Monday, November 26, 2012

Donkey Let Me Down ...

Today was Top Shop 2012, the last official tournament for the year. Early this morning I was faced with dilemma, no deck to play. I've not receive my copy of M7 yet and I don't actually own E HERO Gaia (WTF!? I know). Effectively, I couldn't play either deck to their best potential, but decided to stick with HERO because unlike Gaia, M7 is a necessity.

Tournament actually started on time today, that's crazy!

Match 1 : VS Mermail Atlanteans - Saw

Duel 1 : I hid my balls somewhere in the closet and didn't attack his face down for at least 3 turns. Turns out to NOT be Linde and I got smashed by set Heavy (which I did not MST because of Sphere) and Megalo.

Duel 2 : I open Soul Drain and manage to keep it on the board for the majority of the game. My opponent plays Trap Stun, dropping Megalo and destroying Shining but attacks into Warrior Lady. He scooped for no real reason after witnessing that.

Duel 3 : We were trading monsters but I was steadily decreasing his life. At one point, my hand was Storm, Allius and Bubbleman, with 2 set; he had 3 set and a Librarian. I YOLO and play Storm and XYZ into Excalibur, and left him at 700. I know I just have to top deck any Stratos, E Call or RoTA to seal the game, since I doubt Excalibur would stay on board. My opponent tops Avarice and makes Catastor. I top Miracle into Shining, rammed into Catastor, brought back the 2 HEROs and made Gagaga Gunman.

*My opponent was extremely salty and keep telling EVERYONE how I topped deck a win, dude YGO!*


1 - 0

Match 2 : VS Rabbit MetaBeat

Remember my most recent post before this, the one regarding Burden of the Mighty, this match proves my theory 100%.

Duel 1 : I started with Rai-Oh and MST. My opponent shows me Alexandrite Dragon. I was on the ropes next turn when he decided to show me Rescue Rabbit and made Laggia to protect his 4 face downs. I drew for my turn, took a deep breath and plays E Call for Stratos, naturally that got negated by Warning. I played Reborn but was hit with Laggia, no matter. I flipped a face down Miracle Fusion, banishing both Airman and TKR into Shining, he shows me BTH, which I chained the ever powerful Super Poly. I knew his last card was Starlight Road. Nova kept attacking for damage.

Duel 2 : I couldn't draw Burden and was killed when his 2000 line gets pass my 1900.

Duel 3 : I opened TKR, Warning and MST. He summons Genewarp Warwolf, I played Warning. He sets 4. I attack for damage and sets Torrential. I summons another 2000 and walk pass my monster. The next turn, I passed and he summons Rabbit into double Sabersaurus the next turn, I chained BTH which was met with a Starlight Raod.


I lost the match but I was ever so certain that my side deck choice was correct. Problem was drawing into it.

1 - 1

Match 3 : VS E HERO - Izzat

Duel 1 : I dance around his spells and traps with Allius and Trasher. He tops a Miracle and cleared my board. I set MST and passed. He attacked me and I chain the MST dropping Gorz. It was over the next turn since he had under 2700.

Duel 2 : I open Burden first turn and proceed to control the board. Allius piratically became unstoppable and I was able to take this match pretty easily.


Izzat agrees with me that Burden was extremely effective in the mirror match and he said he had a nightmare playing against it.

2 - 1

Match 4 : VS E HERO - Mike (the blogger dude)

Duel 1 : We basically played the same playstyle since we were testing with each other for the pass 2 months. I would say the outcome pretty much comes down to the draws in this matchup. Problem was, my deck was fitted to play against the more diverse meta while his was more pin pointed towards the main meta (which HERO was part of). At the end of the day, I got murdered by Gorz.

Duel 2 : I drop Gorz early on when his Rai-Oh attacks into MST. Manage to keep the token on board and won the game with it.

Duel 3 : I open Allius and attacks his empty field, no Gorz. He passes again (hey!!Hhe should have discard a card since he had 7, OMG cheater spotted!!). I summon Startos and attacks ... into Gorz. I set 3 face downs, Compulse, BTH and Prison. He draws and shows me Night Beam on Compulse and MST on the others. Airman into Allius and ditching that Allius for Super Poly on my monsters. As the saying goes, I draw good, he draws god.


Shouldn't have told Mike what I was siding against another HERO before the match, he totally pin pointed what I sided in while I have no clue what he sided. But, I doubt that would matter since he opened the nuts that last round.

Match 5 : VS Dark Worlds

Duel 1 : He opens Tour Guide and double Dragged Down. Luckily I was able o hold my own (somehow) long enough for me to make Shining and hopes to get pass Grapha, which it did and he scopes. At the end of the game, I found out he mistook my life for his. I was at the hundreds where as he had still a good 6000 with him.

Duel 2 : I open double Soul Drain but he had answers. Grapha stood there and did his job; he was pleased when Shining took a Skill Drain to his face.

Duel 3 : I open YOLO hand, so I passed a turn, which I got hit by Leviathan Dragon. I YOLO next turn and he had no answers for it.


3 - 2

That last game didn't matter since even some 4 -1's could't get into top 8. Sharmir was emo cause he fought his way through a game loss at the beginning to received an answer like that from Cookie. We 3-2 (me and Kyde) just sit back and watch the action.

At this point, I've decided to cheer for Mike, since him winning means I get a playmat for myself ... indirectly.  Which brings us to why the title of this report is Donkey. Me and Kyde have decided to bet on whose gonna win the tournament. I was betting (or actually hoping) for Mike to win and his choice was with Zack. So, he said "Lets see whose horse would win this match." which I've replied "Nah, horse is too big for Mike, maybe donkey"

This is how Mike is suppose to level up:

Donkey (top 8) --> Pony (top 4) --> Horse (finals) --> Cow (champion)

Cows are bigger than horses, true story, at least from where I'm living.

So the Donkey "beat" Zack at the top 8, so he becamed a Pony. But he lost at top 4 AND the bottom 4, so he leveled down back into a Donkey. No playmat for me and I'm utterly disappointed with the donkey today.

Quotes of the day:

"Prophet Muhammad GQ" ~ Kyde
"He where got pony? He donkey" ~ GQ

"I think his gay -->" ~ Fishtank
"I'm best Wind-Up player in Malaysia" ~ Sharmir
"My idol shall "tapau" you all with Crystal Beast" ~ quite some number of guys

*Tapau means wallop in cantonese*

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