Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Junk and Debris In: The Rampaging Plant And the Horizonless Gardens

well, I'm officially stuck in the situation that nothing new and game breaking or at least decent comes out of my head for a few days now. and because Neuxcharge posted his video about J&D last night, I was like...."should I?". Well, I am a stereotypical guy who hate plagiarism, and copying Rau's idea would be like guy from SJC. but since I would most probably just uses Rau's concept of easy syncro and the realationship between J&D with the cards. I guess its fine.

next step, according to Neux, every J&D build suits differently to every YGO player. so, Space would be my best choice as I seen it run first hand(dueling against it with my ace deck in fact). but that wouldn't be too original right? so, I look at a few more of Neux's video, and watches his Power Tool Plant deck(the 11th time), and was like "this could work!!"

so, I came up with the idea of J&D concept with your everage plant deck. and this card grab my mind instantly, Dark Verger. its a Lv 2 plant with 0 attack and has an outstanding effect that allows absolute swarming.

Junk and Debris In: The Rampaging Plant And the Horizonless Gardens


3x Junk Syncron
3x Debris Dragon
1x Weed // Nettles
1x Copy Plant
2x Giga Plant
2x Lone Fire Blossom
2x Botanical Girl(not sp summonable, but it helps you thin the deck)
3x Dark Verger
1x Dandylion
1x Card Trooper


2x Miracle Fertilizer
2x Foolish Burial
2x Arms Hole
2x Mark of the Rose
3x Supervis
2x Pot of Avarice
1x Lightning Vortex


2x Raigeki Break
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
2x Polinosis


2x Black Bulldrago
2x C. Dragon
2x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
2x Magical Android
2x Powertool Dragon
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Bronaic, Dragon of the Ice Boundary

as you could see, the deck heavy emphasizes on the J&D concept, as well as the Gigaplant swarm concept. This is just a theory of the deck. I do not know will it work. Supervis is to generate the impenetrable wall of Gigaplant (I don't know if I should include Botanical Girl... as she cannot be sp summon by both J&D).

overally, its just a fusion between Rau's J&D and the Powertool Plant that Neux showcased.

PS. the deck is named by Rau and suggestion had been edited

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old Ideas in new format!!

well, I've been stuck for a few days now, modifying my deck had lead it no where. and I can't seems to think of any new deck idea that would even work. And everything I throw at rEVIL ( a good friend) yesterday was useless, as my theory won't work for some reason. still lacks a lot of cards for my Akatsuki Control, and desperately in need of a big tourney!!

I decided to take a look at the deck I've posted long ago and found this, a tribute to MJ, it was a Jinzo deck which was meant to be a joke. but looking at it now, I think this could really work!!

the deck was build 3 months ago so, the new format cards should be included.

Undead Shocker ~ 迫るショッカー アンデットの軍団:

monster (20):
3x Jinzo (he is not a Jinzo-Ningen, but a Kaizo-Ningen)
2x Il Blud
2x Vampire Lord
1x Cyber Dragon
2x Jinzo Returner
3x Zombie Master
2x Pyramid Turtle
2x Mezuki
2x Goblin Zombie
1x Zombie Carrier// PlagueSpreader Zombie

Spells (14):
3x Undead World
3x Book of Life
3x Burial from a Different Dimension
2x Foolish Burial
2x Prohibition
1x Gold Sarcophagus
1x Cold Wave
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps (3):
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted

Basic Strategy :
Summon, summon, sp summon, re summon, summon again, go get a Coke from McD, continue summoning Jinzo.

Lyla and Breaker (both at 3) can really wretch up this deck. this is also true to DD decks//Macro. Thats why we have Prohibition.

an old friend, Vampire Lord, useless to many, is just here as a decoy. Summon him and I really wanna see the opponent uses Torrential. It comboes with Burial if your opponent Bottomless him. *never declair monster when using his effect*

Good Game!!

The SJC ended with a finals of BF vs BF. you might think that this is a mirror match, but no, it aint.

the finals are a match featuring Graveyard BF vs "Standard" BF with Vayu.

and the winner was the "Standard" BF deck, amazing as this deck is still capable of doing this well since Gale is limited(F_ck DDB)!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Dead if Jinzo's out!!

this is a stupid deck idea made by yours truly while playing GTA4, yes, I came up with a deck while playing a game base on violence. Cause the game reminds me of Final Destination and Final Countdown(I was playing the song on my laptop while playing the game...)

