Saturday, January 26, 2013

Haze Beast - Actually Quite Good!

Recently I've been testing out the Haze Beast (Hazy Flame in the TCG) archtype that came out a while back (or recently for the TCG) in Cosmo Blazers. While the Fire Fist cards gets all the attention as the number one FIRE deck in town, I find the Haze Beast being more interesting. I've only recently made a working deck, partly due to my school projects and mostly due to me not paying attention to anything that's not labeled with HERO or Hieratic. In fact, I found my interest in Haze Beast while trying to mess them with Hieratics a while back. I wouldn't say that deck failed, but its just not consistent. After a few days of testing, I've dropped the Hieratic-Haze Beast deck and went on trying to build a Haze Beast deck instead.

Being a bunch of commons and rares, I see quite a few guys at my locals, Gamers Arena play them. I'm just not buying the straight out of the pack build. I tried the "pure" build and find myself hating it. The Haze Beast engine is super powerful, and being blanket from target, means your opponent couldn't even try and Veiler your monsters. Also, being level 6s, the deck has excess to some of the most powerful XYZ monsters in the game, namely Constellar M7 and their own boss monster, Basiltrice. 

Why isn't this generic?
After some trial and errors, I've came up with a build that I feel is consistent enough and being able to pull of big plays easily. With the limitations set by Haze Beast Griffin, I tried to make sure the main deck was filled with FIRE monsters. Thats not easy considering there aren't a lot of FIRE monsters that are good in the game. Doing so also means you can't run your usual hand traps, which would cost the deck's defenses. Another thing that I kept in my would be to play Sphynx consistently, meaning maintaining a high monster count. High monster count, no hand traps and only FIRE monsters sounds like a formula for disaster, but I came up with a solution. Run monsters that don't go into the grave. We have a hand trap that does that, Battle Fader, and a very powerful monster that does the same, Rescue Rabbit.

monster (28):

3 Haze Beast Cerbereus - Instant drop, Sangan
3 Haze Beast Peryton - basically Rescue Cat 
3 Haze Beast Sphynx - Declare, Mill, call the right card type, do retarded plays
3 Haze Beast Griffin - XYZ fodder
2 Rescue Rabbit
3 Blazing Inpachi
3 Darkfire Soldier #2 (#1 does exactly the same thing, but I like #2's art more)
1 Knight of the Red Lotus
3 Royal Firestorm Guards
3 Battle Fader
1 Magna Drago 

spell (9):

3 Haze Pillar - All Haze Beast can be drop straight
3 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn

trap (3):

3 Call of the Haunted

extra (15):

1 Gaia Dragoon
2 Haze Beast Basiltrice
2 Constellar M7
1 Photon Streak Bounzer
2 Lavaval Chain
1 Number 39 Hope
1 Number 50 Black Corn
1 Queen Dragoon Djinn
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Stardust Radiance Dragon
1 Red Dragon Archfiend


Now, my main deck might be a little very weird for most of you. But I could explain ... I hope. Rescue Rabbit serves as another strategy for the deck, normally if I start first and opens with Rabbit, I would make Chain and start putting combo pieces on my deck. Since Haze Pillar (the main spell) is searchable by Cerbereus, the combo starts off pretty early in the game. Normally I would put Peryton (the broken piece of raindeer) and let all hell break loose. Theres a reason why I chose those normal monsters for Rabbit. Being FIRE is the primary reason, the other being they are both Pyro monsters. 

Guards let me recycle my Pyro monsters and draws 2. Its a Pyro monster itself so it contributes to another Guard's effect. The main engine of the deck, Peryton is a Pyro and the boss, Basiltrice is also a Pyro. If I open Rabbit, chances are I have more than enough Pyro in my grave to trigger Guards by the end of turn 2. If this card is dead in hand, I could always discard it for Peryton. 

Useless card found some use!

