Thursday, March 31, 2011

So This is THE END!! for 5D's ...

Like it always does, 5D's have to end with more unsolved questions, like :

1. Why did we get to see what happen to everyone after X years, but not Yusei.

Answer : People may say he is still in Neo Domino, but they could have shown that. My answer, his DEAD. After some bike crash, explosion in the lab, transported to the underworld by his dad doing some shitty experiment(hey, a dead scientist is still a scientist) or just for the fact that the god of death hates him for ass pulling too much.

2. Why introduce at the new resonators NOW, when we know there won't be a 5D's pack anymore (unless the new packs still include them).

Answer : The animator's way to say : "Ha ha ha!! You want them? You really wanna have them? NO!! Your not getting THEM!! HAHAHAHAHA!!"

Not really assume with the ending overall but Junk Warrior FTW is good, at least he did his least hated asspull in his last duel.

They had to remake that scene in GX with Judai and Asuka ... Seriously, did they really need to remake that?

That just reminded me that the GX manga also ended.

I'm sorry, I don't have time to care about 5D's ending and Yusei didn't get laid knowing that we won't be having anymore E HEROs!!

The 2 minute ZeXal commercial after 5D's ended was cool, I like the BGM (opening maybe?) and they definitely did UP the animation quality (but thats the 1st episode ... so ...)

Nothing better can possibly come out of my mouth at the moment, so I guess I'm done today.

Comments on 5D's as a whole : Yusei AssPulls TILL THE END.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

26/3/2011 Tourney Report

At Toysbar once again, this time, Team Arco's SST joins the fray!! The invasion has began, and Brian's group join in as well.

Lam finally got some one willing to pay for his Samurai deck.

Tired now, so lets cut the crap!

deck used : OCG Sabers

match 1 vs Criss - Dragunity (Brian's)

1st duel - I start with MST and Dust Tornado. I blew the Ravine off when he ditch a card. Then he plays another Ravine, which I got rid of again. Then I proceed to win from the pluses.

2nd duel - He starts off with a Phalanx into Stardust play and set 2. I play MST on Ravine which he tributed Stardust for. I play Reborn on the Dragon and summons Airbellum, he flips a Torrential, which I let it off since I have no way of dealing with Stardust. He then keep on repeating the Aklys combo and finally finish me off with Vaju.

3rd duel - I start with no monsters at all, and I play Foolish for Emmers, set 4, including Call. He plays MST, hitting the Call, set a few, and ended. I drew into Trooper, ditch 3 and attack for 1900. Then he sets Volcanic Shell, and another one and another one. Finally, he was at 2300 when he torrential my field and I have 3 cards left in deck. He played Reborn on my Hyunlei and attack into an E Call, which got me Fullhelm and Regigura, he sets his last card in hand, which I had a Tornado for it. Proceed with Faultroll and won.

This was the only time I saw Dragunity without any monsters for more than 8 turns ...

2 -1

2nd duel vs Arco's Boon - Machina Gadget

1st duel - He got me cornered, I have no hands, no field and 2600 life, while he had 2 Fotress in hand, and a gadget on the field, and a facedown. I draw into Pashuul, set it. He attacked into it, plays Duality, hoping to get Smashing, but reveals another Duality, Reaper and a gearframe, he took the gearframe. I draw into Judgment and set. Life is at 1600 now, he ends. I draw into E Call, and set it. He plays another Duality, which didn't show him a Smashing again, and ended. My life was 600, this was do or die. I draw, Faultroll!! Play E Call to get me Regi and Fullhelm. I end up with a field of Gottoms, Scrap Dragon and 3 Faultroll vs his 2 Gadgets and a Fortress.

2nd duel - I hid behind Giant Rat as his Gadgets can't get pass. He summons Gearframe and got through. I flip Area B, summons Fullhelm, he tried to play Trap Hole, but I flip Trap Stun. I play Foolish to get a 2nd Fullhelm into the grave, attacked his gadgets and gearframe into a field of 3 Fullhelm and an emmers. Sync for Hyunlei for his backrow and Gottoms for his hand.

2 - 0

3rd match vs Brian - Six Samurai

1st duel - He got Shi-En 1st turn. I tried to wear it down, but its not happpening. Lost this one.

2nd duel - I started with no Samurai hate but he started very very bad, Kageki into Kizan, then Grandmaster, while I had Emmers set and E Call at the back, Faultroll in hand.

3rd duel - He started with Shi-En, and get Kizan out. I set Rat, and 3 facedowns. His Grandmaster then came out and attack the Rat, which he played Warning on. His 2 monsters scored directs. I then drew Kinetic and set it. He attacked into me. I finish the duel off when he attacked my 3rd Kinetic and had Kizan attacked by it. He has Hand in hand, but I had 2 Gozen Match set so Shi-En can't negate it.

2 - 1

4th match vs Arco's Fishtank - Siz Samurai

This was stupid as last week, we both faced off in what I like to call the finals, and here we do it again.

