Sunday, August 30, 2009

Duel Styles

Duel styles differs from one duelist to another. Nothing is wrong about the play style you prefer. as you are who you are and no one has the right to say anything about it. Your style of playing would really affects your deck outcome.

ie, a guy who prefer attacking would have big monsters with powerful effect while a guy which prefers playing defensively would have more traps to counter your opponent.

its interesting how this little part affects your theme so much. this is more visible in the old days than now as playing a theme is more popular now, but even so, 1 or 2 cards in the deck would be different from others due to this reason.

I just like to ask, have you ever thought of which type of duelist you are? what play style suits you most? and if you are sure of it, I welcome you to put it in the comments below so we could share knowledge which each other. this also helps to recognize what card would be more suitable for a play style.

for example, I myself play AGGRESSIVELY. I don't really rely on traps as I find them troublesome. My primary strategy in most of my deck is to gain field advantage and attack for the game. But being such a player, I notice problems, mainly is that I don't have enough defense and resource. My hand runs out fast due to the fact that I would use up my hand for an attack.

My play style style is weak against Control based play style. Control is a play style that a lot of top players enjoy, cause it puts you in the upper hand and you could react faster (mainly because you have a considerate amount of hand or backrow). but the negative part of this play style is that its attacking is too slow and would not be able to get rid of opponent monsters except by spell and trap(which they are loaded).

there are alot more play styles that I have not list out, each having an advantage and a disadvantage.

for example, LAM has a very Defensive play style, his main decks, Six Sam and Ojama, and prevoiusly D-HERO, Toture Golem and Gadget(i think...) are all based on defensive plays. his monsters have effects to put him in a safe condition while slowly taking his opponent down bits by bits. which is the opposite of my "summon and attack" strategy. thats why when he was playing E.HERO(years ago) he mainly use Threatening Roar(and Negate Attack) to prevent battle to protect the Heroes, while I use De-fusion cause I want to attack for game.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I don't quite get it...

I've seen alot of forums and some videos and I found something quite interesting. many American TCG players thinks that Vayu and Graveyard BF are weak... they say its inconsistent and slow... why? Graveyard BF is one of the decks I fear most, and this is the kind of respect they get aboard... guess OCG and TCG DOES have different taste...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Meta Decks that you live//not hate!!

I am a stereotypical person who always talk bad things about META decks players. I hate META decks in general for a few reasons.

1. thats the thing everyone run. Where's your creativity people.
2. expensive shit. but in a way that helps me whenever I get something hot I can always have good trades.
3. alot of players only know that they are good, forgetting the fun in building your own deck

I do not hate the decks but the players who play them. if you wanna play an existing theme, fine. but at least put some effort into it. Mod it a little, who know, u may just make it better.

as I said, I'm a stereotypical person. the only thing that keeps me from running big decks are :
1. I wanna be different
2. so, I could say that this is MY deck

of all the top deck we have in the environment. the only one which really gain my attention is Gladial Beast.

I ran Gladial Beast since GLAS, since I thought that they look cool in the GLAS promotion videos. I never knew they are gonna be big. the same thing apply for HDLAM on BF as he loves them, until they got incredibly popular.

I like GB in comparison to other META decks because :
1. you'll never see a similar build (this apply to OCG only)
2. you'll never get bored playing against one(unless you played it 20 times an hour in HDLAM's case when I played GBs)
3. they'll never win big tourneys.(I know you are like WTF, but this actually help in their divergence of deck types)

so, I would just like to ask what Top decks you like//enjoy playing and why? (in the comments please). Don't go like "BF, why? cause they are BF..."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sundae, Hotdog and Chicken Rice... WTF?

if you can't guess from the title. yeah, its very misleading, I know.

@Ken, i'm not writing about food, so don't get too excited.

the topic I'm gonna post today is about newbies, their attitude and problems mainly. As I wrote in my previous post(in small font size). I said the problems with the so call "pros" on the Internet. Now, I'm gonna talk about newbies as a whole. Online AND offline.