Another monster that you guys might have never seen play would be the Knight of Red Lotus. True, this guy is pretty much useless in every way.  But he is a level 6 FIRE monster that isn't a nomi. Yes, this guy can be tribute summoned if you want to but normally we don't do that. Rabbit fuels the grave for a Knight drop and Knight can easily put almost 4000 damage on the board. Also, there's always the option of bringing him back with Sphynx. His not really that important to the deck but I find him a very good tech to play with. Lastly, I also added the tuner monster Magna Drago so I could have some Synchro plays, primarily with Sphynx. 

Lastly, I've decided to play 3 Calls due to two reasons. The first being this deck mills quite a lot and the monsters fill the garve fast. The other reason would be Cerbereus. That thing is a Sangan for the deck and it searches out all of your combo pieces. One thing I've learned from Hieratics would be how powerful Sangan-Call is.

This deck could easily side into some Skill Drain build to counter the meta, the only monster that needs its effect on the field would be Guards and Sphynx. Another card I really wanna try siding would be Molten Destruction, to make my level 4 monsters at least 2200, more than enough to take on HERO Beat and Verz (pre-XYZ).

The Haze Beast engine is amazing, its consistent and can pull off really big plays with little effort. It does lack in the defense department and that is a major problem. I'm still testing this archtype out and nothing here is permanent  this is just the first deck that I build that's actually doing rather good. More research and testing are sure to come. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anyone notice the Banlist is coming?

Its almost February and that means the banlist is coming out in 3 weeks time. Normally, the YGO blogs would be flooded with speculations and stuff but its rather quite this time around. Well, I can see why. For one, this was one of the better formats in a long time and the decks that are "broken" this format doesn't seen to define the word "broken" as well as former decks that held that title. "Something good from a tier one deck is gonna get hit to reduce the power of that particular deck" doesn't sound as easy to spot outside of a few key individuals. That being said, I'm trying to come up with a list for this season, for traditions sake. I'm not as active this past format month due to school and stuff but the format was rather stagnant anyways.

Now, to my wish list.

Forbidden :

Monster Reborn

Thats the only card I really want to see banned. Easily one of the most broken cards in the game, I have no idea how the card came out of the forbidden zone a few years back and I'm really clueless how its not getting back in. Ripping a Reborn off your top deck and win is one of easiest things to do. No one card should be able to do this unless some sort of requirement has to be fulfilled first (no matter how big a joke that requirement is, at least they bothered to put it there). The game would be much less sacky without Reborn, I'm just saying. I could go on, but I just realize I would be repeating the same points over and over again.

Limited :

Wind - Up Factory & Wing - Up Shark

Limiting Shark is gonna hurt Wind - Up a lot (I'm not gonna say kill, I though the deck was killed when Zenmighty went to 1, guess what happened), but that does not justify having one of the most broken searchers in the game. Factory is broken, similar to Black Whirlwind only more powerful. The ability to consistently gain plus for no real reason is ... not bad, just it should not come that consistently. I guess I don't need any explanation why I want Shark to go to one. Simple, I don't play Wind-Ups, no seriously, if I'm playing Wind-Ups, thats one card I would not want to see go to 1; which is exactly why hitting that would do some damage, again, not gonna say kill. If there is one deck labeled broken this format, it would be Wind-Ups and the outcome of being broken would be to get hit by the banlist, theres no other way around it.

Atlantean Dragoons

Opening Undine into 2 cards is just busted, especially since the card tutors into anything in the deck. Okay, that didn't make much sense since Undine searches from the deck, bad example. But there is just so many ways to plus off this card. This is the only target for Megalo's cost that would certainly gain a plus for the player. Its okay once in a while, but doing it again and again just isn't cool. The card fuels a lot of OTKs for Mermails and hence the deck is one of the big 3 this format. Some one might say Megalo is the best candidate for hitting, but I would prefer Dragoons getting the axe more.

