Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Agent Angel

The deck dominated last Sunday's qualifier. Not really, cause I didn't even see 5 in the preliminary rounds, but it did dominated top 8. 5 out of the 8 last players still in the game picked this as their arsenal and Sam won using it.

So, with the release of SD21!! SD20 suddenly became so dominating and won the whole Worlds Qualifiers?

No, but the release of YSD6 or more specifically, Gachi Gachi Gantetsu did. It was just that there were no major tourney in between the Zexal starter's release and Agent Topping. And Dark World can sit back and wait for EXP4, where Konami(OCG)'s real motif of releasing the card comes into play.

K-guy1 : Dude, what are we gonna do with EXP4?

K-guy2: Why? Anything good in there? Maybe Darksoul(lol).

K-guy3 : I don't want something from the TCG to dominate us, even if its highly unlikely, but Revise Dragon is an asshole, it made the impossible slightly viable.

K-guy1 : Hmm, by the way, the new SD coming up, we should really start preparing bout it. Press conference is next week.

K-guy2 : (not listening) ... yeah, there are GKs in there as well, Tribute is a damn bitch. I don't want to see them own. This is OUR game ...

K-guy4 : Eh yo dudes, check this out. This random BF dude direct attack me with Spirit Reaper, and ditch my Reign!! LoL at him! Hand discarding effect my ass!! Hahahaha!!

K-guys1~3 : LOL. Thats it!!

And the above scenario is what I picture happened in the Konami HQ before they decide upon DW SD.

Really bad that I loss to Samurai/Khye on Sunday, cause my Sabers can take on Agent perfectly now, although I don't know what will happen if the guys player them agent are the best players in Bolehland. But against normal players, I 2-0'ed them every match, which contributes to them asking what does most of the cards do.

Took out Warrior Lady for Banishers. I name the 2 Banisher(C and R) in my deck Sean and Peter respectively.

The card is super good in there, stopping most plays from almost all meta decks side from Samurai, and all I have to do is protect it.

I play Level Limit Area B, so you see how powerful these sons of bitches can be. XD

But this is about the end of the road for my antimeta sabers, yes, I hate to admit it. But the meta is just too diversify for me to do shit now. And with Darksoul and Boggard coming out in 2 months, that doesn't help the antimeta part of the deck as well.

Will play 3 of each, but expect Sean and Peter still in the deck. As they are too awesome to take out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report thingy.

Or should I say Scrub-port?

Anyways, I decided to play sabers cause I have a god damn pride issue. When I say I might play DW, all of them were like "OMG! You gave up on sabers? Bla bla bla?" and such.

And I decided to play sabers just cause I really don't feel that DW is consistent. And slightly due to the annoying people.

Wasn't feeling like I'm gonna get to top 32 cause I usually lost in round 2 in single eliminations.

Match starts at 11-ish. And I was in the 1st half of round 1.

Match 1 : vs ??? - DW

duel 1 : I started off with Emmers in attack (DW lightning is a bitch) and my opponent really IS DW. Nothing happen in 5 turns until he played Trunade, and Destruction. GG.

duel 2 : I open Fullhelm, D Fissure. He set 2. I summon Emmers, special Faultroll and Hyunlei his back. Proceed to win with 2 beaters.

duel 3 : I open double DD Crow(which is bad cause he didn't do anything with his grave). He sets 4. I have Fullhelm swing him for a few turns. I draw into Banisher aka Sean. He Bottomless, I Judgment. And he played Return from Dark Dimension on Fader. Proceed to win with Airbellum striping his hand.

So, I did good against DW. I was surprise actually. At least I wasn't kicked out in round 1 I guess. Ha ha.

Match 2 vs Khye - Samurai

Why do I always meet a friend somewhere here?

duel 1 : I controlled the field since he can't get United or Gateway when he Shi-En. I was able to break through his Shi-En, clear his back.

duel 2 : I was leading 8000 to 1700 with Kinetic out and Judgment, Prison, Truth set. He has Shi-En. He plays Trunade, which I allow since I have no follow up. He summons Hand and direct for 2500. I set the 2 traps again and I can win with my hand as long as Shi-En dies. He summons Kizan and attacks. I misplay here, I play Reinforce Truth when Kizan attacks, and his Shi-En won't attack. Proceed to lose after I can't get through his Shi-En.