1st, what is a newbie?
1. just started YGO 3 days ago?

never been to anything worthwhile?
3. not completely understands about the rules of the game(not ruling as even World Tourney players have difficulty remembering all the cards, thats why we have JUDGES) ?

watches the anime or manga and thinks that ATM's deck is above everything and Earthbound Gods are rare as shit?

if you met any of the above criteria... sorry man, your a newbie. there are also some other characteristics I have not mention but you get my point.

Newbies always have this question up:
"whats wrong with my deck? why do I keep getting my ass kicked? How do I make it better?"

experience players have these problems to, but difference is that we try to make the solution, not ask for help(in terms of the deck as a whole, not ideas).

problems mainly faced//caused by newbies:
1. not fully understand how things work yet assuming that they are right and take it for grunted.
2. being boastful whenever a game is won and cry like a little girl the other way round(like Rua)
3. play with powerful theme decks yet not knowing how to extract its full potential(mainly E HERO and Deformer)
4. asking annoying questions like "but I thought...","but the card can..." and most commonly "why?"

its no wonder not all experience players can help them. it takes patient and only a hand full of people can do that. (no, I'm not talking about PAUL, he sucks).

how to improve(for newbies mainly, if any are reading this blog):
1. duel more and ask question(not on similar cards and not to the same guy)
2. examine decks and how are they build and how are they played(not netdeck, this is mainly to understand how other people build their decks)
3. watch more duels(mainly high level one), to see how others play (which I sometimes don't understand the move myself)
4. build your own freakin' deck. test it with a couple of friends and bring it up against someone who knows what is going on. ask them how you could improve if necessary(like what Rau did to a guy using Warriors)

to you all so call "PRO" that are reading this, remember :
Newbies are ... well, newbies. don't get impatient when explaining how things work to them. Don't call them Noob behind their back and more so in their face.(although I do that all the time). try to see whats their problem and ask if they need your help, as they sometimes won't realize the problem.

"Talent is bullshit. A genius is someone who would achieve a certain level a little bit faster than someone else. True strength is not something you have from the Gods, its what you achieve with your hard work."
~ Shuichi Shigeno (authur of InitialD) quoted this in his manga through the speaches from Mr Todo.

Monday, August 24, 2009

What a Great Piece of Advice...

I took inspiration from Neuxcharge's post, the one about Yugitubing & stuff. well, I wanna talk about thing in general. I'm pretty much sure that none of the mentioned type of people are reading this but just to make sure I get the massage out (if I do this on YT, I'll get spam like Armageddon).

well, normally, on YT, POJO or other sites that allow a Duelist to post their decks. Newbies would post their deck and wish experiance players to help them make it better, and help them improve.

Common charateristics of Beginners:
1. won't have high budget, DCK for RM30//10 USD may be a great deal for us now, but when we just started... damn...
2. lacks experience(not sure of how the YGO world as a whole looks like)
3. wish to just play for fun and tourney comes a lot later

but when I go through the forums, whenever a newbie post something. the answer would be either:
1. check out BW, LS , GB and what ever shit.
2. get a few copy of XXX cards (most of the time quite expensive)
4. you can never win with this, try net deck this...(worst comment of them all)

well, since when does YGO players became useless buggers like these. I don't see these sort of players down my locals. We are quite supportive for a newbie to try new deck types. And the Meta decks only comes out to play during big tourneys when there are prizes at stake.

I understand the desire to win when there are prizes at stake. but why run a Meta deck as your average deck. If you do, thats your preference, I have no comment on that. but why ask a newbie to throw in Hundreds(in TCG, Thousands) for a deck that he/she may not know how it works and may lose interest in the game.

most of these comments include : This deck sucks, my LS would pwnd this in 2 turns.

1 BIG qustion, if it sucks, why bother dueling against it? new players have to build up experience themselves and build their own deck. being in a competitive surrounding CAN sharpen up your skills. but most newbies aren't at the level to adapt to these duels, their brain would go hay wire.

