Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TCG Banlist Update!?

This is gonna be great! Sucks that Stratos is gone but I have my Hieratics almost back to full force (aside from REDMD)!


Anonymous said...

do you think heroes are dead? Could mask change be viable?

GQ said...

I wouldn't play HEROs without Startos, and unless some genius came up with a brand new way to play them, they are dead.

Its sad considering less then half a day ago, using the OCG list, I really do think HEROs will be the strongest deck.

Toby Hibbs said...

I don't think the heroes are dead at all. I've used them since the day they were released and like any deck, it's all about how you play them. So stratos is gone, no big deal. I've used a retro hero deck for years using little to no omnifusions and I've put plenty of Inzektors Hieratics Blackwings and so on in their place. Just be inventive and don't hold back. That's how the heroes do their best work.