I made this mistake a few weeks ago against Fishtank, damn, same mistake again.

duel 3 : I open 1 Faultroll, 1 Fullhelm, 1 Ryko, 1 Pashuul, 1 Ryko and 1 Solemn. Set Pashuul and Solemn. He Shi-En, which I don't know why I didn't Judgment. He attacks and sets 2 and Kizan. I go for Faultroll and Scrap, he plays Rivalry, forcing me to play Judgment. I try taking out his FD, but I was a Dual Sword, making his Shi-En invincible that turn. I attack Kizan for damage. He plays Gate, summons Hand and attack for 2500. I set Ryko, which blew his Shi-En. I drew Fullhelm. Summon and attack. He tops into Reborn ... Summoning Shi-En and getting Grandmaster, knocking me to 200 (he would have won here if he used Gate's power up effect). I draw into Smashing, holding Dark Hole. Obviously I can't get rid of Shi-En now. GG

Well, still lost at round 2, like I always do. BUT I did get some good deals today.

Traded Tyrus, Ice Edge and 3 Rainbow Life for Pot of Duality. Yes, Pot of Freaking Duality for the Tyrus that I bought cause I thought I need 2, the Ice Edge cause I was ripped off and the Rainbow Lifes that I traded ages ago and I've never took out of my binder.

Got my play set of Debunk too. Thanks to a Singaporean player who traded them to me for 3 Flamvell Firedogs, a Starlight Road (R) and 10 bucks.

Oh did I mention I got Revise Dragon (Utl) for Caius and holy Wyvern. Nice trade indeed. And best of all, I got my 2nd Hope for 10 bucks.

Not a good day for tourney, but good for trading cards. Very very good day for trading cards.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 Day till Qualifiers

I wish everyone good luck tomorrow.

I'm still trying to pick whether play DW or Sabers.

Basically its a choice between : A deck that I know is good, and A deck that I know I'm good at.

DW :

1. Still new, and not many are too familiar with it.
2. Has speed and a broken loop.
3. Expect to see in high numbers as its cheap.

BUT, that also means that many will be siding for it. And DW tends to do bad against a good side. Still, I see myself losing to DW tomorrow.

Saber :

1. No one, I mean, NO ONE, plays it but me. And no one knows how my build is played (aside from those who dueled me in qualifers).

But thats about the only advantage the deck still has. More and more people will be side boarding DD stuffs against DW, and that indirectly ruins my game plan.

But I don't expect half ass players to side effectively against my build, but thats not how I should think if I'm aiming for the top spot ain't I.


Well, I do have 24 hours left, so I guess I still have time to think.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dark World ver1.5

I took a few hours every night after work to try build a Dark World deck worthy of bringing to Worlds Qualifier this weekend. Still not there yet but I've seen progress.

I've tried Skill Drain build, but its just too slow for me and I see them clog my hand too much.

This current build of mine is more focus on Celri, Dark World Monk.

Why is this so? Because I wanna get rid of my opponent's hand with Silva. I thought of that and build a deck with Celri, and made reference from a Japanese locals winner.

Version 1.5 looks something like this.

monster (17):

3 Grapha, Dragon God of the Dark World
3 Silva, Warlord of the Dark World
2 Goldd, Wu-lord of the Dark World
3 Snow, Mage of the Dark World
2 Celri, Monk of the Dark World
2 Broww, Huntsman of the Dark World
1 Brron, Mad King of the Dark World
1 Morphing Jar

spell (13):

3 Gate of the Dark World
3 Dark World Dealings
3 Dark World Lightning
1 Monster Reborn
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Hand Destruction
1 Mystic Space Typhoon

trap (10):

2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Deck Devastation Virus
1 Epidemic Eradicator Virus
1 Return from a Different Dimension
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment

Return from DD is too epic win. It gives the deck a finisher thats VERY effective and also serves as a backup and such. Hope and Tyrus made this card worth it cause you can refill your grave this way without the need of tuners, in case you didn't win.

Its also good against people who try to side in Macro and such against you. Drawing it fast with Macro out is the key thou.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dark World ver1.0

Sorry for not posting the past weekend, I got my Dark World SDs last Saturday, and tried playing with Mike Ting's build, works okay, but it doesn't suit my style, and I don't like the lack of any Virus in it, so I took a couple of day trying to build one.

I didn't post cause I really don't wanna post any half-ass DW deck, that you can most probably see just bout anywhere. But making one really good, and worthy on taking on this Sunday's tourney is hard.

Facts about DW :

1. Its a combo deck - For me this is a love-and-hate situation. I enjoy playing combo decks but not at qualifiers levels. Cause unlike control decks, combo decks usually swin-or-sink(real deep), the DW deck is no different.

