Tuesday, April 28, 2009


for those of you who had seen my reviews on the XX-sabers. I decide to make a Purely-For-Fun deck with them. Notice that this is just a bunch of Ideas as I could not build this deck real life because I have no XX-saber Gatmuz.

well. please tell me what is wrong or irrelevant. Please be warn that I
suck at picking traps for decks!!

I present you
XX-Neko-Beat. from the title, you could already guess that its a Rescue Cat based beatdown...

3x XX-Saber Reijigra
3x XX-Saber Faultroll
3x X-Saber Airbellum
2x X-Saber Galahad
2x Rescue Cat

2x Summon Priest

3x D.D Crazy Beast
1x Chaos Necromancer

2x Giant Rat

2x Gaia Power

3x One-For-One
3x Cold Wave

1x Heavy Storm

1x Cyclone

1x Monster Reborn

1x Fissure

2x foolish Burial

2x Bottomless TrapHole

2x Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane

1x TrapDustShoot

anything....(I got lazy...)

so, this is the
beatdown deck I though of while reading articles on the XX-sabers. Basically just tune into Gatmuz and destroy hands or DDB to kill your opponent straight.

Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane is just for recycling Neko or monsters like that cause most monsters are Earth. Necromancer is here just incase you have a graveyard full of monsters and they have something really big (lets say FGD?). the others are needless to explain cause the cards talk for themselves.
thanks for reading!!

make way for the XX-sabers!!

Its been 2 weeks since Ancient Prophecy(605) being release and while BF deck gets some of the most crazy cards in the world, the YuGiOh world is being trampled by an old friend by storm.

X-sabers? being the main card of decks like AKB and Neko Syncro, the X-saber Airbellum is a familiar face but his other friends... we don't see them often. but ANPR gave them their best friends ever, in the form of XX-sabers. believe me, these are a force that is gonna take the META decks down by force.

lets take a brief monent to look at there XX, shall we. 1st of all, XX-sabers are consider as X-saber monsters cause the technically have X-sabers on their name, this means that they can also use the X-sabers support. 2nd of all, they are BIG. very big. with their main syncro monster at 3100, it could take out most main monsters like Judgement Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, GB Heraklinos and Red Daemons Dragon (notice all of them are at 3000). and they are easily summon to the field.

but is that really gonna help them defeat decks like BF, AKB and stuff? yes, they can perform OTK's that you never seen before, which is in the form of Infinite Loop (yes, it is an Infinite Loop). or just destroy your hand in another Infinite Loop combo. what is with XX and infinite loop anyway.

here is an example of a video on Youtube,
brought to you by Bbluefukuoka!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

YuGiOh factors!!

cards I like most:
favorite card in game : Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
card I want to be a spirit partner : Elemental Hero Airman (yes, I am a E.hero Freak)
favorite monster type : Dragon - favorite card is Red Eyes Black Dragon
favorite spell/magic card : Monster reborn(死者蘇生) and Miracle Fusion
favorite trap : Bottomless traphole(save my shit a lot!!)
favorite deck : E.hero, of cause; any decks that can gain a lot of hand advantage!!
now, its time to reveal what cards I dislike!!!
least favorite card in the game: Necro Guardna ( i hate it alot!! stops most of my OTK)
decks I hate most : most META deck, and especially, LightLord
duelist I hate most : noobs that thinks that they are pro and talk cr*p when they lose.... yeah, Absolute Zero FTW!!

no updates in a while now...

pretty busy in the past few days, studying, work.... who am i KIDDING. I ran out of things to update, and pretty much still building my new Alien deck. so, until its complete, i'm afraid there will be no new updates.

P.S i still haven't get any packs of Ancient Prophecy T.T.....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picking Booster Packs?

i know its not good to go to a random place with a freshly opened box and you so happened to take 6 random boosters away and they rest are junk. but anyone has clues on how to pick boosters?

a friend told me to rub the behind of the package. it is good as ultras and ultis are smoother than the normal cards, but this can be alter if the packs are put at places that are expose to air conditioning too much.

anyone has any better way to pick cards, as I see a lot of Japanese duelist are able to tell what are they gonna pull!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dragon on the Loose!

if anyone still remember about that structure deck : Revival of the Great Dragon, you might for the trade-in and support cards like that, but you might not remember about its main monster, Felgrand Dragon.

well, its not a bad dragon and its specs aren't bad, but with a big draw-back. it must be sent to the graveyard from the field before it can be special summon. Dragon's are known for their power and ability to pull a big one out fast, but this guy is totally the opposite as it needs a big monster in the grave to pump it up. I'm not saying that its slow but its not a card that you would run on a daily basis dragon deck.

so, I'll be trying to built a deck around it as soon as I got 3 copies of it!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ancient Fairy Dragon in Antique Gear!!

