Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trinity is a BEAST!!

Finally get time and mood to test V-HERO Trinity, its awesome. It sets up the grave for Miracle or shits like that. Only problem is to summon him from hand ... an idiot would do that, one like myself!!

So, basically its a 5000 on the turn its fusion summon, can hit 3 times but no directs ... well, thats better than Neos Knight's no damage, but its harder to get out. He CAN be Reborn and Call!!

Summoning him outside of Future Fusion is a waste of cards, but using Future Fusion lets you setup your grave for your kill.

Tested him in the following deck. Well, this deck wasn't made for him and he doesn't really make this deck a lot more powerful, but he IS an option, a very good one when you have nothing better to do ... not convincing ... I notice ...

Well, I gotta use Trinity in one deck or another since I got him last weekend ...

E + something else = V3 (deck name) (41) :

monster (15):

3x E HERO Ocean
3x E HERO Neos Allius // Another Neos
2x E HERO Ice Edge
1x E HERO Stratos // Airman
2x Snowman Eater
2x King of the Swamps
2x Honest

spell (15):

2x E Emergency Call
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Salvage
2x Polymerization
2x Mystic Space Typhoon // Cyclone
2x Gemini Spark // Dual Spark
1x Future Fusion
1x Super Polymerization
1x Monster Reborn

trap (12):

3x HERO Blast
3x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Dimension Prison
1x Solemn Warning
1x Solemn Judgment

Extra (15):

3x E HERO Absolute Zero
3x E HERO The Shining
2x E HERO The Great Tornado
2x E HERO Gaia (Curse you Gaia and your damn price tag!!)
1x V HERO Trinity
1x Dragon Knight Draco-Equites // Wave Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites
2x Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon
1x Stardust Dragon

Obviously, Stardust Dragon is there for Starlight Road. When its release in DP Yusei 3. Gaia ain't in my extra deck cause ... well ... its price as mentioned!! Screw you X-Saber if I have Gaia!!

Why do I have 3 Oceans in here ..

YGO 5D's 129 review

Yusei won ... Big deal ... we know he'll win somehow anyway.

Not expecting him to summon Savior AND Shooting Star in a duel.

Stardust Mirage is a good card. Not broken but useful in a Stardust themed deck. I can see it coming out in either DP Yusei 3 or Storm of Ragnarok.

Yusei bloody 0'ed the 3 God's attack and Harald's own card removed them from play.

Talk about Yugi-mode.

It would make more sense that Yusei just pull 4 Tuners and won right there with Shooting Star but no!! We need to have him make a lot more top decks.

Wonder why Harald even gave Yusei those 2 ugly monsters in the 1st place. I mean, yeah, that could stop Yusei from attacking, but it'll also gave Yusei some tribute fodder you know ...

The Castle Guardian guy made another appearance, this time, a not so idiotic one. I thought that Yusei was gonna pull another new card out of his ass then ...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Neos Beat

Since I have not posted anything lately, and I will be going for vacation for a few days (if my relative's house doesn't have access to the Internet). Feel like I need to post something or people will assume that I'm dead.

... which I'm not. Just busy watching Turn-A gundam which I just bought. Which my review is ...

Not living up to its hype. There is just too less action and the story rushes alot and slows down to turtle pace. I mean, the back story is great and all, but I'm just expecting so much more. And cross dressing seems to be an important plot, can't get any better than that.

Thats that!! Lets move on.

Tuned my Rainbow Neos deck a bit, by removing the Rainbow part ...

And added some beat down elements, so basically I converted it to Neos Beat ... again ...

I really don't feel like talking crap much today, so I'll just go to the deck list.

monster (13):

2x E HERO Neos
2x E HERO Necro Darkman //Necroshade
3x E HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Another Neos // Neos Allius
1x E HERO Airman // Stratos
2x Honest

spell (14):

2x E Emergency Call
2x Dual Spark // Gemini Spark
2x Wrath of Neos
2x Cyclone // Mystic Space Typhoon
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Book of Moon
1x Giant Turnade
1x O Over Soul

trap (15):

3x HERO Blast
2x Thunder Break // Raigeki Break
2x Dimension Prison
2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Skill Drain
1x Royal Oppression
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Trap Stun
1x Solemn Judgment

No Pot of Duality cause lack of cash, simple and sweet reason.

Works smoothly, almost no dead draws.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

25/09/10 Scrub-port!!

Nothing much ... so I'll skip the crap ...

1st match vs BF- Benjamin (yes the Singapore guy)

1st duel - He Shura into Vayu, which I have a set BTH, I was waiting for Catastor so I let his Bora live as I thought it was Icarus bait, but he Trishula ...

2nd duel - He booked my Con Light and Bronaic FTW.

0 - 2

0 - 1

2nd match vs Lightlord - Muhammad Allif

1st duel - Rape his hand.

2nd duel - His field 0, hand 0, life 700. Me, 2 Faultroll, 1 Hyunlei, 1 MST, MR in hand, 8000 life. He top JD, special it, hit Faultroll, I special a Airbellum and go for Gottoms.

2 - 0

1 - 1

3rd match vs Warrior Beat/Control - Muhammad's Friend

1st duel - I rush and won.

2nd duel - His Don Zaloog and Shrink keep killing my hand. I draw Emmersblade, set and stall for a while then E Call for game.

2 - 0

2 - 1

4th duel vs BF - Jason

1st duel - Icarus punished my over setting.

2nd duel - I Trap Stun and Hyunlei for massive advantage.

3rd duel - I got hit by DDV 3 times. Zzz!!

1 - 2

2 - 2

So, I found out that its top4 today, so scrubbed.

5th match vs Shooting Star themed Dandywarrior - Ah Lim

1st duel - He Shooting Star 1st turn.

2nd duel - I 2 Gottoms 2nd turn.

3rd duel - He Shooting Star + Brionac FTW.

1 - 2

2 - 3

Placing : 14 . Zzz!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry for theEXTREMELY lack of post!!

My finals finish last Saturday, I have A LOT of free time and no ones there to tell me what to do ...


Why am I not posting till now ...

Well, recently I'm re-addicted to Pokemon ... the games, not the card game.

So, I would sit in front of my com (like now), playing for a whole 8 to 12 hours, then go to sleep!!

You know what they say about pokemon, Its a Violent Game thats not suitable for minors!! Why ? Is Enslaving animals in small confine spaces good for children ? Is forcing your slaves to fight for YOUR entertainment good ? And is asking a 10 year old to stop some world dominating plan a good idea ... NO!! Its not for kids!!


Back to YGO!!

Currently still thinking whether to run Honest or Debris in my E HERO deck. Debris give me access to not only Black Rose (and Gungunir if I'm rich) but also more fusions like Tornado, Shining(via Ancient Fairy) and Draco-Equites. But Honest IS Honest!!

And while my papers say no to Parallel World Fusion ... my EGO says other wise. Guess building a control based E HERO just ain't me!!

Last week I tested my X-sabers in a tourney, which I had posted. The deck is good enough(not perfect still) for the moment. Why did I lost ? The side deck!! My side was what I used last format for Flamvell Cat. And the sudden rise in Gigavise is what I did not expect!!

Main problem in Gigavise ain't their loop for me, MY loop is more devastating, its Royal Decree. Like Zack said, Royal Decree is what we control decks fear most. I agree with that.

Modded my side deck yesterday, but found out I have nothing against HERO beat!! Still thinking how to utilize that 15 card space!!

Thats it for now!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

18 September Tourney Report

So, today, my finals ENDs!! FREEDOM!!

Went to Sg Wang and found a HUGE crowd!!

Karl Lim approached me and ask me to join his tourney!!

Got some cards from Paul (wasted too much there, sorry Sean!! Maybe next week!!)

Complete my X-saber deck when Fish Tank arrive.

Tourney starts not too long after.

1st match vs Gigavise

1st duel - Got OTK.

2nd duel - Faultroul Loop.

3rd duel - Was in a pitch, but he found out he forgotten his 2nd Scrap Dragon in his extra and his Black Rose ... So he had Stardust and Red Dragon on the field with me having nothing. TOP DECK MODE!! Draw !! Monster Reborn into Gottoms!!

1 - 0

2nd match vs Dandywarrior - Ah Lim

1st duel - Open and control.