Verz Ophion

Normally limiting something from the extra deck would not do much unless its that good. Ophion isn't THAT good, it just kills way too many deck with its supposed-to-be "balanced" effect. Its basically does what Shi-En does, comes out and tries to stand on the board for as long as it can take, guess where Shi-En is right now. While Verz is definitely a force to be reckon with right now, I just find myself unable to dislike that deck. For one, it doesn't forces your opponent into a stupidly tight corner where he can't do shit, they just force you into playing beatdown, old fashion beatdown, as someone whose been in the game for the past 10 years, I really don't mind that. Still, a problem is a problem, especially since it nerfs HEROs.

Royal Oppression, Premature Burial, Dark Magician of Chaos, Magician of Faith and Witch of the Black Forest

I would like to see one of these cards come back. While the first 4 are cards a lot of people claimed not gonna do much (Burial if Reborn gets hit) to the format and/or would do good to the format, making it more "skillful" (Oppression); Witch is a card that has always been regarded as too powerful to ever come back. I agree on this, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play with the card again. I doubt the card would ever see the day of un-forbidden, but the amount of strategies that would arise just by unbanning her would be huge!

Semi - Limited :

Fire Formation - Tenki

The heart and soul of quite a number of decks, most famously Fire Fist. Is the card broken? I wouldn't say so. But I have a gut feeling this card is gonna get hit by the banlist, either semi or limited, personally, I think semi would be good. Going to 2 doesn't ruin the overall strategy of Fire Fist too much, I mean, they can always search it out; while only slightly hits other Tenki based decks. Also, it also shuts the haters (somewhat) when they go "why wasn't Fire Fist hit when they are winning so much". I do feel this card is fair and shouldn't be hit, cause I don't really think a deck could become broken just by being consistent; but I could not really see how to hit Fire Fist aside from Tenki.

I couldn't really think of anything else I want to drop to 2 and come up to 2, nothing comes up to mind at all. Maybe Dark Armed Dragon? Just for the fun of it. Seriously, is there anything theres worth semi-limiting this format? Please let me know.

Unlimited :

Cards that shouldn't still be on the list but was left on the list for no damn reason what so ever. That pretty much sums it I guess. The only real reason why something is on the list, is that it needs to. The list of cards that shouldn't be on the forbidden and limited list is very damn long and I don't wanna name each and everyone of those cards. If there's a card you feel shouldn't be on the list, well, fact is, it most certainly shouldn't be on it.

Well, that about wraps up what I wanted to say. This is one lazy ass post from me, as seen by the massive amount of corners skipped. The banlist prediction thing is coming soon I guess, well, not that a lot of bloggers are still alive though. Comments down below!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Elemental Dragons! Most Welcomed!

One of my YGO friends in real life pm'ed me on this new elemental dragon archtype today. I wasn't impressed but then I saw this dude, Tempest the Storm Dragon. 

Tempest the Storm Dragon 

Level 7 Wind Dragon

2400 / 2200

You can banish 2 Dragon-Type or WIND monster from your hand and/or Graveyard, except this card; Special Summon this card from your hand or graveyard. During your opponent's End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned : Return it to the hand. You can send this card and 1 other WIND monster from your hand to the Graveyard; add 1 Dragon-Type monster from your Deck to your hand. When this card is banished : Add 1 WIND Dragon-Typer monster from your deck to your hand. You can only use this effect of "Tempest the Storm Dragon" once per turn.

(Didn't notice it was grave instead of field until I saw DS's post, its definately better now!)


My friend is an experienced Dragunity player and had been playing them for years now, I can see why was he so excited. I agree, the best deck this card could possibly played in, is without a doubt (at this point), Dragunity. I'm not sure how they are gonna incorporate this into their strategy, but I do see that coming soon. I'm no expert with Dragunity so I'm not sure how this is gonna work, but my gut tells me that a new Dragunity build is coming. Another friend of mine suggested Harpies, which is reasonable, since Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon can be very very beast at times. Another thing might be just splash it into WIND decks as a steady stream of beaters, like how I see the other 3 dragons could end up working.

At this point, I don't really think much of the other 3 Dragons. And in our conversation, I asked this "Dude ... you think this might ... I dunno, work in Hieratics maybe?" 