Final Destination :

Monsters(0): WTF!?

3x Final Countdown
3x Different Dimension Capsule
2x Gold Sarcophagus
3x Prohibition

3x Wide Spread Ruin
3x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
3x Threatening Roar
3x Waboku
2x Scrap Iron Scarecrow
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
2x Dark Bribe
2x Magic Drain
3x Royal Oppression
3x Skill Drain
1x Gravity Bind

activate Final Countdown in the first 3 turns or you lose... Activate Prohibition and call Jinzo, Decree, Heavy Storm and any other thing you think would harm you.

again, this is a stupid deck, so feel free to bash it up...

Well, plan back fired...

well, I was planning to build the Akatsuki Control deck I posted a few days ago as I felt that it would be a great deck to use. But without Sirocco, I have to stick with Shura as my main beat stick as Shura's effect won't be affected by Oppression.

but there is one catch, I only have one Shura left as I traded alot away, and I'm also left with no Whirlwind and Kalut. my best option... go get them from Lam. but what I did was the direct opposite. It seems like I forgotten about the deck completly and traded him my Kycoos... ouchs...

to Lam, if you are reading this, you seen my Choas Soceror? is it with you? cause I can't find it...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Finale~ Beginnig of the End

my exams are over and collage starts in about 2 weeks that means I have a 2 week brake!! and on my journey back from collage today, I though of a card that I liked since long ago, Sky Scourge Norleras. I mean, how is this card not amazing. and I'm thinking how do I get Dark Fiends and Light Fairies into the grave fast. and the Ritual Fiends came into mind!! So, the remaining cards are the Rituals, and who are the best pick? Demise and Ruin!! and the best card of them all, End of The World, freaking badass name for a card!!

Armageddon ~ Beginning of the End (44):


Dark Fiends~
3x Sky Scourge Norleras
1x Demise, King of Armageddon (sadly at one)
3x Ritual Fiend Releaser
3x Ritual Fiend Presider
1x Snipe Hunter
1x Sangan

Light Fairies~
3x Sky Scourge Enrise
3x Ruin, Queen of Oblivion
3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
3x Honest
3x Dimension Alchemist

2x Chaos Sorcerer ( how could you run a Chaos deck without him?)

3x End of the World
3x Trade-In
2x Monster Reincarnation
2x Allure of Darkness
2x DDR
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystic Space Typhoon

1x Return from a Different Dimension

Ritual Fiends are to help boost your Ritual summons while not wasting cards in your hand. all the monsters in this deck is either level 4 or 8(except for Chaos Sorcerer, but you won't waste him for Ritual won't you), thus fulfilling the requirements of End of the World either way. Dimension Alchemist helps in adding the Sky Scourges, Manju or Honest back to hand in addition of being a Light Fairy. Since they are 10 level 8 monsters in this deck, Trade-In would have alot of targets. DDR is there cause there will be monsters removed, either the Ritual Fiends or something used for the Sky Scourges.

how would this deck run in real life, I don't know as I think that its not a well balanced deck. I highly welcome anyone to have a comment on the deck.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Akatsuki Control!!

well, I really wish I could build this deck right now, but as I don't have most of the cards in the deck... its not happening any time soon. well, I was really bored 10 minutes before this post(due to studying for exams) and take a look at my blog and the Oppression BF build I posted a few days ago... and I thought... why not?

Akatsuki Control!!:

3x BF - Sirocco the Dawn (Akatsuki)
3x BF - Bora the Spear
3x BF - Kalut the MoonShadow
1x BF - Gale the Whirldwind (according to Neux, a pimp)
2x Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer
2x Breaker, the Magical Warrior
3x Caius, the Shadow Monarch
1x Raiza, the Storm Monarch

3x Black Whirlwind
3x Shrink
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Soul Exchange
1x Brain Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Royal Oppresion
1x Solemn Judgment
2x Dark Bribe
2x Icarus Attack
2x Bottomless TrapHole
1x Mirror Force
1x Trap Dustshoot

3x Dark Grepher
3x BF - Vayu the Emblem of Honor (surprise surprise)
1x Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer
3x Burial from a Different Dimension
3x Threatening Roar
2x Dust Tornado

Extra :
3x BF - Armed Wing
2x BF - Armor Master
1x BF - Lone Silver Wing

well, the side deck is really just about scaring the shit out of your opponent. The things people side in against Oppresion builds, Backrow destruction suck as Dust Tornado or more Breakers. If you won the 1st round, I think your chances of winning the second is high. I mean who would taught of that!!

Control meant more than controlling the game, but also with controlling your opponents emotions!!

please give feedbacks!! good AND bad

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Best Solution to LS ever!!

JD or Celestia and whatever crap LS have : I blow up your field, wahahahaha!!

Player/Yusei cosplayer : I activate Starlight Road!! Negate you!!

*BGM + epic scene of JD/Celestia blow up *

Stardust : miss me?

Core Beat!! V... I don't know what!!

well, I notice how the Core Chimail deck is treated as trash in both OCG and TCG, and I have not seen anyone playing this deck before. Sure it may not be consistent but thats because you have to run those stupid Iron Cores. personally, I don't run them.

just to prove that Core Chimail can at least do something, I'll post a deck that I just build yesterday, note that it is still incomplete as I need a couple more Rose, Warrior Lasy of Revenge.

Core Beat!!:

3x Core Chimail Rook Lord
3x Core Chimail Berzerger
3x Core Chiamil Guardian
3x Core Chimail Powerhand
1x Core Chimail Rock
2x Rose, Warrior Lady of Revenge
2x Exile Forces
1x N, Grandmole
1x Morphing Jar

2x Kaiser Colloseum
2x Beckoning of the Mighty
2x Fissure
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x The Warrior Returning Alive
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Refining of the Core
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Bottomeless Traphole
2x Sakuretsu Armor
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrental Tribute

the overall strategy of the deck is beatdown. there is no extra wining condition to this deck but I assure you this old strategy is still working till this day. with 9 beaters and 3 monarch like monsters, there is little fear to decks that aren't around the top tiers.

please give me some feed backs as I really want to improve this deck more.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Really, what the hell is this guy thinking!!

I saw this on Pojo and I'm extremely frustrated seeing a YGO player do things like this:

"Hi, I've wasted alot of money on yugioh cards.. (over 400$ I think) and I have never gotten anything good, im serious!! I'm tired of wasting so much money and getting nothing good but I love yugioh and I still want to keep playing and become better..

So me and my friend were thinking of a way to get good stuff without risk.. (I CANT scale, or any other tricks) So we came up with an idea of buying tins, opening the packs, and if we get crap we can just seal the packs and return the tin to walmart. We already tried sealing a pack and it looked like it was never opened so thats not the problem.. My question to you is, is there anyway to reseal the tin with a plastic to make it look realistic enough as the original plastic? I've tried saran wrap but that didn't work at all, it sticked all over the tin and looked really wierd. So is there any kind of clear non sticky plastic wrap stuff? Is there a way to reuse the old plastic from the tin for example cutting it straight in the middle than somehow melting the 2 parts togather to make it stick or something.. I'm really desprite for this to work please help!!

for the original post , click here!!

if you don't get mad or at least angry or disappointed... your moral values have problems...

DDR and Alure are Best buds of Endymion!!

today, nothing to do while I'm at my grandma's house, I modify my Endymion deck again (as I bring staples and my common/rare binder around just in case. I added DD elements to the deck, and it is awesome. It works as or even better in comparison to it when Monster Reborn was still around. really wanna test it in locals, but since my exams clashes with the locals next week. I guess I'll have to wait for another week.

PS, finally getting 3 Oceans for my E HERO deck, big Thanks to Khye!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oppresion BF

I saw this deck at Pojo's OCG forum and fell in love with it!! credits to its builder!!

弹压黑翼 - Oppression Black Feathers

18 Monster
1x Dark Armed Dragon
3x Black Feather - Sirocco of the Dawn
3x Black Feather - Shura of the Azure Flame
3x Black Feather - Blast of the Black Lance
3x Black Feather - Qal'at of the Moonlight
1x Black Feather - Gale of the Hurricane
2x Black Feather - Blizzard of the North Pole
1x Morphing Jar
1x Sangan

10 Magic
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Brain Control
3x Black Whirlwind
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Book of Moon
1x Smashing Ground

12 Trap
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Living Dead
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Royal Oppression
2x Icarus Attack
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Dark Bribe
1x Solemn Judgment

15 Extra
2x Black Feather - Arms Wing
1x Black Feather - Armored Wing
1x Black Feather - Silver Wind of the Isolated
1x Stardust Dragon
1x Red Daemon's Dragon
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Arcanite Magician
1x Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth
1x Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary
1x Goyou Guardian
1x Gigantech Fighter
1x Mental Sphere Daemon
1x Magical Android