2nd duel - Got screwed by Decree.

3rd duel - Refer to duel 2.

1 - 1

3rd duel vs Syncron deck

1st duel - Open bad but he wasn't offensive, drew Morphing Jar and then got some good hands.

2nd duel - Gottoms Loop.

2 - 1

4th match vs BF - Kid

1st duel - Trap Stun and Hyunlei 2 times.

2nd duel - Trap Stun into Hyunlei and into Gottoms and then Trap Stun and Hyunlei and Fullhelm FTW.

3 - 1

5th match vs Flamvell Lord - Lam

I swear to god this is bullshit.

1st duel - Gottoms Loop.

2nd duel - Airbellum and Spirit Reaper rape his hand.

4 - 1

So, me and Lam top 8'ed. And there was this cute lucky draw session which no one won any of the price. Which leads to the lucky draw price still with Karl Lim ... Zzz.

I think the machine is busted!!

6th duel vs Gigavise - Malay dude!!

1st duel - Gottoms loop.

2nd duel - Royal Decree and Gigavise loop.

3rd - Same as above.

Then, deciding 5 to 8.

Match 7 vs Lam ... again...

Refer to our match earlier, its basically the same thing.

5 or 6...

Match 8 vs Gigavise - some chinese dude!!

Refer to my duel with the Malay dude.

Top 6, chose my prize - Karakuri Shogun Burei.

Lam got 8th and Got a pack of Starstrike Blast!! and pulled crap!!

I notice EVERY time I duel Gigavise, he'll win once Decree comes out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whats with Konami and Gods?

They just did what they did to Ra again.

This time on Loki ...

Well, its not exactly what they did on Ra, on the Wicked Gods to be more exact.

1st - Make him NOT a god but a God Damned Dark SPELLCASTER!!

2nd - Make him requires a certain Tuner (which is somewhat expected ... )

3rd - Tone down his effect. Well, his effect is still the same, his 1st effect that negates things actually got a boost, but his 2nd effect has a cost now ... damned ...

BUT, my major problem is still!! Why is he NOT a god!!

Expect Thor to be a Earth/Light Warrior.

Odin ... I don't know ... well, its almost sure that his Light ... but Fairy? Warrior ? Spellcaster ?

K : I know, lets make him a Sea Serpent!!

S : Why?

K : He can't be GOD right...

S : ok ... we're still gonna release Osiris right ...

K : huh!? ... oh ... Ah! SURE!! ... maybe ...


Emmersblade is a RARE!! And I expect a very expensive Rare ... Like how Charge of the Light Brigade was ... and Test Tiger before it ...

Fullhelmknight and Hamster are commons?

Luckily, the Supers and Ultras are cards I'm not interested in ... or I might buy a box!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Re : Hmm 'TEAM' Huh

Original post by Zack at his blog LEGACY.

I some what agrees on where his going.

Team tourney IS hard and the 1 ban list thing + Asian format is a real killer!!

I mean, Asian format is tough enough, but now we need to share our cards ...

Perfect Herald is an amazing card in this format, I agree with you sir.

Lets take a look at the deck breakdown.

Yes, we don't have Kristia. But still this deck is amazing.

1. Herald of Perfection

2. Random Fairy Normal Monsters

3. Advance Ritual Art

4. Ritual searchers

5. Dark Factory of Mass Production or equivalent

6. Royal Decree

7. Freya and other useful fairies

The backbone of the deck are ALL cards that others unless using the same deck won't touch. The loss of Kristia is strengthen by the fact that your opponent can't use power cards as well.

While many tried to accomplish another strategy into the deck for the 3 slots of Kristia, I felt that just have another Fairy thats somewhat good would be enough. Ie, Air Knight Parshath, or Dark Witch Valkyria.

I also found out another kind of deck that would do VERY VERY well, yet no one used last time.

This is FTK based decks.

Why ?

Lets go through the staples in most FTK besed decks.

1. Upstart Goblin an uquivalent

2. Hand Destruction and equivalent

3. Magical Mallet


Thats it. Basically these are all cards that Non-FTK decks seldom use.