Most apologies to those who, at this point, bored of my Hieratic related topics. I can't help it, every new card revealed I would try to mesh it with Hieratics. Its like I'm drugged or something.

If you look at Hieratics, they have plenty of tutors and is in no need of another situational tutor that may end up a dead draw. Also, I don't really wanna banish any of my dragons and to top things off, the only WIND Dragon in my deck would be Emerald Dragon (or Luster Dragon for the TCG folks). I just doesn't seem like a working recipe no matter how you look at it. I read the card, over and over again so I could find something I could make work. And this line here may be the key. 

"During your opponent's End Phase, if this card was Special Summoned : Return it to the hand."

I was thinking maybe teching a copy so if I have Emerald Dragon stuck in my hand, I could maybe tutor it for profit? I could always Atum it out and bounce it at the end of my opponent's next turn. But who in the right mind would let me recycle it? There's always special summoning it on my opponent's turn, Call of the Haunted is a good card that I run in 3, but that's a waste. And then ... "Hanzo maybe?" I quickly put that in my note book.

Now, the other problem, more WIND monsters. I considered Red-Eyes Wyvern but his too much a chore to play and not doing much at all. So, I did the next best thing ... playing 2 Emerald Dragons instead of 1 of each Vanilla. But that's gonna cost me my 3 card OTK, so I'm seriously considering against it. But its working out for me thus far, I'm playing with a proxy on Dueling Network with some of my friends and its doing quite well. I mean, most of the times, I don't even draw into it and the deck just feels like standard Hanzo Hieratics. But for the games that I pulled or somehow work this card back to hand, it was amazing. This might be better in Games 2 and 3 where I side in copies of Koaki Meiru Drago for Light and Dark match ups (if only Drago was 2000 instead of 1900, I would have no problems against Verz (>.<) ).

All and all, I do feel its a fun card to play with. Spamming the Constellar XYZs and controlling the hand is super fun. The card still needs testing thou, but as of now, I'm definately liking it. Really wish this guy was level 6 instead of 7, but then again, he would be broke if he is level 6. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finally, King Arthur!

I'm not sure when was this card previewed, but I just saw this a moment ago and man was I hyped. Normally, I don't pay attention to TCG exclusive because it won't affect the OCG meta unless its as broken as TGU. This card, Artorigus, King of Noble Knights, is far from being another TGU. And I doubt its gonna do anything to the meta game because how underpowered he and his fellow knights are currently. But theres just something I really like about this card. 

(1) He is King Arthur. I really wanted an archtype based on the legend of King Arthur for years now. I know the Noble Knight archtype had been out for a while now. But without King Arthur as the ace, it just isn't appealing to me. The other Arturigus, no matter how cool that card is, is far from being an ace. 

(2) His effect is unique among aces and XYZs in general. 

"2x Level 4 Noble Knight monsters

When this card is XYZ summoned : You can target up to 3 Noble Arms equip spell cards with different names in your graveyard; equip those targets to this card. Once per turn, you can destroy Spell/Trap cards on the field, up to the number of Noble Arms equip spell card you control.

2000 / 2000"

Not the best of effects and definitely not a game ender. But that effect is very very cool, fitting of the king of knights. Nothing broken and requires some amount of planning to really get it to work. I really like cards that aren't spoonfed, and this is one card (and archtype) that is no way in hell autopilot. 

2000 may seem a bit small for an ace monster, I agree. But that just adds up to more fun in playing this card correctly. Since it equips up to 3 Noble Arms from the grave, it instantly boost itself up to 3500 if everything goes well. Also, Noble Arms - Arfeudutyr lets you destroy a set card by decreasing this cards attack by 500. So, if you have something like Trap Stun set up, this card can come out, destroy 4 backrows and still be at 3000.

(3) The artist really did a good job here with the card. It really looks cool and not generic like how YGO cards are drawn. Konami really need more non-Japanese artist in their design department cause I like these cards more than the more anime styled art of the rest of the cards.

The problem now is to get the equip spells from your deck. Sure, that dude based on Lancelot can search your deck for a Noble Arms, but he needs you to tribute another Noble Knight, making this effect a bit of a chore early in the game. Hidden Armory can be useful, but you need to sacrifice your normal summon, which may be a very heavy price to pay. 

Noble Knight Medraut is another very interesting card. Its treated as a normal monster on the field, similar to a gemini monster despite not being one. It only gets its effect when its equipped with a Noble Arms. And when it does, its actually quite good. You could special summon another knight from your deck if you have no other monsters on the field, when this cards is equipped with a Noble Arms. Also, its treated as a level 5 with a Noble Arms. Best part is, you get to destroy that Noble Arms after the other knight was summoned. 

Why is the last part good? Because all Noble Arms lets you attach itself onto a Noble Knight when it is destroyed (up to once per turn). So, you could attach it back to Medraut if you were to summon Laundsalliyn and make a Rank 5 XYZ; or attach it to another level 4 Knight to make a Rank 4. You could also attach the Noble Arms onto Laundsalliyn, tribute Medraut to get another Noble Arms, and make a 3000 beatstick with 1 card.

If you open with Medraut and a Noble Arms, you can get all 3 Noble Arms into your grave or hand pretty easily and set up for the king of knights. Really needs a level 4 knight that searches for Noble Arms thou, something like, "Once per turn, you can destroy a Noble Arms equip spell card you control; search your deck for a Noble Arms equip spell card and add it to your hand". That would make King Arthur so good. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Post 2013!!

Long time no see and Happy Delayed New Year. Sorry for not blogging for the past week or so, I've been travelling with my friends and just got back Sunday morning. Went to Gamers Arena straight after I reach home but was too late to play in the ranking tournament (I want Hysteric Party!!). Went home after a few friendly matches against friends. Played a variety of decks, Mermails, Wind-Ups, Chaos Ninja and also a Tenki Constellar (which I was surprise anyone in Malaysia build it). Proud to say I won the majority of my matches, I'm feeling real good with my current build of Hieratics, although the deck die straight to Ophion which is one of the fastest growing forces in the META game.

The next booster set after Lord of Tachyon Galaxy had been announce, and from name only, Judgment of the Light sounds a lot like a Light based set. Which is nice, since I like more Light support. While no cards had been reviewed yet, its no surprise that we are gonna get a Light Elemental Lord from the set. In case you didn't notice, Elemental Lords all have effects that mirror Broken cards that had been banned (Monster Reborn was banned for a long period of time before being legal again). The Earth Elemental Lord is Monster Reborn, the Water one is Delinquent Duo and Pyrorex is a pseudo-Ring of Destruction. The Wind Elemental Lord will most likely be Harpie Feather Duster. So, what effect would Konami give the Light and the Dark Elemental Lords?

Maybe Pot of Greed? Thats broken. Dimension Fusion sounds nice on the Dark one. Painful Choice and Change of Heart would also be damn good. But of cause, if one of them is a build-in Graceful Charity, it is going to be META defining. Well, from the looks of things (and according to my predictions), the Light one would most probably be Raigeki. Which is very powerful in its own right. Sure, it might not be part of a combo tree like the other broken cards. A 2800 free drop with a Raigeki add-on is quite game changing on its own.

Thats it for speculations. The next set, featuring Phantom Beast Planes and the return of Harpie Ladies, is the least of my concern. I'm just not liking the new archtypes for some reason. Granted, I'm still not entirely sure how the Planes are supposed to be played and the Harpie Builds I played against till now are mediocre at best. Also, the Burning Knuckle or BK archtype is lame. Not saying they are bad, I've not done much research on them yet, but they are lame.

I guess that's it for now. I've not done a lot of YGO since I got back home. Been busy with my final year project and stuff. I'm really far behind schedule now, luckily, I only have 1 subject left in my coming semester. Bye for now.