Thursday, August 1, 2013

Banlist September 2013!? ... Maybe...

"It has "??" on it, so it MUST BE REAL!! INCOMPLETE, BUT REAL! ARGGGG!!"

Anyway, this is one of those list that pops out of nowhere twice per year around 2 weeks before the banlists. Not saying its the real one or anything but this looks like one list I do not mind playing in. Believe on your own risk!

"September 2013 Banlist

- Big-Eye
- Magic book of divine judgement (Spellbook of Judgment)

- Atlantean Dragoon
- Deep sea diva
- Fire formatioin Tenki
- Evilswarm Ophion
- Gold sacrcophagus
- ??

- blaster incarnate dragon
- redox incarnate dragon
- tidal incarnate dragon
- tempest incarnate drag
- dark hole
- super rejunavation
- solemn warning - return from another dimension - ?? - ??

- Tsukuyomi
- Archlord Kristya
- ??"

My only problem with this "banlist" would be Super Rejuvenation. That thing deserves to be banned, at least limited. I've written a whole paragraph a month back so please refer to it if you want to know why I hate the card with a passion.

Tenki and Dragoons are good precaution hits because once the power of Dragon Rulers and Prophecies died down, 3 Axis and Mermails will undoubtedly be the powerhouse of the format. Hitting Tenki means hitting Bujin, which I love very much, but I understand why it had to be done. I mean, Firefist Chicken was just release in the TCG, so we obviously can't hit that right? Seems like a legit explanation.

Tsuku can come back to 3 and makes no difference. Krystia to 3 may or may not be important, only time can tell. Warning to 2 is Amazing good, any control player will tell you that. I have no comments on Dark Hole to 2 thou, it seems okay, since punishing players for overextending is obviously good; but is it?

Now, does this banlist answers the problem of this format *cough*prophecies*cough*? Quite simply, it does! Prophecies might have one of the best searchers in the game, it will almost always lose if it can't resolve a Judgment Day. If Konami really decides to not beat around the bush and kills the damn card, it'll be great, although experience tells us that Konami ain't one to do just that. We'll see.

Most of the banlist is dedicated to weaken Dragon Rulers. Does this list do the job? Absolutely, not to the point it being off the competitive field but enough for most tier 1's and control decks to catch up. All the Rulers to 2 might have a bigger effect than most people think. Think about it, when you banish your Ruler and grab either the Chibi or another copy of itself, THATS IT. Sure, you can return it from the grave over and over again, but you are down in 4 Dragons and chances are you won't be playing as much Chibi's because of that. The deck will not be dead, but it won't be a Tier 0.5 like how it is now. Return from a Different Dimension to 2, however, is a very dangerous move.

Ophion to 1 because Shi-En is at one. Fair. The card is not healthy for the game (well, not as much of a cancer as Judgment Day) and it punishes Synchro based strategies and more importantly my Hieratic deck.

Well, thats it for this post. I'm not posting regularly because there was absolutely nothing to post about. Ghostrick turns out to be a very interesting deck, and surely deserves some attention, not that it has any chance in the current metagame.


Anonymous said...

do you have a picture/scan for that?
to limit tenki is too early, maybe semi-limit tenki at march (because jotl in tcg)?
big eye banned? I don't think so. probably limit.
and I don't see the sense to limit deep sea diva (they would kill my destiny diva D:).
but other things, I can understand more or less (except super rejunavation).

Anonymous said...

why semi the big dragons???just hit reju sarc draco and eye...finally secrets,batel limited and judgment banned :D

Anonymous said...

with dragons hit time to play wargods...SUSANOO!!!!

GQ said...

I don't have the scans or anything, I just found this on one of the many FB groups.

Prudence Halliwell said...

It seems plasusible but dark hole at two would be too much