15 Side
2x D.D. Crow
1x Black Feather - Blizzard of the North Pole
1x Black Feather - Mistral of the Silver Shield
1x Cyber Dragon

1x Mind Control
1x Book of Moon
2x Twister
1x Dark Eruption
1x My Body as a Shield

2x Light-Imprisoning Mirror
1x Icarus Attack
1x Deck Devastation Virus

Friday, September 18, 2009

Charge of the Light Brigade

"Charge of the Light Brigade is ... a rare....!? OMG Charge of the Light Brigade is a F'kin rare!! Charge of the Light Brigade is a @#$%^ rare..."

~ EPIC quote by Neuxcharge.

well, it may be a rare, but after checking card prices, its price doubles those of Ehren, Lightsworn Monk. at RM55 or 18 USD, its the most expensive rare ever.

but price should be 11 times cheaper at Sg Wang as no other Rare has ever exceed 15 except for Skill Drain and Plaguespreader Zombie.

Your Favorite Manga?

This is basically for those of you that love manga, not their anime version or just simply anime. Don't say YGO as I know some of you are just making it up. YGO was a good series but it was no where near awesome.

there are a few things I absolutely LOVE in this world, 1 is manga, 2 is YGO. as you could see, manga is really more important to me than YGO which is a lot more important than food. just wanna know what YGO players think about manga. all the YGO players I know love anime and some love tokusatsu, but I don't really know alot of YGO players loving manga, but this may be cause by the fact that anime is more enjoyable in Malaysian eyes, as for me, I don't like anime, the only anime I am currently watching is just 5D's as it is not based on a manga.

well, I'm guessing you think my favorite manga would be top mangas like One Piece, Naruto or BLEACH. don't get me wrong, these mangas are enjoyable to me (except for One Piece) but I just don't like their style.

my favorite manga would be Initial D, as I am a car guy and I love motorsports. No explaination needed for this popular manga series. Closely following and tied for 2nd place are Air Gear and Bakuman. Air Gear, thou a battle manga, is better in my opinion to Naruto and BLEACH due to a few reasons, a F'kin bastard as the main guy, a freakin' good art, cool battles as oppose to normal fighting(who the hell could think of roller blades as weapons), and most importantly, EPIC scenes and quotes(if you read the manga, you know that the jokes Oh! Great makes are freakin' EPIC). the other 2nd place, Bakuman, is a relatively new series that showed up a year ago, but it caught my interest in the 1st few pages of chapter 1, something no other manga has ever done. the fact that made it does so is that it is based on real life mangakas trying to get serialize and their trials just to get an anime. bakuman is really not the manga for you if you don't like mangas in general but never fails to grab manga lover's attention. I mean, when was the last time you saw a manga based on mangakas? never!!

if you like, please feel free to comment on your favorite manga series, as I feel this way I could know how YGO players think a little bit more.

Q. if KEN likes manga... would it be something to do with food? YakitateJaPan?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Revival of the Living Dead

half a month had passed since the September Banned List was active, with the unbanning of Call of the Haunted, Revival of the Living Dead in its Japanese translation, Undead has taken its throne as the most powerful type once again.

why do I say so, if you study the history of the game, you would notice that in each banned list aside from the decks that do best during that 6 months time, there would always be a type of monsters that would be better than others.

March 09 Banned List : Winged Beast (BF and GB, two powerful decks that based on Winged Beast). Winged Beast had Icarus attack that destroys just about anything if used right. Winged Beast nowadays are fast, with Undeads out of their way in the previous list. its no wonder they could be the fastest in the META, and in the last META, speed was everything.

September 08 Banned List : Undead was the king. Any deck that utilize Undead into their strategy would be a handful to beat. With Zombie Carrier, Mezuki and Goblin Zombie at their disposal, Undead have the ability of creating a big field presence with close to no cost. the limiting of Mezuki and Card of Safe Return really did de-throne the Undead as shown.

Undead are a powerful type to compete with, as every type has their own play style. Warrior depends on the supports they have and the ability to swarm the field with little effort, being the most balance type in my opinion. Dragons are based on heavy amount of destruction and overwhelming powers, not to mentioned the ability to summon quickly but the price is not low. Winged Beast are fast, and extremely good in clearing the field, but they lack the offensive power shown in Dragons and Warriors. aside from these types, I do not think that any other type are worthy of competing as the best type.

the problem with Undead is, it has all the strengths of the types I mentioned (although not at the same degree) yet missing their weakness. Undeads are fast, they can search for each other quickly and do not lose any advantage when pulling out a big monster. Their destructive power alone may be weak, but combine with the Syncro Monsters that they easily excess, make them one of the most destructive forces ever. not to mention, a good amount of Undeads are Dark, meaning they have excess to Dark Supports. but the scariest thing about Undead is their ability to utilize the Graveyard. a Torrental Tribute or a Deck Destruction Virus may cause a very bad sotuation in a lot of decks, but Undeads love the Graveyard, combine with Burial from the Different Dimension, make Undead a very formidable opponent. A undead deck under the hands of a skilled duelist along with a good side deck can virtually take on anydeck.

in the past 2 weeks, I've seen Undead decks win tourneys all around the place(in OCG at least). even with the advantage gain in EX2, Lightlords still aren't as powerful as the Undead Syncro decks, not to mention the crippled BF, GB and Dark Armed Decks. Skill Drain and other STUN decks may have success against them, but as I said before, a few side deck cards and they are as good as gone. this may sounds as if the Undeads are gonna be big this season but I don't think its true. Undeads may be powerful, but unlike most META decks, its not all powerful. it puts up a good challange to any deck but it could not take out any well build deck without a god fight. this may be because Carc of Safe Return in Banned or maybe it was DDB or even Monster Reborn. but from what I've seen and experience, Undead Syncro is not like your average, all powerful boring ever lasting META deck, its great fun dueling against it, and from what I've seen, it takes skill and the ability to choose what card to use in a situation to truely rule over the living deads.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zorc Inc

I found this one Pojo, its some guys sig. but damn.... this is the funniest shit I saw the whole month...Hire Him!! its worth it. I know you want your principle's house/car to be "taken care of" by this company!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Core Chimail, what do you think?

well, since I'm been ask by a certain guy who writes about the Art of Food to show this deck, no I'm not gonna say who it is, its top secret, I posted a video of my Core Beat deck on YouTube.

check it out by pressing this.

Core Beat :

2x CC RookLord (I'm still looking for a 3rd)

3x CC Berzergers

3x CC Crusaders

3x CC Guardian

2x CC Rock

2x CC PowerArm

3x Exile Force

1x N. GrandMole

1x Morphing Jar

3x Kaiser Colosseum

2x Fissure

1x Heavy Storm

1x Gian Turnade

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

3x Refining of the Core

2x Bottomless TrapHole

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

2x Sakuretsu Armor

1x Mirror Force

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Call of the Haunted

Extra: none...

if you are not sure of the card effect, go to the Core Chimail Page on YGO Wikia.

please tell me what should be done as I am really clueless now how to push it further.

Monday, September 7, 2009

End of the Line

tell me to stop coming up with EMO titles, but I just decided to post my Dark Spellcaster deck because I don't really wanna post my incomplete Core Chimail and partly due to the fact that I had not post a deck recipe in a week or so.

I really wanna use this deck to challenge Top Tier decks, LL, Grave BF, DDGB and other decks I could not remember at the moment. aside from outgame and Skilldrain, this deck doesn't have a real weakness. This deck is consistent to a certain degree, but lack the potential to pull out OTKs, I like this deck a lot and I felt that it would be ready to face the world with a few changes.

1x Endymion, the Master Magician
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Dark Creator
3x Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer
2x Breaker, the Magical Warrior
2x Dark Grapher
2x Necro Guardna
3x Aprentice Magician
1x Crystal Sheer
1x Old Vindictive Magician
1x Junk Syncron
1x Zombie Carrier

3x Magical Citadel of Endymion
3x Arcane Barrier
2x Terraforming
2x Allure of Darkness
2x Dark Eruption
1x Foolish Burial
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Pot of Avarice

1x Call of the Haunted
1x Solemn Judgement
2x Raigeki Break
2x Royal Oppresion

Extra :

this deck does pretty well against all my other decks, pure ownage towards my Dual Fusion and Gladial Beast. my E HERO and Core Chimail have chances of winning but the percentage of losing is greater.

this decks main focus is to go through the deck fast, thining it and bringing out monsters with lockdown properties. Royal Oppresion does really good in hear because of the amount of special summoning now. Raigeki Break is to send cards into the grave while serves as a decoy for Breakers, Lyla or Beastiari.

the only aspect I'm concern about is Citadel, should I run 2 and have another copy of Pot of Avarice or a copy of Monster Reincarnation?

