Monday, June 29, 2009

Nationals in One Week!!

as the title said, the national for my country starts this Saturday. I already registered, so there won't be a fuzz on that day. I think I'll get to use my parent's car, so it should be okay. but there is in one very BIG problem. I don't have a deck....

this is serious guys!! the tourneys less than a week and I haven't build my deck yet. and I do have collage this week making the time margin alot more packed.

so, should I go with Gladial Beast that done me well for the last 2 tourneys(top16 and top 9)? but that was before limiting Bestiari... or maybe playing my LightBeat. but I lost to a BF first round with a similar build last time.

can someone suggest what to use. and please put in mind that the Promos are not allowed for some retarded reasons...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Long Live the Thrill!! THRILLER!!

sad news came out of the morning news broadcast this morning. the ONCE black Micheal Jackson has passed away. I'm not much a fan of his but one song really reminds me alot about him. well, almost what I know about him is from that song, this song is "Thriller!".

if u recall, u would know that the MV for Thriller is based on zombies. so, this is what I made:

Thriller!! Long Lived!! :

3x Jinzo(cause his a artificial human like MJ is....JK)
3x Il Bliud
3x Zombie Master
3x Jinzo Returner
2x Goblin Zombie
1x Pyramid Turtle
1x Mezuki
1x Zombie Carrier//Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Morphing Jar
1x Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

3x Undead World
3x Book of Life
3x Cold Wave
2x Gold Sarcophagus
2x Foolish Burrial
1x Different Dimension Capsule
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x Mystic Space Typhoon

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
1x Royal Decree

2x Death Kaiser Dragon
2x Death Ruler Ha Des
2x Stardust Dragon
1x Red Daemons Dragon
1x Mental Sphere Daemon
2x Black Rose Dragon
2x DDB
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Bronaic
1x Magical Android

this is a deck that is obviously based on:
Reviving from the graveyard. Jinzo will be his undead artificial human aka Micheal Jackson and being revive numerous times in the duel. this deck is based on OTK. so its not so different from the usual Zombie Type decks so good in the META, just not that good!!

This is in no way a criticism to Micheal Jackson. the world has lost someone important and he will always have my respect. this is not a joke to screw his reputation, just a piece of something I thought of. REST IN PIECE, the KING of POP

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Singapore World Qualifications...OVER!! My battlefield is just STARTING!!

"This is not a story about a Singapore tourney. Everyone has a tourney, a tourney that ends somewhere. My tourney is just about to start..." ~ LGQ90 ... yeah right... anyone who watchs the anime and manga would know this quote.

well, the Singapore World Qualifications are just over, and the 1st place are BF!! (wow, I never expected that...OMG!!). 2nd place...BF(2 in a row!! mirror match!! what coincidence!!). 3rd is still BF(are they really that good. wow good players really think alike!!).... yeah right... kinda pissed when i watch the semi and finals over Youtube. there is close to no originality as the decks almost look identical... yeah, the only thing differents are the sleeves!!

well, can't blame them, as BFs are one of the more compatitive decks right now. but whats gonna top at OUR qualifiers?

4th of July, Malaysia's WC09 qualification tourney. man... 4th of July, they won a war or something. or maybe it hints that a war between duelist would broke up that day and the victor//saver would proundly make that day a festival yearly? so, judging from the recent META, I say the winner would most probably be... BF... why?

1. our tourney won't allow Promos(thats right!! blame the HongKong guys cause we just follow them!!), and that includes DT cards which are imposible to get by many except those who goes to my local stall. AKB... out of the ring!!

2. DDB is available in every single extra deck!! means... BF would PWN!!

3. my Heroes won't be much of a threat considering all the powerful heroes are promos!! F* up!!

