Monday, July 6, 2009

Phoenix GearFreed - the Phoenix that Returns from its Ashes...

i would like to know, who here has not at least got himself a copy of SD17 Warriors Strike? well, most of us do it just for the cool line up of spells and traps, but we left the main guy in the dust!!

as we know the Phoenix is a majestic bird that returns to life after its death from within its ashes. Phoenix GearFreed, the warrior that dons an armor of flames that would continue to stand on the battlefield no matter how many times he fallen, he'll stand back up. That is wicked!!

this is basically a deck as a tribute to this awesome Warrior!!

Phoenix Burn ~ Warrior Style!! :

3x Phoenix GearFreed
3x Evoltector Chavalier
3x Phoedelyzer
3x Blazewing Butterfly
2x Dual Soldier
1x Card Trooper
1x Snipe Hunter
1x Morphing Jar

3x Supervis
3x Swing of Memories
3x Unleash Your Power!
3x Dual Summon
2x Dark Factory of Mass Production
1x Future Fusion
1x Card of Safe Return
1x Arms Hole
1x Monster Reborn
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Turnade
1x MST

3x Spiritual Art, KURENAI
2x Birthright

1x Superalloy Beast Reptinus

main Strategy:
attack your opponent with all your might and burn off whats left of his life points. this deck tends to be super fast if you start of with the right cards. simple yet effective, this is one deck that I personally like alot!!

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