Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thoughts on the Next Banned list

king of the banned cards!!

seems that Shop Keeper Ikeda and Sanda-San has already post some videos about their thoughts on whats gonna get hit on the next list. If you haven't check it out, go to their Youtube channel or CardKingdom website.

well, those are their thoughts, and the below are my thoughts:

DDB ( for sure, unless Konami has problems...)
Bronaic (maybe.. as Neko has dominated too long...)

Monster Reborn (its really too good a card. its back only because they need to banned Premature , but since Bronaic is going...)

Premature(since bronaic is going in... its coming out.)

Black whirlwind(you know why...)
Ultimate Offering

Rescue Cat

Summon Priest

Judgement Dragon

pot of avarice

E hero Absolute Zero

Solemn judgement(too many people plays it)

RoTA(its not that big a issue already...)

i really don't think any thing in the list is worth coming out....

well, those are just my thoughts. I took points from the list Tencho posted on Youtube. and some are my opinions.

tell me how you feel about the list I posted. Agreed? Disagree? and feel free to add some cards that you think should be changing status...


Rauzes said...

No, thats NOT what they think is going to be banned/limited, thats what IS going to be limited for THEIR tournament.

LimGQ said...

ah. i see. so, its just for their shop's tourney. not the real banned list. ok ok