Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Possible Banlist!? Again ... Maybe ...

Just to follow up on my previous post, I've found yet another banlist that a lot of people are debating on. I'm not saying its real or anything, nor do I believe its creditworthiness. However, its just fun to analyse "fanlist" before the real thing surfaces sometime next weekend. Who knows, this might turn out to be the real thing ... or not.

Also, big thanks to FB group YGO Edition Singapore for adding a massive viewcount to my blog a few days back.

I've found this list about half an hour ago, on FB. I'm not gonna leave any links because it was a private group. By the time I saw this list, many are already discreditting it as the real list, but I figure it would be an interesting banlist to play.

Forbidden :

Spellbook of Judgment
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Restricted :

Super Rejuvenation
Gold Sarcophagus
Spellbook Magician of Prophecy

Semi - Restricted :

All 4 Dragon Rulers
Spellbook of Secrets
Monster Gate
Plaguespreader Zombie

Unlimited : 

Agent of Mystery - Earth
T.G. - Striker
Archlord Krystia
Mirror Force
Pot of Duality

Discussion :

Spellbook of Judgment should never had existed in the first place, so it makes perfect sense to kill it with fire. Red-Eyes on the other hand came as a surprise. The card is massively overpowered, no doubt, but had not been actively doing anything for the past 6 months. Sure, being an overpowered dragon lands it in Dragon Rulers, but it had never once played an important part in the deck. Granted, I'm very bias towards Red-Eyes thus my judgment call on it might not be fair at all, but I see no reason to ban it. (Note : You no longer need it to preform OTKs in the new Hieratic decks, but you still need to count on it to get you out of shitholes)

The limited and semi-limited list are fairly easy to understand, not much discussion needed, aside from the 2 Zombies. Plague to 2 is fine but Mezuki to 2 proved time-over-time to be too much of a powerhouse. Zombies are unplayable with Mezuki at 1 but overpowered with it at 2. Vampires are a real force to be reckon with if the 2 broken tier 1s rotates out. Paying 2000 life for an M7 without using any card on board or in hand is no joke. (Mezuki specials a level 6 Vampire, triggering Grace)

Monster Gate had been proven many times to be a potentially dangerous card to have around.

Finally, the unlimited list. TG Agents goes back to full power, but with Firefist and Mermails around, the deck isn't gonna do anything.

With Duality and Mirror Force going to 3, I can easily see Bujin as a Tier 1. Even with 2 Dualities, Bujin had proven as a fairly consistent deck, capable of holding their own against Dragon Rulers (to some degree of success). More tutors are always welcome in control decks. 3 Axis is Bujin's worst matchup aside from Gayphecies. Mirror Force to 3 does ALOT of work. Same goes to the Evilswarms, which gains a lot of power from this list. 

That's it for my opinion on the "banlist". I do feel this banlist wasn't as good as the previous one on my blog as it doesn't do anything to Firefist and Mermails, but interesting nonetheless. Thanks for reading and please don't take anything seriously, as no hard evidence is there to prove it.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's saying that it's saying it's the Banlist for 9/1/13 to 3/31/14. So, unless Banlists now last for 7 months...

GQ said...

@anon : Yeah, the person who did the banlist should had paid more attention

petqwe said...

Even if this list is true, I still doubt whether TG Fairy is good without Trishula...

MaJu V. said...

Hilarious, though I have to admit... I like several of these choices.
The only thing I don't think will happen is the full return of T.G. Agents.
But serious lol at the timespan of the list :-D

MaZura De Ville said...

i heard the deck building rules will be changed. We had to mai decking 50 cards, extra 20 cards and side 20 cards. Is that true or just a hoax? D: