Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Skill Drain - Best Option for Anti-META?

well, its kinda weird nowadays that skill drain can make any deck compatible to META decks. i.e, the Japan nationals was won by Skill Drain Plant. and TCG treats SKD variants as top anti-meta decks.

well, can SKD really be a solutions for all this problems? YES and NO....

by YES:
1) SKD makes alot of beatstick decks hard to pass.
2) BF, GB and AKB can go straight to hell
3) decks that doesn't uses effect monsters that activates on the field PAWN...

by NO:
1) it mostly only works on Meta decks, that means you'll be in trouble if your opponent is also an Anti-Meta
2) this would be dead draws if you pull it out too late
3) u need a lot of skill to play SKD to its full potential...

so, tell me how you feel about Skill Drain!!


mike said...

I agree on skill drain being top notch. But my picks are that Dimension Forest GB are better. One thing is that:

1)Its faster (anti meta decks are slow and the whole game comes to its opening hand)

2)its more consistent.

Of course there are pros abt SKD too, namely:
1) offers a solid control as well (monster effect negating is wicked)

2) It can kill blackwings more efficiently.

and others...

Truth to be told, both are good. Other anti meta decks like plants are good too but they are to a different approach. I guess its up to the player's taste.

In a duel, (SKD and GB) my picks are SKD still, but that ancient forest in GB is too risky. There are gonna be alot of solemn and bribe wars. And at least 3 trap cards in GB are rendered useless (the 3 chariot)

So, see whose the better player lor. Hmm. What do u think le?

LimGQ said...

should be. i'm playing Forest GB now and I got owned by BF in nationals but I play SKD deck against BF they lose. but SKD are just good as stall and i agree u need your draws. GB are more fun to play!!

[HD]Lam said...

Debri Hime FTW... The Deck list I saw in one of the japs site for debri hime is freaking scary if u asked me

Anonymous said...

good points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

- Murk