2. You must start with either Gate, Snow and any means of draw - Cause its a combo deck. Although its much easier than how I put it.

3. Grapha is a Boss - Like Fortress and Hyperion (not Laevathin) before it, this dude is the real deal. But I don't like just waiting for him to go to hand and dumping him to start the whole combo. I just don't.

My version 1.0 of the deck. Not perfect in any way, but I have 6 days before the tourney, and if I can't make it by then, I have my Sabers which could beat DW if I play carefully, reason I don't feel like playing Sabers is because it has a bad match up against Junk Doppel.

monster (17):

3 Grapha, Dragon God of the Dark World
3 Snow, Magician of the Dark World
3 Beiige, Vanguard of the Dark World
3 Broww, Huntsman of the Dark World
2 Goldd, Wu-Lord of the Dark World
1 Silva, Warlord of the Dark World
1 Morphing Jar
1 Grow Up Bulb

spell (15):

3 Gate of the Dark World
3 Dark World Dealings
1 Dark World Lightning
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
1 Card Destruction
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Foolish Burial

trap (8):

2 Epidemic Eradicator Virus
2 Deck Devastation Virus
2 Solemn Warning
2 Reckless Greed

I play Foolish because Foolish + random Virus + random DW + I go first = I most probably win. And the center of the deck is basically summoning Grapha and beat with him or Virus Food.

I play Buld cause I play Foolish. And it adds a little more strategy to the deck. Its there for emergency tribute fodder as well. But mainly to make Tyrus plays more consistent. And Brionac sorta has an infinite loop with Gate and Goldd/Silva/Beiige, well, your grave isn't infinite thou.

I only play 1 Lightning cause its sorta dead for me most of the times. And I can search for it with Snow so I don't really care.

Speaking of the devil (lit.), Snow is broke. You should leave 1 in your grave unless you absolutely need to remove it. Cause if you can special it back with Reborn and such. Grapha is gonna make use of it.

Side in more backrow hate against Samurai and BF I say. And its really gonna cost my opponent if he doesn't negate that DW Lightning with a Backrow heavy field.

In case your wondering why I play Reckless Greed. Its because this deck is kinda dead if it pulls too many monsters and no outs, but 1 good card can make all the difference. And I might need a couple more hands for game as well.

I'll like to talk more, but I'm late for work you see. Signing out~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sabers and Doppel

In OCG, sabers have a big disadvantage over Doppel. Well, Sabers without Darksoul and Boggard have a big disadvantage over any deck, but my main concern is Junk Doppel.

Even in Asian format, Junk Doppel is huge. While not being able to spam syncros with Librarian and finishes with Shooting Quaser. It is still a highly powerful deck and almost on its own class in Asian format. With Samurai and Agent following really close behind. Or maybe just because more people are feeling not confident playing it without Librarian (or Formula being too pricey).

Why did I say that? I can take out Samurai and Agent (with my current build and side) no problem. And me playing Sabers having an advantage of my opponent not being able to side effective for me. But this advantage is loss against Junk Doppel, mainly cause it doesn't have to side anything but still could kick the crap out of my sided Sabers.

Next Sunday will be Malaysia's REAL qualifier. Too bad I loss my last chance into a free top32 last weekend. But I'm gonna try doing this Sung Lee style, aim the top, from the bottom.

But to do that I must be able to take out Junk Doppel effectively, and the new threat, Dark World.

So, I rebuild my dismantled Junk Doppel and proxied the syncros for test playing. I build it to be more like the build Lelouch? played last week, and my god. I once again find myself astonished by how good a deck Junk Doppel can be. I lost this feeling a month or so ago, and sold my Formula away in favor of Pot (not that I regret thou).

If I were to use Junk Doppel, I WILL NOT be able to top that event, as Sung Lee will most probably play a similar deck, and going against him in a weapon that he is so familiar with isn't gonna help cut it.

Some of you might think this is stupid, but in Malaysia, aiming for the top spot and you are basically challenging Tan Sung Lee, and winning the man with a same deck he uses ain't really the smartest thing you can do, its the coolest, but not the brightest. And Junk Doppel being an overplayed deck, I expect to see the other big names practiced to beat it already.

But what does my Sabers need? The answer is this :

No.17 Revise Dragon

I usually find myself in situations where I have 2 lvl 3s. But not always a tuner and non-tuner. Even if thats the case, I have to sync for Brionac which isn't big enough and I usually don't wanna waste my hand.