1st duel - He starts of with a Shi-En play. Yaichi slowly got rid of all my resources and I can't fight back.

2nd duel - He sided in Acid Rain against my Kinetics. But luckily, I manage to get his hand count down before he can get the Gateway. Airbellum then continued to direct for win.

3rd duel - He started with 2 United and 2 Signals, getting Shi-En and Kizan out, draw 4 cards and 3 back rows. I have Rat set and a few back rows. His monster killed my Rat, Kinetic got out, but he had Acid Rain. When a second Kinetic got turned into Fotress Dragon when he tributed Kageki for CyDra. I was in a pinch.

I gambled on 1 move, I tried to play Book of Moon, so Shi-En would negate it, the Turnade hits the field. Summons the last Kinetic and Reborn CyDra to get rid of Shi-En and Fortress. I tune the CyDra with Pashuul for black rose. He played Dark Hole next.

Duel was back to square 1, but when I flipped Judgment to his Warning to have Regi get emmers back. He then hit me hard with Grandmaster, dropping my life to mimic his 1650. He then had 3 sets, when I summoned Hyunlei, he chained BTH and Dust Tornado to strip me of my field. Emmers helped me stall for a turn, and when I got the 2nd Hyunlei out, he did not have any options to it and lost 3 back rows and Grandmaster, I set E Call. He set a monster, which I turn my monsters into Catastor and clear his 2 set monsters(which are Kagemushas). He sets a monster, but Hyunlei and Catastor got through.

2 - 1

result : 4 - 0

ranking : 1st

Prize : 3 TPs, which I pulled crap, but my mate Brian gave me the Parallel rare Saber he pulled cause he wants to return the gratitude of me helping him get a Sam deck for a reasonable price and selling him Thor for cheap.

Thats it for today, VERY VERY tired!! Hopes SW returns from renovation soon, as I am itching for a tourney over there!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Another HERO Gate

I finish doing my revision early today so I took out my binder and look at cards for deck inspiration. And this caught my attention.

Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card on the field. This card cannot declare an attack during the turn this effect is activated.

Being a card that was in my Premium packs when I was aiming for the M HEROs, this card stayed in my binder for 2 weeks without being look at.

While I know what this card does, I don't know what he can really pull out.

I thought for a while, what deck runs Pyro and Machine AND to top things off, fusion ...

Then it hit to me, its so obvious, E HERO.

For Pyro, we have Heat, and for machine, of cause, Cyber Dragon.

monster (15):

3 E HERO Neos Allius
2 E HERO Voltech
2 E HERO Heat
1 E HERO Ocean
1 E HERO IceEdge
1 E HERO Airman
3 Cyber Dragon
1 Snowman Eater
1 Morphing Jar

spell (18):

3 Fusion Gate
2 Terra Forming
3 E Emergency Call
3 Gemini Spark
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Future Fusion
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Giant Turnade

trap (5)

3 Chain Material
2 HERO Blast
2 Solemn Warning

extra (15):

3 E HERO The Shining
2 E HERO Nova Master
3 E HERO Absolute ZERO
1 E HERO The GREAT Tornado
1 E HERO Gaia
3 Blaze Fenix, the Bombardment Bird
1 Cyber Twin Dragon
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Strategy : When you open with Gate/Forming + Material + Turnade ... you win!

Set Material, let your opponent do some shit if he can't kill you and have no answer to Turnade ... Activate Material, play Turnade, activate Gate.

Remove 2 Neos for Shining, Jar + Airman for Gaia, 2 Voltech for Shining, IceEdge + Ocean for ZERO, set 3(if your remaining are spell/traps), CyDra + Heat for Fenix, deal, at least 2700, fuse Fenix and CyDra in deck for another Fenix, deal another 2700, and do it again for another 2700.

2700 + 2700 + 2700 = 8100!!

IF your opponent is not dead yet some how, fuse Fenix with Zero for Nova to clear his field. Fuse a Shining and another Fusion for Shining.

Just play it like your average HERO Gate if you don't pull this off.

Play 3 Pot of Dualities for speed + consistency, and 3 advance draw for speed!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

19/3/2011 Tourney Report

Team Arco invades Toysbar. Well, except a certain member.

Bought a Cardfight Vanguard TD (trial deck), its a fun game, and its less stressful in comparison to YGO. Well, the game is just starting, who knows.


Deck used : OCG sabers

1st match vs Lightlord - LCW (arco member)

1st duel - I use foolish to get Faultroll to the grave, bring it back with Regi, summon it cause I have a Fullhelm out. Bring back Airbellum, sync for Gottoms. Tribute Airbellum and Regi for 2 cards(his hand), destroy his Jain. Set E Call and end. He sets a monster. I use E Call to get Regi and Fullhelm, Faultroll came out, Emmers came back and Brionac for the game.

2nd duel - Start with no monsters aside from Faultroll, but I have foolish and Call of the Haunted. He flip his sangan and tunes it with Plague for Android. Attacks into my revived Emmers and got me another. He ends with a set which I MST/Dust Tornado. I ram into the android and got myself a Fullhelm, play E Call to bring them back. Sync for Gottoms and get rid of some of his hand and another E call for his hand. He pulls bad and scoops.