I always says that if you have no chance of losing than the duel is boring. but, if you have no chance of winning, the duel is also boring. espeacially when you don't really know why you lose...

the top decks are great, I have nothing agaisnt them. but are they the only kind of deck. which would be more fun. Winning with a deck build by a champion, or by yourself? if you lose with a deck build by yourself, you'll know whats the problem and helps you to become a better player. if you Netdeck something good(expensive) yet not know how to opperate it to its finest, you end up losing interest...

for attitude problems concerning some newbies. I'll have something up by tomorrow.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just watch some of Neuxcharge's vid!! Feedbacks!!

well, thanks again Neux for giving us such footage of Rauze's duels. they are very nice. Too bad my camera ain't with me when he was in Malaysia. and to Rauzes : Great Duels Man. Really nice!!

while this has basically nothing to do with YGO, since some of us are driving or riding. here's a tip :

don't park without a ticket!!

Blue Eyes Hopeless Dragon

well, I was watching Youtube, checking out comments and videos from some Yugitubers where this deck caught my attention. Its from UmbreonOfTheShadow, a unlucky Yugituber which has a great skill in deck building(unlucky as in he lost his binder at the sneak peak...OUCH).

well, there was this Youtube competition thing that went on (well, it always happens) a few weeks ago. the winner was that guy and his Hopeless Dragon deck. its quite original as compared to the normal Hopeless Dragon deck(in TCG standards I guess). I fully respect the guy as in the start of the video he said:"I'm entering this with a Blue Eyes Deck cause you(the host) said that don't have a Blue Eyes and not explain about it, cause you won't win with it."

true, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon + Blue Eyes may not be uncommon in OCG, but its hard to see Kaiba's main beater in action in TCG(if you don't take newbies into account).

well then, lets get start with the deck.

Blue Eyes Hopeless Dragon:

3x Blue Eyes(each in different art to make it look cool)
3x Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3x Totem Dragon (freaking tech card, I never though of it before...well, I never knew this card existed until I saw the video but...)
3x Mask Dragon
2x Red Eyes Wyvern
2x Prime Material Dragon
1x Bommer Dragon // Exploder Dragon
1x Phantom of Chaos
1xLight and Darkness Dragon
1x White Stone of Legend

Spells 12
X1 Future Fusion
X1 Gold Sarcophagus
X3 Book of Moon
X1 Brain Control
X1 Foolish Burial
X2 Lightning Vortex
X1 Monster Reborn(its not September yet, or just switch it with Call...)
X1 Swords of Revealing light
X1 Heavy Storm

Traps 9
X3 Bottomless Traphole(the 3rd copy could be switch with something like Threatening Roar or Return from a Different Dimension)
X3 Reckless Greed
X1 Mirror Force
X1 Torrential

Extra :
FGD + bla bla bla.

Strategy break down.
Totem Dragon is your main tribute folder. Tribute for any dragon and let the big guys do the rest. Use Foolish and Future Fusion to get the card down the grave. same applies to Wyvern as you could instantly get REDMD out.

Blue Eyes - Main beater, searchable with White Stone.

REDMD - main card in the deck, self explainatory. the good part of this deck is that there are so many ways to bring him out.

Mask Dragon - Get Totem or just as Tribute folder, you could remove it for REDMD, it searches for another copy of himself also, so you could thin your deck while placing something on field.

Prime Material and LaDD - tribute with Totem, negate negate and negate. Prime Material could send more Wyvern or Totem down, while LaDD could bring Blue Eyes or REDMD up.

Bommer Dragon - Kamikaze my friend, get through big monsters IE Judgement and Dark Armed. its searchable with Mask Dragon and revive useing REDMD.

Phantom of Chaos(non dragon) - get it out late caus Totem won't work with him in grave. Copy REDMD, Bommer or LaDD.