Revise Dragon may potentially be my out in this situation, now I just need to find myself a good bargain.

My deck is becoming more Stable that ever thanks to me taking out a Faultroll. Thats right, I'm only playing 1 Faultroll now. Stupid?

But my loss usually contributes to clogging Faultrolls. Taking out the second and now that problem is gone. And Garsem does a great job getting him out in a 3 turns (if I pull into him or Emmers that is).

All and all, I need to get that Third Pot from Nick soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

11th & 12th June World Qualifier report

So, this was my 3rd time playing. I went to Kinokuniya for my Escuridao, and my whole afternoon was free. Drop by for some cards.

Test play quite a few matches with Sean's BF, but Escuridao never came out once, then again, no fusion came out. I just play using normal HEROs, makes me wonder will semi-limiting Miracle Fusion really harm the deck (MY deck).

Escuridao came out in a match against SST's Karakuri. How did that happen? All 3 of them came out. I think he summoned Colossal Fighter, but I'm not entirely sure.

A lot of players are there yesterday, but most of them are just hanging around. I saw quite a few people saying how gay Escuridao is, and how we can now main 3 Super Polymerization. Right...


Okay. I paused after typing that and went to Lowyat plaza to meet friends. Later, I went to Gamers Arena for another round of Qualifier.

I played Sabers both time, which sorta makes me the saber guy at GA, which was weird, since I used to be called the E HERO guy until I became less active there this year.

Yesterday's report:

1st match vs Newbie - Syncron deck

Skip details as I feel this is irrelevant.


2nd match vs Fishtank - Samurai

1st duel : He bounces my Scrap with Enishi and kill me with that and Kizan.

2nd duel : Trap Dustshoot kills his hands (or was this game 3?), and I proceed to win.

3rd duel : Warrior Lady attack and removes Shi-En, I declair attack with Garsem on Kizan, flipping E Call to bring up Garsem and proceed to gain advantage and win with Scrap.


3rd match vs LCW - Herald Agent

2 of my worst fears mix together? Can't be good.

1st duel : I waste a lot of his hand but left me with nothing, fortunately, he doesn't have anything and I summon Colossal to get rid of the Herald and proceed to win.

2nd duel : He has Decree up while I had 4 sets and Emmers. And being bit down and I topped deck a MST, I have 2 E Calls set.


4th match vs Lelouch? (according to Cookie) - Junk Doppel

1st duel : He owned me with his Doppel Stunts.

2nd duel : I have slowly build up advantage with traps and proceed to lock him down.

3rd duel : We found out that we both are in table 1 and will still be able to proceed to top 4 if we draw this match. Instead of taking risk and not topping, we decide to announce a draw so both of us can go to top 4.


Top 4 vs Ineverknewhisname - Agent

1st duel : I open good and lock his plays down with Dustshoot and others.

2nd duel : I open Warning, 2 Bottomless, 2 MST and Judgment. Got rid of his facedowns with double MST (one is a decree), but I pull my monsters too late into the game, and he attack me with Mystic Shine Ball + Honest over Airbellum for game.

3rd duel : I couldn't took out his advantage and Fautroll got Warning'ed. Lost to Pashuul's effect. Nothing I can do, since he had Decree out and locked most of my plays.

so, Top 4, the 2nd time in this series of Qualifiers.


Today's report:

1st match vs Newbie - Random syncro based random card deck (I could go on)

Needless to say, I finished him in 10 minutes, and the staffs ask me if I bribed my opponent since I was the 1st one to finish the game yesterday and today in match 1.


2nd match vs Yun Teng Sam - Agents

1st duel : Emmers and Fullhelm play around my opponent's Oppression while he was locked down by it.

2nd duel : My opponent reveals a Honest from Pot and have the agent Exceed play on the field. I summon Emmers and attack, forcing him to ditch Honest or lose his agent, which was lost the nest turn anyway. Trap Stun Hyunlei play and gain advantage, Faultroll FTW.


3rd match vs White hair Uncle - Flamevell Antimeta

1st duel : He had Wanghu, but I played around it and hit his field hard with Torrential. Airbellum hits his cards down and I proceed to win by advantage alone.

2nd duel : Most idiotic play ever. I side in Prohibition, I play it naming Solemn Warning and Proceed with Hyunlei, which got BTH(and he didn't have it set). But my backrows were steady and kept me in. Pashuul hold off his attacks for turns and I play Faultroll and proceed to wipe his field and Gottoms for his hand. And I drop his 2 Warning from hand. LOL.


4th match vs Lelouch? - Junk Doppel

1st duel : Giant Trunade get rid of my facedown and he beat me with Scrap, Junk Warrior(4000 attack).

2nd duel : I open Oppression, Emmers, Swallow Flip, Warning, MST and Book. Best hand ever? He played Trunade, Trishula (which hit Oppression) and I was losing again.


5th match vs Andrew - Whirlwind BF

1st duel : I was winning till I did something very very stupid. He has 600 left and I Hyunlei his backrow (along with a face up Oppression). He then plays Blizzard and pulls himself back into the game.

2nd duel : I open nicely and won.

3rd duel : He opens Banisher, but I play around it, forcing him to play Torrential with me summoning Garsem, and netting a card. Proceed to win after getting rid of his resources.


Top 4 again.

Top 4 vs Lelouch? - Junk Doppel

This was my 3rd match with him this weekend.

1st duel : I started and I Pot of Duality into Dustshoot. Which got rid of his Doppel(only monster) revealling Torrential and Solemn. I play Trunade and hitting him hard with Emmers, Faultroll and Fullhelm. He then somehow turns this table around next turn and won with Junk Warrior and Scrap Dragon ... wow ...

2nd duel : I open almost same hand like match 4, but had Trooper as the monster instead of Emmers. I mill 3 and milled my Super Polymerization. He looked at it, so did I. He again has Trunade, and attacked me with Drill and Scrap. I drew Fullhelm, attacking his Level Eater and setting everything (5 sets, but only 1 is useful, Torrential). If he wanna win me this turn, he has to summon that Eater, and then I'll Torrential him, since he was handless. But he set a facedown and hit Torrential with Scrap ... If only I didn't mill with Trooper, Super Poly will win that duel for me.

so, Top 4 again ... 3rd top 4 in this series ...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

DD Saber

I tested this deck on Duelnet a few days ago and it shows moderate success.

Being a DD deck, you can expect I took out Darkworld and Plant. But surprisingly, I lost to a Lightlord, since Lyla IS a bitch, and Ryko destroys before dump.

The deck almost always loses to Samurai, which is inevitable. All and all, I don't think I'll use this variant real life, because of how big a portion of the meta this deck dies to.

This is the deck list just in case some of you are curious.

monster (19):

3 X-saber Airbellum
3 XX-saber Boggard Knight
2 X-saber Pashuul
1 XX-saber Faultroll
2 Cyber Dragon
2 DD Warrior Lady
2 DD Survivor
2 Caius the Shadow Monarch
2 Spirit Reaper

spell (12):

3 Pot of Duality
2 Smashing Ground
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade
1 Dark Hole
1 Dimension Fissure
1 Book of Moon
1 Reinforcements of the Army

trap (9):

3 Macro Cosmos
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Reinforce Truth

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dark World

I don't think its THAT good a deck, its good, no doubt, but not Broken good.

But, worse timing ever for my part, cause my official tourney deck is Sabers ... Good Job!

Wonder how am I gonna take on Qualifiers next month (or end of the month, I'm not sure).

Nothing more from me now, aside from the fact that I'm testing a DD saber build on Duelnet. Lacking OCG players there is bad.

Monday, June 6, 2011

If you wanna kill me, I understand.

That was to Cookie. And back to the good part.

(This is why)

26th June 2011 World Championship Netherlands Qualifiers Pre-Selected Top 16
1 - Teoh Zhen Pei ( Six Samurai ) aka ZACK
2 - Kamaleswaran ( Gladiator Beast )
3 - Kee Kian Sim ( Grave BF ) AKA Sam
4 - Soong Chan Hoong ( Machiner Gadgets )
5 - Phang Yann Chern ( Whirlwind BF )
6 - Choo Yick Wong ( Anti-Meta ) AKA Wong Fei Hung
7 - Lim Yu Wei ( Grave BF )
8 - Michael Yap Wei Keong ( Agent Angels ) AKA Oji Mike
9 - Karl Lim ( Grave BF ) AKA KARL"I have believers" LIM
10 - Lee Wai Yen ( Agent Heralds ) AKA "I play a different deck every week"
11 - Chen Yau Sin ( Junk Doppel )

I didn't asked the guy for permission before posting this here, he post this on FB, (if your angry, I'll get you some cookies).

But I need this list right now for my post.

5 more slots left for the qualifiers and thats not my point.

My point is that the Asian format right now is VERY VERY healthy.

