Sunday, February 3, 2013

Toysbar February Ranking Tourney Report

Deck played : Hanzo Hieratics

Round 1 : VS Agents - LCW

Duel 1 : I started with a Cardcar D, setting MST. He summons Venus, gets 2 Shine Balls out, attacked for 2600 and made Gachi, set a card and passed, which got MST'ed. I special Tfenut, Su to do all sorts of crazy stuff and summons Hanzo. My board was Su, Gaia, Red-Eyes, Hanzo with Super Transformation, Call of the Haunted and MST set. He Dark Holed my field and summons Hyperion, which I chained Call. He blind pop my FD, which was MST, which I chained to target Call and the chained Super Transformation to get Su. He scoops.

Duel 2 : He started with Earth, which I had a Veiler for, and set 1 card. I played a Typhoon on the FD and drop Cardcar D. He sets a FD and attacked with the Earth. I dropped Gorz and he then sets another card. I quickly figured out the card was a Torrential (cause Agents normally don't play Mirror Force). I attack his monster but he Booked my Gorz, I crashed the Token. I set Ryko. He passed his turn after setting a card. I flipped Ryko, targeting his fresh set and he chain the other card, which really was Torrential. I summon Eset and then Su, making Focus Force cause I don't wanna see a Hyperion. The camera stayed on the board till the end of the game after he had ran out of monsters to set.

Round 2 : VS HERO Beat - Fishtank

Duel 1 : I was basically beat down to death by an Alius and Paradios with 3 FD at the back. I drew for my turn and special Tfenut and then Su, he chained a Spark on my Su. I pushed on with a Call to get my Su back to blow one of his FD, an Emergency Call. I made Atum, got Red-Eyes out and special summon Su from my grave to pop another FD, it was Gemini Spark. I made M7, grabs Hanzo from grave and summon it. I attacked with everything and got a game.

Duel 2 : He summons Airman and grabs Alius, setting 2. I summon a Cardcar D but he had a Warning for it. He attacks with the Airman, with me dropping Gorz. He summons Alius and sets a FD. I turn both cards to attack position but Gorz ran into Honest, the Token crashed into Airman. I summon Hanzo and grabs Transformation, setting it with Call. He Sparked my Hanzo during the End Phase and MST my Call in his standby. He drops Miracle Fusion and summons Alius for the game.

Duel 3 : I open Pot into Compulse, setting Call and plays Cardcar D. He Stormed my Call and summons Alius, he attacked and set 3. I drew into my 3rd MST, so I set 3 MST and Compulse. He attacked and set his fourth card, which was a Spark, but it got destroyed by End Phase MST. I passed and he attacked again, I dropped Trago. I drew Hanzo on my next turn, played MST and hit Torrential. Another MST hit an MST which I chained my Compulse to Trago. I dropped Hanzo, but his last card was Warning. He attacked on his turn, I drop the Trago and him setting his hand (of 2). I drew another Hanzo, but it was met with ANOTHER Warning. I got killed next turn when he summons Fossil Dyna and keeps attacking me.

Round 3 : VS Chaos Dragon

Duel 1 : My opponent starts with Lyla, milling 3. I summon Hanzo, grabs Super Transformation and attacked his Lyla. I set MST and Super Transformation to end my turn. He started with something I did not expect, Prohibition, calling Super Transformation. He dropped a Chaos Sorcerer, I played MST on its summon, destroying the Prohibition. He declared effect activation which was chained by Transformation to get a Su from my deck. He sets a FD (obvious Ryko) and passed. I had Su blow up the back row, and tribute Su for Neptheb. I got Red-Eyes out with Atum, using the 2 Vanillas. Neptheb destroyed the Ryko and attacked directly, I set 2 Calls and ended. He draw for his turn, passed with a set monster. I basically won next turn.

Duel 2 : He started the game with Prohibition naming Hanzo, summoning Lyla and milled for 3. I summon a Cardcar D, draw to 7 and discarded a vanilla. His Lyla attacked me directly, allowing me to drop Trago, he set a monster and passed. I played Trago's effect, discarding Hanzo to grab Lyla. I tributed the Lyla for Su, blowing the Prohibition to grab a Vanilla from my deck. I then made Atum and that summoned Red-Eyes. I played Reborn from my hand to make Bounzer, and then Gustav Max using both level 10s. Gaia, Bounzer and Gustav Max VS Ryko.

*I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to discard Hanzo for cost when Prohibition is in effect, someone please clear this for me*

Round 4 : VS Inzektors

Duel 1 : I open the game with Eset and Su, into Red-Eyes, Su and Atum, setting Call. Little did I know my opponent was about to laugh his ass out. He summons Damsel, I cried pretty damn hard inside. His Damsel and Hornet poped my backrow, and gets Centipede, that destroyed Atum, getting a Giga-Mantis to his hand. He equipped that to Damsel, which took out Su while Centipede took out the Red-Eyes. I drew into a hand of Su, Eset and Tfenut. I special Tfenut, summons Su and pop his back row with it. It was freaking Roar!! I made Exa-Beetle, equipping to his Hornet, that got rid of both monsters (Hornet and Beetle's effect). He summons another Centipede and equipped Mantis, I drew Convocation, but I knew it was over since his gonna equip Hornet next turn for maximum carnage.

Duel 2 : I open with Hanzo and double Macro, nice. I summons Hanzo and set Transformation and Macro. He MST'ed my Macro and summons Centipede, equipped Hornet, I played Transformation but he chained Lance. He attacked, poped the Transformation for Damsel, set 1 and passed. I summoned another Hanzo, grabbing my second Transformation, which he chained Roar, setting Transformation and Macro. He starts his turn and I played Transformation, but he played his second MST, and then chained his third. Then he grabs Mantis and proceeds to loop off Damsel, Hornet and Giga-Mantis.


Paradise said...

I'm I'm not wrong Prohibition cannot prevent already set cards from being activated

And you can discard Hanzo for the cost

Paradise said...

*If I'm not wrong

Lamby said...

Yes you can discard hanzo as a cost even under prohibition. Its not using it per say. Just to pay a cost as a "discard"