WTF! Yes I know.

This is basically just made up so that I can say its call ZERO-INFINITY, the cards used by Darkness against Judai in episode 177 and 178 of YGO GX.

I truly get that this is a very lame idea and I know that most of the cards don't even exist yet.

Criticisms are extremely welcome!!


looking for this card!! Anyone has it?

YGO 5D's Episode 91

This has to be my favorite episode yet. The duel is just awesome!!

things that made this episode epic :

1. Kiryu's new moniker , "Shinigami" lit. The God Of Death
2. Kiryu at 0 Lp and his new Infernity card.
3. Lotten got pointed by one of the new Infernity in the head with a Revolver (too epic for words)
4. Yusei fell from his bike with Lotten strangling him with his whip.
5. Freaking Infernity Swarm, just as I described yesterday!!
6. Yusei being a lackey!! (YES!! I WAITED THIS DAY FOR TOO LONG!!)
7. Jack and Crow arrives (in the preview of episode 92), we all know where that leads to!!

I was still having trouble making up my mind whether to play Infernity or not, this episode just made me wanna make the deck right now, anyone can get Infernity Daemon for a reasonable price?


The booster after The Shining Darkness , 701 was it ? Had its name confirmed, The Duelist Revolution.

Seriously, why the hell most of the X01 sets have the word "The Duelist" in it?

401 : Soul of the Duelist
501 : Power of the Duelist
601 : The Duelist Genesis

while 301 was The New Ruler (in Japanese, anyone realize that only series 3 has its name in Japanese?) and 201 was Magic Ruler. So, it was Ruler before the GX era right?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Shining Darkness

since yesterday someone came into this topic in the chat box, I suppose I use this as today's topic (sorry Mike, no girls).

Am I the only one excited about getting new Koaki Meiru supports? I guess I am. Most of the people are only interested on the BF supports. I am personally more interested in the Koaki Meiru and the Infernity supports. If you wanna see the card, just go to wikia and type the name out!

Lets start with the BF.

The cards that most likely come out is :

Black Feather Treasure

This card is basically a Destiny Draw or Trade-In for BF. Wow! I guess BF is really slow huh? Its not like they have Allure of Darkness and Black Whirlwind? Oh Wait! They have? I guess Konami just love them too much to let them slip out of Top Tier.

BF - Ghibli the Hot Wind

While not as powerful as the former. This card is essencially a Battle Fader, lacking the end the battle phase part, but we should be warned that this guy is a BF so meaning you can just use Icarus Attack or worst Kalut (since his attack has not been shown yet, I hope its not more than 1000)

Black Thunder

A burn card for BF? 400 for each card they control? OMG!! And it doesn't even have to be destroyed by your opponent's effect, just Icarus Attack one of your BF and thats it. Although I don't think this would be a widely played card, 1 in the deck won't hurt.

Last but not least, we also have the feature card of the set! Black Feather Dragon which we currently still have no idea what it does!!


Now, we move on to the Infernity cards! In my opinion, most if not all of the Infernity cards are extremely powerful ON ITS OWN! I'm not sure if they would be as effective if played together but there is no denial that they are a bunch of nasty cards.

Infernity Mirage

One of the nastiest Infernity yet, its like Necromancer just a lot more powerful, combine this with the former and Daemon, you can easily perform an OTK with those. Kids, if you see someone selling their Infernity for a good price, buy them, I suspect the price would sky rocket in no time.

Infernity Revenger

I seriously hope the ruling of this card does something about it. This card practically just blocks every single attack if you have 2 of these in your grave. Why? When 1 dies, the other just automatically jumps out of the grave. AND if thats not enough, ITS A TUNER!!

Infernity Beetle

While no where as Gay as the two above, this card can thin your deck so freakin' fast its not funny. Tribute 1 for 2 from the deck may be the same as Evil Thorn (that plant card), but what make this card more deadly is the fact that its a freakin' TUNER and its searchable by Sangan and Tomato!!

Infernity Reloader

While being a good card on its own, I feel that this card is over-powered by the other Infernity, true it allows you to draw while performing Burn, but in Infernity terms, its just too slow. Or maybe its just because the others are so Gay, making this not-so-broken card not appealing enough.

Infernity Death Dragon

Dragoon-D-END wannabe. While this card has a good effect and an attack point of 3000. I think most people would only summon him if his effect would game your opponent, Stardust or Collosole Fighter are just better options.


Holy Shit! A card that can turn the tides of the duel completely, although this card gets rid of your battle phase for the turn, you can perform so many things. Such as summoning Death Dragon and dealing Burn while destroying anything higher than him, summoning Necromancer to summon Death Dragon to activate Burn or summoning Mirage into 2 Death Dragons? You get the point!! I'm not surprise that Infernity comes out on the top next format due to this card and getting its self crush by the list!!

Infernity Gun

Seriously, has Konami lost it? They do realize that all this card they made for the Infernity are broken!! When I first saw this card, I thought sending the Infernity into the grave was a maintenance cost, which doesn't really matter as you would most probably just activate and tribute this card, but I just found out that IT ISN'T. Sending Infernity to the grave and summoning 2 of them? And I heard so much complains that Gale was a badly designed card...