Spells are pretty much Staples. Future Fusion as said before, thins the deck, puts dragon in Grave and revive them.

For the traps, reckless greed enhance your draws, this is because this deck uses alot of hands. Drawing into any BIG monsters mostly means summoning them cause Totem and Mask Dragon would most probablybe in play. the other traps are staples.

well, this is one of the longest reviews I've done. hope you like it. and thanks for reading cause your eyes are most probably bleeding by now...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tourney that allows Banned Cards?

so, I was having a hair cut when HDLAM told me about this tourney thats gonna be held on 31th of August. For those of you who don't know this date, its the National Day for Malaysia. According to the Card Shop Manager, the Merdeka(Independence in Malay) Day celebration is cancelled due to A(H1N1) influenza. so, the tournament would be schedue so that many can participate. Whats better is that they are giving out NDS for 1st prize. woah, that crap load shop who is usually so cheap is giving out something this BIG(in Malaysia anyway).

the only catch is that, you can ony run ONE copy of a card in the deck. this is crazy. what's crazier is that this rule also applies for BANNED cards. so, Chaos Emperor anyone? HDLAM was not confirmed whether you could use any amount of BANNED cards or just 1. we would have to see.

but, the tourneys on 31st of August = Not September yet = Monster Reborn and DDB still usable = OMG or He He He...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Extra Pack 2?

EXP2 in less than a month's time. (sorry for messing it up last time).

well, anyone who do, tell me. It would be great.

PS I'm dying to know what OCG done with Charge of the Light Brigade. Personally, I really want it as a common, or at least rare. well, I understand it most probably will be Super. but if its common, I'll make a video of me making Shadow Art with 10 copies of it!!(and show it to TCG players, no offense but TCG is just so damn expensive, it'll be cool to see their faces...)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BF here I come.. in 2 weeks!!

well, since Gales got hit pretty bad(the chicken basically got shot down from the sky) and DDB is dead. BF or at least normal BF would probably lose their once fame. this may lead to the BF deck that we seen so much being cast out of top Tier. this would happen unless something happen half way as a new card is introduce.

this marks a great time for me to play BF(finally) as I always wanna play the birds my style.

nothing more for now as I don't really have much on mind.

BTW. I really wanna sell Savior Star Dragon. PLEASE ANYONE WHO WANNA BUY, IN THE CBOX

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally, after a 10 year struggle...

I've just read this although it was posted 7th of August.

Finally, after 10 year of competition, YGO has de-throne MTG as the best selling Trading Card Game worldwide. Its sales reaches 22.5 Billion cards. and broke the Guiness World Record. This is truly a remarkable news for us duelist as we can now officially say that we are playing the world's most popular Trading Card Game.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't make me go there, pull out a knife and kill everyone of you,,,

well, ANPR was released to the TCG yesterday(or the day before). and yes, once again, they changed the rarity of the cards. Vayu is Ultra, expected as Vayu is a killer. the other things are Vjump and WSJ promos being release to TCG. damn, Arcana Knight Joker is a RARE, a freaking RARE... where is the respect for the knight that PWNS Dreadroot and Barboros...

the main topic today is : the TCG exclusives.

I guess you guys are expecting me on discussing about the cards, their effects, comboes and such. NO, I gonna talk aboout designs. Freaking Card Designs.

I understand how the TCG feels when we get our promoes and they want their own. Its like your older brother having a Laptop and you want yours. thats perfectly fine, but please, use some one who can draw.

if we check the history of TCG exclusive, most of the cards are URLY, the ones that are not are part of an Archtype, cause their design are some what similar therefore it won't go far.

but this time, its a whole different thing. for those of you who read my Blog for a considerate amount of time, you know that, aside from E.HERO, Core Chimails are my favorie deck type. well, check out what happen to Valafar's American Cousin...
what the hell is wrong with this design!! its like some decaying hourse. thats a good idea, but don't like make him dead or something, its suppose to be Undead, not Dead. and what is wrong with the background.
and what is this? Tytanial + Rose + Thorn Whip together with some essence of Digimon? what the hell. even Rock, who is a retard in the Core Chimails looks cool beside her. Please TCG, don't turn the Archtype with the coolest monsters into a prom where you have cool people and retards, cause the appearance is obviously retarded...

another thing is that E.HERO Gaia, second most expensive E.HERO next to Prisma, is getting reprinted. Luckily as a Secret Rare, or I will go berserk!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Top 2 in a long long time..