4. ... cause BF are so popular here...well, not really as I haven't seen one since the last tourney 2 months ago...

a)Lightlord... never good in OCG.
b)Oppre? maybe but raioh and fossil dyna not allowed?
c)Gladial Beast... seen them got pwn too many times...
d)counter angel? "I solemn, solemn, solemn again. ha ha. I am negate King", "blast, sp summon Gale. SYNCRO SHOKAN, DDB" (T.T)... end of story...
e)any other deck? ojama maybe?

well. currently I'm relax!! my decks done and ready to PWN anyone that comes in my way!! and winning the tourney is a piece of...Aluminium Nitrate soaked in Copper(2) Sulphide solution left for decomposition for 2 days or 48 hours.... meaning, I have no clue what am I gonna do now. Who am i kidding, i'm in deep shit!! my Light Beat isn't any where near completion!! and my school grades are bad = gotta spend more time studying!!

well, guess its bye bye WC09, I'll miss you... although we never met or heard about each other...

till next time. thanks for the time on the randam CRAP!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Difference of the same Deck over continents!! WOW

so, yesterday, I bought 2 copies of warriors strike(cause my budget can't allow me to take the 3rd. maybe next week). and they were not alot of people at local shop yesterday. but we held a tourney anyway cause the shopkeeper was bored and decided to play with his GB deck which he swap for a Crystal Beast half way cause no one care any way. its small, 5 people plus the shopkeeper.

back to topic. i notice this quite sometime ago but didn't really see the issue until yesterday dueling the shopkeeper's CB deck. its very very very good!! I had to swap my deck to my Light Beat to duel it(and still lost...)!! so, F*** those TCG guys who say CBs are weak. there goes for Elemental Heroes as well, and alot of decks TCG consider weak!!

here are some examples:
Gladiator beast~
OCG : alot of traps and spells back row support and few monsters. Uses their equip cards to make them a hella trouble to beat! don't really care about the Limiting Bestiari to 1 that TCG cried so loud about.

TCG : based on Rescue Cat and Test Tiger... a lot, almost to the point the Samnite and thos 2 are the main point of the deck. Focus on quickly summoning monsters and taging in and out. not much else...

Black Feathers//BF~
OCG : same as GB, the backrows are full as hell. 3 solemns and bribes to protect the birds and their whirlwind. swaming the field for mostly one reason, DDB... the main focus is to just finish your opponent off FAST!!

TCG : basically the same concept except that they tend to have far lesser back rows. its far slower than the OCG version but could be more versatile in some cases.

LightLord ~
OCG : overall mill and swarm that is so freaking annoying its not funny. having Black Shining G to prevent DDB or anything like that. ends the game quick but the strategy just seems to stay the same since LOTD...

TCG : their crown "This is the bet deck ever" deck that is winning their tourneys. mostly due to Charge of the Light Bridgade, a freaking card that lets you search and mill. it has alot of variant like Twilight and such but the basic idea stays the same. its much more stable complaring to the OCG version.

Core Chimails ~
OCG : not sure yet cause I'm the only one in the local playing it. but according to Rauzes and some sites. it mainly uses Magical Hats to send the cores to the grave. using Kaiser Colloseum to prevent swarm. and uses all the monsters attack powers to press the opposnt down.

TCG : Focusing on Drago and their ability to lock your opponents light and dark monsters. this is due to Light Lord and BFs are their top deck. not much to say as they never won anything BIG.

Syncro Cat ~
OCG : our all time favourite syncron deck that allows swift lv 6 or 7 syncros that win the game for you there and then. X-saber Airbellum is the main star of the deck. this deck has been around since DT1 and still running strong in the form of AKB, which allows your to summon lv 7 syncro monsters fast. Its highly commented as the best META deck in the aspect of balancing Attacking and Defensing.

TCG : its a new deck to them and basically the TCG is just copying the OCG styles. but lacking the DT syncros, this deck won't be even close to rivaling the OCG variant. espeacially as the TCG main lv 6 syncro, Goyo Guardian is down to 1.

