Friday, June 28, 2013

Countdown to WCQ - 1 Day!

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are. Sorry for a month of absence, I've was working as an application engineer for the past month and have been following a project since then (any engineers reading this should feel this). I've finally had some free time and what good timing it is. A day before the start of WCQ Malaysia.

How is this event any different from previous event you might ask. Well, this is the first time (correct me if I'm wrong) we have a 2-day event. I know quite a number of us were begging for this for some time now and we finally have it. Finally, we can proudly say, "I've made Day 2!" LOL

As many Malaysian bloggers had explained, Day 1 will be single elimination and cut to top 32, where they will join the 32 seeded players for a Top 64 Day 2 Swiss. Nice!

Personally, I prefer swiss over single elimination. Double elimination is still the better format, but I understand its much difficult to pull out with 64 players (or am I wrong?).

Since I was qualified for Day 2, I originally planned to do coverage for day 1, BUT, the Singapore coverage team would be here tomorrow it seems and they have a good track record at doing coverage at their event. Guess no one would be missing my crappy writing.

Well, not writing for a month really took its toll on me, as I have nothing more I wanna put in words as of now. Again, I wish everyone the best of luck come tomorrow and Sunday, and to whoever gets the air ticket, hopefully Malaysia can finally take home a World Championship trophy!


Anonymous said...

Son of Men, GODSPEED!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your work.