Yesterday(Sat, August 16th) I entered a Locals cause I basically have nothing to do and just happens to be at my usual dueling spot. Well, about 30 or so people enter, its not alot but for a Saturday Tourney, its rare that the number go more than 10.

basically, since its just a Locals, I don't feel like running LightBeat as it is an AntiMETA, and it'll bore me and my opponent out. so, I run my E-HERO deck, for the sake that its my fav deck.

since, Rauze wrote something like this, I'm gonna do something similar to his style, as I had never really wrote a Tourney Report before.

1st Match. VS Six Sam ([HD]LAM)
i was like "what".... cause I just paid 5 bucks to play against someone I duel most...

1st duel - O
I summoned ZERO again and again and again. he has his Zanji Kamikaze me twice. his at his 1000s. and I top decked Fusion Recovery and Fuse my 3rd Zero with the bubbleman in my hand.

2nd duel - X
he swarmed with Iro, Zanji, and Shien. I can't Fuse cause I'm stuck with Searchers and Shien block the 2nd card from activating...

3rd Duel - O
some what cheated, as I originally didn't notice Miracle Fusion on my hand. and had Shining Flarewingman atk. he did not did anything. and I realize I could OTK. and say, let me replay. his like "no no no". I don't care and won with a Zero and 2 SFW...

2nd Match VS Junk and Deblis (Rauzes)
he did a better job explaining on his BLOG, so those who wanna know the result check him out!!

3rd Match VS DARK deck(i think the guy name is David or Davis...)
1st Duel - X
technical lost cause he summon Dark Creator while Goyo was on the field. I say u can't summon, but his friend back him up. I thought I remember wrong, so I check it up just now, and was like "Wow..."(I might had gotten 1st if it wasn't that)

2nd Duel - O
summon Zero and you know what would happen.

3rd Duel - X
opened with 2 Polymelization, 1 Fusion Sage, 1 Warrior Returning Alive, 1 Capt. Gold and 1 Giant Turnade... I was like...shit... but manage to last 3 turns cause he had only Armagadon Knight. Drewed into E call the next turn, turned the tides. Take him down till 1000s. ended. I was like," I have Zero , what are the odds of me losing since I have 4100 Lp left". he top decked Brain Control + summon Krebons and revive Zombie Carrier = End of Story.

4th Match VS Evil Hero(EPIC battle)
1st Duel - O
De-fused his Dark Gaia. saved my ass and win the duel with Featherman.(wow, I know.)

2nd Duel - O
De-fuse Zero, Nuke his field and summon Airman and Bubbleman back to field. Grab Prisma, dumped Sparkman. Miracle for SFW.

the Locals that day aren't very high level as the better duelist are HD[LAM], Rauzes and the other Six Sam guy(I believe his name is Shawn.) the others are average or below it, as I could top 2 with E.HERO.

PS. Rauzes had very bad pulls both Duels with me.

Light-&-Dark MetaBEAT anyone?

guess most of you have already seen the new banned list that would be on active starting Sept 1st. personally, I'm quite satisfy with the list myself, but quite surprise Judgement Dragon and Honest not touched. this may affect the OCG somehow since Charge of the Light Brigade comes out in 5 days. well, it may or may not, but the cards I'm really really shock to see are Breaker and DD Warrior Lady at 3s. well, they aren't as powerful as they were. but they are very good cards for antiMETA. so, I thought of this deck while I was driving just now(almost hitting a lamp post when I shouted THATS IT...)

well, I'm not very experience in Stall deck as most of the decks I built are based on Attacking. so, don't be surprise and don't spam if something is out of place. if something does, please state it at the comments below.

