Friday, March 22, 2013

Training and Trolling

Yesterday, I've went to Gamers Arena for a full day training session with Kyde (the blogger). We also met up with a few friends there and best thing was, the big three decks were all present, so that training session was awesome!

We literally did nothing but playing cards from 2 pm to 8 pm, basically testing out tech and our side decks, since as Andrew (the other blogger) noted, its gonna be a bloodbath from the bottom this time.With most accomplished players not even bothering to go for Seed.

Finally, the day can't end without some trolling when I hang out with Kyde. I would really like to share some of them but they are either too much of an inside joke to be funny or too sensitive to certain readers of this blog.

All I can say is, as long as I don't open crap, Super Poly is gonna do some work. Thanks for reading this update post thing.


Anonymous said...

FGD for the win ? :D

GQ said...

Incarnate Dragons : We have an Army ...

Verz : We have Ophion