Another point down this road is that people can't easily counter the FTK decks with a shared ban list. I mean, unless your so unlucky that you hit the guy with the side deck to counter you ...

Now, you see where am I going, both these decks are great on their own and doesn't require much staples to play to begin with. Herald may be a Book of Moon or 2, and maybe a Pot of Avarice too. But thats it. FTK build especially Endymion based and Exodia based doesn't even uses staples.

While it is a common knowledge not to give 1 deck every staple hoping he can win the duels. We now have almost every staple in the world.

We have 1 more Book of Moon left which we could replace the empty slot with Enemy Controller.

So, virtually, you can build any deck.

... This is MY theory anyway...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

HERO Control!!

Finally, I came up with a control build of E HERO which is still fast enough for the current competitive META yet able to control wuite well.

Of cause, it lacks the speed and power of a regular E HERO deck, but it has better control (Duh!) elements to it.

This deck can really tear apart any deck!! Yes ANY deck ... with good hands ... and the opponent not having an OTK hand ...

... well, any deck does that ... so it would be a total waste of time to describe any further!


Lets start with the deck list and I'll explain briefly for those of you who may not understand how this deck works ... which I highly doubt ...

monsters (18) :

1x E HERO Stratos // E HERO Airman
3x E HERO Neos Allius // E HERO Another Neos
2x E HERO Ocean
2x E HERO Ice Edge
2x King of the Swamps
2x Snowman Eater
2x Debris Dragon
2x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Honest

spells (13) :

2x E Emergency Call
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Polymerization
2x Super Polymerization
2x Salvage
1x Giant Turnade // Hurricane
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Monster Reborn

traps (9):

2x Bottomless Traphole
2x Dimension Prison
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
1x Royal Oppression
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Solemn Warning

Side (15):

2x Consecrated Light // Holy Light
1x Thunder King Rai-Oh
2x Book of Moon
2x Mystic Space Typhoon // Cyclone
1x Miracle Fusion
1x Super Polymerization
2x Light Imprisoning Mirror
2x 7 Tools of Bandit
1x Solemn Warning
1x Chivalry

Extra (15):

3x E HERO Absolute Zero
2x E HERO The GREAT Tornado
1x E HERO Terra Firma // E HERO The Earth
2x Dragon Knight Draco-Equites
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Scrap Dragon
2x Black Rose Dragon

Card by card explanation time!! Well, I'll just explain some not so obvious cards.

1. E HERO Ice Edge

Take out your opponent's Royal Oppression or Royal Decree. Since this deck recycles your hand quite fast, this card's cost is sometimes negligible. Gets rid of Bottomless and Solemn Warning as well, so you won't have to waste your big cards.

2. Debris Dragon

Black Rose is back at 3. Nuff Said!! And its a wind with Huge ass defense!!

3. Solemn Warning

Since this format is all about Special Summoning and Stopping them. This card works very very well. And does something Oppression can't do. Hitting Gorz and Vayu Syncros!!

4. Light Imprisoning Mirror

This deck has no where near the destructive power of Lightsworn // Lightlord and Herald of Perfection is VERY VERY Annoying!! Since it might also hit your Shining's ability, don't waste Miracle Fusion on Shining when this is out. Just use Super Poly !!!

5. 7 Tools of Bandit

This deck can switch to attack mode quite easily, so side these in against Control decks like BF and GB for the push for game. Like Baha said on someone else's post (sorry, forgotten who), this is a Counter Trap!! Getting rid of Royal Decree as well, so Herald can't lock you down!!

6. Chivalry

I really wanna have 2 of these, but as you can see, I can't find space without exceeding 40 cards ... which I'm not a fan of!! Going to be EXTREMELY good in my opinion cause X-sabers, GB, BF all uses effect in the battle phase. Not to mention you can trick a Herald into using its effect with Mirror Force and BOOM!!

This deck is basically build to fight the current META (although I think I left out Machina ... )!!

Just waiting for my Ice Edges and Chivalry right now!! So, basically you could say that this deck is completed for me!!

Take care!!

Brave is good!!

He actually plays like how WE play, not how anime characters play. Ramming Thor into random stuffs, destroying him on his own, is like what we do ourselves.

I really wonder how Crows gonna win against him.

