Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Update

Sorry for having no updates for a long while. A few hours after my previous blog post, I've bought myself a PS3, and that was the main reason why there was zero post last week.

Last weekend, me and Mike came to conclusion after 6 hours of test playing, the single most powerful trap card in HERO beat arsenal to be Compulsory Evacuation Device. We both not fans of the cards, but after a few dozen mirror matches, Mike (with Andrew's HERO beat) takes the majority of the win, and all of his wins is because of the access to Compulse. While I do have Compulse in my side, I figure I really don't wanna waste a game because of my ego.

Also, Bubbleman trolls Mike whole day long. I was literally wasting cards to make Bubbleman's effect live.

Last week I found out my X-saber build is actually very very good against HERO beat, after a dozen rounds against HERO beat, I won ... all of them. The floating ability of most of the cards really works well against HERO beat's one-for-one pushes. Although the deck does kinda fails against passive decks like Mermails and Inzektor. Well, thats what side decks are for. Now, I'm kinda thrown apart. Cause I've always want to play HERO beat in official formats, but I have another deck I love that does very well against it.

If most of the players would be playing HERO beat, I would play Sabers; and I would play HERO if more players are playing Mermails. Yeah, something like that.


Anonymous said...

PS3 and HERO beat are awesome! What games are you playing on it?

GQ said...

I'm playing this game called Dragon's Dogma. I'm not sure if its popular or well received, but I'm having a great time with it.