WTF!? before anyone says that, lets take a look at ancient fairy's description:
Once per turn, you can special summon summon 1 level 4 or lower monster from your hand. If you activate this effect, you cannot enter your battle phase this turn. Once per turn, you can destroy a field spell to gain 1000 life points, then add 1 field spell from your deck to your hand.

so basically, looking at this cards stats, you know it can be special summon very easy level 3 tuners like psycho commander. Lv 4 + Lv3 =Lv 7, and Lv 4 in antique gears makes me think of giant rats or soldiers. not to mention ancient fairy's effect to special summon them. and ancient fairy's 2nd effect can help you destroy your own Gear town to summon GajitronDragon, and search for another town!!

I give you, ancient fairygear deck:

3x antique gear(AG) engineer
1x AG beast
3x AG GajitronDragon
2x AG soldier
1x Cyber Dragon
2x Psycho Commander
2x Krebons
1x morphing Jar
3x giant rat

3x gear town
1x terra forming
1x heavy storm
1x MST
1x emergency teleport
1x limit remover
1x monster reborn
2x AG workshop

2x ultimate offering
3x bottomless traphole
1x mirror force
3x solemn judgement
2x mind crush

extra deck:
3x ancient fairy dragon
3x dark dive bomber
1x mental sphere deamon
2x stardust dragon
2x black rose dragon
1x goyo guardian
1x bronaic
1x chain dragon
1x magical android

basic strategy :
syncro for Ancient fairy, activate gear town, destroy it. sp summon Gajitron dragon, activate the searched gear town, use heavy storm and sp summon another gajitrondragon. limit remover for OTK.

total cards needed for this OTK: Lv 4 monster, E-tele or psycho commander, terra forming or geartown, heavy storm. 4 cards, very effective i would say.

other strategies:
same as the above, but summon lv 4 AG and have them syncro to DDB, attack with DDB + limit remover and release himself and ancient fairy. 5200 + 1400 +1400 =8000.

so, feel free to try this deck out!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

need help with Core Chimair!!

3x CC Valafar
3x CC drago
3xCC Guardian
2x CC Ice
3x CC devil
2x CC powerhand
1x morphing jar
1x cyber dragon

3x CC's metal core
3x emergency core disposal
1x urgent synthesis
3x cold wave
1x heavy storm
1x swords of revealing light
1x pot of avarice
1x monster reborn
1x brain control

2x sakuretsu armor
2x bottomless trap hole
1x ultimate offering
2x core overload

problem faced :
highly in consistence, slow and inaggresive. I would really like advice to help me solve these problems. i realize this deck doesn't have ancient prophecy cards, getting them soon. please give comments and how to improve the deck


YuGiOh over at TCG is dying?

heard from youtube that alot of players from TCG are quiting for reason like playing Naruto CCG(WTF?!). is the game we love so much really gonna die out over there. well, this may not be an effect in OCG cause the numebrs of OCG gamers aren't reducing(slightly increasing maybe), and the lost of TCG may lead Konami to spend more effort in keeping the game in top condition in OCG.

but without TCG, will there still be world championship? will the legacy takahashi kazuki created 13 years ago end like this? I hope not...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


remember a couple of years ago when EOJ, enemy of justice came out. People created a deck using HERO flash as their main card and OTK the opponent. problem with that deck is that the E heros are too small in size( at least the normal ones back then) and the deck is long forgotten.

normal monsters gain more support since STON, but still this deck never had a chance of revival cause GBs, six sam and DAD came into the picture. this deck had since been in the closet collecting dust until RGBT came out... i taught? hey, why not try this, and it works!!

key card of the deck :Natural tune
effect : Select 1face up level 4 or lower normal monster you control. It is treated as a tuner monster as long as it remains face-up on the field.

basically, this means all your normal E heroes (featherman, burstlady...) can be tuners now. and with the swarming ability this deck holds, it means Dark Dive Bomber are gonna kamikaze for the good guys for once.

2x E hero featherman
2x E hero burstlady
2x E hero Clayman
2x E hero Sparkman
3x E hero Another Neos
2x king of the swamps
1x morphing jar
1x N. grandmole
1x treeborn frog

2x polymerization
2x miracle fusion
1x future fusion
2x dark factory of mass production
3x natural tune
2x H heated heart
2x E emergency call
2x R Righteous Justice
3x O Over soul
2x HERO hero flash
1x monster reborn
1x pot of avarice

2x hero blast
1x royal decree

extra deck:
3x E hero Absolute Zero
1x E hero Flamewingman
2x E hero Shining Flamewingman
1x E hero God Neos
1x E hero Rampart Gunner
1x E hero Thunder Giant
1x Black Rose Dragon
2x Dark Dive Bomber
1x Gigantic Fighter
1x Stardust dragon
1x Goyo Guardian

man, I really wish the extra deck is not limited to 15...