Heroes ~
OCG : focusing on summoning Absolute Zero and put a timebomb on your opponent side of the field. Partly control and mostly destruction. this deck focuses on the balance of the heroes(usually the Ds) and water monsters. the main point of this deck is that any 2 monsters can fuse into Zero.

TCG : their City variants. based on lockdown and beatdown. the City decks are based on Neos Allius and Stratos. high power lv 4 that gain advantage under Skyscrapper and lose nothing under Oppresiona and Skill Drain(stratos yes, but you play his 1st turn). searching is vital in this deck as most monsters are warriors, RoTA is a must. Seeing lesser plays this days due to the fast META game the last format created.

OCG : send pieces to the grave and summoning them back. they mostly runs Undead in the deck cause they are best at what they do. Only one Phrase can express this deck:"this is the best deck you can have if you wanna do what they do best, and what they do best isn't very nice..." in oter words OTK.

TCG : it based on control.. using DAD to blow up everything and Allure and D.Draws to speed things up. Caius the Shadow Monarch is the main piece in this deck. it focuses on syncro too. as Zombie Carrier and Krebons are still the best in what they do, summoning LV8 syncros.

well, this list just won't end, won't it. there are just numerous decks you could compare between the 2 formats. only thing I could say is... the people from the East and those from the West... they really are from the East and the a West...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good News to ANIME fan and Myself!!

latest news!! YuGiOH 5D's is confirmed to continue. yes there will be a season 3, but with crow and Jack in Hospital.... Joking, cause they both fall of their Bikes and hit the ground HARD(Jack flipped 4 times before stopping...Ouch!!)

well, getting SD17 - Warrior's Strike this afternoon, hoping to get at least 2.

nothing more now...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toku Fan Favourite Deck!!

so, before I start, this deck is basically a Tribute to Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー), Kamen Rider Kabuto to be exact. For Tokusatsu and KR fan this should be quite interesting, for those who have no idea what they are and have no interest in them, just take a look at the deck as its quite rare... at least from where I am. its original and just for Toku fun, so its no surprise that it'll not be that good.

here's the deck, just pretend the insects in Rider form:
Ten no Michi O Yuki, Subete O Tsukasadore // 天の道を往き、総てを司れ:

monsters//their respective Kamen Rider(19):
3x Cross-Sword Beetle//Kamen Rider Kabuto

3x Chainsaw Insect//Kamen Rider Gatach

3x Pinch Hopper // Kamen Rider Punch Hopper
3x Flying Kamakiri
#1 //Kamen Rider Drake
3x Bee List Soldier //Kamen Rider TheBee

2x Grasschopper//Kamen Rider Kick Hopper

2x 8-Claws Scorpion //Kamen Rider Sasword

3x Verdant Sanctuary

3x Multiplication of Ants//Zect Troopers(they look like ants to me)

3x Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce //CLOCK-UP(in some sense)
3x Big Bang-Shot//RIDER KICK

2x Insect Imitation

1x Monster Reborn

1x Heavy Storm

1x MST

2x Sakuretsu Armor//CAST-OFF(in some sense)

2x A Hero Emerges//ORE SANJO(okay, not Kabuto but definately Rider)

so, this, for obvious reason is a purely for fun deck. If anyone has any opinion, just for this once, I would not take it. only exception is better cards that suit CLOCK-UP and CAST OFF.

Light Beat ~ Dragon-Ver

Light Beat ain't really a deck that experience duelist are unfamiliar with. but since the last format ended, the appearance of this deck is getting scarce. The current format is based on OTKs, whether its in the form of BF, AKB or any other. Lockdown has just became too slow for them, and with the Freaking Kamikaze DDB on the loose, Solemn Judgement could be your own time bomb.

so, this deck ain't really a TOP TIER deck, and its not as good in this format as it is in the last. this is mainly due to Cold Wave and Anti-Reverse. but this is a fun deck to play with, and very good against any deck below Tier 1... I present you:

Light Beat ~ Dragon Version!!(42)

