Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update May 2013

I'm sorry for not updating for a week or two, I'm having my final exam now, final paper for my Bachelor's Degree is on Monday, so wish me luck. Today's update won't be much on YGO, I wasn't doing much since I'm having my exams. I just wanna confirm that I'll be heading to the US this August, I've finally receive my confirmation of admittance from University of North Texas, Denton. Orientation will be on the 16th of August and I expect myself to be there a week earlier to kinda settle down a bit.

So yeah, this coming WCQ will be my last OCG event, hopefully I'll still be playing YGO when I finish my Masters Degree. Expect lesser OCG stuff come August. 

Sorry for posting something that has nothing to do with YGO, and hopefully I pass my final paper! Thats it for now, I'll be continuing my battle with the books.


Anonymous said...

Good luck dude

Almasy said...

Good Luck, Wish you the best

Anonymous said...

Good luck and we will look forward to your future articles.