Friday, November 9, 2012

The Format after this Weekend

This Saturday would mark an end to the team tournament format in Malaysia, where all but 3 lucky individuals would take apart their decks and prepare for the 2 final events of the year. Asia Plus may be the last celebrated event of the year, as Top Shop has yet to be confirmed, but its ending definately not marks the end of competitive YGO 2012. As mentioned, there's still a "Top Shop" tournament and also the Chritmas tournaments aka Nationals (which isn't really that much celebrated as the winner gets no trip overseas and the prizes are usually booster sets that are outdated). While the manager of Gamers Arena had confirmed that the Top Shop qualifiers would not go to waste, he never confirmed if Malaysia would send our rep for the tournament at Hong Kong. "There would be a tournament from the qualifiers, I promise you that."

Putting that aside, lets look at the format pass this weekend. Wind-ups, while gaining full power through Extra Pack 2012, has lower-than-expected successes in locals, as none of them won anything worthwhile at the moment. I think it has something to do with the pricetag on the deck, Shark is close to RM100 a piece if I'm not mistaken, thats about 30 bucks in USD and Tour Guide is even expensive, at price range of 120 to 150, thats 40 to 50 in USD. Also, the extra pack themselves are out of stock till mid November I've heard. All of these contribute to lack of showing. Another factor behind this may be Mermail Atlanteans.

Mermail Atlanteans have proven themselves as one of the most powerful deck in the format, with card destruction, hand destruction, an OTK, consistent searches and one hell of an annoying wall all packed under one box. Also, the deck is relatively cheap for its tier 1 lable, if you would give up the Genex engine (which I don't recommend). While their percentage in the meta is still low if you compared to those feature on Shriek and in Singapore, I would say the reason behind this would be the players. Few weeks back, I've went to Gamers Arena and saw 4 or 5 Mermail Atlanteans among 15 or 16 players, roughly a third of the guys there are playing this deck, but till now, only Michael (not the blogger) has captured a win with one. I'm not saying the guys piloting the deck sucks, I'm just saying they don't neccessary know how to deal with side decks, as Mermails are pretty easily sided against in my opinion.

While HEROs are the most hyped deck back when their restrictions are lifted. "OMG!! Super Poly so Imba!!" I've always feel that people are over estimating the capabilities of the deck. As much as I love the deck, it is no way, a perfect answer to everything, like many suggested. Super Poly is a card that doesn't reward skill-less plays. So what if it can't be chain, Bottomless Trap Hole and Torrential Tribute are at 2. HEROs in general aren't a favored deck in Malaysia, as there is no autopilot control, relatively expensive and the overall power of the deck is lacking when compared to Wind-Ups and Mermail Atlanteans. Well, that is to be expected from the control deck of the format I suppose. Also, I do think that first turn Stratos into Allius is a bad move, I really do.

Without a doubt, the most played deck would be Agents. Agents got a boost in Extra pack in Tour Guide from the Underworld, giving the consistent strategy the extra edge it needed to combat the newer decks. Also, endless legions of Krystias are no joke, that alone is a factor that would keep most decks from going off. Master Hyperion is more than a powerful boss monster, its a broken top deck. In my opinion, a broken boss monster is one who can turn the tides of the duel around by top decking it, Master Hyperion fits into this category. Also, unlike most top tier decks with high explosive powers, Agents are relatively hard to side against, if you don't know what your doing.

Last but not least, the rogues. Rogue decks has always been a big part of the metagame in Malaysia. Over 40 percent of the meta comprise of rogue decks. Its never safe to just side for the big 3 or 4 here, as chances are your gonna meet more rogues than meta decks. An option would be siding less deck specific cards like Rivalry of the Warlords or Debunk instead of Gemini Imps and his likes. Lightsworn, Six Samurai, Dark Worlds, Chaos Dragons all fit this category. Its not unusual for someone to play in a locals without playing a meta deck, its always the opposite that shocks me the most.

I guess this is it for now. I can't think of another deck off my head to talk about, I mean, if I can't remember it, its not important right? Guess I should try that scripting thing people are talking about. Also, its about 24 hours to Asia Plus Qualifiers Malaysia, I wish everyone participating good luck in the games and may the Force ... I mean, Heart of the Cards be with you.


Anonymous said...

The genex cards are expensive in malaysia?

GQ said...

Yup, the genex playset is worth roughly the same as a complete mermail atlantean deck without them