Heavy Moding Process

this afternoon, I made a stupid deal with Lam. it goes like this,

me : eh, any chance you would trade me back my 3 Berzergers?

Lam : not unless you trade me your 3 Rai-Ohs...

me : take them, they're all yours.

Lam : huh!! serious?

so, without Rai-Oh, it basically seems that my Light Dark Beat can't function anymore. so, I can only take it apart. T.T

but when I reach home tonight, after I post my previous post. I try modding my Spellcaster deck when I realize the amount of card pool I could now use in my other decks. so, I took the cards(mostly extremely good cards) in the LDB deck and use it in others. ends up with me powering up my other 5 decks so much.

Spellcaster --> Dark Spellcaster BEAT
Dual//Gemini --> Dual Fusion
Core Chimail --> Chimail BEAT
Gladial Beast --> still Gladial Beast but alot more powerful
Yusei --> still Yusei's deck but with more powerful traps such as Raigeki Break

so, basically, trading the 3 Rai-Ohs made my other decks better. what a twist of fate!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tourney Report - 5 Sept 09

This is one of the worst I did in locals. but just to be fair(not to only submit the results when I get good ones), I'll post it.

deck used : E HERO (still needs a Gaia and 3 Oceans)

1st match vs Dark/Daemon/Counter Trap (HDLAM) OO
his deck was basically a pile of cards he assemble with no specific themes or play style. Why he doesn't run Six Sam, we just need to guess(probably ego...). anyway, his deck has draws that mimics his deck, a pile of crap. the only real threat was DCK and Necrofear, which never shown up both duels.

2nd match vs Warrior Beat XOX
the 3 duels are very long and interesting duels. 1st duel, keep on clearing the opponent field(me with Zero and he with Lightning Vortex), he got me down to 1000, and I turn the tables around with Shining Flarewingman to his 200. he sets 1 card and summon Amazoness Warrior. I summon Stratos, he activated Ceasefire... 2nd duel, I owned him with Shining Flarewingman. 3rd duel, he used Hand Destruction, I drewed Polymelization and E Call. my turn, drew another E Call, use E Call and found out I'm out of monsters....

3rd match vs Undead OXX
3 long duels again. 1st duel, he dead draw into Shuten Douji. 2nd duel, he won with Shuten Douji. 3rd duel, he has goblin zombie direct, hit Miracle Fusion. after a while, he had the other Goblin Zombie direct, hit Fusion Recovery(while I have Bubbleman in my hand and Airman that had been used as fusion material for Zero). dead draw into Polymelization.

4th match vs Fallen Angel OXX
3 long duels yet again. Own with Zero in the 1st duel. 2nd duel, he has Athena out and swarm with 2 Athena, 1 Darklord Zerato, 1 Fallen Angel Suprebia and 1 Archlord Christia. he attacks, I activate Mirror Force, he Solemned it. 3rd duel, I wasn't attacking at all, I have Zero out in an empty field(empty monsters), instead of my usual attack without caring for that face down, I ended. He Vortex Zero and summon Suprebia and sp summon Darklord Zerato.

tourney placing, out of 10 contestent, 8th.... the only thing that made me felt better was Lam got 9th...

Friday, September 4, 2009

NEKO, now a part of the games history...YEAH RIGHT

I've just finish watching this duel on youtube, I find it quite interesting.

since the banned list come into active, we are hearing things like Neko is dead, Cat Syncro is a goner and even this stupid shit, Gladial Beast are gonna be slow again, whats wrong with the last comment?

according to a couple of my TCG friends, NEKO is dead cause :
1. NEKO is down to one 2. Summon Priest is also down to one 3. DDB is banned 4. bla bla bla, I don't know, but there must be something else...

what I think is... Go F Yourself. sure, the banned list gives Neko a great beating, slowing down the deck by a little...hell no, it slow it down alot. but the points 2. & 3. , which Neko deck uses these two? AKB. is AKB the only Neko variant? Hell no.

with 1 Neko left, its almost a certain it won't be top tier anymore, but the game has become obviously slower comparing to the previous format. if u just modify the deck a little, it'll still be a challenge to all.

just think it this way, if it can't win anymore as one of the META decks, than use it as an AntiMETA. and from experience and the video I just watch, the biggest antiMETA card right now is Skill Drain

why is Skill Drain good in Neko?
1. it can't stop NEKO(but yes, it stops the syncro) 2. your opponent basically gets screwed(their Breaker can't break your cards and Your GOYO is sitting there) 3. its Skill Drain, explanations needed?
please comment on your ideas...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who to blame...