Predicting future!!

Herald (is it spelled this way) is gonna have 3 Gods on the field. Looking Extremely confident.

Guy with outdated hair : OMGGGGG!! How is Yusei gonna win!! The guy has 3 Gods on the field!! BLA BLA BLA.

Herald : Its useless .... (trash talk)

Yusei : I believe in my friends and my cards like all YGO protagonist do and I'm gonna do what they do best!!

Everyone : Pulling a Miracle off!?

Yusei : NO!! Creating a random card out of nowhere which would be absolutely useful in this situation and absolute trash when it comes out in the OCG/TCG!!

Herald : WTF are you talking about!?

Summons Shooting Star, Review 3 Tuners (Junk, Debris and Quickdraw!!)


Everyone : WUTT!!?? Is he mad!?

Yusei : Activate !! Wind Attribute Honest!!!


Konami : YES!! Thats it!! Thats gonna be the cover card for the set after Storm of Ragnarok!!

Editing department : Honest was gay, so lets make this card less gay and let it only targets Wind Attribute Dragon type Syncro monsters.

Konami : ... ok!! I approve that!!

random staff : But sir ... why can't he just activates cards like Kunai With Chain? Then he can beat the 3 Gods.

everyone else : Lulz!!!


Random situations might happen!!

Team New World is suddenly disqualified from the finals as the judges found out that they did not mod their decks to the Sept 1st banned list!!

Grannel Ojisan : I summon Rescue Cat!! (FTW!!)

Jack : do know thats banned ... JUDGE!!!

Team 5D's win!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Koaki Meiru Post September 1st!!

This is gonna be a very very good (not competitive level) deck this format, till Storm of Ragnarok I say.

Definitely gonna give anything below tier 1 a hard time.


It has answers to every deck, not good answers but answers!!

Card by Card Review Time!!

1. Urknight and Crusader

Our most loved Koaki Meiru, any Koaki Meiru player knows how good these 2 can be. If you don't have 3 of each in your build, unless, it specialize on something, its gonna suck!! I dare you to say otherwise!!

2. Boulder

Searches for ANYTHING in this deck, aside from the boss class monsters, but everything else. Set this your 1st turn and wait for your pieces to come in for the Kill. Good target for Urknight's effect too, since this guy doesn't have any maintenance cost. I run 3 in my build, but this guy is optional!!

3. Tornado

Underrated card is underrated. Return 1 Core to the top of your deck and destroy ALL special summoned monsters my opponent controls? With 3 Boulders, the Iron Core comes to hand in my build very very easily, and this guy is just like the icing on the cake. While he may be a dead draw sometimes, he can help you turn the tables around, and since his seachable by Boulder AND Urknight, not to mention recycle-able by Crusader and Call of the Haunted!! 1 of him won't hurt!!

4. Sangan

Why? Since most of the Koaki Meiru monsters are ... well, pretty big, this guy has limited targets. But his target, Boulder, most of the time, is a card you wanna get out fast!! And this guy is also a good bait for Icarus and Ryko. It can search for Boulder and Tornado ONLY!! But thats good enough in my books!!

5. Burden of the Mighty

In case you haven't already notice, we are moving from monsters to spells.

Why burden you say. This deck has a pretty obvious weakness, coming from a guy who plays Koaki Meiru since their debut. It can't get pass the high attacks of syncros. Sure, they have ridiculously high attack with their good effects for their level, but non of them passes 2100 (excluding the bosses). If my opponent summons Stardust or something like that, its almost a confirmed loss. So, this card helps you keep their monsters in within your range of attack and forcing them to go for Goyo or Colossal, which you could Bottomless or Smashing.

6. Nobleman of Crossout

Since most level 4 or below monsters can't even touch these guys and not to mention floaters and searches and sometimes even Ryko is so popular these days. 1 of this may be enough for pushing for game.

7. Royal Oppression

An obvious choice in a deck like this if you ask me. Since its now at 1, teching 1 into a normal summon and beatdown based deck could be more appropriate. Since this card gets rid of Syncros and Cyber Dragon, another card this deck has issues with. And serves a good bait for MST, since in my opinion, this card is just good for once.

