Friday, July 12, 2013

Number 74 : Master Of Blades

Definitely one of the most hyped up card in the up-coming Numbers Hunter TCG set, I'm not sure when is OCG getting this card as of now. The card is also getting quite some attention back home, as a new staple to replace Big Eye and Drago-sack once they get hit by the banlist one way or the other.

What's there not to like? Its big, 2700 is over rank 7's 2600 line. Its effect makes it impossible to target leaving the only cards good against (that you normally see in main decks) it Dark Hole, Bottomless and Torrential. Making this the best card to come out in recent sets to boost the already powerful Dragon Rulers ... yeah right ... if you want my opinion, this card is mediocre at best. Its a 2700 you can summon easily, thats about it.

Now, before you go rage and I'm somehow the biggest idiot on the planet, please allow myself to explain; chances are I'm still an idiot that doesn't know how YGO is meant to be played by the end of this post. I must point out that all the things I'm gonna type down below is based on this card's place as a staple in Dragon Rulers (only), if there is another deck out there that can utilize this card better than Dragons, so be it; I am addressing this to my fellow countrymen that is in believe that this is gonna be a broken addition to the Rank 7 arsenal for Dragon Rulers.

Like I've said, Master of Blades is a 2700 that is impossible to target. Its blow another card up effect is optional, so you can't do a Zenmaines stunt on it. Zenmaines stunt basically meant, do something to the Zenmaines and let it blow itself if its the only card on the field. So, with all that, how can it possibly be bad? Its not bad at all! Its just not as good as people think it is.

Look, people aren't dumb, no one is gonna target this card with a card effect. I only run 1 Hetsuka in my Bujin main deck, why? For the exact same reason, no one in their right mind will be targeting you knowing its not going to work, let alone its going to pop another card. Remember how Zenmaines was the most broken card ever? Truth to fact, Zenmaines is gonna be a bad card if it had not been indestructible; and Master of Blades is gonna be bad if it had not own a 2700 body.

My point is, his effect will NEVER be played, unless you target him with one of your cards to blow one of your opponent's. Turning Compulse into MST isn't that bad an option. Other than that, its not going to be worth it.

Another reason why people think its good is the card's 2700 attack. But, that to me is this card's greatest weakness. This is a card you would never want to make in a Dragon Mirror match. The moment Master of Blades hits the field, you can bet your money on Crimson Blader coming down next turn. The mirror between Dragon Rulers are a battle between Big Eye and Blader. Sure, your opponent can't make a Big Eye and grab your Master of Blades, but whats the point, they can make Blader when ever they want. Even Dragosack, a card you rarely make in the mirror can stand itself against Master.

If its 100 attack higher, as in 2800, then it might be relevant, but there's always Colossal Fighter, and you are getting hit by 2800 for free. But, at least it ensures you a safer Blader drop if you're holding Veiler for Big Eye. If Master of Blades want to be good, it had to be 2900 or higher. I'm just saying.

Now, do I think this card is bad? Not at all! You might have misunderstood me stating that this was not as good a card as you think it is, I meant, in the Dragon Ruler mirror match. This thing is not gonna do anything against Prophecies as well, none of their card targets (if you're still playing Priestess, I have news for you bro). BUT, this card can be amazing against the other decks, namely the big 3 under the Top 2, Firefist, Verz and Mermails. Most antiMeta deck run 3 copies of Compulse to get rid of Dragosack, this card exploits that. However, these deck normally loses out to Dragon Rulers in the first place, its like getting a solution to something that was not a problem to begin with.

To wrap things up, this card sucks in the Dragon Ruler mirror match, leaving a 2700 on the field with no protection is a disaster waiting to happen. I'm no pro or anything, so you don't have to take everything I said for granted, heck, you don't even need to listen to a word I said; but I'm no believer that this card is gonna be big in the Dragon Ruler mirror match.

Is Crimson Blader out in the TCG? It should be right, since its a relic from the synchro era. If its not, then I guess I could understand why people are thinking this card is good. I guess I could understand the importance of this card once Big Eye and Sack are hit by the list, but before that, I see only 1 copy at best in the extra deck, for the rogue matchup (if you misread the BTH as a Compulse, well, sucks to be you).

Well, that was only my opinion, I may be dumb and this turns out to be the most broken cards ever. I may be the only one on Earth thinking this card is bad, but hey, I'm a believer of the saying, if a card is not broke, its not good. Please comment below, I really wanna know what you guys think of the card in general


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time and I am impressed. You are one of my favorite's. I agree with your opinion. Number 74 is overhyped and mediocre/decent at best. Sadly many people in the yugioh community see a useful effect and give it high expectations.

Battle and old school staples such as Fissure, Smashing Ground, and Hammer Shot will overcome this card time and again in tournaments... I just hope it will also overcome its current pre-sale price of $40. Ouch.

Also Crimson Blader is available in the TCG as a rare.
- Kelvin M

Anonymous said...

It's an ok card in my opinion, but 2700 is just too easy to get over nowadays (unless your deck can only go into rank 4 xyz). Fire fist can make blader with their new tuner, Mermail can go into gaios or symply slam the leed into its face, and there are tons of decks out there that can dish out big monsters right now.
I really don't see why this card can have a spot in my extra just because it can't get compulsed.

Lord Invishil said...

It's definitely a good card, but very vulnerable in the Dragon mirror. I think Dragons will play one copy for now.