Thursday, April 4, 2013

Samurai Kicked My Ass

Last weekend, there was this special tournament where the winner gets a playmat featuring CNo39, CNo32 and Neo Galaxy-Eyes. Every official shop held it last Sunday, so I went to TB since I had mid terms in the morning and TB's tourney started late due to a Cf! Vanguard event earlier that day. The format is 4 rounds of swiss and the one ranking 1st wins, no top 8/4 what so ever and basically meant, if you loss 1 round, your out.

I wanted to try out my new Hieratic build, similar concept to my ACQ build, but featuring more draws, I played Escape for Hope. Together with 3 Cardcar, 3 Reckless and 1 One Day at Piece, this deck now runs 10 draw cards. At least that WAS the concept I wanted to test, the end result of testing that day was the build sucked and no where near as consistent as I've imagined. Oh well, thats why testings are important I guess. 

But, I did not enter the tournament with that Hieratic build, simply because I left half of my extra deck at home, specifically, I didn't bring any of my rank 5's and also missing in 1 M7. So, I just played my E HERO deck instead. Theres a problem here too. I did not have a side deck with me. I didn't plan to play the deck that day, and I've took the side deck apart for ACQ a week before and had no time to rebuild it. The tournament started 5 minutes after I arrive, so I went into a tourney with a deck that needed its side deck badly, without a side deck. Genius!

Round 1 : Vs Samurai

A friend from Vanguard warned me that my opponent was a stacker and I've also seen him stack multiple times. But my ego was like, "Chill bro, this is Samurai, just cause it has "Sam" in part of its name, doesn't make it any better ..."

Duel 1 : I lost the die roll and my opponent open with Gates, Shi-En, and Great Shogun Shien. I look at my hand, and I was like "Ok ... fuck! Game 2"

Duel 2 : I open with Bubbleman, 5 S/T (1 of them being Super Poly). I set 4 and Bubbleman, and said "You have Storm, you win." He open the nuts again with double Typhoon, double Shi-En (United instead of Gates this time) and attacked. I flipped Super Poly and made Nova, continued to beat his way for game. If I've set 2 like a normal guy would, I would have lost at this point.

Duel 3 : I open HERO Alive, E Call, Super Poly, Warning and Judgment. Pretty good hand, my next card was Mirror Force. I was like "As long as I don't see double ShiEn across the field, this game is pretty much in my pocket". But guess what, I did see double ShiEn, along with an Invoker and Inverz Roach (which I don't understand why he made). I drew to 6 and was like, "fuck this ... scoop" 

At this point, I basically just drop and watch other people play. And tested my Hieratic deck with some friends, proxies nonetheless. Which is how I knew the deck fails. Note to self, next time, bring a side deck coming into a tourney.


Deingel said...

You play Vanguard? o_O

GQ said...

Used to, but quit sometime around Galatic Overlord's release

sserpent said...

Why didn't you bait the Shi En negate game 3 with either E-Call or Alive and play the other and then set 3? Super Poly the Shien next turn and grind out the rest...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, unless the guy knows what your hand is, no one is going to negate your e call as e Call doesn't denote how good or bad your hand is especially in this case since your hand is ZOMG, barring backrows go into Excalibur and kill shien then set your stuff and pass? You have five backrows ,one of which is judgement he's not going to do anything except try to revive shien get warninged and pass

GQ said...

Misplay on my part, was under impression that you could only activate 1 spell/trap per turn cause of Great Shogun regardless of negate.

Totally forgot bout the fact that Shi-En's negate would allow me to play another S/T.

GQ said...

I think I basically just rage quit since my opponent opened double shi-en 3 games straight. LOL

Anonymous said...

Lol yeah I'd be upset too I think. I got one friend who usually opens with gateway in 2/3 of the games he plays and I'm certain he doesn't stack. The irony in this is that when he does open gateway, he usually loses.