2nd match - BF -Yap

1st duel - Gottoms strip his hand after Hyunlei(which was gottom's material) nuke his field. But he pulls a Reborn which got him Gale, half Gottom's attack and Vayu for Silver Wind. Silver Wind and Gale got rid of Gottoms and Trooper, I draw into a hand of Faultroll and E Call, set the call and end. His both monsters attacked and I was left with 500. I top Regigura, took Faultroll, play E Call for Gottoms and Hyunlei and special the double Faultroll, sac the Regi in case of Kalut. His last card was Whirlwind. And I told him I would have lost that match as he hand Zephyros in his grave, but he forgot.

2nd duel - No sides as I have no idea what to side. I start with MST on his Delta Crow, set Pashuul. He summons Breeze and special Bora, and goes for Armor Master, but I hid behind Pashuul. I play Dark Hole, summons Airbellum, gets rid of a card and set 2. He sets a monster and ends. I summon Emmers, which he allowed (he has a set but that basically says its not Icarus to me, which was a wrong way to predict). Get Faultroll out and go for Hyunlei. Gottoms is summoned and I rid of his hand. He pulls reborn Again and half my Gottom's AGAIN, and Plays Vayu for Silver Wind AGAIN!!! But this time I have an E Call and a Mirror Force the back me up.

3rd match vs Six Samurai - Yap's Brother

1st duel - He has 2 Shi-Ens out and a Grandmaster with no sets and no hand. It was late game, my grave is full of cards. He cant get pass Pashuul. I draw, 5 hands, 5 monsters, 2 Faultroll. Summons Fullhelm, special a Faultroll, go for Brionac, special another Faultroll, Gattoms comes out, ditch a Regi to bounce Grandmaster. Get Regi back, Faultroll comes out. Sac the lizard for his hand. Brio + Pashuul to Stardust. Get another Fullhelm back for Gottoms. 2 Gottom + 1 Stardust + 1 Faultroll vs 2 Shi-En.

2nd duel - He opens with Gate and get Shi-En out. I set Emmers, 2 E Call and a Gozen. He use Dual Wielding to get rid of emmers and a set. He summons Kizan and attacks me. I set Kinetic, he summons Hand. Game.

3rd duel - I start with a Rat and a MST. He summons Shi-En and Grandmaster, attacks and I get Kinetic out. He sets 3 face down which I hit Judgment. I attack Shi-En, he plays prison. I set Kinetic and another face down. He attacks into it and set a card. I attack Shi-En and his GM dies for it. Set a monster which he plays dual weilding. Summons Mizuho and attack me directly. I summon Kinetic, he plays Warning, which I had a Judgment for it. Attack Shi-En and mizuho dies. He change Shi-En to defense and set a card. I pull my last Kinetic and attacks Shi-En, he plays Mirror Force. I set the Kinetic. He plays United, special Kizan and drew to 1 with United, which is another Kizan, attacks into my Kinetic, he screams! I drew and attacks Shi-En, his Kizan dies for it. Set Warning. He pulls a Signal and gets Mizuho, I warning it. His Kizan and Shi-En went into defense. I destroy his Kizan and set Emmers. He draws and attacks my emmers which got me Fullhelm, he sets and ended. I destroy Shi-En, Black Rose the field and Reborn the Shi-EN. He has no resource at all and he pulled Reborn.

4th match vs Six Samurai - Yun Kang aka Fish Tank (arco member)

1st duel - Honestly I forgot how I lost, as this match was too dull in comparison to the following 2. Next!

2nd duel - We both have 3 sets. I summon Regi with Fullhelm out, trying to get Faultroll, he plays Rivalry of Warlord. I kept the Regi to get Emmers back to hand. He flip his Kagemusha, summons Kageki, I play Gozen Match, we both roared!! And the crowd was laughing at this epic scene. It was basically stale mate until I pull MST and spam my hand out. Basically, it came down to who pulled removal 1st, and I did.

3rd duel - He sets 4 and ends, I set Kinetic and 3. He sets and ends. I set emmers. He flips and go for Shi-En, but did not attack. I ended. He plays RoTA for Yaichi(yes, yaichi) and get rid of my set. I didn't do anything. He attacks into Emmers and I get Fullhelm. I still did not do anything. His Shi-En gets rid of Fullhelm and I ended. He then finally attacks into Kinetic. I draw into Kinetic no.2. Attack his Shi-En and he plays a prison. I set the Kinetic. He attacks into it again. I start rampaging his field and his left with Shi-En. I set Rat. He attacks the rat and the 3rd Kinetic came out. His running low in life and cards, but he did 1 unexpected move, reborn my Rat to kill my soldier. The game was stalled again. But he decided to go all out, summons Kageki and Kagemusha, summons Kizan which I BTH. He thens syncs for Chain Dragon as he has no has left. He attacks, I play Mirror Force and he offered a hand shake.

so, 4 - 0, against a TB full of META decks.

