Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preparing for Asia Plus - 1

I'm gonna start this as a mini-series, basically stuffs that I think we need to at least take into considerations regarding the coming event.

First off, let me start by saying we got trolled, and we got trolled very very hard. I received news today, online decklist registration is NOT compulsory and the only merit you get from it would be free deck boxes. However, the 8 teams that had been seeded to top 16 HAS to register online before the end of the day (since it just past midnight as of now) or our positions would be terminated and we would have to play off from the bottom.

While being in the top 16 is a great advantage, as you get to go into tournament fresh, have proper lunch and time to do some trading before the event. We lose out in having less time to test our decks. Arguably, most teams (if not every team aside from mine) have already planned their decks weeks ago and seeing no new set is due by next Saturday, all seems fine. BUT, what if someone build this super special awesome deck over the weekend? Some crazy tech that no one saw coming and is super good? 

I guess for the guys who are forced to submit our decklist 2 weeks earlier than everyone else, some form of complains are unavoidable. But look at the bright side, we now could officially throw deck building out the window and focus on mastering our plays. Maybe picturing how your gonna win games helps?

I wanted to say I expect the Meta to be similar to the Singapore Meta, but who am I kidding. Malaysia is famous for having unexpected showings and random decks winning major events. The fact that most people shun away from HERO beat, as oppose to Singapore's dominance of HERO beat is pretty determining. I wouldn't be surprise if I'm going against a random Agent-Scrap-Exodia team. Another thing we need to take into account is, playing retarded tech choices usually helps in the final games in Malaysian qualifiers. Something I learn over the years would be logical thinking and careful planning doesn't always guarantees a win; while playing retarded cards scores you the coolest wins.

A fellow blogger's idol stated this "I'm gonna win top shop qualifiers with Crystal Beast.". 

And for some reason, I can't take that as a joke, because somewhere deep down, I don't wanna got caught off guard and this guy really won with it. That's how random Malaysia's Meta is, even the most random of decks might have a showing.

So, in a nut shell, preparing for this event would mean starting with throwing the textbook out the window. Cause I'm damn sure your gonna curse it when you reach top 4. Its funny when you think about it, in other places in the world, a tech card is normally celebrated with words like innovative, genius, carefully-planned, etc; here, I normally hear comments like "I'm not sure why, but that tech choice is so retarded it works ..."

Next post would be something regarding deck choice and how I think this event will shape in comparison to Singapore's. Sorry bout the little rant up there as well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Asia Plus (Update)

The dateline for submitting our deck list is near (2 days from now to be exact). Instead of taking more time and trying to beat around the bush, we basically build our decks and post it on facebook, did a rough check and submitted.

Whether the deck we built are perfect or not, we don't know, and for the most part, we don't wanna know. All we have to do is play like our lives depend on it on Tournament Day. We've made it into top 16 already with 0 planning, and now, with 2 weeks of planning (sorta), I say we are good to go.

Good luck team! And to everyone who is participating in Asia Plus Malaysian qualifiers.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Semi-Retiring from Blogging

I've not blog for the past 2 or 3 weeks now, its not because I'm busy in real life or anything, its just that there are nothing to talk about happening in the world of YGO. Aside from tournament reports, I really don't have anything I wanna share with the world. Its not that the format's boring and all, far from it. This is one of the better formats we've got in a long while now, and I'm enjoying every bit of it. As of now, I'm preparing for the team tournaments in Asia Plus, which my team had been seeded to top 16 a few weeks back.

Now, why aren't I blogging in such a great and balanced format. Simple, I don't have anything to talk about. The meta of Malaysia as of now is so diverse that anything could top as long as you know what your doing. Its easy talking about a format where a few decks reign supreme. As I could talk about their evolution, how to play with and against it, among others. But in a diverse format where a different deck win Top Shop qualifiers each week, there is really nothing I could talk about, since it would most probably be irrelevant. The only things I could think of would be card prices, which is a topic I really don't have much interest in as I con't make a living off the game.

In such diverse formats, one would expect bloggers like myself to create new crazy deck types and test it out. Unfortunately, I'm not a innovator and I'm not good with creating new stuffs, I'm more of the type that takes an existing deck, make it mine and make it better. I do enjoy building new deck types and creating new ideas, I'm just not good with it.

Another thing that makes blogging dull at the moment, is that there are no really hardcore matches to watch down here. For Top Shop qualifiers, players fight for all 56 seats; meaning there would be several tournaments across town every weekend and players won win their respecting qualifiers gets into the tournament. This is a good idea, as it keeps the players busy and shops lively. The only problem is, most of the qualifiers have "pre-selected winners". Don't get me wrong, no shop (at least in my knowledge) selects their own reps, everyone has to fight for it. But, the better players (so call "pros") avoided each other. E.g, you won't see Sung Lee playing when Michael's playing. And one thing I notice, the skill gap between "good" and "average" players is MASSIVE. You could easily pinpoint the winner of the day just by looking at the player's list. While this ensures we get into the actual tournament, the qualifiers themselves are a joke if you ask me, the only reason a good player doesn't win one, is some other good players decides to wreck your day.

Thanks for reading my rant.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Asia Plus Team Tourney Qualifiers Report

So, I finally get my hands on real YGO in a long while, and I'm playing the promo format for the first time since its introduction.