Handless Fake

While not gay on its own, this card leads to so many combos, temporary removing your hand can also counter Trap Dustshoot. What makes it worst is that this is a Continuos Trap!

Infernity Reflector

Discard your hand, protect your damn Infernity and deal a 1000 burn damage? This card is insane!

Infernity Break

This card is very good, in a way, its a Crystal Raigeki. But its not broken compared to the rest. So, I have nothing to say about it.

What do you think? Aside from Daemon, they Infernity cards are all easily available, making this deck not as expensive as first though. But this deck is a lot scarier than GB, BF and LS put together. I seriously hope Konami Nerf these cards as all of them are BROKEN!! Please, we don't need another extremely broken deck in the game!!

Remember that old normal rare that allows your opponent to draw 2? Whats it's name again?


Now, on to the Koaki Meiru cards, and to be honest I have no clue... Its not like the deck is featured in the anime or anything.

The cards I wish for should be something like a Solemn or a Mirror Force. Well, I'm dreaming am I?


well, I was originally going to say "Its a bad idea Konami!! Giving a boost to BF is not a good move!!", but after seing the Infernity cards, I suppose that a little boost is fine.

I'm down with the BF!! Whose with me!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Post of 2010!!

Happy New Year.... oh wait, its the 2nd already... No matter as I don't think a lot of bloggers posted anything yesterday. I really do hope that this year is better than the last(as another bad result would means me getting kick out by my college, or at least my course)!!

To start this year, I would really like to make a deck that no one has every thought of building. Well, they would until they saw this card's nerfed downed effect. The card I'm talking about here is the Winged Dragon of Ra, the self proclaimed most powerful God out there that has basically became a chicken thanks to the geniuses in Konami!!

How can a card with such pedigree become such an insult to the name God. This may stop 99% of the people trying to build this deck, but this idiot is gonna do it anyway, I just have to wait till my copies of Ra to arrive at Kinokuniya(its carried to Malaysia by boat so its cheaper but it usually takes a month later).

One thing is for sure, we lost Monster Reborn which was the most epic win card to summon Ra, but it turns out that Ra can't be special summon anyway, so I don't care (*insert Oh Great! style lame pose*). One thing that is weird about this card is that you most of the time can only use one of its effect. Losing its freakin' attack boost effect, Ra still keeps its "Point To Point Transfer" and "God Pheonix", but you most peobably can't use both effect in the same summon (but Marik never used 2 effect once so it doesn't matter).

before further adue, lets take a look at this deck!!

God Blaze Cannon (40)

monster (11):

3x The Winged Dragon of Ra
3x Worm Links
3x N Air Humming Bird
1x Dandelion
1x Sangan

spell (9):

2x Gold Sarcophagus
2x Stray Lambs
2x Monster Reincarnation
1x Foolish Burial
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade

traps (20):

3x Threatening Roar
3x Thunder of Ruler
3x Waboku
3x Self Destruct Button
3x Limit Impulse
1x Mirror Force
3x Solemn Wishes
1x Call of the Haunted

key cards :


This card can freakin' OTK, well, the term OTK is created for him by Takahashi Sensei anyway. The God Phoenix effect isn't that good an effect as its more or less a very tone down version of Judgment Dragoon's Rutilus Apocalypse (Latin for the Shining Apocalypse, translated using this!!) Just summon him and freaking carved your eye out and yell "Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha!! God Blaze Cannon!!"

Worm Links

Speeds up the deck!! Thats it!! Tribute folder maybe...

N Air Hummingbird

Increase your life points for an aditional God Phoenix or just an extra few thousand for Ra's attack.

Self-Destruct Button

Summon Ra, pay your freakin' life point and attack, Magic Cylinder? Your coming down with me!!


I'm starting to wonder why the hell the decks I build these days either have less than 3 traps or more than 18? I also found out that the more traps you have the less spells you would include.... or thats just normal?

Really like the fact that Worm Links + Waboku/Threatening Roar/Thunder of Ruler = +2 (or 1?)


On a side note, anyone has an interest in making up names for the attack or effects of monsters?


1. Stardust's attack is Shooting Sonic and his effect is Victim Sanctuary
2. Red Daemon's attack is ABSOLUTE POWERFORCE!! and effect is Daemon's METEOR!!
3. Absolute ZERO's attack is called Freezing AT Moment, while nothing is named officially for its effect, I like to call it Frozen Apocalypse!
4. Best attack name of all still goes to the Cyber End Dragon. ETERNAL EVOLUTION BURST!! How cool is that!!

For the attack names that I can think of now :

1. Cyber Dragon Zwei : Neo Evolution Burst meaning new evolution burst since Zwei means 2.
2. Demise, King of Armageddon : his effect is easily "END OF WORLD", for his attack... "I ATTACK YOU WITH MY STICK!!"
3. Barboros UR : 獣王拳ウルトラ!!(reference to Digimon!!)
4. MGS Levuathan : Ratio Of Abyssus Deity meaning Judgment of Hell's Deity in Latin!!