Ranking 1st.

Conclusion : I need to work on my side, as I found out only my side for Samurai works.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chain Material

I always know this card was good, but being a trap really was a put down for me. But a few days ago, I saw this post on Team Rose Bud, and decided to give the card a try.

It's amazing, at least in here.

I don't get it off often, but the times I do, it does its work.

monster (15):

2 E HERO Neos
3 E HERO Voltech
3 E HERO Neos Allius
2 E HERO Prisma
1 E HERO Airman
2 Rainbow Dragon
2 King of the Swamps

spell (20):

3 Fusion Gate
2 Terra Forming
1 Polymerization
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Parallel World Fusion
3 Gemini Spark
3 E Emergency Call
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn

trap (5):

2 Chain Material
3 HERO Blast

extra (15):

3 E HERO The Shining
3 E HERO Absolute ZERO
2 E HERO Neos Knight
1 E HERO The Great Tornado
2 Rainbow Neos
1 E HERO Gaia
1 E HERO Nova Master
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Surging Dragon Knight Draco-Equites

You might see no reason running Prisma, but his there to dump Neos (well, thats his only target...) for Blast.

Why King of the Swamps when your running Gates? As ZERO material, trust me, Ocean or Snowman can be dead in here, and since some times I wanna go for hand fusion + Miracle for the win.

I originally didn't have Allius + Spark in here, but try it out a few minutes ago, it works good, especially against decks that play Oppression and such.

A start I like very much is : get Allius out 1st and set Spark. Get rid of the monster by end phase. Fuse for Rainbow and get rid of the back row by sacking Gate. Summon Voltech, attack for 5500, Voltech's effect kicks in and summons Neos and deal the last 2500 damage.

But with Bottomless and Warnings running around, this may not be exactly easy.

Chain Material + Gate is awesome as always, but Chain Material + Gate + Rainbow Neos is a game winning move.

More testing shall be done, but this is what the deck looks like at the moment.

For the side, I have 3 Skill Drains, the 3rd Rainbow and 3 Sins for ALL OUT Beatdown.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sabers update

I wasn't doing any reading this morning so I took my deck box and modded my sabers for the format. Not that it wasn't playing on the March banned list or anything, but since I see Grave BF and Samurais are THE deck to beat in Asian format, and my sabers being my main Asian format deck, decided to tune my deck to do better against both these decks.

In case your wondering, I have Mondays off since I have class on Saturday, fair trade I guess.

Anyway, Samurai and BF took 7 out of 8 seats in the Singaporean Qualifiers yesterday, the remaining was Junk Doppel (which is amazing considering he didn't have his Librarian with him at that time). But the numbers of those 2 decks overwhelm all the others.

Samurai ain't that big a problem for my sabers, but Grave BF are. Lets see what I can do.

monster (19):

3 XX-saber Faultroll
3 XX-saber Emmersblade
3 XX-saber Fullhelmknight
2 XX-saber Regigura
2 X-saber Pashuul
2 X-saber Airbellum
2 Giant Rat
2 Card Trooper

spell (8):

2 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Giant Turnade
1 Dark Hole
1 One-for-One
1 Foolish Burial
1 Book of Moon
1 Level Limit Area B

trap (13):

3 Gottom's Emergency Call
2 Dust Tornado
2 Bottomless Traphole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Call of the Haunted

side (15):

3 Kinetic Soldier
1 Cyber Dragon
3 Light Imprisoning Mirror
2 Gozen Match
2 Crevice to a Different Dimension
2 Seven Tools of the Bandit
2 Chain Dissapearance

I know the side deck, and the main deck is kinda weird. But let me explain for a while. The 2 Big Burn is actually BF hate, and Plant hate and maybe even Machina hate, and especially Lightlord hate.

7 Tools is there to keep Warnings and Icarus in control, since this deck doesn't really work with your monsters destroyed. Chain Dissapearance, believe it or not is Samurai hate. They only have 2 targets, but my main one is Kagemusha (and that monkey thing if they play it).

How do you side :

Six Samurai :

out :

1 Faultroll
2 Regigura
2 Trooper
1 One-for-One
1 Call of the Huanted
1 Gottom's Emergency Call
1 Mirror Force

in :

3 Kinetic Soldier
2 Gozen Match
2 Chain Dissapearance
2 Seven tools of the Bandit

7 tools is only there for 1 sole reason, make sure they don't Warning your Kinetic Soldier or Giant Rat.

You don't really get a chance to do a Faultroll Loop on samurai so I take it out for more hate.

Grave BF :

out :

2 Regigura
1 One-for-One
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Gottom's Emergency Call

in :

1 Cyber Dragon
2 Crevice to a Different Dimension
2 7 Tools of the Bandit

Obviously, 5 side cards aren't really that effective against a top deck, but there is nothing much I could do as this deck isn't really that great against the BF match ups.

That said, I really don't think this deck stand a chance to win this tourney, just posting this in case I wanna play this.