Me, Sunny and another friend, Yap Zian formed a team, with the humble name of "GQ's Team", no shit, that was the name I summited.

Team order was : Me, Yap Zian (Leader//fodder), Sunny

Decks played were : E HERO, Agents, Frog Monarchs (yes, Frog Monarchs)

Instead of spending weeks and weeks to build the perfect set of decks, we came a bit earlier than the usual crowd to GA and spend 15 minutes discussing whose gonna play what. Remember, a team shares a single banned list, so something like Heavy Storm or Monster Reborn would only be present in 1 deck.

Match 1 : VS Hanzo Laggia

Duel 1 : I couldn't draw a single monster in 7 turns, and when I finally draw something, I won, with no damage dealt to me, thanks to my heavy backrows and SuperPoly making Nova.

Duel 2 : My opponent was very easy to read so I basically wreck all of his plays and ended the game with 5 sets, Rai-Oh and Nova, with 6 hands. Wonderful field presence indeed.

Team Score : 0X0

Match 2 : VS MY Team 2012 (aka last years Malaysia's rep aka Dato Tan's, the Malaysian rep for 2010 and 2012, team) - Tan Sung Lee - Quickdraw

Duel 1 : I open Allius and set 3, he showed me Decree in the end phase and made Quaser.

Duel 2 : I drew one of each sided cards and Airman, awesome hand indeed. Because this is team, I figure the leader, Michael (not the blogger) would be playing Storm so I summon Airman (Veiler'ed) and set 4. I got Heavy Stormed. Nuff said.

Team Score : XX0

Match 3 : VS Agents

Duel 1 : I Prison and BTH every Agent he has so his Kristia and Hyperion are dead, I draw into monsters late, but he had nothing.

Duel 2 : My opponent wanted to make Kristia, but it was obvious, so I refuse to attack until I have any sort of removal, he had Herald of Orange Light attack me for 4~5 turns. I drew Mind Crush and it was over the next turn around.

Team Score : 000

Match 4 : VS Mermails (a long time friend of mine, who I still have no clue what his name is)

Duel 1 : I open Allius, Allius, Bubbleman, Bubbleman, Forestman and Ocean ... How the hell is this hand even possible? My opponent has Spiritual Art and was basically start to feel sorry of beating me. LOL.

Duel 2 : After extensive shuffling, my hands look very much better. And I manage to open Soul and Skill Drain, locking out him completely.

Duel 3 : I was holding an advantage, his life was 4000 and has 2 set, nothing else. I play Miracle to make Zero, attack for 2500 and play Mask Change. He shows me Starlight Road. My hand had nothing against Stardust.

Team Score : X00

With 3-1, our team got into the finals, yes, there are no top 4 or 8s. It was 4 rounds of swiss and the finals. And our opponent was, with no surprise, MY Team 2012. Revenge perk activated.

Match 5 : VS Dato Tan's Quickdraw

Duel 1 : I open with Mirror, BTH, Judgment and summons Forestman, which my opponent stares at for a long time. He did had Decree, but I think ZERO into Acid was a splendid move. Thanks to the Poly Forestman grab for me, I was able to score a quick win.

Duel 2 : The game was grinding down with both of us having no cards, but he was at 3000's while I was at a perfect 8000. At this point my team mates told me one of them won and the other lost, so effectively, my match against Sung Lee is the one that would bring us to the qualifiers, and I wouldn't want it in any other way. He made a field of Road Warrior, Stardust and Doppel Warrior to attack me, which ended up in 2 Prisons. I drew a Spark and ended. He did something retarded and summons another Doppel and switching Level Eater into attack, which I have Mirror Force for, he had an empty field. I topped A HERO Lives, but found Airman dead, so I got Allius, since I have Spark. Game ended when he finally ran out of monsters to set, with me having Allius, Warning, Judgment and Spark. His last top was Tuning, which god says no to.

Team Score : 0X0

We manage to get into Asia Plus top 16 I believe with a team that is so randomly organized, it wasn't funny. Sunny won all 5 of his matches using Frog Monarchs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Update

Sorry for having no updates for a long while. A few hours after my previous blog post, I've bought myself a PS3, and that was the main reason why there was zero post last week.

Last weekend, me and Mike came to conclusion after 6 hours of test playing, the single most powerful trap card in HERO beat arsenal to be Compulsory Evacuation Device. We both not fans of the cards, but after a few dozen mirror matches, Mike (with Andrew's HERO beat) takes the majority of the win, and all of his wins is because of the access to Compulse. While I do have Compulse in my side, I figure I really don't wanna waste a game because of my ego.

Also, Bubbleman trolls Mike whole day long. I was literally wasting cards to make Bubbleman's effect live.

Last week I found out my X-saber build is actually very very good against HERO beat, after a dozen rounds against HERO beat, I won ... all of them. The floating ability of most of the cards really works well against HERO beat's one-for-one pushes. Although the deck does kinda fails against passive decks like Mermails and Inzektor. Well, thats what side decks are for. Now, I'm kinda thrown apart. Cause I've always want to play HERO beat in official formats, but I have another deck I love that does very well against it.

If most of the players would be playing HERO beat, I would play Sabers; and I would play HERO if more players are playing Mermails. Yeah, something like that.