Saturday, December 15, 2012

TB Tourney Report

Not much has been going on since Team MYM's achievements at Asia Plus 3 weeks ago, the game has came to another stalemate period. Well, since the last tournament for 2012 is next week, although it would be an event without interesting prize support; nevertheless, there is still something to look out for. Not gonna make an excuse for myself, I wasn't completely in YGO for the past 2 weeks. Hence, there was no post at all. I'm currently training myself to follow the footsteps of great planeswalkers. Yes, I've started playing MTG (officially) 2 weeks ago, and some of my YGO friends also decided to join in as well. I'm not going to stop YGO, I've played multiple card games simultaneously before, I just took 2 weeks off YGO to learn the game of MTG, thats all, and after some back breaking sessions of Friday Night Magics, I think I finally get to know the game now.

Back to YGO. Today was Toysbar's qualifier thing for the tournament on the 22nd. I wanted to test my super special awesome Hieratic build, but I don't have Tour Guides (yes, I've spent too much cash on MTG and I can't afford TGUs at the moment). So, I played Masked HEROs today just for fun. Before I get heat from the other Malaysian bloggers, NO, I wasn't playing the build that won Top Shop, I was playing the build I played at Asia Plus Qualifiers.

Match 1 : Vs Inzektors

Duel 1 : I wasn't aware of his deck until I destroyed Sangan and him grabbing Hornet. Once I saw that card, I went from defensive to offensive to make sure he doesn't get his engine started.

Duel 2 : I open with a Crow and a Veiler, nothing much for him to do after I veilered his Centipede and Crow that lone Hornet.

Match 2 : Vs Wind-Ups

Duel 1 : I drop Maxx C on Magician-Shark. I just keep pushing with big monsters that gets even bigger with Mask Change.

Duel 2 : Both of us are at the 2000s, I have Maxx C in hand and a Rai-Oh on board. He has Rabbit and top decks Sangan, which he makes Zenmeity. Figuring his gonna get Rat and make another XYZ, I let that pass and chained Maxx C to its effect. Wind-Up Warrior was summoned and I looked at it and went "Oh!"

Duel 3 : I open 2 Veilers. I just keep my stream of beaters on the field and eventually won after his Magician-Shark was met by veiler.

Match 3 : Vs Fire Fist

This was my first meeting with this deck across the board and I have almost no knowledge on how should I side for it.

Duel 1 : My opponent sets up an obvious Morphing Jar and I took advantage of that. Acid-Zero cleared the board and I made Shining for a push for game.

Duel 2 : My opponent over extended into Torrential and his backrow was wiped out by a top deck Heavy Storm. I won after Zero crashed into his monster and have my army of Ocean and Allius attack for game.

So, I took first and 5 packs of boosters. Nice prizes for a Rm10 entry fee, but I pulled jank, so it was still a loss of 10 bucks I guess.


Anonymous said...

At least you won.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind posting a link to your decklist or posting an actual decklist? I just pulled some foil mask change from my astral packs (tcg) and wanted to do a hero deck with mask change included, since playing bubble beat or arrive hero bored me ;)

Also u mentioned top shop but i did not find any decklist with mask change in it, second place didnt play any...

Thank you