Comments are MORE than welcome!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

BF and Six Sam

Yesterday at Toysbar, I underestimated these 2 AGAIN, and get a beating hard.

Well, I didn't duel a BF but from the looks of my side deck, my Sabers won't stand a chance (unless I go Faultroll Loop 1st turn). Thus, I've decided NOT to play the deck at April's Asian Qualifiers.

When I faced Samurai at my final round of swiss, I did not have my 3 copies of Gozen Match with me any where in my deck or side. Those 3 mained was the sole reason my sabers took out Samurai every match last format. But seeing the Gateway going to 1, made me took 3 of them out in favor of Trap Stun, which was basically useless, as I switch them out for Dust Tornado every match.

Made a deadly mistake when going against Samurai, I summoned a monster, THEN play Puppet Plant, which lead to a huge minus as my opponent plays the new samurai trap. Should have attacked first then summon my Fullhelm.

Thus, I'm modding my side deck for mostly Grave BF and Samurai match ups, and of cause 3 copies of Light Imprisoning Mirrors for random Lightlord and Agent match ups. Karakuri is another card I really NEED to be prepared for.

But, aside from running Cyber Dragons, I really have no clue how to take on the deck. Maybe play Summon Limit, but that would effect my Sabers as well. Not sure what I wanna do with it now, but there is still time before the damn tourney. Either make a new deck or further testing.

Finally got my hands on Mask Change and the M HEROs.

And the results?

I actually took out a copy of Gemini Spark to play this card. Seriously, its very very good. Better than what I have estimated.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Really? Did that Quake really got into their minds?

This is Sephiron (click on it).

First of all, having 10 or more monsters in the grave is a joke of a summoning condition for a 4000 beatstick.

Special Summon a lv8 or above Fairy and its effect negated but becomes another 4000 beatstick.

People are thinking Krystia I guess, but I immediately think Darklord Zerato.

Dude, its effect is negated man, its just another 4000 beats.

And getting 10 monsters in the grave is "balanced" as it takes a few turns to set up.

Bullshit, anyone who tells me that had never faced TeleDAD.

I'm saying the old fashion stuff here, Dark Grepher, Armageddon Knight, D HERO Malicious, Dark Creator and Dark Armed Dragon.

With Chaos Sorcerer at 3, you can even add Lyla into the mix and have more backrow clearing ability.

Even if he didn't get his effect off, a free 4000 beats is no joke, no bloody joke.

3 Trade-In and some old fashion DAD return cards will be doing great.

Playing this with Merchant, and you get an extremely annoying boss card.

But thats just my point of view.

And today being a sad sad day, sabers lost to samurai ... I decided, for the Asian qualy, I'm using Junk Doppel WITH or Without Formula Syncron.

Friday, March 11, 2011

ZeXal's Voiced preview!!

So, we finally know what Tsukumo Yuma sounds like ...

If I were to simply put it ... Judai 2.0 like many others said.

But, I kinda prefer him to sound like Judai, cause he is the Judai to Yusei's Yugi. And the whole school thing has the GX feel in it too.

Hopes on the series!!

I know the series has ghosts or something like that, but I rather the franchise took the Cardfight! Vanguard road and focus on Tournaments.

Not bullshits like saving the world with card games, AGAIN.

Its the main character, with 100 over episodes, a hell load of tourneys, the Bloody World Championship. Thats what us YGO players are more interested in anyways.

And I wanna see him loose more, not like the 3 proto-assholes before him, who doesn't really lose. I mean, Yugi lost once, against Rapheal (if I did not recall wrong), excluding those bullshit losses(against himself ... he won too... so ... draw?). Judai lost 3 times, in 180 episodes... Yusei ... the asshole NEVER really loss(side from the flashback, but that wasn't important).

Thats it for the day...

Oh yeah, GenkiDama in 5D's 151 too, forgot bout that. That and Yusei's SUper Saiyan mode in 150, explains why there are scouters in zeXal.

They can go like, Aporia : Hey Z-one, what does the scouter says about its power levels!!

Z-one : ITS ... 23000 ...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Bullshit Way to End a Used-to-be-good Show

So, 5D's final boss fight was over, its now heading for the final duel (like Yugi vs Yugi, Judai vs Yugi) which has no fate of the world at stake, just plain old dueling.

So, its Yusei VS Jack. Good, lets hope the King will win the final duel, although we all know thats not happening.

1 thing I wanna say about 151 is, ITS BULLSHIT!

1. Quaser did nothing more than summoning Shooting Star, sure it take out 5 JikaiShins, but so what? With all those epic syncro moments, you expect it to do better.

2. Z-one has a tree ... not just any tree, if you watch FMA or Eva. This will be a WTF moment.

3. The final boss Jikaishin is Sephiroth ... Lol? And for a boss monster with an overpowerful effect, it sure doesn't do much, and it doesn't look like a boss too.

