Sunday, July 14, 2013

TB July Ranking Tourney Report

Since I had nothing better to do with my time yesterday, I've decided to drop by Toysbar for some ranking locals. I've not really played any ranking this season so you can kinda expect my ranks to be quite near the bottom. Anyhow, I was testing this new build of Elemental HEROs I've come up with. It focuses on making Shock Master and beating both Dragon Rulers and Prophecies. At least, that was the plan.

Match 1 : VS Firefist 3-axis - Megat

Duel 1 : He opens with 3-axis usual stunt, making a board of monsters while not losing any advantage in hand; however, that just look too cute as compared to what Dragons and Prophecies have been doing, so I don't mind much. I open Stratos, set 5 and passed. I was making him believe that I have a Torrential set by asking him if he was summoning the monster he grab using Tenki, he attacked and walked into Mirror Force. He summons Spirit next but I had a Super Poly to stop him from Synchro summoning, he end and I flip a Call of the Haunted. Next turn, I special Bubbleman and flip a Warrior's Returing Alive to grab Alius and made Shock Master, game basically ended there.

Duel 2 : He opens a Synchro, a XYZ and both Fire Formation trap set. I E-Call for Alius and set Call, Torrential and 2 Spark. He attacks and I let it pass. He summons a monster and I wiped his board. He sets a FD and I flip Call on Alius and then destroyed the FD with Spark. I know what his two facedowns were, and I have RoTA and Reborn in hand. I'm guessing no one will leave Veiler in deck going against HEROs (not the right thing to do thou), so I just went for an OTK and won.

Match 2 : VS Prophecy - Mark

Duel 1 : I open Allius and set 4. He starts with Priestess, I let it pass; he summons Kycoo and I flipped Warning (I'm guessing he was confused), he walks over Stratos, set a Facedown and play Tower. I special Thrasher, flip Warrior's Returning Alive and summons Allius. Flip Miracle Fusion and then flip Spark to destroy Tower (to make it lose timing). Shining attacked into Book of Moon, I played my last 2 cards which are Super Poly to make another Shining and attacked for 3200. He didn't have an out to Shining cause he had no Spellcasters left.

Duel 2 : He opens and go plus 4 with Judgment and had Jyogen out. I have Stratos attack the Jyogen, special Bubbleman and E-Call another to make Shock Master, sadly he had a Veiler for it. Died next turn when he plays Heavy Storm on my 4 facedowns and Fate my Shock Master.

Duel 3 : I open Goblinberg, Bubbleman and Bubbleman to make Shock Master, setting Hero Blast, Miracle and RoTA. Sadly, he had a High Priestess and Magician in hand, but luckily he can't play his spells just yet. I drew Allius, summon it and RoTA for Bubbleman. I risked it out and made Emerald instead of anything bigger, returning Shock Master, Goblinberg and a Bubbleman to draw into Mirror Force. I play Miracle to make Zero and traded for his field, Emerald landed an attack. He summons Kycoo, played Judgment, Secrets, Starhall and Powers to try walk over my Emerald, but I had a mirror force ready. He ended with Jyogen and plus 3. I asspulled Stratos off the top, summon it to grab Bubbleman, attacked the Jyogen, special Bubbleman, played Emerald's other effect that lets me special a normal monster and grabs Allius (Emerald says non-effect monster, but me and my opponent were under the impression of normal monster, apologies for the misplay), and made Shock Master. He conceded.

Match 3 : VS Dragon Rulers - Yunkang

Duel 1 : I only open an Allius but I was controlling the board, making him run out of Dragons to banish and no hand. I made Shining sometime later and attacked him directly. He used all his resources (literally) to make Big Eye in defense and took Shining, I have Mirror Force set. I was feeling very good since he can't special his Rulers back now with no resource and I have Allius and Bubbleman in hand, but I topped Stratos. I set the Stratos and he took it with big eye, summons a Chibi and made Peark, attacked with it. No big deal right? I topped another Allius ... 

Duel 2 : Resolved a Judgment on his broke ass plus 4 Rejuvenation. Summoned Stratos, he played Veiler but I had Super Poly and I have Soul Drain in hand.

Duel 3 : He makes a field of a facedown, Dragosack and 2 tokens. I played YOLO, I mean, A HERO Arrives to grab Stratos, he had Veiler, but I had Super Poly. I summon Goblinberg and specials Allius, sets all and special Bubbleman. He played Book on Allius, Bubbleman and Tornado took the tokens and I made Abyss Dweller. Since I hand Debunk set, I'm pretty much in a winning position already, he topped Dark Hole ... His baby Dragon was Debunked and he passed. I had Torrential set and drew into Super Poly, but he had a Storm. Made Big Eye and set a card, since we all knew that was a Virus, I just concede. 

Still lost to Dragon Rulers, but I do think the results was very satisfactory. The side deck still needs some work thou.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the Daigusto Emeral Rulings and you can grab back an Alius from the graveyard as it's being treated as a normal "or non-effect" monster.

Unless the ruling has been errata'ed elsewhere in an official Konami announcement, what you did was a legal move. -Kelvin M

pajousek said...

In TCG, grabbing Gemini Monsters (which are currently being treated as Normal Monsters) with Emeral is definitely OK -- for the same reason you can't Fiendish Chain them either.

GGNoRe said...

Sounds like a pretty cool deck, man!

I'm GGNoRe, founder of the brand new Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Center blog (basically a list of decks). If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment here: (!) concerning your deck list we could work on making improvements (no offence) and sharing your ideas with others out there. Of course this is your choice and I don't want to pressure you. I can understand why you wouldn't want to do this because this is your deck and you don't want it to be used by people who just copy, but it would be great if you just came an looked around.