Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mate Your Mama

Asia Plus qualifiers went by and while I didn't win it, I feel proud that my friends Andrew, Zack and Sharmir took the championship medals home. MYM - Mate Your Mama fought through 4 rounds of single elimination and was crowned champion with leader Zack, showing us the power of Ultimate Offering in a Mermail Atlantean mirror match against Mango, the Asia champion for 2010. I would be lying if I said I wound't wish it would be me standing there instead, but I really wished they would win this thing as they've been putting so much hard work into it. Good job guys, really proud of you!

Now to the report for Team GQ.

We have a less eventful day, waiting for our top 16 match to start for at least 5 hours. And at 3 pm, we finally started our match.

Top 16 : vs Lightsworn/Agent Angel/Darkworld

Our opponent would go on to the top 4 of this tournament, not that it really matter.

Duel 1 : I open 3 Gemini Sparks, HERO Blast, Miracle Fusion and Nightbeam. I continuously drew into defensive traps to keep his Agents at bay. But lost after I run out of traps. My grave count was 22, I drew no monsters.

Duel 2 : I open 2 Gemini Spark, 2 Prison and Warning. I drew for my turn, Gemini Spark ... Holy shit. History repeat itself, and I counted the cards I drew. It was 21 cards in my hand and grave total, I see no monsters, no RoTA, no E Call, no nothing.

Our player A, Yap Zian won his first game rather quickly, but lost his second game because he opened 2 Hyperion, 2 Krystia, 2 Shine Ball. We both kinda try to laugh it off, when we saw each others hand. Third game wasn't so nice either, he was stuck with Hyperion since turn 1, luckily his opponent misplay and left him with an extra turn, which he topped an Agent and turn the game around.

Sunny took a Card Destruction in the face game 1. Won game two by spamming the field with Hieratics. Game 3, he was playing too safe in my opinion and his opponent took momentum away from him with legion of Dark World and Volcasaurus.

Basically we scrubbed at top 16, I'm not even sure whether I should be blaming myself or not. Agents is one of my better matchups and I don't wanna make an excuse for myself. But I seriously don't know whats wrong with my deck those 2 games. Sunny and Zian were both shaking their heads when I showed them what I drew for both games.

Good thing is, Top Shop has finally been announced officially and would take place 25th of this month. Also, the winner will join MYM in a trip to Hong Kong. Guess the ride is still not over yet, that leaves 2 weeks for us to prepare for the tournament and I can't wait!

EDIT : It seems like theres a communication error between me and Paul. I've been confirmed by many that there would be no flight to Hong Kong at the conclusion of Top Shop. I apologies for the error. 


Anonymous said...

good for malaysian people as u all have another chance to redeem urselves n perhaps go overseas still. Am SG player n top shop winner wins jank, no trip to HK, *face palm

mike said...

We don't get to go to HK

GQ said...

According to Paul's announcement that day, we do. Unless he somehow said the wrong stuff.

K'yde Ren said...

We no longer do. "Budget problems" but it's still an event to look forward to.

GQ said...

Like Mr Roshidi said, the winner still gets the playmat and more importantly the bragging rights.

Anonymous said...

So during your post for You said that you NEVER have any consistency issues with the deck to begin with. LoL really