Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What if there's a Elemental Dragon in Judgment of Light

I highly doubt there would be one in the set following Tachyon Galaxy but I couldn't stop thinking how broke thats gonna make Hieratics AND Chaos Dragons.

Gold Sarcophagus turns into 3 extra copies of Convocation AND you get your dragon back in 2 turns. Eclipse Wyvern and Dragon's Ravine is pretty broken with a Light (or Dark) Elemental Dragon. What's their individual effect no longer matters, its like Escuridao, its effect never mattered, the fact that it was the DARK Elemental HERO fusion made it important. The fact that Light and Dark dragon decks are gonna go over the top, not to mention, Chaos Dragons, which run Light AND Dark, are gonna get back the consistency they lost in Future Fusion getting banned.

In my mind, I keep thinking of retarded stuff like this.

Activate Dragon's Ravine, ditch a Light or Dark Dragon, send Wyvern to the Grave.

Wyvern triggers and banish an Elemental Dragon. That triggers and you grab a Chaos Dragon into your hand.

If the Chaos Dragon you grab was DarkFlare, you could special summon it by banishing the Light and Dark in your grave, and that lets you add the Elemental Dragon to your hand.

Dark Flare's effect lets you discard the Dragon and send Wyvern to the grave (and banish something random). Now banish the other Elemental Dragon, and grab Pulsar. Tribute DarkFlare for Pulsar and that lets you recycle the Dark Elemental Dragon when Pulsar dies.

I mean, that's just me, and I'm not very good with creating broken combos. There's just tons of things that those 2 can do. Konami made a good move by not printing these 2 cards. They are gonna be broken.

I've been getting a lot of comments saying "LIGHT and DARK aren't Elements, so we're not gonna get a LIGHT and DARK Elemental Lord//Dragon". Well, the OCG's naming was Spirit God and Suppressor Dragons, which have nothing to do with Elements in the first place. I'm not sure who did the naming, but lets just say we are not bound to that.

On a side note, the FIRE Elemental Dragon is an excellent side board card for Hazy Beast and that card takes out Verz (arguably the deck's worst match up) fairy effectively on paper. Throw in some Gold Sarcophagus and lets see how long can Ophion stay on the field. It'll be even better if they add a Ring of Destruction effect on it! Well, what we have right now ain't too bad and its good enough for me anyways. 

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