Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anyone notice the Banlist is coming?

Its almost February and that means the banlist is coming out in 3 weeks time. Normally, the YGO blogs would be flooded with speculations and stuff but its rather quite this time around. Well, I can see why. For one, this was one of the better formats in a long time and the decks that are "broken" this format doesn't seen to define the word "broken" as well as former decks that held that title. "Something good from a tier one deck is gonna get hit to reduce the power of that particular deck" doesn't sound as easy to spot outside of a few key individuals. That being said, I'm trying to come up with a list for this season, for traditions sake. I'm not as active this past format month due to school and stuff but the format was rather stagnant anyways.

Now, to my wish list.

Forbidden :

Monster Reborn

Thats the only card I really want to see banned. Easily one of the most broken cards in the game, I have no idea how the card came out of the forbidden zone a few years back and I'm really clueless how its not getting back in. Ripping a Reborn off your top deck and win is one of easiest things to do. No one card should be able to do this unless some sort of requirement has to be fulfilled first (no matter how big a joke that requirement is, at least they bothered to put it there). The game would be much less sacky without Reborn, I'm just saying. I could go on, but I just realize I would be repeating the same points over and over again.

Limited :

Wind - Up Factory & Wing - Up Shark

Limiting Shark is gonna hurt Wind - Up a lot (I'm not gonna say kill, I though the deck was killed when Zenmighty went to 1, guess what happened), but that does not justify having one of the most broken searchers in the game. Factory is broken, similar to Black Whirlwind only more powerful. The ability to consistently gain plus for no real reason is ... not bad, just it should not come that consistently. I guess I don't need any explanation why I want Shark to go to one. Simple, I don't play Wind-Ups, no seriously, if I'm playing Wind-Ups, thats one card I would not want to see go to 1; which is exactly why hitting that would do some damage, again, not gonna say kill. If there is one deck labeled broken this format, it would be Wind-Ups and the outcome of being broken would be to get hit by the banlist, theres no other way around it.

Atlantean Dragoons

Opening Undine into 2 cards is just busted, especially since the card tutors into anything in the deck. Okay, that didn't make much sense since Undine searches from the deck, bad example. But there is just so many ways to plus off this card. This is the only target for Megalo's cost that would certainly gain a plus for the player. Its okay once in a while, but doing it again and again just isn't cool. The card fuels a lot of OTKs for Mermails and hence the deck is one of the big 3 this format. Some one might say Megalo is the best candidate for hitting, but I would prefer Dragoons getting the axe more.

Verz Ophion

Normally limiting something from the extra deck would not do much unless its that good. Ophion isn't THAT good, it just kills way too many deck with its supposed-to-be "balanced" effect. Its basically does what Shi-En does, comes out and tries to stand on the board for as long as it can take, guess where Shi-En is right now. While Verz is definitely a force to be reckon with right now, I just find myself unable to dislike that deck. For one, it doesn't forces your opponent into a stupidly tight corner where he can't do shit, they just force you into playing beatdown, old fashion beatdown, as someone whose been in the game for the past 10 years, I really don't mind that. Still, a problem is a problem, especially since it nerfs HEROs.

Royal Oppression, Premature Burial, Dark Magician of Chaos, Magician of Faith and Witch of the Black Forest

I would like to see one of these cards come back. While the first 4 are cards a lot of people claimed not gonna do much (Burial if Reborn gets hit) to the format and/or would do good to the format, making it more "skillful" (Oppression); Witch is a card that has always been regarded as too powerful to ever come back. I agree on this, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play with the card again. I doubt the card would ever see the day of un-forbidden, but the amount of strategies that would arise just by unbanning her would be huge!

