Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Preparing for Asia Plus - 1

I'm gonna start this as a mini-series, basically stuffs that I think we need to at least take into considerations regarding the coming event.

First off, let me start by saying we got trolled, and we got trolled very very hard. I received news today, online decklist registration is NOT compulsory and the only merit you get from it would be free deck boxes. However, the 8 teams that had been seeded to top 16 HAS to register online before the end of the day (since it just past midnight as of now) or our positions would be terminated and we would have to play off from the bottom.

While being in the top 16 is a great advantage, as you get to go into tournament fresh, have proper lunch and time to do some trading before the event. We lose out in having less time to test our decks. Arguably, most teams (if not every team aside from mine) have already planned their decks weeks ago and seeing no new set is due by next Saturday, all seems fine. BUT, what if someone build this super special awesome deck over the weekend? Some crazy tech that no one saw coming and is super good? 

I guess for the guys who are forced to submit our decklist 2 weeks earlier than everyone else, some form of complains are unavoidable. But look at the bright side, we now could officially throw deck building out the window and focus on mastering our plays. Maybe picturing how your gonna win games helps?

I wanted to say I expect the Meta to be similar to the Singapore Meta, but who am I kidding. Malaysia is famous for having unexpected showings and random decks winning major events. The fact that most people shun away from HERO beat, as oppose to Singapore's dominance of HERO beat is pretty determining. I wouldn't be surprise if I'm going against a random Agent-Scrap-Exodia team. Another thing we need to take into account is, playing retarded tech choices usually helps in the final games in Malaysian qualifiers. Something I learn over the years would be logical thinking and careful planning doesn't always guarantees a win; while playing retarded cards scores you the coolest wins.

A fellow blogger's idol stated this "I'm gonna win top shop qualifiers with Crystal Beast.". 

And for some reason, I can't take that as a joke, because somewhere deep down, I don't wanna got caught off guard and this guy really won with it. That's how random Malaysia's Meta is, even the most random of decks might have a showing.

So, in a nut shell, preparing for this event would mean starting with throwing the textbook out the window. Cause I'm damn sure your gonna curse it when you reach top 4. Its funny when you think about it, in other places in the world, a tech card is normally celebrated with words like innovative, genius, carefully-planned, etc; here, I normally hear comments like "I'm not sure why, but that tech choice is so retarded it works ..."

Next post would be something regarding deck choice and how I think this event will shape in comparison to Singapore's. Sorry bout the little rant up there as well.


K'yde Ren said...

Good read. I'm sure everyone in Malaysia preparing for Asia Plus assumes that each team has a dominant Meta deck but contrary to popular belief that's not the case here. Most teams will be random as hell except for Mermails. And yes, i too do not take that Crystal Beast statement as a joke.

Anonymous said...

Isnt it more exciting this way? :D best lucks from turkey!