Out of 11 wins, there are 9 different decks (if you take grave and whirlwind BF as 2 decks, since they ARE different).

The META game right now in Asian format is super diverse. 9 decks winning? Thats just too cool, and we haven't see Plant variants, Monarch and Keepers yet.

I love the game at its current state. Not much to say about this, as players will love and haters will hate, no need for explanation.

Although the winners are mostly big name players around these parts, experience is important eh ... BUT that also states, with skills, ANY deck can win right now, there is no most powerful deck.

For once I wanna say, Fuck them promos, they are making the game unbalance.


On side note, I guess everyone saw that Future Fusion FTK deck.

I really wanna give credits, kudo and all the love to who ever build that deck.


I could care less how broken the deck is (well, just AS broke as any FTK, no more and no less), but an FTK emerging basically targets the list at Future Fusion. With that my precious Miracle Fusion will be spared this time.

That guy is a god sent!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Safe Zone and I feel stupid!!

I blame myself to not finish reading the text on this card. Really I do.

I just finish reading this post on the TCG article page about the card Safe Zone from EXVC and I was like ... "What? It has the "destroy monster when this card leave the field effect?""

I look at it on wikia and saw it WAS there. And I instantly felt like an idiot.

I never knew that part of the effect was there. I blame myself for not reading it carefully.

If I knew it was, it would undoubtedly go into my saber's main deck, and another copy in the side.

Why is this so?

First of all, I think the main purpose of the card is NOT to protect your monster, you can, its a good bonus, but not how I wanna play this.

This card is GOOD against decks that mindlessly take out backrows.

GB, Scrap, Lightlord falls under this category. BF and Samurai for some extent, but we all know how that would work out.

The second part that makes myself feel like an idiot is that I thought you CAN'T change the monster to defense. I thought so after I read "Selecting 1 face up attack position monster", and I foolishly concluded you can't change to defense since I didn't bothered reading.

I blame the fact this card is in EXVC, I never saw interest in the set, hence I didn't read anything in it carefully.

As I said before, the protection effect only comes as a bonus in my deck with my playstyle. But its a great bonus indeed. My saber's worst matchups are Agent Angel, GB and Scraps. Which are all decks that continuously destroy your cards and locking down your plays. This card basically says "HAHAHA!! IN YOUR FACE BI**H"

They try to blow Gottoms or Faultroll? I protect it. They wanna get rid of a backrow, you dead already.

Its the perfect card I was looking for, and I found it in the form of a card that I was never looking at.

I felt extremely stupid at the moment, but luckily I found out before the World Qualifiers (the real one).

This card is gonna be an MVP in my deck IF I do good, I can foresee that already. Why? I solves almost 50% of my problems instantly, with an added bonus too.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just something I thought

Dark World SD is coming out and the Dark E HERO is deal tomorrow. Super Polymerization reaches Max potential!!

Why am I putting these news together?

If you follow the GX anime, Super Poly was originally created by the bloody Bondage King of Dark World. To fusion summon Darkworld Demon God Colorless. Which could be said to be E HERO Escuridao.

I mean, does Escuridao really looks like a HERO, and is he really any use but to snatch a monster with Super Poly?

Konami releasing them at the same time after all these years sorta make me think this way. Maybe the stress of intern is getting to me.

Brief history on birth of Super Polymerization for those of you who forgotten and those of you who joined us after 5D's.

Brron the Bondage King of the Dark World wants to create this card, so he has his lackeys, Goldd and Silva (weird I know) capture him the sacrifices.

He then challenges Judai and activates his bloody anime-only Wicked Canon, which basically works the same as Pegasus's Crad Prison and tries to seal everyone up to finish the card, Sho wasn't there so its not completed.

The dude's plan to summon Escuridao basically went down the drain.

Judai goes into Berserker Soul mode and sends Neos crashing into Reignbroux (or however you spell it) countless times until the dude finally can't summon it back (got killed by NEOS PUNCH/CHOP).

Judai becomes HAOU!! And kills just about anyone that duels with Evil HERO and completes the damn card. And his version can fuse Evil HEROs too, making it super bad ass.

Then, skipping the unimportant friendship speaches.

Yubel used this trying to fuse the 12 dimension to summon something called Dimension What Ever Shit God. But Judai CHAINs to Super Polymerization, claiming that he chained to Chain Material. They need a judge there obviously, I mean, this is not Duelnet.

Then, Judai and Yubel fuse and he turned into a shooting star (literally) and became EMO with longer hair and such.

The End.

I don't think I miss anything important there.