3x Prime Material Dragon

3x Kuraz the Light Monarch

3x Raioh

3x E hero Another Neos // Neos Allius

3x Mirage Dragon
3x Honest

3x Book of Moon

2x Soul Exchange

1x Brain Control

1x Fissure

1x Smashing Ground

3x Royal Oppresion

3x Dark Bribe

3x Solemn Judgement

3x Traphole

2x Beckoning Light

1x Mirror Force

1x Magic Cylinder

so, this is just a deck that basically TRIES to lock your opponent plays. the Dragons are to prevent your monsters from being destroy. Raioh and Another Neos are your main Beatsticks and Honest for backup. Kuraz serves as your destruction power and draw engine sometimes.
This deck, like most Light Beat does not special summon, but uses Lock and Beat strategies to win duels!!

Have fun playing with what you got is the main idea behind the creation of this deck!!

Random Picture, but I freaking Love this card cause it looks like Gojira!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back from a Trip... Exhausted!

well, I went on a family trip with my family and relatives to Melaka, Malaysia since Friday and reach home 2 hours ago. the first night, what me and my cousin(and his cousin) did, was duel alot!!

okay, for those of you who don't know him, my couz is the writter of this blog, YugiohMalaysia(what a name, I know... you can find the link in my subs). his a great duelist that make great decks but without good senses(aka he doesn't really know what is he doing...) and his cousin(a 10 YO) sucks!!

back to topic, my couz build a deck that is based on 1-for-1, D.Mobilephone and DiamondGuy. its based on gaining hand and field advantage. and just for fun he threw in Obelisk and Eraser....

well, it wasn't really a great holiday and I'm too tired to search for the English names of the card he used. so that will be all. and I made good deal with a kid. Super Rare E.Hero DarkBright for rm40 (approximately 13 USD...).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

地縛神 Wira...q..o..cha How u Pronounce this thing!!

地縛神 Wiraqocha Rasca, the final Earthbound God, the big boss of the season, the awesome godlike ImBA monster with the attack of... 100 points? what?

just kidding. the freaking god (i'll just call him CondorGuy from now) can boost itself up to 3100 being the biggest of the gods. he'll do this by returning cards to the players deck(up to 3) and gain 1000 per card. sounds good? but there is one tiny probly. it only return YOUR cards...

well, i personally can't think off anyway to use this card yet. as his stats and effect can be very useful for some deck but i really have nothing up my head right now...

well, one thing is that your opponent also lose their hand when ths guy power ups and this guy unlike the gods, can be search by Sangan and that freaking Tomato. Crush Card Virus also targets him. its really a shame that Metamorphysis is banned, or Cyber End Dragon would totally have sex with this freak!!

by the way, anyone know how to pronounce his name?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fuck my Luck!!

yesterday, I went to Jaya Jusco and saw this Asian English CRMS booster box. i was like "wat? are AE still in production. "

because its from the official dealer, it can't be fake. then, i saw this page on a Hong Kong game Magazine title "new product ANPR and AE CRMS"(it was from 1 month ago). so, i bought a pack and went off.

i went to McD to get a coke. then I open the pack. I pulled a freaking DDB.... a Freaking DDB in a pack. What luck.
nothing much today, man, 2nd semester of university started last week, and the pressure is hitting on my head as we speak.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is 5D's about to end?

you heard it right, is YuGiOh 5D's ending, its just 63 episodes? while DM was 224 and GX was 180. is this the end of 5D's while its the 3rd most watch anime series in Japan according to a website.

the next episode has a "Final Duel" in its title, while this may be just the conclusion of the Dark Signers arc, but ep 64 title is "Towards our Future".... that sounds alot like a final episode title....

wish 5D's has at least 150 episodes... its the best YuGiOh so far. and I really don't want this to effect the OCG...
next episode shows a 4 way duel with Godwin VS Yusei+Jack+Crow and possibly we will get to see te ghost of their dead leader Kiryu.