Sunday, June 30, 2013

World Championship Qualifiers Report

I was at Sungei Wang Plaza yesterday doing a lot of scouting work, trying to figure out how some of the better players play and also what they tech. Then I proceed to do some light training with Kyde to 11pm.

I played Bujin for the event, because my build is good against Dragon Rulers in general. However, Prophecies are a very bad match up. Since there are a little over 15 Prophecies (I suppose) by Top 64, I guess my chances of actually meeting 1 is rather slim, so I went with Bujin.

Before I forget, I was depending on the format to be swiss because I don't really think I can win in a match against Prophecy. So, when they announced the format to be Single Elimination, I shit bricks.

Game 1 : VS Prophecy

Why god? What did I ever do to you?

Duel 1 : I open 2 Tenki and 2 Yamato without traps. I wasn't really sure how I'm gonna win this, but since Tenki are pretty much useless I set them. Somehow, my opponent either didn't open well or that scared him. I was able to win when I YOLO and made Susanoo with Reborn and Habakiri.

Duel 2 : I open 3 Yamato and he starts. Yeah, best opening ever.

Duel 3 : I open Tenki, Bear, Tengu, Kycoo and Hetsuka. I wanted to cry that exact moment. I run 12 monsters not including Maxx C (it was Droll&Lock in this game) and Veiler, how did I even open a full monster hand. I start and drew into my six, Droll&Lock. I search for Yamato and ended. Luckily my opponent didn't open very well either. When he was trying to resolve a big Judgment play, I had the bird for it and somehow won this game.

I won but I don't know how I won. I was not sure what was wrong with my deck and how the hell I open multiple Yamatos without trying. I went for a light "sembahyang" session before round 2.

Game 2 : VS Prophecy

There are 8 Prophecies left in Top32 and I met another one. Nice ...

Duel 1 : I open Compulse, Judgment and Emptiness; no monsters. His Kycoo murdered me in a few turns because God answered my prayers and gave me no monsters.

Duel 2 : I was in an equally bad situation as duel 2 of game 1, where I open 3 War God (NOT YAMATO) for no real reason. I just set them since Kycoo and Star Hall is big. I decided to go YOLO and make Susanoo with Reborn again, he Veilers it and I kill Kycoo. I set Autonomous as a bluff holding Veiler and Habakiri. He flips Storm and plays Secrets to get Magician. I used Veiler on it. He then plays Masters to copy Secrets. If he takes Fate now, I'm a dead man. But I knew he might take Powers since he has Maiden on the field and Blue-Eyes has field presence. I put on EMO Face #1 and keep passing responses. His Blue-Eyes took was murdered and I won next turn.

Duel 3 : Although I won game 2, he starts in game 3 so I don't feel good at all. He ends with Azure-Eyed Silver Dragon, Judgment for 2 and a random Magician. I have Yamato kill his Magician set Compulse, Safe-zone and Judgment. I play Compulse on his draw. He shows me Storm, I play Judgment, he shows me MST, and a Dark Hole, and a Reborn (the Spell Book one) and a Secrets and a Masters. Yeah, most back and forth game I've played in my life ...

Well that wraps up the event. I'll be moving to the US this August so this will be the last OCG event for me (not including locals). 


mike said...

wan go ycs sanfransisco?

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you were using a different deck. Did you say that you were moving to Texas?

GQ said...

@mike : If Bujins are out by then, yes

@anon : Yes, Denton to be specific. You know any card shops around that area?

Anonymous said...

Son of Men, at least you are trying to be original!