I guess for those of us who have been playing since pre-Chaos era, we mostly have a feeling like, those days are the best. when Vorse Raider and Gemini Elfs are good staples and Blue Eyes is your main boss. that time, a banned list wasn't needed as no card is worth banning(even for Raigeki and Harpie's Feather Duster, just treat them as Lightning Vortex and Heavy Storm of the old days)

after Chaos went down. the game has a period of slowing down again. so, why is the game so freakingly fast now? because of monsters(mostly monsters cause I can't really think of any spells and traps that does these effects) that could come out of no where and gain freaking advantage and has a Behemoth like attack point.

who started this trend? Monarchs. I always felts that creating the Monarchs are one of the stupidest thing in YGO history. it leads to endless netdecking and decrease in originality. When was the last time you saw endless breed of decks in a tourney after Chaos, pre-Monarchs.

as we all, know, Monarchs don't have down side aside from being a Lv 6 that requires a tribute. but for some retarded reason, CRV made this small draw-back a joke. with Cyber Dragon and Treeborn Frog introduced, together with existing cards made Monarchs extremely powerful. this and the fact that Monarchs supports are mostly Light and Dark, lead to Chaos Sorcerer being a key card in the deck, leading to an endless army of beatsticks with outragoues effects.

the Monarchs are the top decks for quite some time, untill being detrone by another King, Demise, King of Armageddon. Being a ritual monster, this card has excess to dangerously powerful effects. To the point that it just destroys everything in its path, like what CED once did. together with Advance Ritual Art made this card a big competitor against the Monarchs for top tier.

Then, GLAS came, and the Gladial Beast came into the picture. Gladial Beast are extremely well build yet no where near broken before Gyzarus came into the picture. Gladial Beast's original play pattern was to attack, tag and attack again. Being a very fun deck and no where near top tier, until TCG come up with Test Tiger, which made this deck so powerful, Demise and Monarchs are nothing in front of these Roman Warriors. being versatile to any spell and traps combination was also a key factor in Gladial Beast as they don't really need specific spells and traps to run cause they just search out their friends, leading to unlimited space for defensice & offensive cards like Book of Moon, Shrink and even Waboku.

the pack after GLAS was the one who change the face of YGO comepletly. PTDN introduce the DARK archtypes(screw Yubel), an archtype consisting of Dark version of existing monsters with similar but leveled up version of the originals effect. Among them is Dark Armed Dragon, arguebly, one of the most versitile yet powerful monster in the current game. these Dark monsters are so powerful not even the previous mentioned decks can compete with them with the exception of Gladial Beast. (Demise could not compete due to the fact that the main card of the deck Advance Ritual Art was limited to 1). Spash the Darks together with D-HERO and the syncro monsters introduce in a few packs later created many devastating decks. From RainbowDark OTK to DimensionDAD to the fearsome and legendary TeleDAD.

this trend would continue till RGBT where it introduced the BF deck types, while no where as powerful nor consistent as TeleDAD was, it proved itself one of the better deck types ever build as we see so many OTK created by this black birds. The sets after RGBT, which are ANPR and SOVR, seems to have slow down. both these set don't have extremely powerful // gamebreaking archtype, yet they support previous archtype. this may be good for the game in some way, but it would be better if they support OLD archtype like Toons and Guardians as well.

from my research done, I can concluded that the one factor that leads to the game's current state is DARK. the dark attribute had always been a centerpiece in YGO. from Monarchs to Demise and even the Gladial Beast and BF, darks are really involve in some ways. they can even been found in LightLord that are based on Light, in the form of Necro Guardna, Zombie Carrier and Black Shining G.

One question remains is, what would YGO be like if it supports not only on LIght and Dark but the other 4 attribute as well, what would it be like if PTDN was never introduce and Caius the Bloody Monarch and Raiza the Freaking Monarchs are not having their current effects?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nothing much...

my latest video(when I posted this post) on youtube, check it out if your interested.

click here!!

its on my updated Spellcaster deck, please enjoy.

Oh, and I pulled a Prime Material Dragon and an Allure of Darkness from 2 packs of Extra Pack.

nothing more for today I guess...