4. Stardust Dragon = Cloud Strife ? Anyone notice he just did a Omni Slash version of Shooting Sonic on Sephiroth?

5. The trap card Clustering Wishes looks like some Stardust Orica.

6. Z-one is apparently a good guy. WOW! Totally didn't saw this coming, awesome plot twist Yoshida... you dick...

7. Paradox cameo x3. I know the movie is on encore, but this is ridiculous.

Next episode is 2 weeks later due to sports as I heard.

Time skip...

Tonight!! Aki totally went to Thailand or Korea. Yusei wears a coat, and Jack is still Jack.

Crow is now a cop!? Seriously, the guy has more markers on his face than anyone else shown, and he can be a cop for what? Saving the world? Maybe he'll guard the vault, so no one can steal anything from it, cause he knows how they will do it?

They didn't show the twins, apparently thats to make us wonder how long the time skip is gonna be. They're like what? 11? Teenagers = 5~6 years, on bikes = + few years? Something like that.

Yusei is totally gonna name his son BRUNO. I'm about 135% positive.

Thats it for this Fuck'ed up review!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Stupid? NO!! Extremely DUMB!

Yesterday, I spend my whole day home doing school stuff and thinking how to bloody surprise my opponent on the last week for the qualifiers.

My idea, after some thinking and some inspiration from another blog, Venom!!

Yes, that is easily the STUPIDEST idea YET!

But this is NOT without thinking and planning.

And this card is why I plan to build the deck.

If you don't remember this card (for those of you who started in 5D's era, you should), this is one card you wouldn't wanna try remembering its effect. Why? Its VERY VERY Long. And together with the fact that its deck was unplayable.

But what caught my attention was that, Vennominaga has 2 extremely broken effect. 1 being a blanket effect towards spells, traps AND monster effect. The 2nd, and the more important one, is that it has a build in winning condition, by dealing your opponent damage 3 times with this card (which couldn't means 300 out of 8000), you win the duel.

So, destroying it in battle is the only way of getting rid of it? NO, it can be special summon back to the field by removing a reptile in your grave. Oh, I forgot to mention this, but she gains 500 for each reptile in your grave.

Its summoning condition isn't that versatile, but not unmanageable. The real problem why this card doesn't see plays was due to the simple fact that there are no good reptiles, and even if they are (Worms), this card would not be able to fit the flow.

This was the list I was planning to build until I remember 1 very very simple thing.

monster (19):

3 Vennominon the King of Poison Snakes
2 Vennominaga the Deity of Poison Snakes
3 Alien Grey
2 Oshaleon
3 Worm Yagan
3 Worm Xex
1 Evil Dragon Ananta
1 Morphing Jar
1 Sangan

spell (8):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Snake Rain
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

trap (12):

3 Rise of the Snake Deity
3 Offering to the Snake Deity
3 Limit Reverse
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Return from a Different Dimension
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgment

Let me explain the deck a little, simply put, its get Vennominon out FAST and getting him to die thus activating Rise of the Snake Deity, and if they don't Solemn it, they are gonna be in DEEP shit.

Snake Rain ditches 4 reptile into the grave, effectively thinning your deck, and Duality is there to search out the 3 Rise of the Snake Deity. Alien Grey and Morphing Jar are there for more draw power, and we have Oshaleon + Sangan for the search, are mostly for Grey for more draw.

Yagan and Xex are in here cause I can't really think of any other good reptile, and they can be tribute fodder for the King or just simply bouncing monsters for Vennominaga.

Offering to the Snake Deity IS Icarus Attack, we all know how powerful this can be.

Evil Dragon Ananta is there for when you have Return from Different Dimension set and wanna push for game, or just simply summon a big monster. This card should be save for the former or game time ONLY, as removing ALL the reptile in your grave won't do you good most of the time.

Why do I say this is a fail attempt to take the meta by surprise ...

1. I forgot that the ASIAN format doesn't allow promo and DT cards ... Oops.

2. Trap Stun is seeing more plays.

So, FAIL!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BF is Still GOOD

I'm not talking bout Graveyard BF here (well, I do accept that its one of the top deck currently), but yesterday, I dueled a standard BF, and its still doing VERY well.

I'm not sure what he did to his deck, but I did not see Kalut or Shura AT ALL. BUT, I did saw a Mistral, so I guess Shura is in the deck.

So, my class ended extremely early yesterday, after hanging out with my school friends, I went to Toysbar to pass some stuff to a local.

Ending up joining a tourney as there were 8 players there I guess. (In anywhere aside from GA, that amount can already be leading to a tourney).

While generally, I don't post tourney reports from Toysbar, but I'll make this an exception.

1st match : VS Crowser - E HERO

1st duel : I started with an Airman play to get Allius setting up for the Spark in my hand, setting MST and Mirror Force. He starts with Future Fusion, I let it go, then play Polymerization using Neos and Ocean to form Zero, using Miracle to get a Shining out and attack, of cause I play Mirror and get rid of the field, losing Airman due to Zero. He gets this material back, and MST his facedown at the end of the turn.

I attack with Alius and set a Warning. He use Emergency Call on Airman, but I negated its summon. Spark his Future at the end of the turn. I drew into Miracle, play it for Shining and summon Thunder King, and basically won from there.

2nd duel : I open with a Snowman, 3 Miracles, a BTH and a Super Poly. He starts with Airman, getting Allius, setting a few sets. I set the Snowman and 2 facedowns. His Allius is summoned, and attack me with Airman, losing Allius and 100 life to Snowman. The duel was at a stall for a few turns cause I can't pull any monsters and him setting facedowns. Then he finally use Poly to fuse the Ocean and Necroshade in hand for Zero, then summoning Neos. He attacks with Zero, but Super Poly sync his monsters into my own Zero. He played Dark Hole to clear the field and Miracle for a Zero, ending his turn.

I have 3 Miracle, a Poly and a Super Poly to spam, and I finally drew into E Call.

2 - 0

2nd match : VS Yap - Dragunity

I have advantage in this match up since I have dragunity fetish and always fantasize playing the deck. AKA I know this decks weakness quite clearly.

Before the match, he asked me to swap decks as he doesn't want to duel my E HERO, since its just a normal tourney, why not, so I played my Sabers which I just completed modding the night before.

1st duel : I won the dice and started. I have a Rat facedown and a Dust Tornado. He started with Canyon, ditching a card which I chain Tornado to it, causing a +1 for me. He sets a monster and a facedown. I set Emmers and another Tornado which he MSTed at the end of the turn. He sets a facedown in each zone, I passed, he set another. I drew Faultroll, flips Emmers, he flips Trap Hole. I set my Pashuul. He plays another Canyon, sending Aklys to the grave for a Legion, summoning it to the field and removing it for Laevathin. Which hit my Rat and got me a Fullhelm. I flip Pashuul, special Faultroll, bring back Emmers, go for Hyunlei, blew his Mirror and Canyon, Reborn and go for Gottoms, get rid of his monsters and sac my Sabers for his hand.

I had no monsters the following turn but so does he.

2nd duel : I open Fullhelm, 2 E Call, Warning, Judgment and Foolish. I summon the monster, and set all the facedowns (hoping to pull a saber next turn). He uses a Giant Turnade, which I allowed (cause I don't recall a Dragunity OTK possible when I have Fullhelm). He uses Canyon to search for Legion, using its effect equips Aklys, before he activates his effect, I reminded him that I only have a Fullhelm on field, if he uses that effect, his gonna lose his Canyon. So, he decided not to activate the effect and set a face down instead. I drew into Emmers and sync into Hyunlei to get rid of the Canyon and the facedown and attacked Legion, setting the 4 cards again.

He sets another facedown and summons another Legion which I Warning'ed. I drew into Regigura, Foolish Faultroll, summoning the lizard to get it back and Special summon it to the field. Play the E Call to get a Gottoms with Hyunlei, ditching his hand by sacking Regi, get the tuner back, play E call to have Hyunlei clear his back row and attack for game.

2 - 0, a hollow victory cause I know his deck thanks to my friend Bryan and him not knowing my deck that well.

3rd match vs Yap (the brother of my opponent from last round) - BF

1st duel : I won the dice and started with a RaiOh, a MST and a BTH. He sets a face down and a monster which I chain MST towards at the end of the turn. Pretty much 1 sided as he pulled bad I think, I won with Alius + Airman direct attack for 3700 then playing Super Poly for a Tornado dealing an extra 2800.

2nd duel : I did not side since I was leading (which was a mistake), I summon Heat to the field and have a facedown bottomless, attacking his Vayu. He summons Sirocco, I tried to BTH it, but you guessed it, he plays Icarus. Then, he summons Arms Wing with Vayu, dealing 2300 damage to me. I drew into Mirror Force, set it together with Ocean, which he played Delta Crow at the end of the turn. He summons Mistral, Special a Bora and get a Arms Wing with effect. Attacks for a lot of damage. I pull Airman, searches for Ocean, plays Gate, he chained his 2nd Icarus to get rid of both. I have less than 2300 and a lone Allius in hand. Totally 1 sided.

3rd duel : Finally I sided. I start the duel and pulled 2 Oceans, 3 Miracle and a MST ... Lol!! Set the Ocean and the MST. He summons Bora and get his piercing off, set 2 facedowns which I hit a Warning at teh end of the turn. Drew into Gemini Spark ... Sets Ocean, Plays Miracle, into a Zero, he plays Bottomless and cleared the field. I summons another Bora, drop Gale, sync for a Armor Master, drop a DAD and deal 5300 to me. Sets a facedown. I drew into Mirror Force. Which I really had lost anyway since DAD had 3 Bullets, but set all 3 anyway just in case he missed. I played Icarus in the end phase hitting my trap card, so it wasn't much of a gamble.

1 - 2.

Placing got 2nd, but it was okay, since I didn't lost to some random deck. And seeing a completed BF and a Dragunity here means that the overall dueling standards here at TB has increased.

