Monday, March 11, 2013

Incarnate Dragon Domination

Is the year of the dragons (talking bout Chinese Zodiacs here) really behind us? Cause Incarnate Dragons is extremely broken as of now. We're talking bout close to no cost monster spamming, and when I said monster spamming, I'm talking bout huge ass monster spamming. Last weekend was Singapore's Asian Championship Qualifiers and my money was on the Incarnate Dragons to win them, just because of how broken they really are, or at least make a flashy debut because the deck has such an expensive pricetag I figure not many would play it.

At the beginning of the day 5 Incarnate Dragons were present, and 4 made it to the top 16 cut. Then 3 made it to top 4 and leading to an Incarnate Dragon mirror match in the finals. You can't make a flashier entrance into the metagame than that. I shall quote Wesley Seek (Singapore WCQ rep 2012 and writter of HLG) in calling this "a monstrosity" of a deck. While we see a dominating top 4 presence quite  few times now in the long history of Yu-Gi-Oh!, never had we seen a deck that dominated the competitive scene in such a one sided manor while representing such a small number at the start of the day, less than 5 percent of the people entered the tournament with the deck.

Now, since Malaysia's format pretty much depends on the Singaporean format as a backbone, we are safe to say that the ACQ yesterday was solid proof that the Incarnate Dragons are worth their pricetag. I still say Mermail Atlanteans (Merlanteans), Verz and Firefist will still represent a much more common threat as they are reletively inexpensive in comparison and thus has more showings. BUT, if your aiming for the win, like myself, you CANNOT look pass the Incarnate Dragons like a ghost where you pretend that you'll never meet. You KNOW you'll meet them somewhere sometime if your planning on taking the trophy and air-ticket home.

I shall not pray for no showings of the dragons for Malaysian ACQ, thats not possible. Instead, I pray all of them meet Verz in their first game and open THE most unplayable hand ever so I don't have to meet them personally. Sounded cheap? Yeah, very. But I firmly believe that the only deck that could effectively take down Incarnate Dragons are Incarnate Dragons. At the moment, the Incarnate Dragons, ARE tier 0.


Paradise said...

If there were no mini versions of the dragons, Imperial Iron Wall can be used

But spamming Dragosack and pop it seems too easy, and the access to LADD is just ridiculous

Anonymous said...

What about summon limit? It should be more than abundant these days with this deck and prophecy running rampant, that there are no longer 1 card outs to me it seems like you need a silver shield for your silver bullet.

Anonymous said...

Time to play Anti-Meta.. Demise of The land + Summon Beaker.. Prohib ur opp Blaster..