Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Post 2013!!

Long time no see and Happy Delayed New Year. Sorry for not blogging for the past week or so, I've been travelling with my friends and just got back Sunday morning. Went to Gamers Arena straight after I reach home but was too late to play in the ranking tournament (I want Hysteric Party!!). Went home after a few friendly matches against friends. Played a variety of decks, Mermails, Wind-Ups, Chaos Ninja and also a Tenki Constellar (which I was surprise anyone in Malaysia build it). Proud to say I won the majority of my matches, I'm feeling real good with my current build of Hieratics, although the deck die straight to Ophion which is one of the fastest growing forces in the META game.

The next booster set after Lord of Tachyon Galaxy had been announce, and from name only, Judgment of the Light sounds a lot like a Light based set. Which is nice, since I like more Light support. While no cards had been reviewed yet, its no surprise that we are gonna get a Light Elemental Lord from the set. In case you didn't notice, Elemental Lords all have effects that mirror Broken cards that had been banned (Monster Reborn was banned for a long period of time before being legal again). The Earth Elemental Lord is Monster Reborn, the Water one is Delinquent Duo and Pyrorex is a pseudo-Ring of Destruction. The Wind Elemental Lord will most likely be Harpie Feather Duster. So, what effect would Konami give the Light and the Dark Elemental Lords?

Maybe Pot of Greed? Thats broken. Dimension Fusion sounds nice on the Dark one. Painful Choice and Change of Heart would also be damn good. But of cause, if one of them is a build-in Graceful Charity, it is going to be META defining. Well, from the looks of things (and according to my predictions), the Light one would most probably be Raigeki. Which is very powerful in its own right. Sure, it might not be part of a combo tree like the other broken cards. A 2800 free drop with a Raigeki add-on is quite game changing on its own.

Thats it for speculations. The next set, featuring Phantom Beast Planes and the return of Harpie Ladies, is the least of my concern. I'm just not liking the new archtypes for some reason. Granted, I'm still not entirely sure how the Planes are supposed to be played and the Harpie Builds I played against till now are mediocre at best. Also, the Burning Knuckle or BK archtype is lame. Not saying they are bad, I've not done much research on them yet, but they are lame.

I guess that's it for now. I've not done a lot of YGO since I got back home. Been busy with my final year project and stuff. I'm really far behind schedule now, luckily, I only have 1 subject left in my coming semester. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Elemental lords are following Spiritual art traps :P, but a bit stronger

mike said...

Dark sure pot of greed
Light should be raigeki
Wind should be harpie

I guess :/

EdseL said...

Or LIGHT could be Dimension Fusion? haha. wishful thinking.

LFN said...

but the Dark Elemental Lord is Dark Armed Dragon


EdseL said...

^DAD is just a pawn, haha.

Anton said...

Yeah, make a light boss. Now agents has 4 bosses to play around with, Hyperion, Krystia, BLS, and the Light Elemental lord

Anonymous said...

There're only 4 fu**ing elements wich are Earth, Water, Fire and Air (wind in this case). We won't be getting any stupid DARK/LIGHT stuff.

GQ said...

@1st Anon : OMG! Never thought of it that way, it makes sense. Thanks for the tip. :)

pajousek said...

This describes it pretty nicely, IMHO.