Light-&-Dark MetaBEAT:
3x Breaker, the Magical Warrior

3x Mage Knight Defender

3x Raioh
3x Descallibur Knight(I thought its an expensive card but not true as I saw one for RM35...)

3x DD Warrior Lady
2x Chaos Socceror

1x Dark Armed Dragon

1x BF-Gale of the Hurricane

1x Zombie Carrier

3x Fissure(yes, I'm taking full advantage)
2x Pot of Avarice(I seen how good he is when I was dueling Rauzes)

2x Allure of Darkness

2x Book of Moon

1x Brain Control

1x Heavy Storm

1x Giant Turnade

1x MST

2x Royal Oppresion

2x Bottomless Traphole

1x Call of the Haunted(best trap ever is back!!!)

1x Solemn Judgement(sadly at 1...)

1x Mirror Force

1x Torrental Tribute

1x Trap Dustshoot

anything.... I'm lazy with Extras cause it'll just be the same... but 3 Arkanite are a must... I think...

overall strategy:
the traps are for stall. and the spells are for destruction.

Breaker, destroys face downs and even cards like Oppresion, Decree and even those pesky fields that are getting so popular. I think thats why his back at 3. DD Warrior Lady? attack into their big monsters, forcing them to activate Mirror Force or Threatening Roar. if not, bye bye... Defender? summon, Torrental, "oh ya... he can't be destroyed once...". waste their cards and good proctection. Raioh? his Raioh. Descallibur is there to deal with effects and his at 1900. what could past him? tribute? bottomless it. Gale and Zombie Carrier, for tuning of cause. makes them think before destroying Oppresion. DAD and Chaos Socceror. since you run Dark... and Light and you have good control of the amout of cards in the grave, why not?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mutou Yugi ~ the King of Games

well, when we talking about YGO, his name would never leave the topic. even for none YGO player, his name is something everyone knows. I was watching GX 179 and 180 just now.... AGAIN(this is what? the 20th time?). I just felt that Yugi is getting lesser and lesser respect from duelist because of 2 things.

1) the real YGO and the powerful decks we have
2) Yusei and his bike and fighting skills and for the fact that he is a mechanic//technician and a computer repairman...

well, its not about winning when you play a Yugi deck, its all about epicness. so, I would like to bring you guys back to when you started YGO, to the guy that made most of us wanna play this game, the deck that we once dream about...

oh, before some of you expect to see BM and BMG, I just wanna say, this is a Yugi deck not a Pharoah Atem deck//Battlecity deck. Yes, I understand that you would curse and curse and curse again since I wrote so much on top yet I'm showcasing a deck that has only duel twice in the original manga and once in R. well, I personally like Yugi more than Atem, so I'll consider him the Duel King, thats my reason and I'm sticking to it...

1x Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
1x Silent Swordman lv7
1x Silent Swordman lv5
1x Silent Swordman lv3
1x Silent Magician lv8
1x Silent Magician lv4
2x Toy Magician
2x Green Gadget
2x Yellow Gadget
2x Red Gadget
2x Kuriboh(I know he only has one, but 2 is better...)
1x Marshmallon
1x Sangan

2x Gold Sarcophagus(his most famed card...)
1x Card Destruction
1x Sword of Revealling Light
1x Monster Reborn
1x Multiply
1x Monster Reincarnation
1x Heavy Storm(he never played it as Yugi, but Atem does. so, I refuse to believe he doesn't have it)
1x Exchange(VS Jonouchi remember...)
1x Double Spells(he has it in his hand when dueling ATM, go watch if you don't believe me)