From the ANCIENT TP I got, I pulled 2 Ojama tokens (Black and Green), which was good as I lack tokens anyway. I don't know why the others are laughing at me for getting tokens when they got cards like Sigmorg, Bird of Divinity (PR) and Harpie's Pet Dragon (ok, maybe thats a valid reason).

Around 5pm, Fei Hung's gang + Wei Yann showed up, Crowser challenged the Master to a duel. The Master was running a Skill Drain based deck with Light Hero Beat elements he enjoyed so much of. The Crow was running a very very mixed HERO deck, with Light Beat elements but also Rainbow Dragon for the big Neos, apparently, Fusion Sages instead of King of the Swamps.

To much surprise, the underdog won when Fei Hung made a very very stupid mistake, playing D Prison to ZERO, when its attacking his Barboros under Skill Drain. Seriously, who does that ?

Tried a few packs of STOR since Alex (the shop owner) had not restock the EXVC yet. Got a Thor, an Atomic and a Spirit from 4 packs, which was okay I guess.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just another Sin World deck.

I got the chance to play with Khye's Sin deck the other day and seeing he post his build on his blog, Neo TriACE. I wanna make some changes to the deck if I were to play it.

Note that the deck list is based on MY play style and has nothing to do with his deck building skills (which are top notch BTW). For one, I don't like defense and cards that acts as backup plans (DDR and Return in his deck).

The biggest problem of the Sin monsters lies on 2 of their Negative effects. The one where they are SUPER dependent on their field spell and for the fact that only 1 of them can be on the field. While having extremely high attacks and super easy to summon, winning with them can sometimes be a chore.

From the other day, I won with Dark Armed more than using the Sin monsters.

monster (16):

3 Sin Cyber End Dragon
3 Sin Stardust Dragon
3 Sin Blue Eyes White Dragon
2 Sin Truth Dragon
2 Sin Parallel Gear
1 Dark Armed Dragon
2 Blue Eyes White Dragon

spell (19):

3 Sin World
3 Terra Forming
3 Trade In
3 Upstart Goblin
2 Prohibition
1 Dark Hole
1 Dark Core
1 Allure of Darkness

trap (5):

2 Skill Drain
2 Trap Stun
1 Solemn Judgment

Now then, let me explain about the deck a little.

First of, instead of 3 copies of Dualitys, I run 3 Upstart, mainly because I can't afford Duality. AND I wanna Special summon that turn. With 3 SIn Worlds and 3 Terra Forming, 3 Upstart turns the deck into a 37 card deck effectively, so, chances of you opening with 1 of those are high. While it gives your opponent an extra thousand, with 4 to 5000 beatsticks on the field, it doesn't really matter.

Prohibition is here cause MST and Dust Tornado can really screw you up. And you can always name cards like D Prison or Battle Fader if you wanna go for game (not Mirror Force cause Sin Truth is more than enough to save your ass). Of cause, prior knowledge and cafeful reading on your opponent is the key to play this card right.

Only 2 Blue Eyes with 3 Sins? Cause you most of the time would either discard Sin Blue Eyes for Trade-In or Sync it into Paradox Dragon. For most of the time, Sin Blue Eyes isn't the Sin you wanna summon, but since his a 3000 beats, its still good to have and he has a lot of synergy with the deck.

Dark Core? Its a normal spell that lets you remove a monster from play by ditching a hand if you can't recall the card. Why is this card here? Cause cards like Colossal Fighter and stuff will stall you out. You can also remove from play face downs, so this card will be of use if you wanna go for game. Why not Nobleman or Smashing Ground? While lacking a cost, those have specific targets, and this can't be negated by Stardust and kills Nova and Shooting Star as well. Since you WILL have tons of hand if you play the deck right, I don't see a problem running this card as a tech.

My favorite tech of all time : Skill Drain. I think I have a Skill Drain Fetish as I like this card in my deck a lot. Since none of the Sin has out standing effects (As compared to their Negative ones), this card takes care of it and your opponent's monsters as well, letting you push for game. Combine this, Trap Stun with Dark Armed and you have a OTK coming in. Thats what Trap Stun is for and it also stops Dust Tornado and other pesky traps (with Book of Moon at 1, this is good).

While this deck is tournament legal (aside from Truth), I wouldn't really recommend it unless your super good or something. Its not an easy deck to play and without good side decking skills and ability to read your opponent, you are most probably gonna die trying to deal even 100 damage.

I might have 2 Starlight Roads in the side since BF and Lightlords aren't and they have 1 card solutions to you. You could also run Gozen Match against Samurai and stuff since you ARE all darks. A 3rd Skill Drain in case they side in Consecrated Light or when you are playing a deck with high monster count. DD Crows or Crevice to handle graveyard oriented decks. And Summon Limit at 3 to stop syncro spamming, since you can only have 1 Sin out at a time.

While Sin Paradox Dragon is an awesome beatstick that has an awesome effect while easily summon, its not that good of a card. So, don't hesitate to ditch your Sin Blue Eyes or set Gear without a back up.