Saturday, February 16, 2013

March Banlist ~ Interesting

I'll assume everyone saw the banlist for next format by now. Its one of the shorter lists I saw in a while, but I guess thats proof just how little problem the last format was. I mean, it was far from perfect but I couldn't really find a major problem. A format that forces you to play beatdown isn't half bad to me at the very least. But thats over and lets move on to the banlist, and theres some very very interesting changes to it.

Forbidden :

Sangan and Zenmighty

I did not see both of these coming. I always thought, Magician to 1 and maybe Factory to 1, Wind Ups are dead. But they took it to a whole new level of carnage. They basically did what they did to Tele-Dad all those years back, kill it and make sure its dead. Then, burn it with molten lava to make sure it doesn't reanimates itself back. It's almost as if Konami was still salty from the last banlist, where they thought they made Wind-Ups a balanced deck by limiting Zenmighty.

Sangan, I felt was banned because Konami wanna kill the Tourguide engine, because it's one of Wind-Up's main openers. Theres a million different reason why it was banned, but I just felt Konami really wanna kill Wind-Ups. I guess the only deck that you would see TGU now is Dark Worlds.

Limited :

WU Magician, One Day at Piece and Solemn Warning

Direct hit to a lot of random solitaire decks, Great!

Warning was a huge surprise. I really didn't saw that coming from miles away, and I thought they would bump it back to 3. It did nothing last format aside from losing it's position as a staple in most non-control-based decks.

Semi-limited :

Tsukuyomi, Advance Ritual Art and Thunder King Rai-Oh

Tsukyomi is gonna get completely off the banlist come September, thats no surprise. ARA might do something but I just can't think of anything thats relevant at the moment. Why was Rai-Oh even hit? What did it ever do last format? And who even played it at 3? I can't really comprehend that move.

No longer on the list :

Kalut, Spore, Lumina and Smoke Signal

The only one that might cause some changes would be Smoke Signal. Samurais are still one very powerful deck despite it being a joke when compared to its prime. Smoke Signal at 3 may just boost the deck enough for it to do something, I'm not sure how big an impact will it be thou.

Well, this was one very short list. There's not much to say but Good Bye Wind-Ups.

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