Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rise of the Bujin

WCQ Malaysia had officially came into a close and I can finally start test playing with the new Bujin (previously War Gods) cards from Shadow Specters. I had not been doing so because I want to focus on the cards I had excess to for WCQ. After a day's worth of test playing online, I've come to conclusion that they are amazing.

If you've talked to me a few days back during WCQ, you might had heard me saying the only good card from the bunch would be Kagutsuchi (the new XYZ). I must apologies to whoever had been mislead by my false lead. I had not been test playing with them at all and my previous opinion was based on the numerous encounters of the deck online (and quite frankly, most people fail at using the deck).

Before I start going into the review of my most recent build for Bujins, I must stress that Bujins still have a terrible match up against Prophecies. Yes, the match up is definitely better now as compared to pre-Specters because of the easy access to Rise of the Bujin (previously Advent of the Bujin). But that alone wasn't enough to turn the advantage around. Going second against Prophecies is still terrible unless you open with the right hand trap. Well, I guess thats a given since even Dragon Rulers main deck Droll & Lock Bird. 

However, Mikazuchi (the new 1900) makes the Dragon Ruler match up so much better. I've yet to lose a match against Dragon Rulers with this build (granted, the players behind the deck were no where near Wesley or Jeff's league). Three-Axis Firefist was one of this deck's worst match up, behind Prophecy, but the tide has now completely changed in Bujin's favor. Having easy access to Rise of the Bujin and a new ace monster that doesn't die easily is huge.

As for everything else, well, I'll have to agree with Mike, there are only 2 decks this format, the others just aren't relevant. 

Its been a while since I've build a deck with a 2-1-1 ratio. The monster line is very simple, Yamato is still our main guy. I only run 2 Mikazuchi because I search him with Yamato. The best opening for the deck would be to summon Yamato, grab a Mikazuchi and drop a Bujin. If your opponent kills Yamato, Mikazuchi will definitely go for a revenge kill next turn. If Yamato lives and Mikazuchi successfully resolves, the game is pretty much over. If you've played against me, you'll know that its very difficult to kill a Bujin thats successfully resolved itself, especially in this format.

The other Bujins are 2 Hetsuka, 2 Murakumo and a Bachi. Murakumo is the most powerful of the bunch, no doubt and I won't consider playing any less than 2 as of now. I was only running 1 Hetsuka until yesterday, but with Kagutsuchi, Hetsuka becomes so much better. The only good way to get rid of Kagutsuchi is Spellbook of Fate (that's why Prophecy is this deck's worst match up), in any other match up, if I resolve Kagutsuchi, it'll stay on the field and wreck havoc till the game is over. Bachi isn't very good this format because of the lack of backrow, but it is still good when you need it.

To complete the monster line up, I have a playset each of Maxx C and Veilers, along with a lone Firefist Bear. Maxx C is pretty much a staple in 3's now. Veiler is much more important now in this deck because the only real threat in Dragon Rulers will be Big Eye.

Spell line is generic, nothing too complicated. Rise of the Bujin is an amazingly powerful card. Its the kind of card that turns the game around and end games on its own. However, its not the easiest card to activate. You need to have a Bujin banished (trust me, you come across having nothing banish very often) and a Cyber Dragon condition to even activate the card. The problem with the card was actually, to draw into it at the wrong time. This card can be THE BEST or THE WORST top deck depending on situation. That is why I was reluctant to play the card before. However, because it was so powerful, I had 1 in my deck last weekend, and it won me a game. Mikazuchi changed this. Since he lets you grab Rise from your deck early in the game, you don't have to draw into it at the wrong time while having the most powerful card in your deck early. Personally, I think this is the key point that is going to make Bujin "a deck".

Trap is also generic, any beat down based deck would have similar trap line. Safe Zone is a personal pick over Bottomless Trap Hole. I feel BTH being terrible against everything if I go second or draw it outside of my opening 6. Safe Zone is a card I took a liking on since some time ago and I have a good field record with it. The trap line is anyone's pick, but don't bother wasting your trap on the Bujin traps. They're just awfully bad.

Crimson Blader is in my extra deck because I can borrow it on the spot when no one else can, LOL. Sorry, that was an inside joke within our community. The deck has only 1 way to get Blader out, which is the combination of Veiler and Reborn in a game against Dragon Rulers (and Mermails, but they're not a deck. Right Mike?) Only 1 Kagutsuchi as its not the easiest to make in my build. I know builds that ran triple Bear and even Wolberg can make it much easier, but I find those cards bad against Dragons and Prophecies. Also, I want to run more monsters and make my deck less consistent. I have yet need to make a second Kagutsuchi, but I will pump it to 2 if I really need to.

Side deck is random, I've not put much thought into it, so please ignore it. I have Foolish Burial in my side because I figure I need access to back row removal more than game 1, also Safe Zone and Zephyrus is pure advantage. Puppet Plant is in there because Wen Shen said its good.

Now, thats it for the deck list and lets move on to the game play.

For starters, always leave a Bujin banished. That is VERY VERY important. This is the key for making Rise of the Bujin live. Yes, I know this is very basic but people take it for granted and try to conserve ammo for bigger threats. If you have Murakumo in your grave and no Bujin banished. You opponent has a random Tenki face up, POP it. You might feel its a waste of precious ammo, but you can have Yamato ditch another one into the grave for you if you really want to. If you don't have a Bujin banished and your opponent kills your Bujin, you are gonna hurt so bad, having the most powerful card in your deck dead in your hand. I'm not saying you should mindlessly pop things, don't do so if you already have a Bujin banished (you can thank your opponent's BTH later).

Next, if you have Safe Zone or anything that could protect your Bujin; make sure they are live before you drop your Bujin. This doesn't really matter against the top 2 decks but against decks that play heavy back row, keeping your Yamato on the board for as long as possible is how you are going to win. The only time you would care less for Yamato is when you have Rise of the Bujin really to do some carnage. Heavy back row decks usually can't go for the kill off the bat. Taking a turn's worth of damage is well worth dropping your Bujin safely. 

Well, thats it for my Bujin decklist, hope this is helpful to anyone interested in the archtype. I would love to fit a Dark Hole and a Book of Moon in there, so if anyone figured out how you can do it, please let me know. Thank you for reading and please comment below (constructive criticisms only, no bullshit).


mike said...

right but i'll def be using bujins next format unless smtg better comes up.

Anonymous said...

No chance for Heroes to make a comeback even with Shadow Specters?

GQ said...

@Anon : As of now, I don't really think they are relevant.

Anonymous said...

Why no lance?

GQ said...

@anon2 : cause its not needed.

Alex Dino said...

Cool deck.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered using Horn of the Phantom Beast?

GQ said...

@alex : Thanks

@Anon : I've tried, but its only good when your in a winning position.