8. Tyrannical Coercion

A personal favorite and tech here. All your monsters are UNAFFECTED by traps. Could it be any better. You have to release a monster to activate this card ... so? Some of my monsters are gonna die at the end phase any way? This card helps your Urknight get pass Royal Oppression. And definitely helps your push. Look at your opponent when he decides to activate Skill Drain or Torrential!!

9. Reckoned Power

Delta Crow's Koaki Meiru Cousin!! Since everyone sets ALOT these days, and its activation cost is a mere joke most of the time. Try beating Koaki Meiru without backrow, I tell you, its extremely difficult!!

10. Chivalry

Another personal tech here. Since Honest, Kalut and Battle Faders are so annoying, not to mention Floaters and searchers!! This card is extremely good in this deck as a Gorz from your opponent hand can really change the outcome of the duel. This is a better card to Solemn Warning if you ask me!! 1 in main and 1 more in side for me!!

Moving on to the side deck cards, notice that I only mention the more important cards of the deck and not your average staples.

11. Koaki Meiru Drago

Stops Infernity, BF, Lightlord and even Perfect Herald in its tracks. How is this better than Consecrated Light? It stops Dark AND Light. Its A LOT bigger. Its searchable by Boulder and Urknight. And you main Tyrannical Coercion, so Bottomless is out of the picture. Since you run 3 of these of course, set Boulder 1st turn and search for him. Urknight Specials a 2nd copy and the mentioned decks are pretty much doomed.

12. Compulsory Evacuation Device

This card is gonna be hot this format!! Bounces Syncro off and sometimes your own cards to save them. Since Setting is gonna be so common this format, its a good card to counter them. Side 1 as I don't have enough space!!

13. Imperial Iron Wall

This deck has an issue with remove from play. So, I side 2 of these in game 3 in case my opponent figure this out ... ooops... shouldn't have wrote that ....

And now!!

No decklist I'm sorry!!!

The deck is still not done yet at the moment, I'm still trying to figure out how Maximus is gonna fit in it!!

In case your wondering, YES, I don run 2 Magic Cylinder in this deck ... Okay, I guess no one was thinking about this, but ....

My monster line up isn't confirmed yet, and so is my spells ... and traps. But so far, its doing okay, not great nor awesome, but okay.

Side deck is done though :

3x Koaki Meiru Dragon
2x Koaki Meiru Power Arms
2x Cyber Dragon
2x D.D Crow
2x Light Imprisoning Mirror
2x Imperial Iron Wall
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Mind Crush
1x Chivalry

Pretty solid Side if you ask me. Well, thats it for today!! Back to study for me!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My take on OCG X-Saber post Extra pack 3!!

Apparently, this ain't that big a news anymore as compare to a month ago where everyone was like : "Oh Ma God!! X-saber is gonna be broken!!", since Rescue Cat was banned ...

WAH!!! NOO!! WHY IS HE BANNED!! NOO!! I must Kill some Rabbits!!


Please ignore the above nonsenses.

So, without Rescue Cat, we really can't recreate what TCG gone through when ABPF was just release to them.

And another factor being the 2 more BROKEN XX-sabers, BoggardKnight and DarkSoul aren't in extra pack 3, we'll have to wait a year for Extra Pack 4...

So, no cat + no broken cape-wearing-cosplayers = X-sabers ain't really what people wanna build.

I mean, our closest thing to DarkSoul is Garsem, which is .. mediocre at BEST!!

... or is it?

While it ONLY gets its effect when its destroy by card effects, its still an over underrated card.


1. Dark Hole and Black Rose, not to mention Icarus!!

2. Scrap Dragon!!

3. Random idiots who doesn't know his effect!!

While not as nearly as good as Darksoul, its what we have and just what we need!!

Still no good non-promo substitute to Boggardknight thou ... Gardestrike ... Meh ... Maybe at 1 ...

Roy St. Clair mode activate!!

3 Emmersblade and 3 Trap Stun = my kind of deck!!

For those of you who know me, you KNOW I love Trap Stun!!

With 2 Pot of Duality!! The deck will be more consistent, but I don't have that kind of cash at the moment so too bad!!

Lets see, what else is gonna be good in there ...