2x Stronghold the Moving Fotress
1x Soul Rope
1x Magician Circle
1x Dust Tornado(same as Heavy Storm's case)
1x Magical Hats(same as Heavy Storm's case)
1x Magic Cylinder(same as Heavy Storm's case)
1x Mirror Force(same as Heavy Storm's case)
1x Shattered Axe(useless, I know, but he doesn't really use alot of traps)
3x Solemn Judgement(cause I got pissed thinking of what card he used and if its useful)

well, this is what I would build if I wanna have a fun game. The cards here can be very situational. Magical Hats helps thins the deck espeacially alot of cards here are so situational i.e. Multiply and Shattered Axe. Magcian Circle does well if you go agaisnt BM.... yeah right, what are the odds. and Arkanite would just blow it up... well, Solemn would help alot in this deck. and so does the cards that Atem uses.

try suggesting me what he used that is useful. It'll be credited...

blog help please...

nothing in relation with YGO but...

well. its kinda embarrassing to say that, the reason I don't really customize my blog is that I really have no idea how. well, I'm basically an IT reject that is very weak with HTML codes because I don't really do blogging, friendster etc till recently.

I really wish someone could give me a few tutorials. PM me if you are a good guy and help a duelist in need out...

btw, the picture above is one of the picture I created for background, tell me what you think and how should I improve it. I am also a Photoshop noob that is just beginning to learn the usage of this magnificent program...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thoughts on the leak banned list...

well, I don't 100% believe on this list. the cards on the list are reasonably assorted except for Breaker the Magical Warrior. because the date of the banned list is so close it may be Konami shafts leaking the info to disrupt the market. there may also be the possibility of people spreading info to get expensive cards out to make profit. we may never know.

but what do I think about this banned list... ITS GREAT!! I REALLY WISH THAT ITS REAL!!

why? most big cards are taken out. Neko and BF really got hit hard and DDB is history. what could be better... Solemn Judgement limited? yes thats good and Black Rose another card in the limited list? good, since I only need 1(i only have 1 to be exact)

if this is the real list, I'm getting my 2 Oceans fast cause HERO is gonna change the tide!!

Quick Syncron + Lv Stealer + Calculator?

well, as the title said, those 3 cards together with Inferno Reckless Summon has created an OTK as demonstrated in the Card Kingdom video. well, it was suppose to be a Savior Star Dragon deck video that turns out it got owned by BF and the 2nd part showed the combo...

this is quite interesting and got my attention this morning.

1) ditch Lv Stealer to summon Quick Syncron. activate Inferno Reckless Summon to bring out 3 of them.

2) Summon the Calculator, its attack will be at 5100.

3) Sp summon Lv Stealer by -1 lv from Quick Syncron and syncro for Junk Warrior with those 2. Junk Warrior will power up with Calculator's atk of 5100 to 7400.

4) Repeat the process with the other 2 Quick Syncron and direct for a total damage of 24500.

its a very fun OTK but it needs 4 cards at hand to make it work. and A Hurricane or Heavy Storm to remove those pesky traps. but overall, its cool!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Aqua Dolphin ~ I'm an Alien

guess what N. Aqua Dolphin is a regular guest in 5D's. since a certain MAD that was uploaded to nico-nico and subsequently youtube.

so, just for FUN, I imagined a Aqua Dolphin deck. this in anyway would not be good at all and stupid at most of the times.

Watashi wa Dorufina Seijin :

3x N. Aqua Dolphin
3x E-HERO Prisma
3x E HERO Bubbleman
2x Phantom of Chaos
1x E HERO Airman

3x Bubble-Shot
3x E Emergency Call
3x Spacia Gift
3x Arms Hole
3x Hero Mask
3x The Warrior Returning Alive
2x Pot of Avarice
2x Mist-Body
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Reinforcement of the Army

3x Hero Signal

main strategy:
none, just keeps Dolphins name on the field long enough till your opponent laughs to death. if we really have Dueldisks, wonder how many times we will see the Dolphin!!

sorry for not posting for a while, my Internet was down for the past week and it just got fixed this morning!! another reason was that I had CT exam this morning!!