Semi - Limited :

Fire Formation - Tenki

The heart and soul of quite a number of decks, most famously Fire Fist. Is the card broken? I wouldn't say so. But I have a gut feeling this card is gonna get hit by the banlist, either semi or limited, personally, I think semi would be good. Going to 2 doesn't ruin the overall strategy of Fire Fist too much, I mean, they can always search it out; while only slightly hits other Tenki based decks. Also, it also shuts the haters (somewhat) when they go "why wasn't Fire Fist hit when they are winning so much". I do feel this card is fair and shouldn't be hit, cause I don't really think a deck could become broken just by being consistent; but I could not really see how to hit Fire Fist aside from Tenki.

I couldn't really think of anything else I want to drop to 2 and come up to 2, nothing comes up to mind at all. Maybe Dark Armed Dragon? Just for the fun of it. Seriously, is there anything theres worth semi-limiting this format? Please let me know.

Unlimited :

Cards that shouldn't still be on the list but was left on the list for no damn reason what so ever. That pretty much sums it I guess. The only real reason why something is on the list, is that it needs to. The list of cards that shouldn't be on the forbidden and limited list is very damn long and I don't wanna name each and everyone of those cards. If there's a card you feel shouldn't be on the list, well, fact is, it most certainly shouldn't be on it.

Well, that about wraps up what I wanted to say. This is one lazy ass post from me, as seen by the massive amount of corners skipped. The banlist prediction thing is coming soon I guess, well, not that a lot of bloggers are still alive though. Comments down below!!


Ventus said...

I dont want to see Witch coming back ... there will be stupid combos and hell its a spellcaster thats more than enough to not let it come back lol

Ophion limited is a good point but it all depends on how much they are juicing the TCG. Ophion at 2 wouldnt do anything and it would be a good fake excuse of konami, thats what could be more possible.

I dislike the fact people want to hit Dragoons. Rather hit Undine to 1 problem solved. TCG still needs to be juiced and Undine to 1 will just let people change builds. Dragoons to 1 will certainly kill the deck kinda and Atlanteans dont deserve that imo.

Premature can't come back too much shenanigans in a way its even better than Monster Reborn.

I dont want DMOC back either, Prophecy got enough jizz in LTGY.

As for Wind Ups I think Shark shouldnt be hit it only is a minus and is able to change levels thats it. The combination with Magician makes it the 2 card brokesauce it is ... Factory to 1, Magician to 1 and the deck is still "playable" if you kill Shark the deck literally dies.

Anonymous said...

Tenki most probably won't be hit because its the new "meta" since v jump edition 8 just came out not long ago for fire fist. As usual, konami's making money scheme is to let the meta deck run for about a year or so then only put them into the bandwagon.

Unknown said...

Dragoons is the one that should get hit due to the fact that Undine is just one of many cards that can activate Dragoons. Moreso, it can act to clog the hand and, due to needing Controller, mess up draws. Some people add Machina Fortress to Merlanteans simply for a way to make some use of Controller.

Regarding Premature, in a way i can see it coming back, primarily due to the main abuser, Brionac, being banned. Even if you use Falcon or Dewloren, they are both restricted to once per turn, and due to LP cost, you cannot use PB to replace Grandsoil in Bahamut's Windup FTK. Add in Heavy and 3 MST, and Premature seems more likely than MR.

Windups....yeah, it is Magician that is the main problem; without him, you can't wind up with a field of Papil/Maity/Ruler.

Unknown said...

@Ventus Moreso, isn't it your very own blog that posted a "Mermail 2.0" deck where you point out the weaknesses of Undine, and apparently runs fast and aggressive without it? You basically invalidate your own point.

Ventus said...

Normal Mermail is still a lot better in a tournament then my OTK based build ... all because of the consistency of the normal Mermail and its versatility because of Undine ... if you hit Dragoons to 1 nearly all versions of the deck will be dead and this is surely one thing that Konami doesnt want to happen ...

Unknown said...

and yet Dragoons to one means it becomes a "play when you need" card instead, and Merlanteans becomes more reliant on Sphere/Linde. So it is still a capable deck, the search capabilities are just reduced.