I attack you!!! Buahahahaha!! with Shura!!

hamster : F' U!! You can't get pass me!! Buahahahaha!! (sets Airbellum)

me :Draw!! Flip!! Tune!! *insert long ass summon chant here* Ka-Boom Dragon!!!


Ryko, our favorite Dog-shit!!

Getting Rid of Facedowns and Milling for Faultrow!!

Cold Wave, Gardestrike, Airbellum and Faultroll = Epic win!!

So, main your Cold Wave kids!!

BTW, X-Sabers top YCS AGAIN!! So, don't think that it won't bite you or in Airbellum's case, freakin' Wolverine you when they come out in Extra Pack 3.

Coming to a card shop near you!! So, stay tune for more!!

Scar Red Nova Beat 0910

Unless your a fool (which I believe 99.9% of you guys aren't), you guessed what this post is about!!

Just came back from my weekly trip to KL and finished my modifications to my Scar Red Nova Beat!!

monster (29):

3x Cyber Dragon
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Petit Immato
3x Junk Syncron
3x Mystic Tomato
2x Grave Keeper's Spy
2x D-HERO Malicious
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Tragodia
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x The Dark Creator
1x Sangan
1x Krebons
1x Plague Spreader Zombie
1x Spore
1x Glow Up Bulb
1x Mind Master

spell (11):

1x Allure of Darkness
1x Monster Reborn
1x Cold Wave
1x Giant Turnade
1x Miracle Syncro Fusion
1x Mind Control
1x Foolish Burial
1x One-For-One
1x Pot of Avarice
1x Emergency Teleport
1x D.D.R

As random as it seems, this deck actually works VERY VERY fine for ME!!

I usually get Scar Red Nova out with just 1 or 2 hand cards in Mid Game, its also very possible early in the game, but it'll cost you a hand and ... a few cards.

Well, basically, this deck fuels the game very fast and once Scar Red Nova hits the field ... Only thing that can really take it out are just Caius and Chaos Sorcerer.

Side in Mind Crush and Dustshoot against those match ups.

Side deck (15):

2x Mystic Space Typhoon
3x Crevice to a Different Dimension
3x Royal Decree
1x Mind Crush
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Return from a Different Dimension
1x Solemn Judgment
3x Solemn Warning

Thats it for today I guess!!

Oh ya!! Happy school holidays for those of you in Malaysia, as for me, bloody exam in a week's time!! Need to STUDY!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Archlord Zerato in Hearld of Perfection

An impossible combination?

Negation + Destruction ?

2800 duo ?

Needs to get fairys back to hand anyway? So, how bout ditching them for either.

Warrior of Zera is a normal monster so maybe Advance Ritual Art?


That was what I thought of this afternoon, builded the deck!!


Crap ...

It clogs up your hand too much. Zerato is a dead draw most of the time. And so is Zeradias.

I tested it, so you don't have to. Any idiot out there like me who think that this is a great idea ... its not. Lets just stick with Kristia.

No wonder Zerato turn into a Fallen Angel//Darklord, his EMO after he found out that his life is a total waste of ink and paper.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Mass Driver + Chain Material + Fusion Gate = OTK

If Makyura is still here, its a possible FTK.

1. Activate Chain Material
2. Activate Fusion Gate
3. Fuse into 2 random E HERO + 2 God Neos
4. Fusion for Electrum, send the fusion material back (extra =10)
5. Mass Driver, Tribute 3 E HERO fusion. 1200 Damage
6. God Neos effect, out game electrum and sac for Mass Driver and the 2nd God Neos remove the God Neos and sac for Mass Driver. 2000 Damage
7. Summon 2nd electrum, God Neos, 1st Electrum and material back to deck. (extra = 12)
8. Summon 2 random E HERO and 2 God Neos.
9. Repeat step 5 and 6. 4000Damage (extra =9)
10. Repeat step 5 and 6 but this time only 1 God Neos left. Sac it after remove Electrum. 6000 damage . (extra =5)
11. Summon remaining 5 fusion monsters, mass driver them. 8000 damage (extra = 0)

Extra deck :

3x E HERO Electrum//Elixer
3x E HERO Divine Neos//God Neos
12x Random E HERO fusion