main strategy: use HERO to swarm the field and control it. when Hero flash comes into play, there should be more than 3 heroes on your field, after u direct attack, syncro them into DDB and OTK your opponent.

so, basically, its just another way to abuse DDB's gay effect. thanks Bommer, for using this card and create a meta of this card being the central...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gladial Beast are out of ring? I don't think so...

since the march banned list came out, its been a topic in most duelist conversation. GBs are going down with their bad ass rival biggest undead-syncro in OCG. its obvious, bestiari, which was their ace hitter is now down to one. and with the release of the BFs, things just look worse for our Roman friends... this may not be true in TCG with samnite as a new card, OCG players had already run this deck for 4months now and come up with a conclusion, that extra bestiari is the only thing they have agaist the birds...

now, after one month of retirement, the GBs fought their way back to the top once more, this time with the help of a few friends from the light. I present, a whole new GB deck, Light-Gladial-Beat.

2x GB, Laquari
1x GB,bestiari
2x GB, darius
2x GB, euqueste
2x GB,samnite
2x test tiger
2x rescue cat
1x summon priest
2x E.hero prisma
3x raioh
3x honest

2x GB tamer
3x cold wave
1x heavy storm
1x brain control
3x book of moon
1x monster reborn
1x monster reincarnation
2x pot of avarice

2x icarus attack
1x torrental tribute
3x solemn judgement

3x GB,Gyzarus
2x GB, Heraklinos
any syncro monster to fill in the spot!

yes, this build officially throws away the guidebook of building a GB deck out the window. it doesn't run war chariot and has honest in it. well, its a very good lock down. but looking at the list itself makes me think that this deck is iconsistant, but take a look at its opponents, BFs, antimeta lock down of all sorts, counter angels and all those OTK decks. it won, it has to be more than luck, its pure good deck building and good siding of cause.

basic plays: use prisma for dumping and recycling GBs, fast. use raioh for preventing BF from drawing, and when gale wants to atk you, honest it(unless he has Qa'lat, but u can use honest 1st and he'll be gone). against syncro, have no fear the thunder king is always here and his honest friend to back him up.

only real threat: a bigger, more effecient lock down.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Deadly FTK from Japan ....

okay, as the title suggested, the Japanese had yet again created a horrifying OTK, this time, its a FTK.

Key cards to pull this off:
in hand : dark grepher(or Rota), BF-Vayu of the Big Flag or any lv5+ dark(cause they are gonna get dumped anyway, dark creator, foolish burial or different dimensional burial .

first of all, we need to know even if this FTK doesn't come occur(since the chances are quite low) this is still a BF deck we are talking here. so u know how would it do. its super fast and annoiying, its deadly without this FTK, it'll be horrifying with it.

personally, this is a deck list I think would be relavent to this deck(might not be the exact copy but close):

3x gale
3x shura
3x Qa'lat
3x blast
2x Vayu
2x Shirocco
2x Eifan
2x blizzard
1x DAD
1x Dark creator
2x dark grepher

3x black whirlwind
2x against wind
1x dark blast
1x monster reincarnation
2x foolish burrial
1x different dimension burrial
1x RoTA
1x monster reborn

2x delta crow - anti-reverse
1x torrental tribute
1x trap dustshoot or mind crush (in case of Gorz)

3x DDB
3x each copy of BF
2x Stardust
2x black rose
1x bronaic
1x goyo

so, another strategy in this deck is like any other BF deck, swarm pull out gale with shura, direct atk or deal damege first, syncro for DDB, game!!

for a much clearer picture of the FTK :
credits go to president Ikeda and staff Thunder

Sunday, April 12, 2009


deck list :
Endymion, the master Magician x2
Defender, the magical knight x2
junk syncron x3
apprentice magician x3
crystal seer x2
blast magician x2
sangan x1
breaker, the magical warrior x1
old vindictive magician x1

Magical citadel of Endymion x3
Spell power grasp x3
Arcane barrier x3
Card of safe return x1
Magical dimension x2
monster reborn x1
MST x1
heavy storm x1
dark eruption x1
fissure x1
Swords of revealing light x1
terra forming x1
magical mallet x1

CCV x1
torrential tribute x1

overall strategy, gain spell counters with the field, power-up the arcane barrier and draw with releasing seer or vindictive after using their effect. apprentice magician speeds the deck up by searching for tribute folder. gain enough hand and preform an OTK with 1 or 2 Endymion. helps by blowing the field up with black rose first since the capital won't be destroyed.

an update after so long...

i know i haven't update in 3 months (partly due to collage and mostly due to no views and comments). but I came across this blog gaijinduelist, shows alot of decks and updates. makes me wanna start things up again. Guess i'll be posting again soon. wish I have more viewers now!!