Thursday, April 18, 2013

Update on War Gods! To the Battlefield People!!

JOTL had officially reach our humble Malaysian shores this morning/afternoon and many like myself had enlisted the War Gods as a top contender for this years WCQ. But the question remains, can the War Gods overthrow Incarnate Dragons or even fight on par with them. Also, will Prophecies, and their Judgment Day be to big an obstacle. 

A few days ago, I've posted a sample decklist to the deck, this is a revamped decklist, that had proved itself to be more consistent and also allows the deck to do more plays. 

As you can see, not only do we see Tenki in the deck, we actually have Fire Fists joining the fray. Its like the Chinese Warlords joining hands with the Japanese Deities to take down evil Sorcerers and stupidly huge Mythical Beasts, directed by Michael Bay

Fire Fist Bear is a staple in any Fire Fist deck because its good. Free pluses turn after turn is good. With 2 Bears in the deck, I basically have a total of 8 Yamatos, not to mention POD and Maxx C. Sweet! I doubt I have to explain how is Bear good, unless your hiding under some rock for the past 4 months or so?

Now, for the new card, Fire Fist Boar is a level 4 Tuner. Its also a recruiter, which makes it the 3rd Bear. Why is he so good in here? Crimson Blader! We all know how good the card is in Incarnates and how can we forgot how good it is AGAINST them lizards. Hell yeah, a tuner monster that doesn't take away consistency (and adds to it, no less) is good. 

Oh yeah, Vivid Knight is like the Battle Fader of this deck. LaDD attacks your Yamato? Reveal it to make it lose 500. Attack Susanoo? One way ticket to hell bro. Best part, it stays in the hand. LOL.

Spell and Trap line up remains majorly identical, aside from 3rd MST to a Gyokko. A searchable MST that prevents your opponent from dropping Gorz is absolutely amazing. Although I couldn't just replace the MSTs with it because Gates of Dark World and D.D.R are very much cards. Also, I never like the number of the deck to go over 40 (its 41 now already).

Aside from Blader, the other noticeable changes was the inclusion of more Fire Fist cards. I've bumped Tiger King up to two because his just amazing against decks that like to hide behind Zenmaines. Also, since I've bumped the Formation count, he gains me free advantage every time I make him. What more, because we have Boar now, making him is easier than ever.

The other new card, Fire Fist - Kirin doesn't really do all that much. It basically just serves as another target when I need it. The card can stand its ground against the 2800 line, which is good since thats the standard line at the moment as oppose to 3000. I'm not sure if I wanna have him in the deck or another Blader, but you never really synchro twice per game and it can't make anything thats not FIRE. Normally, I rather just make an XYZ instead of Blader isn't good.

To the side board, Droll & Lock is for Prophecy, nuff said. Gozen is for Incarnate, it kinda messes with the Fire Fist part of the deck, but locking down the biggest deck of the format (for a few turns) is quite enough for me.

Prison is in here for random beat down decks, Fire Fist, HEROs, and in some case Dark World and Machina. Skull Meister is a card I'm still very much on the fence of (with DD Crow), but Meister stops DW better if they are going first. As I mentioned in my earlier post, Autonomous Unit is good versus Fire Fist, DW (stealling Grapha is nice) and also, the mirror match. Grab their "grave trap" make a Susanoo, win sounds like a great plan. Debunk is another card thats good in the mirror match too. Finally, the Rai-Oh is for the mirror, any antimeta, Prophecy (if I go first), Mermails and also Fire Fist.

Notice I have next to nothing effective against Verz, but, that deck is breakfast, so who cares. (>0<)


MonarchVV said...

Really good and informative article. I hope you'll do a follow-up post regarding the deck's performance in the future.

Also, is there a particular reason why you aren't using Honest?

GQ said...

Regarding Honest :

(1) Like I mentioned, I don't have space for it.

(2) While Honest lets your non-Yamato War Gods walk over bigger monsters, the fact that you need another War God to do that means you are in a bad position. I really feel that Honest will only be useful when your in a bad position. Otherwise, its too slow in the deck, and adds to the inconsistency. Like I said, I can open 2 random War Gods (without Yamato) and it'll be fine, but the only thing I can do if I open Honest will be to hope I top deck another War God.

(3) Honest doesn't do anything to the Fire Fist part of the deck, and trust me, you play them just as much as Yamato.

JDAManson said...

I've been playing a build using Tensu and higher Fire Fist count and I'e been liking it a lot. Tensu gives the deck the ability to make Susanowo faster while also helping it deal with its extreme slowness by letting you get an extra summon in case your first gets hit by backrow.

pajousek said...

Hey, where's Dark Hole? o_O

GQ said...

@pajousek : Its not needed. Dark Hole had lost its staple status in OCG since a long time ago.